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  1. Well, Hoping to get to this meet with out any issues regarding my ignition switch. It will all be new behind the dash and column this year. I'm also praying that we have NO RAIN !! That weekend. You don't want to see me dance.
  2. We had 14" of the stuff, had to work and watch it pile up. About 3 hrs with snow blower. About 2" an hr for 3 hrs then 1" an hr until sun up. Another 4" today, just got inside. By the way dash is inside car, ready to tackle wiring next. Been so long I'm going to need some pictures of the process. Why didn't I take them when I removed it? I'm sure that I can do this, just got to take some time. and get it right. Adding courtesy lights too.
  3. 1st and foremost, Thank you for your service!! 2nd, Welcome to the FGMCC!! Best Damn $25 you'll ever spend. Ex - Marine here, Marine son just got out last year. Nice MONTE! It's pretty nice under that hood. Any questions about what to do next will be answered here. We like to spend other peoples money! Again, welcome to the club.
  4. His name is Joe Vega, in Arizona. Leo could be a good supplier.Might need light hammer and dolly work to get things right. They can become damaged laying around.
  5. Have one on mine for 17yrs, no issues.The Parts Place.
  6. Ground up 396 forum has a column rebuild in it. Might be helpful. Someone on the boards might chime in, did a detailed rebuild and thinking it was a column shift.
  7. Sweet!! While I was purchasing our new pool I realized we need one of these. Plans are in the works. Could be our Christmas present to us ( pre-order retirement).
  8. Didn't someone have '04 GTO seats in their Monte Carlo at let year's Mini -Meet? Black, looked Nice to me!
  9. Welcome!! If it's Monte Carlo stuff you have, this will be a place to let it go to a happy owner. My best memories of a corvette was in Michigan on I-94 blowing the doors off a '74 SD Trans Am at a 30 mph roll !! Both 4 spds , ours 400hp 355SBC 4:11 rear gears. We were over 120 and still ahead of the TransAm. It was a '68 corvette, ( a little modified).
  10. A lot to look at !! These auctions are something to watch as prices soar out of sight. Some of these cars are not what they seem to be. You have to see them yourself. That's the only way to know what your looking at. I have my eye on a certain few I'd like to buy, but I know I'll be outbid.
  11. For my next upgrade I'm going with coil-overs all around when I install the BBC 427 !!
  12. 1 1/4"-1 3/8" dia. front sway bar ,1 1/4" rear sway bar. Air shocks should have a mineable of 25psi. to work.Also, you will definitely take away sway from tubular a-arms in the front. Your GM A-body will really perform after the upgrades.
  13. Sweet!! Can please tell us what brand they are? (Wheels)
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