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  1. Best bet KBS frame paint,harbor freight spray gun. No thinning required and very nice finish.
  2. I got mine from Lutty's out of Pennsylvania.check with them.
  3. Rob,sorry to hear this about the first car you'd love to own. Maybe she'll look at it in our perspective. I bet the convertible is upwards for 20,000. I'd let her sit it out and see where the market is. Seems this appraising thing is getting way out of hand.
  4. My question..... How does it fit in the garage? One Nice Step side!!!
  5. Wait, It's Blue, gotta be true! Mine' s a original427 !! ....woof, maybe I can get 26,000 for mine?
  6. It is about time for name change. I'm thinking car volumes way down from previous years. Glad to here,definitely going. Hope to see some new faces there,(without masks)..... What a year eh?
  7. You've got to stop making some members drool over build!! Looks great!!
  8. 420ponies

    True SS?

    The guy thinks "It's the only one ever made"?????
  9. 420ponies

    True SS?

    Ready for this mission. I guess its all apart, still have to see it to believe it. Could be trading mine (+$$$$) for it.
  10. 420ponies

    True SS?

    So, My question is ......did they make a 454 for the 1972 Monte Carlo? I going to go and see one. What am I looking at when I get there? LS5?
  11. Rob,Try to keep in touch with the widow. She knows you would really appreciate the value way more then the next owner would know. He'll, I'm interested in the Chevrolet convertible myself.
  12. Aaron, The site looks great!.... Can you do anything about my hair? Keep up the great work you do!
  13. Well Paul ,First Welcome to the club!! Sounds like a plan with the Cadillac pieces. Friend of mine was going to do a '65-'66 Nova with same options. He just bought a '72 Monte and is going with a LS motor/trans. swap. I'd think you would just have to mini-tub rear to fit those tires. Remember measure twice, cut once! Good luck with the build ,it would be different for sure!
  14. Wheel Vintiques on mine also. been on since '08, no issues
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