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  1. Jared , I have a front bar from my '72 (F41) I just changed out for a UMI performance bar. Also have stock rear bar.
  2. 420ponies

    New Guy Here

    Looking good. Going with epoxy or POR15? A friend of mine did Krylone semi gloss so if he had chips he could just re spray. mine is epoxy DP90 And DP40 (black) and herculiner on the body and inside floorboard.
  3. Steve, you know you will never have enough time in a day. I'm on the same wave, 5 yrs and done with the day to day. Have a grandson now, that will fill in the days. Junior dragster, go cart racing, cub scouts and some outdoor fun. right now ,swimming with him.I think my time is filled. And of course, car shows to attend!!
  4. I think we ought to get ahold of that Australian car guy so he can get us on his show. What would he think of seeing all those Monte Carlo's on the show field?
  5. looks like mine although it's a '72 .same color combo. nice to take it around to get some pictures.
  6. I usually get it at TDC and drop in distributor pointing at #1 terminal. that way you can adjust either way and still have the distributor in correct area on intake.
  7. Hi Larry, You might give UMI performance a call. I've put on the 1" rear stabilizer bar and gives the Monte a tighter feel cornering.
  8. To bad you couldn't find owner of it. Would be nice to see it at Carlisle for next years event. When I see one , I whip out our calling(FGMCC) card and hope they look us up. Very nice Monte.
  9. So, Black ,on Black, on Black, is that what your shooting for? It's looking great so far. Keep the pictures coming!
  10. Always the best comments on your first car show. I still get as I drive in ,"is that a big block" Well, just wait 'til it is! Very Nice looking '70. Hope to see you in Carlisle 2020!!
  11. I can't believe buckets and 4 spd console? could have a upgraded 5spd? No pictures, didn't happen ,LOL come across the holy grail of Monte's and no pictures. If you said it was a '72 I would have believed it.
  12. 420ponies

    New Guy Here

    I think you like the GM brand? Very nice shop to work out of. Plenty of toys.
  13. rpm's and gear ratio is calculated with tire diameter included. I have P275/60's(29" tall tire) with 3:42 gear at 70 mph I'm right on 2200rpm in overdrive. taller tire, less rpm's. I'm going with 3:73-4:10 gear next. I do like the OD when traveling,
  14. Oh Boy Rob, Now you have to find room for another trophy. Very nice , Congratulations!!
  15. Welcome to the Madness... Club!! Looks to be quite the project. Has the correct stuff for a Custom. Can't believe they did that to the steering wheel, hard to find. I'm planning on cloning mine into a Custom. I wish you had gotten the '65 Impala convertible along with it when you picked up the Monte from the"body shop".
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