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  1. Welcome my friend!! One Awesome Monte! Stealing my Thunder. Wanted to do that to my Monte Carlo... Great to see Blue Monte Carlo. Mine is 1967 Corvette Nassau Blue
  2. As you all know I'm changing out gauges for mechanical type. I am in need of a '70 speedometer and / or face . Complete speedometer must be for floor shift car. If you have a good Speedo face,I could just use that piece in mine. '71-'72 are white numbers. Thanks!
  3. You get that trunk pan in and sealed up with sealer, Herculiner the underside and top side. You'll be miles ahead on the build.Then spatter paint the trunk. No one will tell you did anything wrong. I've had mine done for 17 yrs, and still looks like the 1st year done. That package tray has got to go !! looks rough.
  4. I'm thinking a First Generation Monte Carlo push car for roundy -roundy cars !!
  5. Yeah,I have a set of these.bought sight unseen with some other stuff. Not my cup of tea either. If interested I'll send them to you and pay the shipping!
  6. Man, Just saw this for the first time. I knew a Helms in the Marine Corps. Camp Lejune North Carolina ('82-84), then stayed in Jacksonville '87 . I'm a hoping not the same guy I knew. I had this Covid ,and prayed no one else in my household (2yr old grandson) got it. 14 days and what a long time to think about what could happen. So sorry to hear one of our members passed from this virus. Heavy Heart.....
  7. Just to let you know that it would be great to meet up with you at this mini meet. Like to know what year Monte Carlo and are you driving or on trailer from Chicago? This one nice laidback , ( except for Rob of course) meet. Hope to see you there!
  8. I guess its time to get the A/C working for this meet.I think we can make it. You think we can drive around the track like they before? That would be great!!
  9. Lutty's is where you want to get the steel inner fenders. Best fit by far. Or kinonks klassics( he is in our part sources).Both good places for Monte parts.. Steel is the best by far in my book. Plus you can paint to match outside color!
  10. I guess I did not know that the tach is made that way. It's amazing what you learn about these Monte's!!
  11. I'm right in the middle of this too. I'm going to go for the insulation for sure. I'm going through the tilt wheel while it is out doing the steering gear too.New speakers for the dash!!
  12. Joe, That is one nice ride. I can't wait to see it up close. I won't pick on the painter either!!
  13. Anyone have a tinted speedometer they would like to get rid of? I'm looking for one to complete my gauge upgrade. I'll have the only '72 with tinted gauges.
  14. Where do I send my clock for repair, or change it to quartz?
  15. Ordered parts from The parts place. Waiting on order.
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