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  1. Oh Boy Rob, Now you have to find room for another trophy. Very nice , Congratulations!!
  2. Welcome to the Madness... Club!! Looks to be quite the project. Has the correct stuff for a Custom. Can't believe they did that to the steering wheel, hard to find. I'm planning on cloning mine into a Custom. I wish you had gotten the '65 Impala convertible along with it when you picked up the Monte from the"body shop".
  3. Hi Steve, Just put on new drilled and slotted rotors,EBC(red) pads, tubular upper and lower control arms, larger sway bars(UMIperformance). I have not gotten thru break-in on pads yet, driven 2 times since the redo. I think I'm going like the brakes though, just a little pressure and your stopping alright! original stuff on since '05.
  4. Powder coating is nice, very pricey. Epoxy is very strong finish. sounds like price is the problem. If you are going top notch resto, powder coat. if your going to enjoy the car and drive it everywhere,I'd epoxy it. Like I said, mines been epoxied for 11yrs now and looks the same when I put it on. 1 thing, when you get your car painted/cleared(if it's on the frame) you need to cover it with paper. the clear will dull the epoxy finish. I found out the hard way and have some dull spots.
  5. I've thought of changing my 355 to a 383 stroker, since I have a given 427BBC to me,(was a blower motor) that's what is going in mine. keeping it old school (.550" lift cam) and adding EFI with a built turbo 350 and 3:73 gears( bolt -in ford 9"). Had this set-up in a '72 Nova way back in '84 ,and just had a great time in that car for some time. Of coarse it had 4:10 gears with 12" wide,(tubbed)31" tall treaded dirt car tires on it for traction. back then N.C. was pretty lenient on tires. I believe the 3:73 gear will give me a little better street manners. 383's are quite the torque motor and are a good fit for our "big" cars. remember you also have to not the bottom of the cylinders for the rods to clear. You can go different on the heads too.AFR are expensive. just go with 64cc chamber with 2.020" /1.600" valves. make sure they are stainless valve and have hardened exhaust seats for unleaded fuel. Performer RPM intake and 750 will work well.
  6. I'd try to look through the Modifier forum and search for LS swap. Should come up with some good info.
  7. Hey, it looks stock right? His has so many mods, it hard to tell what he's done to it the last time you looked at it!! 1 BEA-utiful Monte Carlo!!
  8. Very nice rob, something for everyone.
  9. Wow!! that takes me back. we drove by his dealership last year. just an awesome place, I'd like to work there.
  10. 420ponies


    That is cool!! with the skirts it really fools some people I bet. Welcome to the Club!! There is a lot of info. on this site and you could spend quite some time on here. Beautiful cars you have. I'd like to see the dash also.
  11. Well, just got my Monte Carlo back on the ground and did a shakedown run this morning (work), seems to be fine. Upper /Lower tubular a-arms, new shocks, brakes (drilled / slotted), EBC pads, upgraded the sway bars front/rear (UMI performance),and a new 750 Vac. sec. Holley Brawler carb. I'm still thinking running rich, might get it dyno-tuned at some point. front end alignment 1st and inspection on order for it. Watkins Glen Vintage Race/Car Show is in 4 weeks and my son will be home on military leave, so we can blast around the road course an see how it handles. seems to be tighter all the way around so far. I know no pictures, didn't happen. I'll figure that out soon though.
  12. Man, that doesn't look good Paul. I'm considering a hydraulic roller for my 427BBC. nothing like the lift of yours. closed chamber heads('66 vette) Hope you get all the tiny particles out of that engine.
  13. 420ponies


    Welcome to the club!! nice choice a '72 . You might want to do a MOM (monte of the month) write up on your experience finding and buying this Monte Carlo! Very Nice, I just hope you don't use the cinder block for a parking brake for long. Enjoy!!
  14. Hi All, I'm having some difficulty with my 4-spoke horn button. It sticks almost anytime I use my horn. Generally once each year for inspection!! But I have looked at it and I don't see anything broke or missing. Thoughts? I'm thinking of ordering a new one from OPGI, or Classic industries.
  15. All A- bodies are alike to the pictures you posted. Always the right side tire is out just a bit then the left side. I think your frame is fine. I always check frame to pinch weld on left front by fender and left rear inside of rear quarter panel, then opposite side. Question is : what tire size and what rim width are you running? If they are 7" they will look like that with a p255-p275 tire. to get them "tucked" under, you will need a 8" rim with a 5" offset (measured form back side of rim to mounting surface). Corvette 8" rims are 4.5" and will kick tire out to fender (not good). I run a p275 -60-15 with wheel vintiques 8" and a 5" offset. no issues with fender, actually it sits in about 1/2" each side . Hope this info. helps you.
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