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  1. I'm hoping to bring a guest and maybe a new member to our club at this meet. I hope it all works out.........no rain.....no rain....no rain. going to be a sight ot see this many 1st Gen Monte Carlo's.it could be a parade. We'll throw candy!!.
  2. Welcome to the madness!! Your in luck, a member here is doing a SS right now. Jared Richey is the member's name .South Carolina is where he's at doing the restoration . there are some nice one's out there, but some just won't part with them.
  3. 420ponies

    Newbie here...

    Welcome to the Club! Definitely the fuse part and you'll find out what is causing it. Mine was the starter. brushes were shot and power trickling thru stator. could be a door sensor also, 12v through those too. I like your choice of color too!!
  4. Well now, do I clone a Custom or turn mine into a '71 SS? Think of the possibilities? They look very nice, I hope someone fits them on their Monte so we can see how they look.
  5. A Harrell Monte Carlo at the 50th year of 1st Gen Monte Carlo's? Now that would be something for sure!!
  6. I Have mine running thru both. never had an issue with temp. even with the higher stall converter. a good 4 row or aluminum will be fine. 7 blade fan and in side the tunnel will give you good air flow. I have a wide 7 blade (flex) fan on mine with a 4 row radiator. all set for the big block. just have to change the tunnel out for the big block motor.
  7. I hate to say, everything is going high to ship these days. 25lbs. of sway bars to S.C. was $62.00 ground. $90.00 at UPS. I just might start hauling stuff for the scenery!
  8. Very Nice SS and in White, my favorite. I see you show it a lot. Welcome to the Club !! Hope you can sneek it up to the 50th at Carlisle ,PA. in June 2020. Those wheels look great with the white.
  9. So Jared has hit "Gold"? Anyway you look at it, it's a resurrected SS Monte Carlo. one the didn't get to the crusher. Right on Jared!!
  10. Lookin' good Larry. Going to handle GREAT!!
  11. Factory assembly manual shows a lot of special pieces involved in the assembly of the Monte Carlo. I've gotten my manual off of Ebay. A wealth of knowledge in that book alone.
  12. Yes A Turbo 350 will hold up behind a Big Block,(550HP or less). It just has to be built right,(added clutches in drums) high vane front pump. Had one in a Nova , better 1st gear than the Turbo 400. Gets a jump on your competition.
  13. Welcome to the Club!! Man, I can't believe how nice the metal looks on that Monte! Mine? Ughh, was a mess. Lots of pieces replaced with new, used. Lower western N.Y. state, upper Pennsylvania , Maryland car .You need to post the plate on top of the cowl to show us the paint codes/trim package.What color interior? buckets ,big block? Looking good !!
  14. 420ponies

    New Guy Here

    Looking Good! I'm thinking of just staying with my 10 bolt with the new big block. Just use some good Moser axles and rebuild with good parts, or go all in and use Ford9" ready to install (would be about $1000 more). 3.42GM vs3.50Ford "9, see my demise? Think you could measure the thickness of your front sway bar? should about 1"
  15. Looking very nice under the hood there Rob, when do you think you can do mine? I have left mine off for the time being. I'm on the fence about putting a new one on. I still have it in the bag from Lutty's.
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