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  1. I have dynamat in the back half of my car. Use the roller they have to get it into all corners and hard to reach places. Been in since 2006 ,no problems. Keeps out the extra noises. I have not done the front half yet. Like it just the way it is.
  2. Is this going to be a new hobby for the retired? Looks Great!
  3. My 3:42 10 bolt is up for trade if anyone needs a 10 bolt. I'm going to 4:10 gears and would have to do some upgrades to it.rather start with a 12 bolt. That way it's my start to a Custom. By the way it's posi-traction 10 bolt!
  4. Wow! I better get after it! Thanks for the update Rob.
  5. Tom, you've seen my car,2004R overdrive transmission,3:42 rear axle ratio,tall tires 275/60/15, 420hp Vic edlebrock build( circa1992)355cu.in. with the Brawler 750 carb and O/D at 70 mph , just at 2,150 rpm I getting 16.5 mpg ,no joke!! Lots of power , 10.2 compression ,68cc heads .If I did things again (BBC427 next), I'm a fan of the edlebrock heads and cam upgrades. With your carb.it will work fine. I'd invest in some 3/4 length headers also. You can wrap them to keep the heat down. If your going with the overdrive transmission,2,200 stall converter and 3:73 ratio will make it a nice street/ highway car. With my BBC I will be running4:10 gears and Turbo 350 transmission, with 2,400 stall. That way at 65mph , turn around 2,500 rpm's .I know, lots of numbers, but it's a good combination.
  6. Anyone going to this race this year? Sept.9th-12th Watkins Glen, NY. Going to be quite the site since we didn't have one last year. I've seen trucks going by since Monday. Car show Saturday, take your car around the track if entered in car show.
  7. 420ponies


    Define Normal, I have been eating more colored crayons then I have ever had in recent years. He should do it for FREE! For the meds ,sell'em!!
  8. This looks really close to what I started with. The color reminds me of what it looked liked when I purchased mine. Except for the bench seat, really close to it. What mine looks like now.
  9. Drift pin the body to the chassis. Are you using poly mount for transmission? That's what I have with solid motor mounts.
  10. Welcome to the Club!! It's a great start to owning a 1st Gen Monte. Bumper guards? Is it a Custom? Yes, get those mechanical gremlins fixed and try to drive it while you're working on it. This way , everything you do it will be worth the blood, sweat, tears, that you put into it and when you show it at a car show people will definitely appreciate your time and effort into it. Mine is a nut and bolt, frame off restoration with a great friend that I helped in doing the work to get it to this condition. I had my ups and downs, but for me, it was worth it!! The Club is the best for any questions about your Monte Carlo. Glad to see another "coming along" .
  11. 420ponies


    Well Rob, Glad to hear you're on the mend. Speedy recovery to you. Besides, you got to get back to the "Gramps" status.
  12. Buyer Beware! It's been said before ,Mecum can sell you something that its not. You have to be there to inspect these machines.
  13. 4SPD? Wow!! Mine could really use those parts!
  14. Looks like Mr.Boyte has some competition. Both are just beautiful. How many cars? How did you do award wise? More pictures if you have them. I'm liking the '64-65 Chevrolet Nomad wagon.
  15. Glad to hear.Looks like N.J. getting hit hard with rain. Stay safe everyone!
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