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  1. Hi Rob, Reason I asked was because it had Caprice tail light lenses.Wonder why no other insignia on that ride? I'm glad you spoke with the guy, might be looking for one sometime soon.
  2. Great to see you out and about at a car show. Details on the Caprice you were parked next to. I'm finally back to work now, and back working on my Monte!!
  3. I done it to like 3 dashes .I've used the bees wax you would use on wood.rub it on and let it warm in the sun.wipe off, do again.press lightly near the corner or by the speaker hole. It does not have much compression for that dash vinyl. As long as the edges don't have spider cracks, pledge works the best after. Used since I put mine back together in '08.
  4. That's much better. Glad to see you hung on to it. Going make 1 more stand ? Very nice!
  5. Holy Smokes!! The body work and fitment of new panels looks great! Remember, all this work pays off.My car is 14 yrs after the fact and still looking good. Great thread on the restoration.
  6. Nope, I'm not as savvy on the computer as you are.Links, downloads, do-dads....I'm not up for. I just looked at Florida on craigslist, daytona beach ,put in monte carlo in search and found the '71 ,very rough shape for the price. My Arm is better ,just the hand is a bothersome being in the cast for so long in 1 position.Back of hand very sore and making therapy a sore subject. I'm working one it and then pool time after.I did manage to hold a beer in it yesterday thinking about the guys in Syracuse!
  7. Found one "71 on Craigslist in Daytona beach (Kissimmee) $13,000 ......Woof!
  8. Oh, I bet we could have a seminar about anything that contains to the 1st Gen Monte Carlo. Like let's talk about who was designing it for starters. I can't believe that they did a trans swap in the grass for one. I own one of these and I know it is one rare example of the'88 model but, I can't believe that they got the award for doing repairs on the show field. I know that they had a good showing of cars this year for the anniversary of them too. I'm thinking we get an inflatable Sir Monte at the next show!!. Oh Yeah!!
  9. Glad to hear it's on the road again. I've always ran on manifold vacuum. Just check for any vacuum leaks before a long trip ( tends to lean out motor). 10° is a good place to start. Bring idle up around 2500-3000 with advance vacuum hooked up, and if you have a degree timing light, it should be about 34-36° on light and setting at 0° on timing tab.I'm sure one of the guys will have one there. Try to get the best vacuum while adjusting carb too. That's where you'll find a snappy throttle response. I can't remember what you're cam is.
  10. I've always used the brass style freeze plugs.never had a problem with them. If you've only got 1 leaking, I'd bet others are just around corner from leaking. I say to pull engine, replace those freeze plugs and then got can really get after that engine and make that Monte look like new under the hood. The rear freeze plugs are the ones that go bad 1st. That one by the fuel pump is about on the same plane of the rear ones. There's going to be alot of gunk behind those. That's how they decay and start to leak. This way if you have anything else leaking, new gaskets are in order. Can't wait to see some progress pictures. It's been 50 yrs for that stuff to go bad,do this now and you'll be glad you did it.
  11. That is good to know for my BBC swap later this year. Glad to see some progress on the build. If you happen to run into Larry Kirkum, ( '69 Corvette),let him know that I'm following you on your journey. I'm running those Nitto drag radials on my '72 with a 3:42 ratio .I don't think that the 295/15 will fit with the rims. It's a tight fit on the inside wheel well.
  12. That is great you're doing these. I always wondered what the cost was on rebuilding them. I'll have a big block, but not a SS.
  13. That's going to go for a high price. Too nice to drive around!
  14. Thanks for the pictures......rubbin' it in that I couldn't attend.My arm is so weak I can't even open my car door without some pain.Getting better though ,up to 3lbs. lifting weights now. Again, Thanks for the pictures!
  15. Had mine sine 2004. Bought it in Blossburg, PA. The ad read "1972 Monte Carlo, 318 cu.in.,Automatic transmission, $3,000 o.b.o.($3,500 to buy it..another story).I just had to go see a 318 mopar engine in it. Turned out to be a blueprint replacement '86 350cu.in. Had the original 2bbl on it. I bought it because of the interior, Black cloth buckets , tilt wheel, power windows and door locks, power driver's seat. Little did I know it was rusted under the rear seat, left side of trunk, rear tail panel. I was just going to paint it and add some slot mags to it, driver style. That went south quick,4 yrs after nut and bolt restore, on the road the way you see it in the picture.Been happy with ever since. 18yrs and has never been touched on it's paint or body work since.
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