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  1. Lucky guess..... Nassau Blue ......used only on 1967 corvettes.... got it's name for astronauts in '67 . each got a 427/4spd in this color,the rest is history. really makes the lines show on the Monte Carlo.... as far as I can see. If your at "The Meet" I'll give you the low down.
  2. Mine is from Lutty's still in the box. I'll check to see if any critters got to it.
  3. Here's mine. 1 1/2 coil out of the fronts Moog vari-rate cargo springs in rear, 275/60/15 rear,(5in positive offset rims) moves rim inward so tires don't scrub.235/75r/15 front 15x7 rims Hope this helps your decision making. Looking good so far on the build.
  4. If you want free one, I have one (shipping cost only). PM me and we'll work out details. Mine is for a '72 (large push in plugs). I like the painted side to show off the car. If you go to the Eastern Meet you'll see why....
  5. Boy, I guess your lookin' forward to the meet? I haven't even took the cover off mine yet. After we get back from California I'll start to get ready for the meet. Going out to see the boy, Just got back from Iraq. In quarantine right now (doesn't have anything). Driving out and back, going to see how the country is doing with the pandemic crisis. I'll make my own assumptions after we get back. Dan and I are just itching to get out and play. You just be safe and careful in the big city of Pittsburgh, and enjoy the ride in your very nice MONTE !!
  6. Man, That is lookin' good Jared. That interior is going to make it look custom.Just asking, what do think horsepower wise is the motor? Does it have the 3:31 rear axle gear? I thought you would put redlines on it for the look......
  7. The build, The rebuild, I do think that it even gets close to the asking price, WORTH IT !! That is in my mind just as nice as Mr. Boyte's... after it's first rebuild, If you ever have seen a nicer Monte Carlo(should be at Carlisle Meet) then Mike's, this would be the equal. You would have to see this Monte Carlo when he got a hold of it.... trashed,...rough .
  8. Looking for one of these.Black preferred. Can we get new?
  9. Can we get new or does anyone have a descent one to sell. Mine has pulled the stud out of the bottom and Very fragile.
  10. Welcome to the Club!! Yes, Another BLUE Monte. Pretty nice for a "project"
  11. The results....... corners like a go cart now. Hardly any body lean, and with the roads up here in upstate new york ,there are a lot of tight corners on our roads. Went with 1.250" on the front and 1"in the rear. UMI Performance was the place I got them.Now for coil overs front and rear for the stance.
  12. I use good old Pledge on mine. Been using it since it was put on (12yrs.). The longer you let it set in, the longer it lasts.
  13. Oh Yeah, You have to be very careful where you go on the roadways in New York State. I've crushed 2 Doug's Header cutouts already. I've since added new front springs ,but still cut 1 1/2" coils off. Here is a shot from the rear with new springs in, Plus new Redlines
  14. I'm dreading pulling mine off to install Billet Hinges. Hope to have some guys from work over to help. I'lll have it all ready when they get here so it should go pretty smooth. Now they make a cowl hood for our cars ,so now I'll have to do it all over again next year. Also going BBC with it(just a 427)
  15. Nice!! Your Paint looks Great!! Like the color.
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