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  1. Thanks, I'll double check the existing fuel lines. I just assumed 5/16 to the pump. Of course if the holly or crate "suggests" 1/2 I'll do that. I had anticipated some plumbing so I had 2 O'Reily $$ coupons and bought some 3/8 and 5/16 tubing. I still have the receipts so I can swap'm if needed. Damn thats a clean engine compartment, I thought mince was clean.
  2. Thanks Thomas. I did hear back from the supplier and the holly mechanical pump is the 3 port version. Another member PM'd me and said his holly recommended upgrading to a 3/8 line not the normal 5/16 so I may have to do that. Thanks for the answer to my plumbing concern question. Now I feel comfortable if I were to go electric or 2 port mechanical. I'm trying not to upgrade/change too much with the engine swap so other than complete part failure it ran before so no reason it shouldn't run now. As an old guy the main reason I still like carburated engines, air, fuel and spark the thing should run. The old KISS principle. Appreciate all the comments, it was a good day as I learned something new about my Monte , cheers
  3. Yes the new 502's do have the provision for adding a mechanical fuel pump. So what do I do with the return line if I go to a 2 port mechanical or electric ? What i'm saying is I don't understand the return line configuration or how do I delete it from the system. From the Hemmings Chevelle article, not word for word but a summary, with the new crate motors and their roller type camshaft if you use a mechanical fuel pump you need to upgrade the push rod (bronze tip for example. I'll see if I can find the specific article. Found it https://www.hemmings.com/blog/article/surgery-without-scars-3/
  4. I'm dropping in a GM Crate 502. I'm still on the learning curve of the Monte's so I'm not really sure I understand why there are 3 ports on my existing mechanical fuel pump. Also looking at an old OPGI catalog it looks like the holly GM high performance mechanical fuel pump only has 2 ports. So I'm wondering on each difference what has to be modified changed in either scenario. On a side note, from the prior post where Hemmings dropped a GM crate in a Chevelle, I know if I stay mechanical I'll need to get a "special" fuel pump push rod.
  5. Laughing, no I don't want one. But i'm trying not to be stubborn in my old age that I don't listen to suggestions 😮 I'd rather NOT do electrical, just another troubleshooting point of failure IMHO. Just figured someone has done it and will give the pro's and con's. I'll put you in the no column
  6. Not sure if this is the right thread or is should have gone in electrical, oh well. I'm getting my ducks in a row for the winter engine swap and a few people have said I should upgrade to electric fuel pump vs the mechanical. So while i'm not 100% on board I thought i'd at least ask the pros. My first question is all the electric pumps have 2 ports, not like my current mechanical that has 3. So how do you re-plumb for the lost port?
  7. Hey Ralph, glad you posted some of the in progress pictures. I lack a ton of talent but enjoy seeing what others are doing on their Monte's. Nice looking Monte !
  8. Great looking Monte, glad to see you and the wife enjoying
  9. Great looking Monte! When I was discussing engine upgrades with a friend he just finished a Chevelle LS swap. I know apples to oranges but he said lots of modifications to make it all work. Way out of my comfort level/wheelhouse but looks great when done.
  10. Thanks for posting, i enjoyed seeing what other owners have done with personal preferences and add ons.
  11. Congrats ! Monte looks great, glad you got her out and blew the dust off. I had to go out of state to see more than 3 first gen's at a car show lol
  12. Dylan, I would suggest you get it running before trying to change things. IMHO upgrading to something else without knowing whats wrong isn't going to speed up the process. What have you done so far, what are the issues your seeing?
  13. Went to a car show in Va, 7 First Gen's in attendance, never saw that many in one setting before. Didn't get any pic's as they were packed in tight and tons of people. Did spend some time talking to 2 owners about Monte's which is always good. No 70's nor SS's but i'm not going to complain, was a good day 😎
  14. Saw this while running around the web this am, thought i'd share.
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