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  1. Seems like ya got it covered, I carry a spare trailer wheel bearing kit with me. I didn't see that on your parts list 🤣
  2. Easy there cowboy, some of us have our toes dipped in both pools . I can't believe I just used that reference 🤣
  3. Thanks Rob, assumed as much but just wanted to verify.
  4. Quick question, I see there will be vendors there, I don't think I need anything but wandering if I see something I must have lol is paying cash only, checks, credit cards ?
  5. The reality is starting to settle in, this time next week I'll probably be standing outside the hotel drinking coffee looking at a parking lot full of First Gen's 😁
  6. I see that Lazy Boy calling your name after the spaghetti & meatballs meal is finished 🤣 Good Job as usual, and chalk another one up for restoring faith in humanity.
  7. Surf City makes some good products, I use their wax/detail spray. I got it at Pep Boys. Ive been using Black Magic Tire wet for years. Its a pain (spray so ya gotta go back and wipe down the wheels) As far as gravel, the tires look better longer than the black truck after a wash 🤣
  8. Must have jinxed myself with the last post, was in the 90's yesterday 🥵 Got in the truck in the afternoon, dash read 101
  9. Yea mines sitting in a box somewhere on a shelf. Like you wouldn't fit the carb after the engine swap. Luckily the PO had swapped out the ole el camino front bumper turn signals when OPGI/Someone had the correct lenses.
  10. Hagerty sent me an email suggesting I increase mine, I think I'm close to renewal so will do then
  11. Ouch ! Definitely a candidate for the "that won't buff out" class .
  12. I did a quick search at TPP and didn't see it listed, although I don't know the correct part name in the bowtie world. For my blue oval car its called "SNORKEL - AIR CLEANER - PRE-HEATER HOSE "
  13. Mine's a 70, and I think the decal is wrong (its reproduction) Back when the PO did the car some "correct" items weren't available aftermarket ( like the clear turn signal bumper lenses) .
  14. Its been a weird weather year so far, I had planned to bring at least a hoodie just in case.
  15. Are you talking about the "paper" black tube ?
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