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  1. DragCat

    BB Headers

    Ok Paul, you made me feel guilty now lol. I just checked and I believe the "lawn mower" tool will work on # 8. But I can't even get my hands between the tubes to loosen it by hand from the top. I should get the car up in the air next week, maybe this weekend and i'll check access from below.
  2. Well I'm so close to firing this thing up I can taste it lol. Amateur tip #? , I think I posted those little clips on the lower radiator support will slice through a pair of Levi's, well not learning from pass #1 I was reminded that not only will they slice jeans but also skin just in case you forget lol. The p/s pump kicked my butt trying to loosen it to get the pulley on, thanks Joe for the guidance. I'm going to need a different throttle cable bracket (different thread) but I sort of figured that. The dual feed fuel line for the carb won't fit, it hits the heater hose going to the manifold. Spent a good part of the day going to all the big box stores, a few auto stores, another buddies house and checking the online big box stores. Seems nobody makes a 5/8 NPT to 3/4 barb 90 degree fitting. So right now i'm just going to run rubber fuel lines to get things going in a positive direction and re-visit that. That being said, with all the cussing, bleeding, and wondering how did I get that bruise i'm learning a lot and life is good lol.
  3. Yea I know willie, I just get a kick out of seeing it when posted. I don't think my buddy has one in his stock room, will know for sure tomorrow.
  4. DragCat

    BB Headers

    And for those following along with the spark plug socket saga... On a whim at wallymart I went to the tool section and bought a 3 piece spark plug socket set for 5 dollars, the 13/16 is about a 1/4 inch shorter than the vintage socket I bought off eBay that was the same as my buddies. go figure lol. And feeling lucky I had ANOTHER summit order so I rolled the dice and ordered # ptm-ppsp for $7, my buddy calls it a lawn mower spark plug socket (13/16 one end 5/8 the other). I think my clearance issues are over lol. Sorry Paul, I didn't check the # 8.
  5. 3022 original miles if the advertising is to be correct. Thought this was worth posting https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/chevrolet/monte-carlo/2403415.html#&gid=1&pid=1
  6. Laughing at the "out of stock" in your personal warehouse's lol. I liked the linked part over the more expensive Holley 20-112 part or the cheaper priced Summit part. I have a buddy stopping by today, he thinks he has something in stock that will work so we will see.
  7. Thanks, I test fit the carb in place yesterday and I don't think the original is going to fit the bill lol.
  8. Hey Tom, is this similar to the bracket you have installed? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/aed-6600bk/make/chevrolet
  9. Way to much for my taste and i'm not speaking of the price. Although I'll give it a point for having an old Iron Maiden video playing on the trunk screen.
  10. Thats a nice looking IP Joe, I like it. But I think your tach digital readout is a little off from the needle (i'm kidding people, my first joke of the day). Getting back to Stevens question I'm not a fan of the digital gauges, but thats my personal opinion and its your car not mine. I like originality but understand your concern with 48 YO equipment moving forward. I don't do any interstate driving (well after I do my break in miles) but i'm adding stand alone oil pressure and water temp gauges to my 70. Those are the only 2 I really care about (of course the fuel gauge but I don't need to keep tabs on that as much) Before I did anything tho, I'd troubleshoot the turn signal issue. I don't like upgrading/replacing things when something doesn't work before I know why it doesn't work, hard to troubleshoot when the new isn't working when it didn't work before either. Thats just my .02 for what its worth. Oh and Mark, digging the speed racer in your signature.
  11. Hey Dennis, thanks for the reply and additional pic's. Yes my 1157 pigtail and LED wires are the same colors as your description. And I will do as you suggested, i'll splice/wrap the wires and test before I crimp/solder anything but you've given me a good starting point. I too take lots of pic's and to the amusement of my buddy go overboard on the bag and tag along with painters tape and different colors of electrical tape to document things. I learned my lesson years ago in my blue oval days with vacuum lines lol.
  12. Hey Dennis, I'm close to putting mine in and curious how you wired the pig tail. From the pictures it looks like you removed to LED 4 wire harness and spliced the 3 wire 1157 pigtail. How did you determine which lead from the pig tail went to which wire on the LED board?
  13. Welcome to the madness Mike, we all like to see pictures of your Monte. I've seen side pipes before (see link below) so it has been done lol. I don't know of anyone currently running side pipes. I'd start asking the side pipe company about it, for example Patriot makes side pipes and headers. Your 502 heads are probably going to be D shaped ports, they will probably want to know what trans your going to use, do you have a/c and so on. You can use the forum search option for headers and see what others have posted for their set ups. The big 3 I found are you may need a mini starter, your may need to address proportioning valve clearance and steering column lockout clearance. https://www.vegasmusclecars.com/1972-chevrolet-monte-carlo-c-1824.htm
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