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  1. Is that the new zombie crew ? Like vampires do you need special bullets ?
  2. Saw ya still were able to catch a toe on one of the pic's, didn't know chewy shipped bananas 不
  3. Crossed today gavel at 24K (doesn't include premiums) https://www.mecum.com/lots/1091514/1970-chevrolet-monte-carlo/
  4. I try not to admit my stupidity on the forums, I've seen a trophy with a 2X4 on it 不 But I usually share with my friends so they can remind me of it for the next ten years 不
  5. I'm wondering if he was in town for the turkey run.. I'm glad it seems nobody was hurt vehicle or pedestrian. As said, I'm sure a few of us have dodged a bullet or not somewhere in our past and put those in the lesson learned column.
  6. From my blue oval experience, especially fuel gauge, a pegged gauge is a ground issue. with the ignition on.
  7. I signed up for the trailer/truck parking pass for next year as Joe suggested. (insert Dennis/Joe comment ya gotta actually own a Monte first) Not a bad idea if there is construction just for the trailer side of it. If your really that worried you can get one of those gadgets with a SIM card, if you car moves it will call your cell phone. My buddy has one for when he's racing. As Dennis said, most are in the parking lot till at least midnight, I'd be more worried about the watermelon bowling crew 不 Lots of options.
  8. Was it a real "dump truck" or just what you lovingly refer to F150's ? 不
  9. That made me laugh.....never heard of nutcracker band......but cruising A1A is a given 不
  10. And yet you keep saying how you hate working on cars
  11. Some of us will remember these on our walls 不
  12. This made me laugh, I have 4? spark plug sockets for my ARH headers on my crate.
  13. If I remember correctly, at least on mine, the converter goes in the trans. And when placing in the trans its like 3 clicks to get it set properly. Also don't forget to put some fluid in the converter before instal
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