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  1. Where did you get the 454 cover plate, or is this a 2 piece kit with the FGMCC COVER?
  2. Hope you get a better look, in talking with a friend it seemed some "nice" looking on TV cars didn't go for big money. But as we all know pic's and tv hide a lot. 23K seems low for a 70 SS
  3. That does look sharp, maybe something i'll investigate in the future once I finish my current list of to do's
  4. DragCat

    BB Headers

    Yea Paul, i know I just get a chuckle out of it. One of the great things about the forums is you get everyones experience, and a lot of different results fixes. So I've been going into my project eyes wide open so to speak with a mindset of things I might encounter. I think it was Paul that said the headers needed to go in before the starter was installed (sorry if I mis-quoted), my crate shipped without the starter installed so thats a non issue for me. I know when I took the stock exhaust manifolds off the 454 the pass side came out through the top no issues, had to have the car lifted to pull the drivers side out the bottom. If i'm close on the proportioning valve i'll probably monitor it closely then decide either to move or make a deflector.
  5. DragCat

    BB Headers

    Nice update, I was scared when it started good / bad news. Ive read a bunch of posts (when I was doing my research) that suggest the mini starter so I would definitely go that route. I think there also have been multiple posts when headers are close and or touching the proportioning valve, something to keep an eye on for sure with it close. I think someone or a few made a bracket to move it further away. I planned on setting the driver side when lowering the crate in, but from your post seems like easy peezy with the car lifted on the driver side. I'll keep the thread updated if I have any trans linkage issues when I get that far. Did you get a free t-shirt or only Paul ? I didn't 🤣
  6. Looks nice Antoine ! Good colors for your Monte, gotta luv being in FL with that free license plate bracket in front for something a little classy
  7. DragCat


    Welcome aboard Marine, and thank you for your service. Looking forward to watching your progress and pictures. Theres a ton of knowledgeable folks here to help you along
  8. Thanks for adding that info, I probably would have overlooked that and it makes perfect sense
  9. Thanks for the postings, I might look into this conversion in the near future. Looks pretty straight forward from the pictures
  10. I don't think the Monte's ever took off even with the SS 454's. Just never really considered a performance car to compete with the Vette's, Camaro', moustangs and such. The big Mopars were HiPo and cheap and more easily accessible to the masses. As Aaron said, the Monte's don't get a lot of fan fair and until people see one they forget they exist. There were actually 2 other first gen's at the last car show I took mine to, outta 700 show cars that isn't a big footprint.
  11. Hey Frank, were you able to eyeball the Monte at BJ's ?
  12. DragCat

    BB Headers

    I hope to be at least setting the drivers side set in not this weekend but the following weekend (fingers crossed)
  13. DragCat

    New Guy Here

    Looking good Joe, enjoying the pic's of the progress. I forgot how much room you had and the helpers you have around, should've sent mine up to you for the frame off engine swap 🤣
  14. Thanks all, let us know if its as nice in person Frank, i think we have all looked at a ride that didn't quite hold up to the photo's or as seen on tv when we got up close and personal. At least its at BJ so not a reserve car like most at Mecum. Anybody see the 71 SS on eBay 79.9K? Looks nice but way outta my price point if I was looking.
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