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  1. And anyone else in the path of IAN . Tropical Storm scenario here, and a few tornados touching down so far.
  2. Well luckily unless Glen covertly gets a bidder badge he'll never make it into the show so Joe and Dennis are possibly safe. Hey Dennis, I'm running low on checks, can ya send me a box ?
  3. Yea, if you get eyes on them you may have to alter your bid guesstimate, either up or down 🤣
  4. Just thought I'd share (edited) they also have a YouTube channel which shows some more of the Monte https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8c0kUCWYoPaIum2BS7w7FA
  5. I'll say 65K on the SS, not my money lol. 45K on Glens 71
  6. I feel your pain, been raining here all week. Had a sunny day Friday so that was mostly spent doing outside work around the house . Did dust off the blue oval vert hoping for a weekend cruise but yesterday was a wash (pun intended) and today isn't looking good either 🙃
  7. After Dennis's picture I can only assume mine is aftermarket. I know how you concourse guys are . That being said I used the same bracket on my new crate motor.
  8. I think I've entered the Twilight Zone, your actually working on a Monte ? 🤣
  9. Just throwing this out, Chicago auction next month. My quick look see no load leveler and I'll assume aftermarket manifold. https://www.mecum.com/lots/CH1022-522873/1970-chevrolet-monte-carlo-ss/
  10. My thoughts and prayers to all, I met him at the Bristol meet last year
  11. DragCat

    Fuel pump

    Yes you can go to the 2 port fuel pump, the 3rd line is a return line, you will need to cap it if you have a vented gas cap.
  12. Nashville would be scarey for me, the Gibson Custom shop it there, I'd probably go missing for a day 🤣
  13. I checked, if we use the Fairfield Inn its about 10 miles from the track. That being said April weather may be a factor and my schedule may also make my decision attending the Rockingham meet, to early to tell. Thanks Ron for the summertime cruise link 👍
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