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  1. Like Andy said, many Chevelle parts will work on a Monte. SS396 is good, The Parts Place and OPGI, Speedway Motors are also good.If you know the part #'s you can also shop around the big box parts places. And like Andy said, 2" primaries on headers will make spark plug access "interesting" If your using 13/16 plugs you'll probably have more fun than just on # 8.
  2. I hear ya, I was just laughing yesterday when I took the pic after your comments. If I look level I can see over the front tire, obviously not on the rears
  3. Got up early yesterday am to try and beat the rain, was 98% successful lol. Got the drive shaft loop installed and the new drag radials put on. My buddy (who loaned me the rear wheels) told me last night he had the wheels for the front "in stock" if I was interested, of course I am so it'll be another trip to the tire store to swap out the fronts. I'll reverse the white lettering so it all looks the same. Joe, i'll let you know how small the front tires look when i'm done 🤣 You can please disregard my lime green post it note, got so much going on had to make a check list. At least the to do li
  4. Looks sweet for sure, since your ordering new front tires better order another set of rears since your already heavy on the pedal . Maybe its the angle of the pic, but I like the stance. Again, looks sweet
  5. I'll have to agree, its looking sweet. And like Sammy said, even tho at times the updates have been a tad bit painful I have enjoyed following the build. Can't wait to see it outside on the road.
  6. I'd measure 4 times before drilling lol. Rain has become a four letter word in my world lately, but they forecast we are supposed to have a dry spell soon. I can only hope. Got to be excited tho to be close to taking a spin, I splurged for some imported beer for the eve of my maiden voyage.
  7. Nice ! I left my grill out for a few days of driving, friend said she liked the look, like a shark lol. After a few days it looked unfinished to me so I put it back in. Looks like you got the dash pad in too. I enlarged the pic, man thats looking sharp!
  8. Just thought this was so cool, imagine cruising down the Autobahn and seeing a Monte. Don't know if we have any European members. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/chevrolet/monte-carlo/2438943.html#&gid=1&pid=6
  9. Damn dude, will it ever end ? 😲Now this Karma cloud gives me another reason NOT to park next to you, and do me a favor loose my number 🤣
  10. The interior is looking sharp even with no dash or door panels, nice progress. Have fun with the hood, I had 2 friends help me put mine back on lol.
  11. DragCat

    MC #1

    That sure is a pretty blue ,welcome to the madness lol
  12. DragCat

    Engine Swap

    Good luck, keep us posted on your progress and throw a few pictures up of your Monte.
  13. Congrats even tho you forgot to take pictures
  14. I like the bullet style mirrors much better than my stock ones. I'll X2 on your patience, I might not have thrown it but I would definitely had paint everywhere. And X2 on Pauls comment, when its done I definitely won't be parking next to you !
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