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  1. Don't worry about the RED Bulb, even the Pro's foul. Just go have a good time its supposed to be fun! Let us know how it goes
  2. Bruce, according to my sales paperwork the 70 came with either G78-15 or G70-15 tires .
  3. Hi Helen, welcome to the insanity 😁 You have just ventured into the keep it stock or upgrade for whatever reason cloud 😯 I can't speak for your winter conditions, but on your roads i'd want more rubber on the ground. Unless your at Pebble Beach I doubt anyone will question your going to a 60 series, I'm running 225-60R-15's. The original stock G70-15's had a tread width of 6.70 and a section width of 8.50. In contrast my 225's have a TW of 7.5 and a SW of 9. Didn't want to go all tech on ya just some data to ponder. There are lots of handling upgrades but ya have to have some good sneakers on our heavy Monte's.
  4. DragCat

    Website updates

    Ditto on the kudos to all involved, its always a good day when nobody sees what your doing in the background 👍
  5. DragCat


    Very Cool ! Would definitely like to see more photos especially the mods
  6. Great photo's ! Thats more Monte's in one place than any car show Ive ever been to. Thanks for posting 😀
  7. I'm no expert, but I use the Hagerty valuation tool as a "guide" when trying to figure out prices. The real bottom line is what you are willing to pay. Car values constantly change and today a 70 SS in excellent condition is around 34K, thats condition 2, condition 1 being pebble beach scenario. As stated do your homework so you know what your looking at. Good luck
  8. DragCat


    Welcome to the insanity 😆 Just remember they always need "a little work" Great looking Monte !
  9. I can't answer your question but, if I click on any of your first set of posted pictures they auto download to my computer (I'm on a Mac) and I can view them. Can't say the same for your 2nd attempt at posting pictures. Double check the below link for posting pictures to make sure its per the directions, thats how Ive posted in the past.
  10. I appreciate the additional posts. Hemmings did an article on a crate motor in a 69 Chevelle (posted on another thread, I haven't read all of their updates yet) that also had some great heads ups. I was aware of the water pump (short/long) difference since I intend to re-use my accessory pully's and stuff. The new blocks do have the provision for a mechanical fuel pump but I do have to double check on the fuel pump push rod. The GM crate does come with an externally balanced flex plate . I will be dropping in a new aluminum radiator during the swap, haven't decided on the brand yet, i'm leaning towards summit but still reading the radiator thread on other options. Also will look at headers soon. The TH400 will get a refresh and a new converter and that should be all for the drivetrain, except some drag radials. The 331 gears should handle the combo fine.
  11. Thanks Joe, I found part 1 but now I've bookmarked the link you posted with all the series. And yea I like pictures 😁
  12. Thanks for posting the link Joe, it was a good read. I'll be following your build as i'm planning on dropping a GM crate 502 in my 70 this winter. I'm staying with the th400 (will have it refreshed with a new converter tho) and staying in the carburetor world. One thing I did pick up in the article was the crate water pump might have to be swapped out for me to use my original accessories. These little things add up $$ as we all know so its good to have a heads up before hand.
  13. I sent BluePrint a question through their website asking some questions on their 496, haven't heard back yet. Probably will have to call. Same thing for the GM Performance people. I definitely want a warranty. Definitely needs to be streetable but have some fun with it at the track 1/8 mile style. Thanks for the heads up on the rings. I want to stay with a carburetor, don't want to have to drag out a laptop to tune things lol Update, spoke to GM this am, ZZ502 will drop in, bolt up to my TH400, and I can reuse my existing a/c, ps, brackets and parts without upgrading to the serpentine belt system. Looks like I know now what my winter project will be lol .
  14. Anybody dropped a dressed BBC crate motor in their Monte? No i'm NOT going the LS route lol. I'd like to keep the TH400 (although refresh it with a new converter too) and keep the existing accessory belts and brackets (not go serpentine). I did a search but didn't see anything recent with results. I know I could rebuild the existing but Ive seen parts break and the block is only original once, even tho I never plan on selling the Monte.
  15. Cool Photo, thanks for the share. Ive heard Finland has some really nice rides and a pretty big muscle car community,
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