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  1. Yea I remember the seat trim conversation, I actually think upper and lower looks good, but I'm not a purist 🤣 The oil pressure gauge was too easy for Elmo, even if it had been discussed. Even with the hint, I went back through the interior pic's I didn't find anything. I'm just curious now what it is damnit lol
  2. A friend of mine did the same thing Joe mentioned, tucks away nicely. I'm along side of Scott, a 32 oz water bottle, track rules lol
  3. No worries Dennis, I got the joke. Just letting others know the "other" crate motor guys are accepted 🤣
  4. I'll have to see if I can watch the re-runs tonight, although tv doesn't give a good eyeball. I did notice that some "restored cars" (for example there was a group of 69 Camaros) that were up in price. Maybe restored are getting closer to restomod money
  5. Whoa now, lets take it easy on the crate motor guys lol
  6. I like the car blind statement, so true. I have a list taped to the door/wall of items I need to address, like when I get side tracked or something else snowballs. Sometimes an item makes it over to the new list lol. I think you've done a superb job, enjoyed watching the build and look forward to seeing it out on the open road.
  7. And just mentioning it, if your going to change to a type 3 ( I think there is also a type 4) your probably gonna need shims
  8. Link worked for me, but I think I'm always logged in to google. 🙃 Nice photo and Monte 👍
  9. Good News ! Now the question is when can you start using it? I had a heated pool when I was in Commiefornia, that 12 foot sprint from the pool to the house was a killer in the winter 🤣
  10. I too check OPGI sometimes for part numbers. But wouldn't recommend when your looking for performance enhancements. Strange has a international dealer locater on their website, link below. I can't answer your motorway question with new gears, I have 355's in my 70 but that's a whole different story. One thing I would recommend, if your doing new gears replace the axels also. Along with me there are a few members that have gone with Strange axels. And now we get into what is lovingly called the snowball affect lol. I don't know enough about what I'm about to say, I'm sure others will chime in with more knowledge, I'll just tell you my experience, my 70 had a 12 bolt posi with the 2.73 gears. My buddy had a "in stock" 355 ring and pinion that he gave to me. When we went to do the upgrade my stock posi was a series 2 unit, his gears were for a series 3 unit. Luckily he also had "in stock" a series 3 unit. Just saying, make sure you know what you have and prepare for the possible additional parts and pieces you may end up having to need. https://www.strangeengineering.net/contact-us-international/
  11. In Stock LOL ! Gotta luv it . Another just my .02, don't use the plastic tube it comes with, get a copper kit, autometer #3224. I didn't have to drill or cut anything to install mine (probably why they aren't spaced equally) but I didn't care lol. On my blue oval car because of the dash and console I went old school and used velcro and zip ties and mounted them on the steering column. Again, for me it was function over looks.
  12. Dennis, can you give us an example of the little digital "inconspicuous" gauge your speaking of? If its small enough you could fab some kind of little stand and set it in the ash tray. Only to be seen when your driving and you open the ash tray.
  13. Found the photo of them on the console, the member is ttm2, I didn't bother attaching the hood gauges since I don't think that's in your options list lol
  14. Theres a member here (can't remember who, gold Monte?) who has gauges on his console, and also exterior of hood. I was going to do the hood placement but got talked out of it. I think it looks cool and old school. Anyway, I didn't trust myself to cut into the console so I placed mine under the dash above the console. Not in the way and very visible while driving . Just my .02
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