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  1. Just picked up the rebuilt trans today, hope to be dropping that and the new motor in this weekend. Then stuffs gonna get very real very fast lol
  2. I would guess the owner pulled the car because of the current world situation. I would also guess the decided on an auction because they didn't want to deal with all the tire kickers themselves. It may work in your favor, as i'm not sure if you'd be willing or able to travel to inspect the car. Not saying that people haven't bought cars just through emails and phone calls, i'm not one who is that trusting for sight unseen.
  3. Thanks Andy, that seemed like the obvious direction but as someone once said the only stupid question is the one not asked. I figured someone here had to have done it before
  4. Shame ya probably won't be able to take it for a run next month at the super chevy show, maybe when they re-schedule it
  5. bumping for suggestions
  6. Ok so I was able to get under the car yesterday, just remember i'm working by myself so I had to put a socket on the body mount bolt, use an extension and tape the ruler to that. Then I had to tape them to the frame so there may be some + or - variables lol. The top measurements are from Tom's sheet the bottom are mine. Note 1 I couldn't do the one because the fuel tank is in the way so it would not be point to point. Note 2 on the rear I didn't see a body mount so I measured from the two holes about 6 inches from the back. Note 3 I wasn't sure on the engine x-member which hole to use. Note 4 the trans x-member 1st bolt forward of the center body mount is 4", and the spread between the x-member bolts center to center is 4 1/2". The weird thing is the center body mount on Tom's spec is 53" and mine is dead on to that.
  7. Just to add to previous, thoughts and prayers to everyone. BJ's put limits on the essentials, bottled water and such, which I have no problems with. I will say in my limited outings to the grocery store most of the public has been courteous and good natured, sort of restores my faith in humanity during hard times.
  8. Much more detailed than the shop manual one I was using !
  9. Thanks, I'll work off that sheet. I just measured from the top in the engine compartment the forward point and its 39" so its a start in the right direction lol. It looks like i'm going to have to do the others from the bottom so I'll get on that.
  10. DragCat

    BB Headers

    Hey Paul, my crate is still sitting in the cradle waiting on the return of my trans so I can't answer that yet. I know that doesn't help ya
  11. Hey Joe, me take offense ? lol. No worries But no I taped the metal hook to the middle of the bolt holding the x-member. I was surprised at the number so I started with the forward bolt and remeasured the rearward bolt. Both 54 1/2". Maybe I have a station wagon frame ( body mount spec around 28") laughing. Very strange I'm that far off. Oh well going to need further investigation. And yea I've had many a laugh at myself working on cars. I'd rather someone point out whats obvious to them or slips from their experience. Thats why I joined this forum and ask a bunch of questions.
  12. Ok, all I could find in my shop manuals from what i'm reading adds up to max 53" so 53 5/8" on the x-member would be to big.
  13. Ok, 2 part question here, I'm installing a water temp and oil pressure gauge and i'm looking for the easiest and cleanest way to get power to the gauges. Part 1 is for the bulbs that illuminate the gauges so I can see them at night, so tapping into the lights somewhere. Part 2 is for the "electrical" water temp gauge, I need to get power when the ignition is in the run position. I'd like if possible to not have to pull the dash out to wire these in.
  14. All good points Joe, and I am going to have to dig in deeper to it. I just wanted to update the thread that my timeline got kicked out a tad and where I was
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