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  1. Yea I know we're NOT supposed to talk politics......and I DON'T care about YOUR politics....... But someone tried to assassinate a former US President and last I heard killed an innocent citizen. My thoughts and prayers go out all whose families were affected. Delete if you need to, I don't care, Ive said my mind.
  2. Do you run the Dogs AND the polygraph ? 不
  3. Mines still on the tow truck, sun is taking its toll tho 不
  4. You guys eat too much, even with the heat I put on weight @ Carlisle 不
  5. When I clicked on it, it downloaded the pick, nice looking Monte
  6. Thats why we ask, now if we decide to address it is another question 不
  7. So what's the NEXT project that Dennis called you out on ? 不
  8. I had already served 6 years in the Navy by then 不
  9. Well thanks to the both of you, I'm feeling a little bit younger today 不 Graduated HS in 78 不
  10. All I thought of the pic was..........I can only imagine one of the "blondes" asking Amy to move aside for the picture.......I don't think I carry enough plastic for bond 不
  11. Last race I went to was 2013, to quote Richard Petty, it had become entertainment rather than racing . I was a BIG fan having grown up around dirt tracks, still look at the news, Kevin Harvick, last active Winston Cup driver retires, SHR shutting down ........and so on. But if you walk in my garage its full of old nascar banners
  12. Personally I'd rather hang out with dogs than the general population 不 I always found it funny, NFL games shut the beer concessions down at half time, nascar used to let you bring in a cooler
  13. Just ran across this site with 2 70's . And anybody else looking for other stuff http://countryclassicsiowa.com/inventory/
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