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  1. Ryan, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. They start out as a pet and dig themselves so deep into our hearts that them become our family members. rob
  2. If in fact you aren't planning to be racing the car it doesn't that you have a higher Horsepower that you are running for street. If you are only running your car on the street and staying reasonably within normal posted speed limits it doesn't matter if your are running 1000 horsepower it is the speed that is what counts when braking. I guess what I am saying at 35 or 55 MPH stopping is the same no matter the horsepower. rob
  3. Dennis, many people hang out here on the boards and test drive us prior to becoming a dues paying member so Larry is right. Anyone who needs to know their dues renewal only needs to PM me or email me and that is what Steve did. rob
  4. Are those bullet holes half way down below the door handle? rob
  5. That list would change almost Daily and nobody has the time to update the list daily and post it here on the site. Many people would prefer their names not be posted. That is why many go by different screen names. I have been trying to send renewal emails for everyone as their dues are coming due. If there is someone you would like to contact you can do that through me or a private message to them here on the site. rob
  6. No, it was not an option. The rockers were all painted satin black that extended at an angle up under the sill plate rob
  7. That is beautiful. Don't forget to do the rockers and area under the sill plate in the simi-gloss black. rob
  8. Ray, you may want to post some pictures of the fender you have and the part number on the fender. You list it as a 72 passenger side but the 71 fender would be the same as the 72. The 70 fenders were different than the 71/72 front fenders. Someone going to the Eastern Meet in Bristol may be interested. rob
  9. Jim, I just sent you a text. Hopefully it helps you out. rob
  10. Doug, I heard on the news that it is expected that most all of the vaccines that will be moved from "Emergency Approval" to "Full Approval", hopefully September or October. While I understand some people's reluctance to get the vaccine, I also look at the amount of testing that was done on the current vaccines AND I look at the number of people I personally know that have died from Covid and the many more people I know who got very sick. I worked in the medical field for many years and many friends of mine who also worked many years longer than myself in the field. A couple of these friends even participated in the trials of the vaccines. No vaccines were ever "meant" to be in our bodies but have been developed by reputable companies to save our lives. For this Western Meet and Aaron having to reschedule it, since you don't have a passport the vaccine shots are something that doesn't figure in for you. The ideal plan would have been if the meet would not have had to be moved but Aaron tried to make a decision that would satisfy the majority of people. Maybe Next Year. rob
  11. I got a listing of members who have reserved rooms for the 2020 Eastern Meet. As of today 23 of the 40 rooms are already spoken for. This means only 17 rooms are left for next years Eastern Meet. Don't wait to make your reservations because there is little chance of me getting additional rooms at the host Hotel. rob
  12. I heard from my surgeon yesterday that they rescheduled my surgery for August 20th which would have allowed me to attend the Eastern Meet. YAHOO...... Well the YAHOO was a little early. Today I heard from my Surgeon's office and they told me with the rise for the Covid-Delta cases, in almost all states, that they are restricting travel for any of their surgical patients for up to 3 weeks prior to their surgery. This means I have AGAIN had to cancel my attendance to the Eastern Meet in Bristol. One of the Plaques I had ordered to be presented at the Eastern Meet was the Presidents Award because I was planning to attend. What I am going to request to anyone attending the Eastern Meet is to please email me a picture of your Monte along with the story/information on your car. I will try to decide from the information I receive who I want to receive this award based upon this information along with any pictures or information Jared can give to me from the meet. Please keep in mind the car I select would NOT have to be the best restored, most photogenic Monte on the field. Give me as much information as you feel may be of interest to me. Please email this information and pictures to me at rob29ford@aol.com rob
  13. Aaron, I am so sorry all of your hard work has turned into even more work trying to work around all of the road blocks. Thanks for working so hard on this 2021 Western Meet and all of the options you are trying to work through as workarounds for our club members. If for one really appreciate all of your work for the club. rob
  14. Sorry, but it looks way too nice to junk it up with storage stuff. rob
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