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  1. Did you find a Build Sheet on top of the old tank? rob
  2. I would love to see your beautiful Astro Blue Monte in Carlisle in June at our Mini-Meet at the Chevrolet Nationals in June. rob
  3. Here is a link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yenko_Chevrolet#:~:text=Yenko Chevrolet was a Chevrolet,the most collectible 1960s vehicles. rob
  4. Screws, if I am not mistaken it used 3 screws Rob
  5. According to a listing saw awhile of all of the cars they did a Monte Carlo was not on the list so I would say no, it is a true Yankovic rob
  6. Sounds like the same guy who had recently contacted me asking for information on a couple cars he was thinking about selling so he could buy a house. I responded to his email but he never replied back. rob
  7. 24 rooms still available for this Mini-Meet, 16 rooms already claimed. Don't wait tillthe last minute because I feel they will start to go fast. rob
  8. That's an old torque wrench but you can't beat well made old ones. rob
  9. They all could not bring anywhere near that, that is a very special Monte. That said, our beloved Monte's are bringing much more than they were a couple years ago. rob
  10. Jeff, I am sorry, we seem to have gotten off topic in your post. Also forgive me for not welcoming you aboard the boards of the FGMCC. We hope you like what you see here and decide to become a full fledged dues paying member of the club, it really is a great group of people. Just in case you have not noticed, we do love pictures. rob
  11. This also happened to my dad after I bought my Model A Ford. A guy who lived near us had a Model A Roadster that my dad wanted to buy. We spoke with the guy frequently to let him know my dad was still interested. Another "Friend" of mine, that was another member of the Model A Restorers Club where we lived and a guy who helped me a good bit on my Model A a good bit was at my house working with me on my Model A was talking. I made the mistake of mentioning this Model A to him that my dad was going to buy. A few weeks later my dad and I were driving past the house where this Model A R
  12. Not in a hurry to sell this car.... I very recently heard this on my Dream Car. I was contacted by the widow of a friend of mine who told me my friend had passed away and was looking to sell his 4 cars, one of them being my dream car, a factory 402 4-speed, a car he had always told me he did not want to sell to anyone else but me when the time comes to sell. She told me her interest was in selling two of the antique cars before selling the 402 4-speed Monte and a 4 speed Trans-Am. I was trying to help her sell the 3 Speed floor shift Malibu convertible, 4-speedTrans-Am and a 4-speed El-
  13. Randy, regarding the company name, please only respond to people who ask by email or private message, not here on the public boards. rob
  14. Why wait till Sunday, if it is a true SS and in excellent condition you should close the deal today. Tell us about options, buckets or bench seats, column shift or floor shift gauges or idiot lights, power windows, power door locks, AC, Am FM 8-track radio etc, etc and what is the mileage rob
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