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  1. Very, Very Nice.... again, Lovin the pictures, keep them coming. rob
  2. Our Son's Patrick and Tom and our grandkids Emily and Ryan attended the Pittsburgh "World Of Wheels". it was a great day for all, we all came home with very tired feet and sore backs from walking so much. I wonder if, when you look at the pictures, you will be able to pick out my favorite car. Emily, Ryan and I have been to this show many years and on the first trip I took a picture of them next to one of the "Monster" Trucks and this year was no different. Either these trucks are getting smaller or the grandkids have just gotten bigger which is making them look smaller. The well documented 70 SS454 "Green Mist" Monte Carlo you will see many pictures of will be in Carlisle this June on display in Building T. You would be hard pressed to find another First Gen Monte as beautiful as this one. Very detailed in every way. This car had over 300,000 miles on her and in the restoration the odometer is reset to a more desirable showroom floor 1.4 miles. John and Connie Fifer own this beauty. They had joined the club boards back in April of 2013. They became dues paying members on December 10, of last year and they are looking forward to meeting everyone in Carlisle this June. rob
  3. My very first "hot rod" was my 1929 Model A Ford pictured in my signature below.....not really a hot rod and it wasn't drivable. The "hot rod" I drove in high school was a black on Black 4 on the floor 2-door coupe VW. Had a blast in that little bug. rob
  4. Aaron, should we shoot for 40 members? And dream of maybe 50. Right now, between the Eastern and Western meets we at over 100 members, talk about a banner year. rib
  5. Rob Peters


    That's a pretty big difference. Good luck in your search. Maybe some one in the club can help you out rob
  6. People like this really torque my jaw, among other things. The other ones who really upset me are people who would knowingly go behind your back and buy a car you are interested in. Back when I was a young whipper-snapper and a recent owner of my Model A Ford I met a guy who lived not far from us. He owned a very nice Model A Roadster with a rumble seat. A roadster is basically a convertible coup ragtop. My dad, myself and this gentleman and I talked for hours and my dad showed an interest in owning his roadster. He told us it was not for sale at that time but when he would decide to sell it he would sell it to my dad. I was a member of the Model A Restorers Club and there was a guy there who was very knowledgeable about Model A's and I used him often as a reference. We helped each other out on our cars. A number of months later I stupidly told him about this Model A Roadster. Some more time passed and one day my dad and I were passing the guy's house who owned the Roadster and his garage door was open and there was no Roadster in it so we stopped and asked him what happened to it. He told us that a friend of mine had stopped by and told him that I had told him about the car and he said we were no longer interested in buying it. The guy said he had decided to sell the car and was going to call my dad and my "Friend" told him that the reason I had told him about the Roadster was because we were not interested in buying it any more and my "Friend" bought it out from under us. I would have never expected that someone in our Model A Restorers club would go behind another members back and buy a car out from under them. I guess I was young and naive. That was the first time I had experienced something like this. It is my hope that nobody in this club would go behind another members back and buy a car out from under them. So my point here is there are ruthless Buyers and ruthless Sellers like in your case. rob
  7. Good for you. Good Luck, keep us posted. rob
  8. Now you have two of us who say you should go after him. I say if nothing else go for your expenses. You know if it had been me, I would be less upset if he would have I have changed my mind and am going to keep it rather than sell it. I did have someone do that to me on the Monte I was going to buy before I bought the one I have now. We had an agreement to purchase the Monte but needed to rent a garage to keep it in and he told me not to worry it would be there when I was ready. I called him about a month later to let him know I was ready to buy it and he told me he had changed his mind and wanted to keep it. I told him I had just signed a lease to rent a garage for a year and he apologized. I was upset but decided it had happened for a reason. I then found my current Monte and purchased it for the same money I was going to pay for that other one and the one I did buy was much nicer and only had 36,000 miles on it.... Yep, sometimes things happen for a reason. About a month later the called me back and said he felt bad and had decided again to sell it to me but I told him I had already found another one. rob
  9. I hate people like that. You have proof of a deal in your text messages with him. I heard once in a case like this you could possibly get reimbursed for you travel costs, especially since you have proof of an agreed deal, including price and the inclusive's of the motor. I forget who it was that told me that but it I think it was someone here in the club who has bought and sold many vehicles. This guy will get his one way or another. rob
  10. Just an observation here. You say you are from the United Kingdom and now living in Texas..... If you are in Texas long enough it would be interesting to hear what your new UK/Texas accent will sound like. rob
  11. That is a sweet deal. Getting the original 402 engine is a huge benefit. I do hope you will correct that exhaust early on. I don't know why the exhaust exiting behind the rear tires bothers me so much but it does. rob
  12. Gareth, Welcome to the FGMCC website. We hope you like what you see here and decide to become a a full fledged dues paying member of the club. You say it is a 350 4-Speed Muncie, I take it that the 4-speed was added at a later date. If you have any documentation that it is a factory installed 4-speed we would love to see that documentation because according to our club database we don't have any documentation of 4-speeds being available in 72. Look here at our "Resources" area,,,, https://www.firstgenmc.com/forums/index.php?/resources/productionnumbers/ and you will see the 3-speed was available and that was more than likely a 3 on the tree, not a floor shift. Please share more pictures of your car and Welcome again to the club website. rob
  13. Dream, Dream, Dream. Like Antoine said, I hope they get i but I kinda doubt it. rob
  14. Here is something to consider when looking at a car this old. I purchased my first 70 Monte Carlo brand new off a dealer lot in September of 1970. So I was just barely 20 years old. I never beat that car at all BUT most 20 year old guys back then did so an original owner of a 70 Monte back then would be around 70 years old now but the chances that 70 year old Monte owner didn't have a heavy foot back when they were in their 20's are slim. My point here is the only advantage of an original owner of a car that old would be the owner could share the complete service history OR the number of races they won.....or not rob
  15. Looks good Ron, Look forward to seeing it on the show field in Carlisle in June. rob
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