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  1. You passed within minutes of our house. Did you go through downtown and from downtown through the Fort Pitt Tunnel going toward the airport/Coraopolis? if yes when you came out of the Ft Pitt Tunnel I live on top of the hill to the left of the road you were on. rob
  2. Sweet tubbed Monte. Where in Pennsylviana. If I would have known, maybe we could have met up. rob
  3. UMMMMMM, Make that a hand delivered certified check purchased in front of me at a bank of my choosing. rob
  4. Roger, March 7th is actually the date you joined the club website. According to the club records you actually became a dues paying member of the club on December 6, 2002. Please see the private message I sent you regarding this. rob
  5. Paul, Dennis is right regarding the Corvette rings are different by being deeper and also rounded. At this point in time what I would do is wait till the car arrives and see if maybe the rear one is in the car or in the trunk. Also, see if the ones on the other side are installed are missing too. I have an extra used correct one. I am not sure if it is a factory one or a reproduction. It is a driver quality but not in too bad of shape. I will make you a deal, if you become a dues paying member of the club, I will give you this ring just for the cost of shipment to you. Of course, I do not now what the shipping cost to Ireland would amount to so that may also be a consideration. rob
  6. Steve, I'm glad to hear the surgery went well. You are in my prayers for good results on the biopsy. Take it easy and follow the doctors orders. rob
  7. Roger, you can wait till you get a reminder email or pay it just before, it is entirely yo to you. rob
  8. Many of us here had made profiles on cardomain.com and I am one of those who used that hosting site. We used cardomain to place our car stories and pictures and we would link our profile there to a signature here on the site which would place our car picture and a link to the cardomain site. Awhile back I noticed the picture I had showing in the past had disappeared. Today I tried to go into cardomain.com to update my profile and when try to go there it jumps to a statement that Cardomain.com is now owned by Motortrend. Unfortunately, apparently, Motortrend has erased all of the people's Cardomain postings. rob
  9. They do make reproductions and some of them are very nice. Also used ones can be found can be found on ebay and maybe even if you post in the For Sale Wanted area here on the club website. My wife and I took our two sons to Ireland a number of years ago. Our motor-coach tour originated in Dublin and we visited much of Southern Ireland during our trip there. My wife and I would love to go back again someday.... but this time without our son's tagging along. rob
  10. Rob Peters

    Club Dues

    I would like to thank the large number of dues paying members who have responded to the dues reminder emails I sent out this month. If your dues were due during September, October or coming due in November and had not paid yet, you would have received an email from me this past weekend. The response from those who received those emails has been very good. If you received one of those emails and have not paid your dues, please do so as soon as you can. rob
  11. Paul, You are right, the right rear wheel is missing the chrome trim ring. Hopefully it is in the trunk. Also, hopefully the passenger side trim rings and derby caps are there. You may want to message the seller. It would have been ideal for a car being shipped that far for all of the trim rings and derby caps had been removed and stored in the trunk for the long trip. If you still have all of the pictures from when you bought it you may want to check to see if they were pictured on the car in those shots. The metal wheel/rims should be as what it looks like the are, argent silver. Where in Ireland do you live. rob
  12. After I got my original 70 Monte in September of 1970 a good friend a 71 SS454. The only complaint he had with his SS454 is the alternator belt kept coming off. rob
  13. From what I have seen on factory vinyl tops is the seams on the roof do NOT line up with the seams between the trunk and rear window. On the factory ones I have seen the vinyl seams on the filler panel between the trunk and rear window actually line up with where the filler panel seams meet the quarter panel but the reproduction ones the filler panel seams actually line up with the roof seams. There may be exceptions as I am not sure if all of the reproduction vinyl panels are like this. In the past this has been one way to verify if a vinyl roof is an an original or a reproduction. rob
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