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  1. Aaron, how did you get that answer in before Tom? rob
  2. Answer Hog.... You never give any of us others a chance to help people, you must have something we are not aware of that alerts you as soon as someone posts a question so you can jump in and answer, you are really enjoying that retirement life. rob
  3. I bet you now wished the rain hadn't stopped. Did you contact Dan Janes? I know he has had a very good track record with them. rob
  4. You may end up at the point you have to remove the front seats and console to be able to remove door panel. I hope not but it would beat welding the door shut. rob
  5. On top of the gas tank, under the carpet are a couple places to look. rob
  6. Below is a list of members who have told me they plan to attend the 2024 Eastern Meet in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The names in RED typeface have indicated to me that they are coming but have not given me their tracking information. Bob Bardou Sammy Barnette Kenneth Bower CK Collins Dennis Collins Willie Conforti Randy Czankner Brian Den Bleyker Tony Divirgilio Kevin Ferrante Tom Ferrante Jolene Garvin Doug Guenther Carl Hanson Leo Konik Jay Munday Frank O'Connell Geraled Patterson Rob Peters Patrick Peters Glen Popiela Seth Primack John Principato Bill Rees Joe Roman Dan Ruland James Seyboldt Jim Stead Joe Sullivain Michael Talerek Joe Tedesco Ron Tevis Dennis Tretter Mark Truman Gary Vanatter Bob Wiemels Donny Vestal Mike Zecca Monte Years 1970 Monte's---11 1971 Monte'---7 1972 Monte'---10 Not provided or not bringing a car or not First Gen---10 Home State or Country: FL-2, Illonis-1, KY-1, MA-1, MI-1, NC-1, NY-12, OH-2, PA-11, TN-1, VA-3, Canada-1, Not provided-2 Registration Class Stock-6, Street-5, Modified-12, Super/Custom Modified-5, Undeclared, not First Gen or No Car-11 Total number of members as of Sep 27, 2023---39 (These are early numbers with 9 months to go until the meet. We are on track to have the largest Eastern Meet on record. Keep those registrations rolling in) We could easily surpass the 2020 and 2022 Eastern Meet numbers) Be sure to encourage people whose names you don't see on the above list to contact me with registration questions and tracking information. Here are some names of members who have not reported to me that they are coming. If you see or know of any of these members, please encourage them to join in the fun: Roy and Sue Bunjes, Capri Blasco, Jack Cooper, Jim Covello, Daniel Donlin, Richard Dixon, Rick Eckenfels, Mark Fete, Larry Gilbert, Andy Gorzynski, Robert Hedden, Stan Kulikowski, Andreas Kwetkus, Keith Lamagna, Steve Lavoie, Steve Levanti, Al Maddaluno, Jeff Mullen, Paul Mullen, Ronald Peacock, Terry Reynolds, Jared Richey, Manual Prince, John Rodi, Durando Saccente, Jerry Skidmore, Michael Snavely, Dave Stanton, Diana Tocci, Bob Wagner, Ed Walker, Kevin Wiles, Ryan Palmer.....There are many more that I have not listed. As you can see, if we even got half of the above people coming it would put us over 60 members in attendance. I am sure you could think of some others that may interested in attending. If you have any questions or comments, please let shoot me an Email, Text or Private Message here on the club website. rob
  7. Thanks for showing the pictures Steve. Love the red drop top!!! A lot of attention to detail when I enlarged it on the screen. rob
  8. One thing for sure, when you finally find it, it will be in the last place you looked for it. rob
  9. Thanks for sharing the pictures. rob
  10. I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Lose the front grill area. rob
  11. We are now up to 33 member registrations. This is great with still 7 months till the meet. Only 7 rooms left in our block so if you want a room at the host hotel and haven't made your reservation you need to do so ASAP and once you have done so please let me know so I can try to get more rooms added to our block, if at all possible. rob
  12. There has been an Andreas spotting on the club website. Andreas, thanks for Custom Cloud Story. rob
  13. Bill, please email the below info to me at rob29ford@aol.com With all of our 2023 Meets and Mini-Meets behind us it is time to start planning for the 2024 Eastern Meet. There are a couple things still up in the air and that would be our lead-in activities on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Some possible activities are as follows: · Poker Run · Group trip to the Gettysburg Battlefield · Group trip the Lancaster Amish area · Group trip to an auto museum or personal collection · Go-Cart Racing · US Army Heritage and Education Center · AACA Museum in Hershey I am waiting to be able to speak to my Carlisle Events contact to get a list of available sites. CLUB REGISTRATION So I can start preparing name badges for you and everyone in your party, order proper award plaques, plan pizza party, plan award dinner, etc. please provide me with the below information. Due to the large number of members we are expecting please make your hotel reservations early. If we fill our block of rooms, they may try to provide us with additional rooms if they possibly can. You will also need to know we are going to try add one more judging category for our club judging. I am also going to try to get Carlisle Events to add another category but it may be too late for that. So you can properly class your car please use the below guidelines: In adding the new class, the first two classes would not change from what we had in the past. The changes would be as follows, the changes are in RED: · STOCK CLASS - 0 to 3 Alterations from possible Factory Correct · STREET CLASS - 4 TO 6 Alterations from possible Factory Correct · MODIFIED CLASS – 7 to 11 Alterations from possible factory correct · SUPER MODIFIED OR CUSTOM MODIFIED – 12 or more Alterations from possible Factory Correct For the information, please copy and paste the below information either to an email, a Private Message here on the site or to this thread so I can get it entered into a spreadsheet. My email is ROB29FORD@AOL.COM Here is the information I need from you: Member Last Name: Member First Name: Club WebsiteScreen Name: Names Of Others In Your Party: Total Number In YourParty: City: State: Arrival Date: Departure Date: Monte Year: Color: Vinyl Top Color: Judging Class: Hotel: Room Type: Member Email: Thanks
  14. Rob Peters


    As far as I know, but I may be wrong all the front bumpers are made by the people. If that is still the case, you could order from who has them the cheapest including shipping. I bought mine from Muscle Cars Only but the owner sold his business a few years ago. rob
  15. More than half of the Host Hotel rooms are already booked. If you are thinking about attending please make your hotel reservations soon. There is no guarantee the hotel will be able to add any rooms to our block of rooms. Because of our evening bench racing it is best to try to reserve a room at the host hotel. rob
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