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  1. I also noticed the air cleaner being wrong. At that price I am surprised they did not mention a build sheet, protector plate and other proof documents. They did not say if all the gauges worked, the air conditioning was functional, the air leveling suspension is functional etc. I also noticed the oil leak on the oil pan and rear end lube leaking. I could be wrong on this but I thought SS's came with resonators in the exhaust system that I don't see on this one. I agree that at that price I would want a professional appraiser looking at it. Like you, knowing it has been on the m
  2. Hey Glen, it is only one granddaughter. She just started at this school about a month ago so she is just getting to know some of the kids. It was a Senior student that was doing the car show as a school project and he did a good job. I was the first person to sign up for the show. They requested people pre-register for the show and my two cars were the first two registered. He was very disappointed when only 15 cars signed up for the show but with his advertisement on www.carcruises.com the show was a success with 57 cars showing up and paying the registration fee. This was the fir
  3. I got all of my items for my Monte from Old Air Products. It is best to call them to order so you don't get something for a chevelle. Nice fit for everything I bought from them. Here is a link to their site: https://www.oldairproducts.com/category?source=adwords&adnetwork=g&adtag1=&adtag2=Brand&adcreative=332129584541&adposition=&admatchtype=e&adkeyword=old air products&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIu9uR57qP8AIVDfnICh2W-QGWEAAYASAAEgKuKfD_BwE rob
  4. Took the Monte and Model A to a show today at our granddaughters high school. we came home with "Most Original" award..... Guess which car won this award......nope, NOT the Monte.
  5. Very nice. Do you mind telling us who did it and the cost. rob
  6. No problem Brian, I had just replied to Willie a couple minutes prior to responding to your post. rob
  7. Brian, As you can see from my response to Willie, the parts are very easy to get. Click on the link I responded to Willie's post and I think you will see I can get most anything I need. There are companies who make interiors exactly like factory new including the types of materials. rob
  8. Willie, No the parts are very easy to get. There are many vendors but the one I use is about a 45 minute drive from our house in New Springfield, Ohio. They specialize in Model A and Model T parts. Here is their site https://www.snydersantiqueauto.com/ Parts for Model A Fords are easier to get than most any other antique vehicle. rob
  9. Welcome aboard Bob. I hope to see you at one of our Eastern Meets or Mini-Meets. The Mini-Meet in Carlisle, Pa in June would be a great event to attend to meet a large group of our members. Keep the pictures, you can never look at too many BLUE Monte's on this site. rob
  10. Today my grandkids and I attended the Pittsburgh "World Of Wheels". This show is usually held the end of January but due to Covid it was moved to this weekend. The change in this show really had a negative effect on not only the number of cars on display but also the number of spectators. Usually, if you did not get a pre-sold ticket you would have to wait in line for at least an hour to buy one at the show but for today's show there were no lines. We usually start at one end of the display room and work our way to the other end of the room. We did not find a Monte of any year until
  11. Grant, I did hear back this evening. CK told me his are for sure clear and he confirmed what I had told you, the clear fiber optic picks up the amber color from the bulb and brings the color to the clear eye in the lens mounted on the fender. I suspect you may be able to remove the amber paint or color that someone put on yours and get it to work and glow in the eye lens on the fender just from the amber light. Let me know how it works out for you. If worse comes to worse you may be able to use some fiber optic line and splice it in. rob
  12. Grant, As I told you when we talked, my car is stored at an off site garage but I have sent a message to a member who isn't on the boards very often but he did add the fiber optic system to his 70 a few years ago and am waiting for his response. rob
  13. First real drive since I completed the work on "the old Girl" (my 29 Model A Ford. She is running great, steering straight and stopping better than she ever has.
  14. Wow Joe, that is a lot of progress. I really wish I had room to add a garage in our back yard. My Monte gets stored in an off location rental garage. The Model A is stored in our 1 car garage here at the house but even that is cramped to the point I can only work on it one side at a time. rob
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