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  1. Patrick, Thank you very much for posting this about the original style window felts. I replaced mine several years ago with some without the little triangle because I could not find them with that little triangle. I was talking to our member Jay Munday at my Carlisle Mini-meet this past year and he was showing me his with the triangle but he said he got them awhile back and he did not think they still made them. I have been unhappy with the ones I got several years ago so I told my wife today I wanted a set of these for Christmas. We ordered them from OPGI today and I got their last set. I had them check that they had them on the shelf prior to placing the order. I am sure they will get more in but I am happy to get these, hopefully in time for Christmas. rob
  2. Some Updated Eastern Meet Numbers for you to digest as of Dec 3, 2019: Members Registered: 75 Total Number Members and Guests: 153 1970's: 29 to 30 1971's: 15 to 16 1972's: 16 to 19 Registered Stock: 22 Registered Street: 13 Registered Modified: 27 Unsure: 3 First Time Eastern Meet Attendee's: 10 Total Members States represented: 18 plus 1 from Canada. We need some more Canadian members to attend This response has been amazing and I thank everyone. As of today we have filled all of our rooms in two of our hotels and I have 3 members waiting for me to either get our first hotel's to come up with more rooms which more than likely won''t happen. I am currently working with two more hotels to try to get contracts for more reduced rooms. One of these hotels I am currently working with to obtain a new contract just opened this past December and the other one has been opened just a few years so they are both newer properties. I hate to have people scattered across numerous hotels but due to the contracts most of the hotels have with the military (the National War College is located here) limits the number of rooms any one hotel can give up for car groups. With us at almost 75 members registered it will not be unheard of to set a goal for 100 members or even 100 First Generation Monte's on the show field from our club alone. I find it hard to believe this goal will ever be reached again, at least in my lifetime. Keep talking it up and let's "FILL THE FIELD WITH MONTE'S" rob
  3. Are you following the instructions found at this link: If you are it should work. rob
  4. Please give us your address so we can the County Sheriff's Office to pick you up for grand theft auto because from the looks of that car, at $4600 you stole it. We want to see more pictures, we really LOVE pictures here. rob
  5. Rob Peters


    Steve, sorry to hear about the truck. You may want to look at it as it may be a sign that there were underlying issues with the truck and it happened for a reason. You will find one that is perfect if you just be patient and keep checking the ads. rob
  6. Ron, Modified is not just what engine is in the car. Modified is the number of alterations from a factory car, any place on the car. When people look at a car they look at how well the modifications have been done and if the car is "OVERDONE" when doing their judging. Many of us are not there for the awards, we are there for the friendships we have made over the years. People vote for a car based upon what they like, not what the owner likes. There is a point where some people feel the owner went a few steps too far in their modifications. Unfortunately we can not do anything about changing the classes because it is based upon the number of alterations from a car that is stock so to be fair we must register our cars based upon that. rob
  7. That's odd, the items I have gotten from Metro Moulded have been excellent fitting with no adjustment of hinges or latches to compensate for being too thick. Did you contact Metro to talk to them? Is it possible there was any kind of flaw in what you received? rob
  8. Yeah, the box says nova but the one they show from the inside of the quarter certainly looks like a Monte. Maybe they put the wrong picture in the ad. He may be selling more than Monte items. rob
  9. Paul, I wish I could give you a better answer but I am not where my car is and don't see being able to get up there for a week or so. What I can tell you is when I was in Carlisle I stopped by Lutty's Chevy Parts and bought a rear package tray for my 70 Monte and felt it would be the Light Blue but when I got it back to the show field it turns out it needed to be the the Dark Blue. I know that is not much of a help but if I do get back up to my car this week I will double check which color I did end up with.. rob
  10. Welcome aboard the boards Raymond. Good luck with your search. You could check with Leo (Konok's Klassic's) in the Parts Source area of the home page to see if he has anything available. Just a note, I cleared you to post here on the boards but I have also notice you registered for the boards twice under two different screen names and since you posted using the Raymond screen name I will delete the other one. rob
  11. First off rather than suggestions there are some questions. How old is the battery? How long does it take for it to drain it. An hour? 12 hours? A day? A week? A month? Like Paul asked, any after market amp or radio? Does it have any other after market gauges, locks, window etc? Does it have a trunk or engine compartment light that may remain on while parked? Suggestion: Remove all fuses and let it sit and see if the drain occurs. If you don't get a drain with all fuses then start reinstalling and troubleshoot by process of elimination. rob
  12. So, they were doing a good deed delivering food to a neighbor. Something must have distracted them. rob
  13. Tom, So sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you are OK. What were they doing that they didn't see you stopped? rob
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