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  1. So, have you tried to find it and buy it back? It is always great to find things like this after so many years. rob
  2. I have done that too. I usually run with my Rallies but also have a full set of the color keyed Astro Blue and a full set of the Classic Plain Jane Caps rob
  3. Mark, Welcome aboard as one of our newest dues paying member. You will have a blast at the meet in Somerset. Our Eastern Meet next year will be in Carlisle Pa, hopefully your Monte will be ready to make that trip. rob
  4. Willie, In Dennis's case there was no gun involved to shoot and it was not a foot...It was a 2X4 and face rob
  5. Must have been fun watching that. Brings back memories of when I was a kid and we vacationed at a campground (Lake Arrowhead Camp Ground) in North Myrtle. There was an military air base in the area and I think they flew A-10's out of it. Flying bird kites was a big thing for the people camping in the campground. There were shops all over the place selling these kites and on any given day there were maybe 15 to 20 kites in the air. As a game we would see how high we could get these kites and once up we would have a contest race. Once we had our kites up with the approximate same length of string we would attach a piece of aluminum foil to the string and all at the same time release the piece of foil to see whose piece of foil would make it up the line to the kite. One day we had about 10 of us it this aluminum foil race and all of a sudden a chopper from the air base was hovering around our kites. The chopper had a loud speaker and we were ordered to lower the kites and remove the foil.... It seems the base radar picked up all of these blips of foil and they had to fly out to see what was goin on. Michael, thanks for sharing your video of the planes buzzing the balloon. rob
  6. Kevin, as I told you when you called me.... the best and fastest way to get this information would be here on the website. I had told you pretty much what was said here but I wanted to be sure my thinking was correct. Other people responding.... Kevin is looking for an original look on his car and also needs the proper size tires for an original tire size and height so if someone can suggest the correct crossover size from the original factory tire size. Kevin is also trying to decide upon a standard Classic/Plain Jane cap or the color keyed cap. rob
  7. Rob Peters

    ss registry?

    I don't see a NMCOA sticker, only see our FGMCC window sticker on that car. You are right, the NMCOA window sticker was blue and white and it was rectangular where ours is round. rob
  8. So far most of our members Monte's were mid year production cars. rob
  9. I would not lose any sleep over that Ryan... Think of it not rebar or angle iron.... I would prefer to imagine some of it as some of that old Monte Metal is going to making new fenders, hoods, floor boards, trunk pans and other replacement panels for our Monte's. Just my 2 cents. rob
  10. Today, I learned on Social Media that Gary Randolph, who was a dues paying member here from 2006 to 2017 has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Gary's wife Julieta, his daughters Julie Johnson and Shelly Marino and their families. Gary served his country and was an Air Force veteran, Virginia State Police Officer and a California Highway Patrol Officer. rob
  11. Rob Peters

    ss registry?

    Lyle, it is possible you were a dues paying member if you had a club logo window sticker. Somehow your information may have fallen off the database. We will welcome you back as a dues paying member. Let me know what information you need to rejoin. rob
  12. Yes the excel file works good for me. Some people aren't able to open an excel file so I was going to try to save it as a .pdf but there is just too much information there on multiple tabs to search it in a PDF rob
  13. Dennis, when it gets down to the nitty-gritty we may need to bin to fully determine the earliest and latest from each assembly plant rob
  14. Rob Peters

    ss registry?

    Lyle, have you given any thought to becoming a Dues paying member of the club. I am sure over time we could help you get your SS documentation database more manageable. rob
  15. Here is mine 138570B205XX43 Maybe latest built coming from the Baltimore Plant. Who can beat this? rob
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