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  1. I have only seen a couple of them but over the 3 years there were around 10,000 of them produced with the powerglide. rob
  2. Roger, Please note. You need to take into consideration which year Monte. The 70 color was different than the 71/72. Not only the splatter paint but also the trunk mat was different color in the 70. I have not been able to find the proper color trunk mat for a 70, the ones they sell are not even close. rob
  3. Hare are just a few cars of the close to 200 cars from a show I am at right now. rob
  4. Here is a 2002 Dale Earnhardt Intimidator Signature Edition with under 17,000 miles. I run into the owner of this car now and then at car cruises. It is a beautiful car. All documentation on this car. It is also signed on the dash by Richard Childress. $12,500. Owner: Bill Snyder. (Pittsburgh, Pa) 412-848-7080 rob
  5. Hope you can make the 2020 Eastern Meet for the 20th Anniversary of Monte Carlo in Carlisle. rob
  6. Yep Tony, I have gotten Chevelle, GTO, Cadillac. Ya gotta love car peoples. rob
  7. I suspect when you say they didn't have any manual transmissions in 72 you must be thinking about 4 speed floor [censored] units. According to our "Resources" area here on the site there were 342 Three Speed Manual Transmissions built in 72. It does not state they were column shifts but I would almost be willing to bet my left pinky finger none were floor shifts. rob
  8. Dang Bruce, You are really having a lot of issues lately. Looks like your winter Snow-Ball list is growing already. rob
  9. Jared, It would depend upon what they want to order. If it is T-shirts, jackets, tank-tops or things like that they would order them directly through Scott. rob
  10. As of today 17 of the rooms have already been claimed. Don't wait too long to get registered for the meet and hotel. For information on the registration go to the "Members Only" forum rob
  11. Steve, You have a Private Message rob
  12. I agree with Tom but I would add to attach the new cable to the old one and use the old one to guide/pull the new cable through the frame as you remove the old one. rob
  13. Who is this Ron guy you speak of? I know, the "n" is right next to the "b", just pulling your chain. I have fat fingers and often make the same mistake. ron
  14. To learn how to post pictures tap the title of the below heading you will tap/click on where it starts *Rob Peters created a topic in...." :
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