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  1. Thank you all for the very kind words. I am cleaning out some of the old 2024 East Meet non-pertinent East Meet posts. I will lock this thread and leave it up a few dairies. rob Roh
  2. Got home around 9:45 this evening snd the car off of the Uhaul trailer ! Thanks again for your grilling expertise. I called parts stores around Pittsburgh and none of them had it "in stock" but O'Reilly will have it for me In the morning. Got home around 9:45 this evening and got the car off of the Uhaul rob
  3. Never Say Never about you Monte being a Trailer Queen. An hour out of Carlisle my lower radiator hose blew at the water pump at the hose clamp. We were on the PA Turnpike and the nobody close by had one "IN STOCK" the nearest U-haul place with an available truck and trailer was an hour and half from us was and south east of Carlisle. She became a trailer queen by necessity rather than by choice. rob
  4. https://fb.watch/sRbAKZmj58/? Rob
  5. HE DENNIS, LOOK WHAT THEY HAVE HERE AT THE HOTEL........................................................................... rob
  6. Timing is everything in this world. This "COUNTDOWN" has now come to an end. It is time for me to drag these tired bones to the shower, wake the grandkids up and hit the yellow brick road to Carlisle before the heat gets unbearable. The "And A Wake-up " is finally here for us!!!! I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Safe travels to you all. Watch out for the bears, when Patsy and went across the turnpike to Carlisle last Friday we saw a State Trooper on an average of every 10 miles. Also be careful in the construction areas because Pennsylvania now has unmaned stationary construction zone radar and camera speed traps. They don't pull you over but they mail you your ticket. ARRIVE ALIVE AND HAVE FUN!!!! See ya soon rob
  7. We plan to hit the road at 5:30 tomorrow morning to try to beat the heat. Everyone please be safe!! Call me if you need anything. rob
  8. You will do anything to get a blue oval to Carlisle rob
  9. Wave and a honk. In the shop already? Building points toward the coveted Hard Luck Award? rob
  10. Does anyone know what day it is. No, it isn't over the hump day. We are now 0 (ZERO) days and a wake-up in our countdown to the Eastern Meet. By this time we hope to already have almost a couple hours, on the road, behind us. Eastern Meet, BRING IT ON!!! We are ready rob
  11. In reality, your front is veclose to "Stock" height, maybe an inch low. The rear is a bit high for a "Stock" appearance. I don't think replacing the control arms is necessary to change the front height. Someone here may be able to suggest different springs or shocks to eliminate the mushy ride. rob
  12. Happy Father's Day to you all. rob
  13. First off, HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all of our Father's and Grandfather's here!! Now, back to our countdown. Can you believe that after today we will be at just 1 (one) day and a wake-up before our members start arriving in Carlisle to kick off our Eastern Meet. Yesterday I packed my clothes, now all o have to do is remember to put them in the car, unlike last year. We are Planning a very early start to avoid some of the heat. rob
  14. Very nice Steve. Nobody is going to look under your hood and ask "WHERE'S THE BEEF"!!!! It will be plenty obvious. rob
  15. It looks like a great time and very good weather. It looks like you and Bob and Deanna were in attendance from the club. rob
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