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  1. My Chevy Captiva is starting to have some issues and has over 91,000 miles on the odometer. Tomorrow I will be replacing it with this 2017 Terrain Denali that has 9200 miles on it. The price could not be beat. When I saw this listed on a dealer lot and did a KBB lookup on it I could not figure out why the listing price was so much lower than it should have been. I headed to the dealership to check it out. WOW is this a nice vehicle. I took a test drive and then we started to haggle over the price. Before going to the dealer I looked at all of the pictures they had of the car on line, I looked at all of the listed options options. One of the pictures showed the odometer as 9175 miles and I plugged all of the options and mileage into the Kelly Blue Book web site. Low and behold they were asking a little bit below the low price that KBB showed. OK, half the fun of buying a car is trying to talk them down and get everything you can. So I said, this car is a GM Certified sale, right"? and they said NO. I asked why a car with only 9200 miles on it and a clean Carfax report is not considered a GM Certified sale. (The GM Certified warranty is very important to me when buying a used car. It makes it a 12 month/12,000 mile bumper to bumper coverage and also a 6 year, 100,000 powertrain warranty. They agreed it should be GM Certified and are providing that added bonus. I had test driven the car and when I did a walk on the car I noticed it did not have the original tires on the car but until now I did not mention this. The tires on this car were worn more than 9200 miles. What it looks like happened is when this car was turned in, someone at the dealership swapped the tires from this car onto another used car they were trying to sell to close the deal and put the tires off of that other car and put it onto this one. So, this car was at another one of their dealerships on the other side of town and I had told them I was interested in the car but did not want to travel to the other side of town and asked them to bring it to this side of town and they had done that for me. Now it is time to close the deal. I knew the car was under priced by over $1000. I told them I was interested in the car but I am going to have to replace the tires by next summer. I told them if they will come down another $1000 on the price, due to the tires and a scuff mark on the lower rocker, I would take the car I would take the deal. The salesman said that was not possible. I said OK, thanked the salesman for his time picked up my papers I had brought with me, along with the papers they had provided me up to that point and told them to have a good day. I walked out the door and was in my car making a call when the salesman called me on my phone and said the General Manager wanted to know why I had left so quickly and asked me to come back. I needed to get home to take Patsy to a doctors appointment and told the salesman this and I told him i did not have time to do a bunch of back and forth and would only come back in if they were ready to close the deal with what I had offered. I really did not expect them to agree but was very glad they did because I really like the car. We closed the deal and I pick it up tomorrow. Tomorrow is my birthday so Happy Birthday To Me. Here are a few pictures of the car. rob
  2. That is one of those.... Honey, I know we need the money and I said I would sell my car. I listed it but have not had any offers. I really tired dear, I guess we are just going to have to try to save some of your things . rob
  3. Rob Peters

    Bad short

    Willie, yes, the clock always draws, otherwise it would stop. It is not a large draw though. Can't answer your question on the amp gage though. I take it you can't start it to see how it reacts properly. If a new vintage regulator could be bad so could an amp gauge. rob
  4. Keep up the work and of course, keep the pictures coming. rob
  5. I have only seen a couple of them but over the 3 years there were around 10,000 of them produced with the powerglide. rob
  6. Roger, Please note. You need to take into consideration which year Monte. The 70 color was different than the 71/72. Not only the splatter paint but also the trunk mat was different color in the 70. I have not been able to find the proper color trunk mat for a 70, the ones they sell are not even close. rob
  7. Hare are just a few cars of the close to 200 cars from a show I am at right now. rob
  8. Here is a 2002 Dale Earnhardt Intimidator Signature Edition with under 17,000 miles. I run into the owner of this car now and then at car cruises. It is a beautiful car. All documentation on this car. It is also signed on the dash by Richard Childress. $12,500. Owner: Bill Snyder. (Pittsburgh, Pa) 412-848-7080 rob
  9. Hope you can make the 2020 Eastern Meet for the 20th Anniversary of Monte Carlo in Carlisle. rob
  10. Yep Tony, I have gotten Chevelle, GTO, Cadillac. Ya gotta love car peoples. rob
  11. I suspect when you say they didn't have any manual transmissions in 72 you must be thinking about 4 speed floor [censored] units. According to our "Resources" area here on the site there were 342 Three Speed Manual Transmissions built in 72. It does not state they were column shifts but I would almost be willing to bet my left pinky finger none were floor shifts. rob
  12. Dang Bruce, You are really having a lot of issues lately. Looks like your winter Snow-Ball list is growing already. rob
  13. Jared, It would depend upon what they want to order. If it is T-shirts, jackets, tank-tops or things like that they would order them directly through Scott. rob
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