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  1. We have friends in Buckeye and Sierra Vista. We were supposed to go out there the end of January but the day we were supposed to fly out there I ended up in the hospital and then we rescheduled for the 12th of this month but that got cancelled because of Coronavirus. Hopefully we will make it out there in the fall. rob
  2. New Mexico is a beautiful state, what part do you live in. rob
  3. Welcome Aboard the Boards. It is very tough, but not impossible to find one you got rid of, especially if it is lo longer registered. Post in the for sale/wanted area here and see if you get any bites. rob
  4. That Grill emblem does not look too bad. Would be nice to see what it looks like cleaned up a little bit. Price is about right. Seller does not say if it is an used original or reproduction. rob
  5. For those who are interested you may want to post pictures so people can get an idea of what they are buying. rob
  6. I think it would be one heck of a long-shot but who knows. Sorry I can not help you on that owner but I do wish you luck. I do know of one member who was able to find the car his uncle owned and was able to buy it back and return it to it's glory. rob
  7. How Come Nobody Has Thought About This Before Now!!! I have come up with a sure fire way to force "Social Distancing" About a week and a half ago I was standing in line for Take Out Food and the guy behind me kept getting way too close to me. No matter how many times I moved away from him he kept getting close enough to me that I could feel his breath. Since that day I have not taken a shower. I have worked out in the yard two days straight working up a good sweat. This on top of lack of toilet paper I have really worked up a pretty good stench. Now when I go out in public nobody will get within 10 feet of me, they actually are avoiding me. That's right, not 6 feet from me they won't come any closer than 10 feet of me. You are welcome to try this on your own, you will find it really works with proper "Social Distancing" rob
  8. In Pennsylvania All Pa State Stores are closed til further notice. rob
  9. Thank you Kenny Rogers for the years of "Fun" and Enjoyable music. May you Rest In Peace. rob
  10. I will start things off. I am retired so I don't have to worry about the work portion. On the family front. As of yesterday our oldest son and his wife have been setup at their home to do their job from their own home. The jobs they do are jobs they do on a computer and over the phone so they are not laid off. At the place our son works they had already cut their staff down to 25% so he was very lucky to even be working and now with them having him work from home is a good thing. Since they had been working in an office and going home to their kids they will be mostly staying at home to reduce any exposure to others for the next couple weeks. Their kids have been out of school for a week. Since the four of them will be sheltering at home, this means we will not see them for the next couple weeks. This affects us and our grandchildren in that the grandkids usually stay with us almost every weekend and we will miss them. Our younger son works in food service so he is out of work and has applied for unemployment. This son lives 3 houses down from us and has been redoing the interior on his 1997 BMW 328i so it has given me the opportunity to spend some time with him working on that. For my wife Pat, she is catching up on her knitting projects. For me, I am continuing to work on planning of the Eastern Meet by continuing to make name badges, preparing member registration folders, firming up the menu for the Award Dinner, printing member judging forms and many other aspects of the Eastern Meet along with continuing to catch up on the club groupspaces account, paypal account etc. etc. rob
  11. Rob Peters

    How You Doin

    With the Coronavirus issues we are all living with right now I am asking how is this affecting you. I don't want to know that you are low on toilet paper, hand sanitizer, paper towels, milk etc, etc. I am asking have you been laid off, hours reduced, working from home or some other way. I am asking if you are still going into your office, shop, store, driving a truck, servicing equipment in hospitals etc. PLEASE, NO POLITICAL STATEMENTS OR IF YOU FEEL THIS IS ALL BS, THERE IS NO REASON FOR ANYONE TO STATE THEIR POLITICAL VIEWS. ANY POLITICAL STATEMENTS OR SQUABBLES WILL BE DELETED FROM THIS STRING. I am only giving everyone a platform to tell each other how we are being affected. rob
  12. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. Stay isolated today and enjoy a pint or two rob
  13. This is not something that the Media has created. When the World Health Organization and the United States Center for Disease Control are on board with how serious this virus is I feel the more we know the better off we are. The Media did not cause many colleges, many public and private schools to close. The Media did not force the NCAA, NHL, NBA and other sporting venue's to suspend or cancel seasons. The Media did not close all NYC Broadway shows to shut down. The Media did not stop live TV shows to go on without audiences. I agree that some people are over reacting by buying up toilet paper and water and other disposable items but that is what happens when something bad happens like hurricanes, huge snow storms and the like happen. When a major snow storm is predicted the first thing that people run to the store to buy is toilet paper, milk and bread, it is just what people do. It is people that do this, the Media does not tell them "OMG, run to the store and buy up everything you can". This virus is a very serious thing, especially for people my age. I may also be more likely to catch it due to some health issues. Now, if you will excuse me I have to run out and find some toilet paper, no I am not going to panic buy toilet paper, I am running very low. rob
  14. Not sure where the mind control comes in. rob
  15. Maybe this reply is too old for you.. Maybe "YOU HAVE ENTERED THE TWILIGHT ZONE" Rob
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