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  1. You done real good Steve. It looks great. rob
  2. After today, Thursday May 26th, it will only be 22 days and a wakeup before people start arriving in Ashland OR for the Western Meet. If you haven't already registered it is not too late to join in on the fun.
  3. After today Thursday the 26th, there is ONLY 26 days and a wakeup until some of us start arriving in Carlisle. What are you doing to prepare your Monte? rob
  4. After today it will only be 24 days and a wakeup before people start arriving in Ashland OR for the Western Meet. If you haven't already registered it is not too late to join in on the fun.
  5. After today it will only be 28 days and a wakeup before we start arriving in Carlisle for the Eastern Meet. If you haven't already registered it is not too late to join in on the fun. rob
  6. Paul, The metal really doesn't look like it is disintegrating. If I am not mistaken, the metal should be a black satin finish. Looking at that picture of the passenger side, the rusty metal you are showing being held on with some screws is something a previous owner added, it is not from the factory like that. If I am not mistaken, the rubber seal is available at some of the normal parts suppliers. rob
  7. this is Donny, I have not got my packet from carlise,pa 

    1. Rob Peters

      Rob Peters

      Donnie, They should be going out in the next few days.  Don't worry, it will be coming.

      Thanks for paying your dues

      I sent an email recently regarding the Saturday evening Award Dinner.  I need to know if you and Jackie are planning to attend the Awards Buffet Dinner.  I sent an email out to everyone needing to know who will be attending.  The Buffet Dinner is $21.00 per person.  I am trying to prepare wrist bands for every member planning to attend.  You will pay for this Award Dinner Buffet when you check in with me when you arrive.  Once you pay you will receive an envelope with two wrist band that you will wear on Saturday evening to show that you have paid for your dinner.  

      You have already responded that you want to participate in the Pizza Party on Thursday evening and that money will also be collected when you check in with me when you arrive.  So, the cash you would need when you check in with me when you arrive will be $12 for you and Jackie for the Pizza Party and for the Award Dinner Buffet it will be an additional $42 for a total of $54 when you check in with me upon arrival.

      If you have any questions please email me at rob29ford@aol.com  That is the best way to reach me.



  8. Dennis, I wanted the original equipment organic pads since I am still running the stock original rotors. If I would have wanted Simi-Metalic or ceramic I could have had them immediately. rob
  9. Joe, sorry I Jawed with you on the phone and kept you from what you really wanted to do such as sitting in the lazy-boy or hot tub. But you did tell me you we trying to avoid working on the Camaro so I helped you I some way. rob
  10. This morning I was taking Patsy for her eye doctor appointment. On the way there I told her I wanted to find the time to inspect the brakes on the Monte prior to heading to Carlisle because I installed the brakes back in 2000. Her appointment took less time than we thought so after I took her ho.e I packed the tools and floor jack into my Denali and headed to my Monte storage garage. There was still about 1/3 pad left but all 4 were showing signs of cracks. I called Advance Auto Parts and they told me 3 day order, I called CarQuest and they told me they would order them and have them in Thursday or Friday. I called O'Reilly and they also said they would order them and if my order was in by 1:00PM they would have them by 2:00 PM. Job done and all looks and feels good. rob
  11. Ron, I bet even Flex Tape would not have been able to halt that stream from Johnny's crotch. rob
  12. Willie, it was picked up by many news stations. Something like that spreads like a wild fire. It was also reported by CBS, NBC and FOX rob
  13. Ron, you know I was kidding about you cleaning my car. I will find the time to do it or I will get my grandkids out into the parking lot at the hotel to do it with me. rob
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