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  1. A man with a plan....For today!! But what are you going to do on Monday. rob
  2. LET’S “FILL THE FIELD” WITH MONTE CARLO’S This message is for all of my Monte Carlo Friends and owners of Monte Carlo’s of All Generations who are planning to attend the 2020 Chevrolet Nationals in Carlisle, Pa in June of 2020. With 2020 being the 50th Anniversary of the Monte Carlo and with Carlisle Events Featuring the Monte Carlo at the 2020 Chevrolet Nationals to celebrate this 50th Anniversary I have been asked by the planners of this show to help them out. For each show Carlisle Events fills Building “T” with a “FEATURED VEHICLE DISPLAY”. Your car would be placed inside this enclosed building before the show starts and remain there until the close of the show. If your application is approved and your vehicle is selected, Carlisle Events will provide a custom-made sign to display alongside your vehicle, you will be given free access to the show field each day and I think they will even provide you with free parking for your tow vehicle and trailer. I think they also provide you with a special show license plate keepsake. They have told me your car does not have to be the most beautiful car at the show. They are looking for Monte Carlo’s from All Generations. They are looking for not only Stock Original cars. They are also looking for Custom built, Mild Modified, Heavily Modified, Non-Restored and even cars built for the Race Track and Drag Strip. If you are interested in your vehicle being on display in the “FEATURED VEHICLE DISPLAY” in Building “T” on the show field please go to this link https://carlislefeatures.com/inv/carlisle_invitational_application.aspx for information and the application form to submit for consideration of your vehicle to be honored. If you have any questions please drop me an email at rob29ford@aol.comor contact Carlisle Events directly. Again, here is the link for the information and the application process: https://carlislefeatures.com/inv/carlisle_invitational_application.aspx LET’S ALSO “FILL BUILDING T” WITH MONTE CARLO'S
  3. John, Regarding the color. You have a lot of time to decide on what to do about color. If you decide to go with the original color it is not a bad decision. Here is one in the Green Mist. That is a pretty color. I am not a big fan of the Lime Green on one of the years Monte but this Green Mist is nice. Now, regarding your question of vinyl roof or not. You do have the option of going with a two tone paint job if you are worried about rust forming under a new vinyl roof. They used the same trim on the two tone painted cars as they used on the cars with the vinyl roof. They used the trim to separate the two different colors. Looking at the condition of the interior of your car, the bad thing is you need to do a complete redo of that interior. With that in mind and that being the bad thing but a look at the bright side of it needing a complete redo is if you want to go with a different color and type of interior you will be working with a blank "canvas" so it will cost you no more to do the change the color than it will to redo in original color/types. rob
  4. John, Unfortunately it looks like she has spent much of her life sitting outside in the elements. It looks like you have a lot of visible rust to deal with. I suspect since you had rust under the vinyl top and it looks like around the rear window she may have considerable rust in the trunk and possibly the interior floor boards. Have you had it up on a lift to check the floor boards out? I give you credit for taking on a project like this. Now to try to answer your question on the value. Again, it is still hard to assess a value on the car but from what I am seeing I feel it may be hard to get any more than $4000 to $5000 for her. I am basing this on what I can see and what it would cost to restore her. Others may disagree and some may put a value more than this and others may put a value less than what I have said. Good luck with your restoration and keep us posted on the progress. rob
  5. So, I get another call from the casting company today. They want pictures of my car from the front, rear, driver side and passenger side along with a picture of me head and shoulders and another picture of me from the waist up. What is your thoughts on the pictures. With or without the star effects? I am thinking without the star effect but wanted others opinions. rob
  6. I agree with Dennis. Along with some pictures some more information would also be needed such as: Color Vinyl top or painted Bench or bucket seats Engine size Transmission Year Type and color of interior Mileage Condition Restored or original condition ETC, ETC And again, like Dennis suggested, as many pictures as possible. rob
  7. Antoine, Unfortunately on these movie sets you are not allowed to take any pictures. At least that is how it has been on the previous ones I have been on. They usually don't want any pre-release photo's of the sets. I do have one picture of my car with the "Period Correct" Virginia license plate they had put on my car on he set of the Netflix Mind Hunter movie. rob
  8. I got a call today from the casting company for a movie called "I Am Your Woman" that is shooting here in Pittsburgh and they want to use me and my Monte Carlo in the filming. rob
  9. Welcome to the party Steve. You know, I couldn't believe it when people told me they didn't know how they ever had time to do anything BEFORE they retired because they are even busier now....... Now I believe them. There is never enough time. Enjoy your retirement, you have earned it!!! rob
  10. Ralph, Great looking Monte you have there! You have a real Trifecta there: 1) It's a Monte (BEST CHEVROLET) 2) It's Blue (BEST COLOR) 3) It's a 70 (BEST YEAR) rob
  11. Today we hit a milestone on Eastern Meet club registrations. As of today I have 60... Yes SIXTY... That is 60.... or SIX-ZERO First Gen Monte's registered with me for he 2020 Eastern Meet. We all know that sometimes things come up and someone has a family emergency that prevents them from attending a meet but to have this many cars already registered with me for an Eastern Meet that is STILL 8 1/2 months away is way more than we could have expected. Keep those registrations coming. Can you imagine seeing this many First Gen Monte' converging on the Carlisle Events show field???? I want to thank everyone in the club who is promoting this event. Keep up the GREAT work. I had hoped to have just over 50 first gen's by June of next year but to have 60 already is beyond expectations. Should we now shoot for 70 or dare I say 80. I am going to have to buy more name badge holders and lanyards at this rate.... but that is a good thing. Can you imagine bench racing of over 100 people when you include all the members and their guests, well we are already way over that. Again, I thank everyone who is helping to promote this and keep up the good work. rob
  12. Were you trying to cut the springs? You succeeded in warping them. The spring compressor is truly a life saver on removing those front springs. Even with a spring compressor it scares me a little. Keep up the good work, I can almost see it in black paint already. Keep the pictures coming. rob
  13. Yeah, I've heard it all before. Yeah, we have the paperwork someplace. BS I say. Show us the proof young lady. rob
  14. Great progress. Thanks for the pictures. rob
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