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  1. Here's wishing everyone a Safe and Happy 4th of July!!! With everything going on I hope you get to spend some time with your family, maybe even a little cruise in your Monte. Whatever you do, please be careful out there. rob
  2. Sounds like you and your daughters are taking a nice liesurly drive home from Carlisle. Wish I would have had more time to talk to you and check out your Monte. Thank you for making the long trip to Carlisle from Southern Florida. rob
  3. Jim, As always, it was great to see you again. I am glad you had a good time. No symptoms here, feeling fine but if I do get any and test positive or hear of anyong testing Hi I will send out a group email to those who came rather than posting here on the boards. rob
  4. Jim, I guess I was so busy I did not hear about your tire issues. I wish you had mentioned it to me. Even if you did not want to tell the story at the meet award dinner maybe when you arrived we may have, as a club been able to make a statement to BFG on your behalf. I hope you get this straightened out to your satisafaction. Looking at the tire I am wondering if the shop that mounted them may have underinflated them OR they lost air during the trip..... Ya gotta love the moderend day tires and rims that have the tire inflation sensors and computer to track them. That is one heck of a blow-out. Sorry to hear about the damage to your beautiful car. rob
  5. That is the vacuum driven compressor that is part of the SS package in 70 and 71 for the rear air shocks. It could be ordered as an option all three years. rob
  6. To all Award Winners..... As soon as I can make it to Costco I will have the PROPER SIZE pictures printed and mailed to each of you. rob
  7. Just a note to everyone, to attend any Club Meet or Mini-Meet you MUST be a dues paying member with your dues up to date to participate. rob
  8. I have the white walls with my rally wheels and I think they look fine. That is like the tires they came with from the factory if you had rally or hub caps. I never saw a Monte back when they were released from the factory with raised white letters and back then they looked great to me. After all we are talking about First Gen Monte's and they look great no matter how you dress them. I think it mostly comes down to peoples own tastes. Back in the days, most First Gen Monte's came with Hub Caps. rob
  9. I redid my system in the spring of 2019. I replaced all of my hose with the ones like Paul speaks of and those hoses are what is called Barrier Hoses. Regarding the Condenser. I did not replace mine. I dealt with a company in Ft Worth Texas called Old Air Products and they told me using my original Condenser and Evaporator coils would be OK but I would for sure need to make sure I flush them out completely. I removed both of them to flush them properly. They advised me to use Denatured Acohol to flush them out. You will have to flush them completely to make sure there is no old oil remaining in them. Regarding me not installing a new style Condenser coil. It was 90 degrees this past weekend at the Eastern Meet and I used the Air Conditioning going back and forth to the show field and on my 3 1/2 hour trip home and the AC kept me plenty cool with the original condenser. I am not saying the new style would not work better, only saying it kept my Monte cool. rob
  10. Carlisle Events and FGMCC Club Awards are listed below. As a club we almost swept both the club awards and the Carlisle Events Awards. The only one we did not win was the second place award in the Carlisle Event that was owned by someone outside of the club. Congratsulations FGMCC Meet Award Winners Best Paint Jay Munday Best Interior Jared Richey Robyn Lines Best Engine Tommy Rorex Ronnie Bryan Longest Distance Driven Kervin Uilkie George Lines 3RD Place Best Modified Steve Levanti George Lines 2ND Place Best Modified Tommy Rorex George Lines 1ST Place Best Modified Twone Gibson Best Street 3RD Place Larry Gilbert Best Street 2ND Place CK Collins Best Street 1ST Place Rick Gibson Best Non Rest 3RD Gerry Patterson Best Non Rest 2ND Kurt Merkling Best Non Rest 1ST Vince Jimenez Best Stock 3RD Place Vince Jimenez Best Stock 2ND Place Gary Vanatter Best Stock 1ST Place Jim Boczar Hard Luck Jared Richey Best Documented Randy Czankner Longest Owned Gerry Patterson Leo Konik Attention To Detail Award Tommy Rorex & Carl Hanson Recognized Member Jim Seyboldt Members Choice Rob Peters Meet Director Award Terry Reynolds Presidents Award Willie Conforti Founders Award Capri Blasco Carlisle Events Awards Carlisle Club Challenge (This is for the largest club participation 1st Place: FGMCC Monte Carlo Stock 1st: Jim Boczar 2nd: Not a club member 3rd: Vince Jimenez Monte Carlo Street 1st: Rick Gibson 2nd: CK Collins 3rd: Dick Gegstadt Monte Carlo Modified 1st: Tommy Rorex 2nd: Jay Munday 3rd: Steve Levanti
  11. Our club caravan to honor health care workers was a huge success and was covered by the local TV station and Print News. I don't have a link for the TV News bit I do have a shot from the newspaper. rob
  12. Michael, I have the list of our club winners and will post it in a day or two. I really need to catch my breath and take care of a few home things before I sort through a whole car load of Items I hauled home in my Monte. The show was a huge success with a total count of 53 first generation Monte Carlo's.... A new record of First Generation Monte Carlo's at a gathering, maybe we can surpass that in 2022. rob
  13. Paul, The Eastern Meet was a huge success. I will nee to catch my breath for a day or two but will then post some information along with the winners but if anyone else wants to post their comments I say go for it. It was the best weather we have had in years for a Carlisle meet. Glad to be home but it was so amazing to see our Monte Family again, along with almost half of our group being a first time Eastern Meet attendee. rob
  14. This will be our club canopy for the Eastern Meat here in Carlisle check out the banners they made for our club hopefully we will be allowed to keep them. rob
  15. Ryan, Emily and I are ready to roll early tomorrow morning. Patsy was supposed to come with us but her alergies are acting up and won't be able to make the trip. Attached is the weather report for Wednesday to Saturday. Rob
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