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  1. I could be wrong but I did not think the 4-speed manual transmission was available in 72. If that is the case it would not be a full numbers matching.... just a thought. rob
  2. Good Evening all. As you may be aware I will be hosting my usual FGMCC Mini-Meet at the Carlisle Events GM Nationals in June of 2021. I am in the process of negotiating a hotel contract for our club and will have the details on that contract soon and at that time you can start making your hotel reservations. When I host an Eastern Meet there we go all out but the off year Mini-meet is a little more laid back and as a result rather than arriving on Wednesday we will start the Mini-Meet on Thursday. I think I will have enough rooms to accommodate all who want a room. Today I got
  3. Good Evening Bob Bardou and Carl E Hanson, I have sent each of you a couple emails. If they are not in your mailbox or spam folders please email me your correct email address because what is in the club database may be incorrect. Email me at rob29ford@aol.com rob
  4. John, I thought Leo was planning to come buy the things you had listed and was willing to come to your place and pick it up, at least the last time I spoke with Leo that is what he told me. Now I see you have lowered the asking price on those fenders to almost a giveaway price. If you already had an agreement with Leo, why are you still offering them to others? Rob
  5. Waiting for her to get the professional appraisal on all of the cars before we know anything. I have been back over to her house again and I talked with her and her brother in law, mostly regarding the Chevelle (in reality Malibu) Convertible. I took another look at the Monte and it has boxed rear control arms and the shock protector plates. It also has a rear window defogger and an 8-track radio. If I remember correctly I think it has power windows and power door locks. I also looked at the shifter and it is a Muncie. As I said, I have to wait for the results of the appraisal's on
  6. I moved it here to the General Forum as per your suggestion. rob
  7. Darrell, First off, Welcome to the club website and we hope you like what you see here and decide to become a full fledged dues paying member. That steering wheel is not reproduced to the best of my knowledge. You may need to find someone with an old steering wheel that is beyond repair due to cracks and other issues that may be willing to sell you the script or the entire steering wheel. You may even find someone selling one that is usable that you could install on your car. Good luck in your search. rob
  8. I think the emblems are pot metal. The vinyl top trim rear corners are pot metal and the other vinyl top trim I thought was stainless. rob
  9. Doug, Welcome to the club as our newest dues paying member. I saw your paypal payment this evening and have accepted your groupspaces enrollment. Please be sure to post some pictures. rob
  10. 19-19 is indicating it left the factory as a Tuxedo Black body and Tuxedo Black painted roof. As stated above, not a factory vinyl roof. Let's see some pictures. rob
  11. Lou, Welcome Aboard the boards, we hope you like what you see here and decide to become a full fledged dues paying member of the club. I should also say Howdie (almost) Neighbor, with me being in Pittsburgh and you in Northeast Ohio. Where exactly in Ohio are you located? BTW, we LOVE pictures, pictures of as, pictures of in progress and pictures of completed projects....If they are really ever completed. rob
  12. Since she is going to have a professional appraiser give a value on it I have no idea what that number will be. The condition is what I would consider good from what I can see. He had it described as a "Bandit" style but it is not a bandit trans am, it does not have t-tops but it is I think a Pontiac 400 with a manual 4-speed. I know of at least one or two other members interested in it. We will have to wait for the appraiser to give a value on it and go from there. rob
  13. Jim, at this point in time the dealer is thinking $10K on the rag top. It does need a lot of work. I am not sure if it is an original manual on the floor. The reason I say that is it is a 3-speed and I had never seen a chevelle with 3 speed on the floor. It has some rust issues on the fenders, doors and quarters. Not sure if they would all need to be replaced but they need work. I felt on the inside of the rear fender lips and I could not tell if they had been worked but they did not feel horrible. Being a Chevelle ragtop I know it does up the value. If you are serious I will be able t
  14. Dennis, I agree with you. I really can't see an appraiser coming up near what he felt the Monte was worth. Keep your fingers crossed. After looking at the car I do feel it is in better condition than I remembered and my wife and I have been talking and I do believe it may be worth more than I originally thought. There are a few things it needs if I buy it. It has an after market intake, carb and air cleaner which I would want to bring back to original. It also has an electronic ignition module on the passenger fender which I would like to take back to stock... Those who know me are award
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