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  1. Beautiful, Bob! We don't get to see photos of your car very often. Dan
  2. I would like 2. How close to original will they look? Dan
  3. A friend in Kentucky on Facebook has one. I'll get his number for you. Dan
  4. I'm interested in this car too. Please send me a PM when you are ready. I'll get a notice of it, if you do. Thanks! Dan
  5. Brakeboosters.com did both of mine. The gold one was done recently. It was about $100, including shipping both ways, to and from Missouri. Dan
  6. I have an exploded view somewhere. I'll try to locate it. Dan
  7. The black one is black phospate coated. I'm changing to the gold iridite coated tank and a new old stock compressor tomorrow. I recently had it recoated in California. I don't believe the gold cadmium plating is still available. My brake booster was recoated the same way, and at the same place a few years ago, so the 2 should match. Dan
  8. The only additional parts I bought, if I remember correctly, was the stainless adapter from the collector to the head pipes, and the larger clamps needed there, and 2 stainless clamps for the tailpipe hangers. I bought them on ebay, but I had to take the adapters to a muffler shop and have them opened up just enough to slide over the collectors. The only ones I could find were the same size as the collectors. I made my own tailpipe hangers at the rear of the car out of stainless flat bar stock.
  9. The tanks came either gold cadmium plated, like the brake booster, or black phosphate. I've bought some that were painted, but only because someone had cleaned them up years ago and painted them. When I removed the tank, I could see which of the 2 original finishes it had inside the tank. I read in these forums years ago that the cars came from the factory with gold, and over-the-counter replacements were black phospate, but I don't know how true that is. A friend of mine has a 53k mile survivor '70 SS454 and his tank is gold. I know the '70 SS454 in Kentucky that just sold had an origin
  10. I used the ARH headers and a Magnaflow A-body stainless exhaust system. I installed it myself, but with modifications. The X pipe was positioned for a TH350, so I had to move it back. I also trimmed the ends in select places to get the tailpipes up high, where they belong, and I tig welded the joints that I didn't want band clamps on, with stainless rod. A muffler shop will likely not have stainless wire, but the I don't believe the welds on the mufflers and the X pipe came from Magnaflow with stainless welds, anyway. Dan
  11. Great job in the compressor! You'll need to turn the bracket on the compressor end around the other way. I used ARH headers too. They are really great quality. Dan
  12. Do you have the matching partial VIN on the transmission? Dan
  13. I recommend Tri-City Plating in Elizabethton, Tennessee. They've done several for me and they have a lifetime guarantee.
  14. I posted these on Facebook the same time I posted here. They lasted about 10 minutes. Thanks guys! Dan
  15. I have an extra set of inserts for an automatic console. It includes wood grain and aluminum. It is good for a Chevelle or a Monte Carlo. I paid $30, plus shipping. I'll sell for $20, plus $7 for shipping in the USA. Dan dpjfabts3@gmail.com
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