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  1. Now I can't find the other thread about these parts. Where is it? Dan
  2. Nice work! It's going to be a great car. Thanks for posting the photos. Dan
  3. You're doing a great job! I've been through the same process, and I know how much work you've done. Thanks for the great write up, and the photos. The information about the seals and felts will help some of us. I used Metro and had good luck with their seals. I hadn't heard about Precision, but I knew Soffseal was not a good choice. Dan
  4. Bob, they look like anodized aluminum in the pics I've seen, but the pics aren't great. Are they aluminum or chromed pot metal? I can save my money. Mine's a '70. Dan
  5. Paul, that's the show it was at. I talked to a fellow Monte owner at a show at Ottawa, KS last summer that knows Tim Pestinger. He said Mr Pestinger was invited and was paid to attend the show where these photos were taken. I wonder how much it takes to get that car at an event. Dan
  6. I don't remember the name of the event, but it was about 2 years ago, to the day. Dan
  7. It belongs to Tim Pestinger from Salina, Kansas. Jim Schneider took these photos in Chicago 2 years ago and sent them to me. Dan
  8. Thank you to all of you. The idiot was on the news the other day. He was arrested on drug charges. Selling meth and cocaine. I hope he's off the road for a long time. Dan
  9. These would make great Christmas presents. You may want to tell family and friends about them. I have plenty available. $90, plus $5 shipping to the 48 states. All others pay actual shipping costs via USPS. Dan dpjfabts3@gmail.com Cell # 573-248-1389
  10. 10-32 is correct. The rubber is 3/4" diameter and 1/2" long. Dan
  11. The rubber isolators shown above are not the correct size for our compressors. They have 1/4-20 studs and those are bigger than what we have. I can check some that I have for the correct size. Jim, the relief valve that has the schraeder valve and the connector for the plastic tubing will have to be unbolted and turned 180 degrees. It should look like this: Dan
  12. Sounds promising. Good luck! Dan
  13. That looks good. My '70 had the round plastic fasteners when I got it 11 years ago. The insulation was long gone, but the fasteners were still in place. I believe both types of fasteners are correct for 1970. Dan
  14. My '70 has electric from the factory. I've read somewhere that '70 Montes were vacuum, but they aren't. Dan
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