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  1. Great photos of outstanding cars and trucks. Thanks for posting those. Dan
  2. overdrive


    Welcome to one of the best car club sites there is, and thanks for your career of serving our country. We're looking forward to seeing photos and more details about your car. You've found the right group to help whenever we can. Good luck with the restoration! Dan
  3. Dan, I have copies of SS454 build sheets that show 5k redline tachs on them, as well as 5500 redlines. Dan
  4. As was noted, the steering wheel for sale here is not for a first generation Monte. Aaron's photos are correct. Also, there were zero SS cars in 1972. Dan
  5. Thanks for the replies. I'm calling a lawyer tomorrow for advice. Colorado law allows text messages as proof of an agreement between parties. Dan
  6. That thought crossed my mind, too. Dan
  7. This went to crap real fast. Here's the latest. His name is Mark Buchanon, and he is on some Monte Facebook groups. These are the messages we exchanged to verify our agreement, after we reached a purchase price and an agreement of when I would be back for the car, on the phone. I made a 1600 mile round trip to inspect the car. We planned to take the truck and enclosed trailer to get it near Denver next week, then make a jog down into Texas to get a load of quilt batting for my wife's small business, then back to NE Missouri and home. I'm extremely pissed now. Dan
  8. You are correct. It's not for sale, but he let me get a photo. Dan
  9. Thanks for the valve cover mention. I'm pretty sure I have a pair. I'll check when I get back home. I saw a post someone in Pennsylvania made on a Facebook group that was asking about first gen Montes that were for sale. The seller of this car replied to him about it, but the distance between them was too much. The Pennsylvania guy was looking for something much closer. I messaged the seller and got more photos and a phone number. The seller has paperwork that goes with the the car showing it was in the 2006 movie "We Are Marshall", with Mathew McConaughey. I've never seen the movie, but the seller said he has and the car was just parked on the street and not driven in the movie. He has a very nice car collection and is a great guy to visit with. Believe it or not, he has another one of these 80 cars. It's a beautifully restored bucket seat car in Mulsanne Blue w/black vinyl interior and also matching numbers. I've invited him to check out our club website. Maybe all can meet him here. Dan
  10. I don't care for that look either. It has what I think are Flowmasters, and the original exhaust manifolds are on the 454. The exhaust is not very old, but I'll at least change out the tailpipes. I'll drive it to some cruise ins for awhile before tearing it apart and spreading it all across the shop. I need to save up for parts and materials. It has 4 speakers and a working AM/8 track, as well as the tach and gauges. Dan
  11. Thanks everyone. Yes, it has a numbers matching motor and transmission, but the 402 is on a pallet, needing rebuilt. It's included in the deal. It even has the matching numbers, original Quadrajet. I'll need to find an original air cleaner. This one and 1 valve cover was damaged during shipping to the seller last year. I have a pair of valve covers. The motor that's in the car now is a fresh 454, and it runs great. Has a new Quick Fuel carb on it. I haven't had their carb before. Dan
  12. Looking good. How much can they do on a front end alignment with no weight on the car? Dan
  13. Hi all. I went on a road trip yesterday to check out a '71 Monte and the owner and I reached an agreement today. I guess I think I need to restore another one. This one is a very solid car from Georgia and Tennessee that was built in the Van Nuys plant. It's had one repaint in the 80s and needs stripped and painted again. Originally a Burnt Orange car with cloth Sandalwood buckets that were recovered with vinyl, and it has a weird looking chrome thing sticking up through the floor. I've always loved this color. My first Monte back in 1988 had that same chrome thing. Weather permitting, I'll have it home in a week. The 396 on the air cleaner is not correct. Dan
  14. Thanks Jared. Cold and snowy outside now. Remembering back to October, and looking forward to April. Dan
  15. Is there anyone here that could check out a Monte for me in the Aurora, Colorado area? It's almost a 14 hour trip for me. I could pay a reasonable fee for your trouble. I'd hate to pull a trailer all of the way out there and then be disappointed with the car. Dan
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