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  1. I have a friend that has had his '70 SS for decades (2nd owner) and he is just as particular about keeping it original as the first owner was. It has 53k miles and came from the factory with a gold tank on the compressor. I read here years ago that the factory installed tanks were gold and the over-the-counter ones were black. If you have one that hasn't been restored, take the tank off and you'll see a little bit of the original color of coating inside. I've had both. The compressor with the gold tank below is an NOS compressor that I bought last winter. It came with the wrong tank, so I had a correct gold tank recoated gold. The black coating is black phospate and I had a couple of tanks recoated in California at Brakeboosters.com. They also did the gold tank and alot of other parts on my car. Dan
  2. True. This is not a factory installed LS6. It was ordered from a dealership with the LS5, and it was converted with an LS6 at Dick Harrell Performance Center on Hickman Drive in Kansas City, Missouri, not a Chevrolet dealership. I met a number of Monte owners at the Ol' Marais River Run car show at Oshawa, Kansas in 2018. One of the guys said he knows Mr. Pestinger and Tim told him he gets paid good money to take the car to some of the big shows he's displayed it at. The MCACN show is one he's been paid to attend. Dan
  3. The show season was still a little slow for 2021, due to Covid, but I made it to 5 or 6, and a half dozen cruise ins. I was lucky to find and buy an NOS load leveling compressor that was still in the box, but it had the short tank. I found another compressor with the right tank and had the tank replated to match the factory color it still had. It works nice. I also traded for a really nice, original spare tire and wheel and put it in the trunk. I need to switch it to a 7" Rally wheel. Dan
  4. If you're asking about the chrome edging, some cars came with it both top and bottom, but not our cars. They only had it on the top. Dan
  5. I would still like to get 2. Please let me know if and when these are available. Dan
  6. Beautiful Monte! Thanks for the photos. More are welcomed! Dan
  7. Incredible job on your restoration! Have fun! Dan
  8. I watched videos and I've done 2 headliners. They came out with zero wrinkles and I was very pleased with the way they look. They aren't hard to do. The trick for the locating screw holes later is to put the screws in them loosely, before you put the headliner in. Afterwards, just feel for them and cut a small X over the heads. Dan
  9. Welcome to the website and club. Beautiful Monte! Dan
  10. If the seam on the backside is just coming loose, it can be re-glued with contact cement. When I restored my car, the black threads on mine were getting frayed and faded to the point the thread was gray. I removed the vinyl covers and the thread, then re-stiched them by hand. Contact cement worked great to re-install them. Dan
  11. If he can't get the color to match, we might have to settle for painting them. Dan
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