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  1. overdrive

    Found a '70 SS

    Anything is possible, but what would be the motive to remove the sway bar in the '70s and swap out the lower control arms? I haven't checked for a build sheet yet. Being a Baltimore car, there's a good chance it's in there. Dan
  2. overdrive

    Found a '70 SS

    Thanks, but I doubt I restore this one. I have two '57s I want to restore, maybe just one of them. I might just do some minor work to this car and let someone else have their fun with it. The clock is ticking and the savings account might only support one of the '57 restorations. We got a convertible last summer and it needs some floor work and paint. It had a very average and amateur restoration done 25 years ago. Dan
  3. overdrive

    Found a '70 SS

    I checked the front sway bar and it's the correct one for an SS454. It's 1 1/8" diameter. I pulled the dash pad off and checked the VIN tag. It has the correct and aged rivets, and they've obviously not been messed with. The only way to install new ones is to remove the windshield, and it's very likely that the car still has the original glass. The windshield has a sticker on it from 1984. The car hasn't been driven or worked on since 1985. It's very odd that the car never had the boxed control arms and rear sway bar, but I'm now convinced that's what happened. Dan
  4. overdrive

    Found a '70 SS

    Thanks all. I was expecting the guy to deliver it tomorrow, but he brought it today. I got under it and the floors are pretty solid. I knew of one small area that needs replaced, and found another under the back seat. Pretty easy fixes. Rockers and the frame are good. I knew the rear of the trunk pan needs replaced. There's the typical spots over the rear tires, and behind them, down low, but not horrible. The lower corners of the rear glass channel are rusty, but not too bad. Mice nests ruined the trunk lid. The rear is a 2.56, non-posi. Code is CRJ. I found that the F41 suspension was never installed on this car. There are no holes for the rear sway bar and the lower control arms aren't boxed. Someone has removed all of the load leveling system, except for the swivel linkage that goes from the control valve to the upper control arm. It's still there. The holes for the compressor brackets are there, and the tee for the vacuum hose to the compressor is there. I need to check the size of the front sway bar. So far, since it has the numbers matching 454 that's never been out of the car and rebuilt, it looks like an SS454 that didn't get some of the optional parts installed at the factory. At first, I thought maybe someone took those parts off and swapped them for standard parts. None of the bolts have any indication of ever having a wrench on them. Strange. Dan
  5. overdrive

    Found a '70 SS

    The console, dash, steering column, and the seats (and the seat covers) are original to the car. This is a '70, not '71. I've seen hundreds of '70 Montes, either in person, or in photos, that have the exact same seat cover pattern. The red one that I've restored had the same seats. I ordered new covers, and they are the same pattern. The air cleaner, fan shroud, radiator, and the G67 compressor are missing. I already have a compressor, and I know a guy that makes the mounting brackets that look just like the originals. (smile). Dan
  6. overdrive

    Found a '70 SS

    With help from a friend, I was able to find and check out this matching numbers motor and transmission car yesterday. It needs a total restoration, but it'll make a great car. Has AC, tach dash, deluxe belts, buckets and console, plus bumper guards. It may have a power seat. The car is being delivered tomorrow. I didn't check for the seat option, but the pic I have doesn't show the manual seat adjustment lever. The rear anti-sway bar is missing. It's a triple black Baltimore built car that spent alot of time in Texas. Still has Texas plates. Dan
  7. Since the numbers for Canadian built cars are available, it would be interesting to get the production numbers for each. That may be a little bit helpful. Darren may have that information. Dan
  8. overdrive

    level valve

    Willie, those fittings aren't correct for the Monte. Dan
  9. Beautiful car! Great job! Dan
  10. I bought two '57 Chevy BelAir hardtop bodies for $15 from a guy in '75, when I was 15. My brother gave me a 283 and a 3 speed trans. I used the best parts to put together a car and primed it to get it all one color. My uncle sprayed it for me right after high school and I sold it after 26 years when I bought a Nomad. I've bought '57 parts cars and still have alot of parts, and also have three complete, running cars, including the Nomad, a convertible, and a 210 two door sedan with the DelRay interior that has 29k actual miles. My high school hardtop is now owned by a friend of mine. It still looks alot like when I had it. I put a crate motor in it for him and I did alot of work on it after he had it "restored" by a local shop. They took alot of short cuts and he was pretty unhappy with them. Dan
  11. overdrive

    New too Group

    Welcome and great car! Dan
  12. Great looking car! Welcome to the site. Dan
  13. Excellent work there, Bob! Welcome to the site. Dan
  14. overdrive

    New Guy Here

    Great work! You're going to have an excellent car. Your attention to detail shows. Dan
  15. Incredible car! Enjoy it, and thanks for the photos. Dan
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