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  1. My '70 SS454/TH400 has the ring on the driveshaft. My son's '71 350/TH350 car does too. Dan
  2. Also, the front compressor bracket is not an original. The foot on the right side is not shaped right, the left side is not formed right from top to bottom, and the nuts are zinc plated hex nuts. They should be square nuts and the same black finish as the rest of the bracket.
  3. I noticed it has the wrong configuration on the PCV valve vacuum hose. It should look like this:
  4. I found the outer, but not the inners. Dan
  5. I'm trying to find a pair of the weatherstrips that go inside the body, at the rear of the quarter glass. I can find them for a Chevelle, but the Ebay listing shows they won't fit a Monte. Does anyone here know where to buy them? Fusick makes the outers, so I called them today. They don't make the inners. Dan
  6. My '70 from Van Nuys had body color on the trunk mounted latch and bolts. I had original paint on it when I got it. I documented those types of things before restoring it. The latch in the trunk itself was like Rob's. It had the dark gray color with spatter paint on the lower part. Dan
  7. Welcom to the site! Pics of your car would be welcome. 👍 Dan
  8. Good job! I can't view the pics in the last 2 posts. 😥 Dan
  9. Thanks all. I've been taking it apart and restoring parts. Surprisingly, I was able to reshape and save all of the bumper brackets without messing up any of the powder coating. I'm taking the car to a guy that does paintless dent repair. He can probably take care of the quarter panel dent. If so, that'll save me alot of work, money, and time. The adjuster reported a little over $5300 for repairs. The rear axles are now leaking, 8 miles after the wreck. The adjuster said if I need anything more than new seals, call him and he'd write up a supplement for whatever I need to fix it. Hagerty called and the check should be here in a few days. I spent about a half hour straightening and putting the license plate bracket back together. I'm glad to be able to save it, since it has the original dealership sticker on it. The hinge pin had been ripped out of the collars it fits in. I'll blast it and repaint. Dan
  10. Nice work. She'll be on the road soon. Dan
  11. Thanks guys. Illinois is just across the Mississippi from us, and they have laws prohibiting phone use while driving, except for hands free. Missouri does not. We need it, but I go to Quincy, Illinois at times and see alot of people driving and texting there. I've talked to Hagerty. An adjuster will be calling tomorrow. Dan
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