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  1. For the bracket repair you'll want to cut a piece of sheetmetal to cover the repair area. Make it at least 2" long, if possible. Sand the metal and the plastic with 120 or coarser, and then epoxy it over or under the break. It'll be a much stronger repair that way. Dan
  2. Nice! When you say Kansas car, do you mean that's where it spent alot of time? What plant is it from? Dan
  3. Thanks everyone! I have 1, maybe 2 shows to go to before the end of our show season here. Dan
  4. Back on the road. I finished it last Monday night. Took it to town Wednesday evening and almost got hit in the rear again in a 55 mph zone on my blacktop. I was signaling and slowing to turn right, off the highway, and a woman wasn't paying attention. I was watching her and she was looking down and reaching toward the floorboard for something. I had to floor it and miss my turn to avoid an accident. It took 3 months to do the repairs, due to my job, family illnesses, paint supplies delays, and normal life issues. I missed out on some car shows, cruise-ins, and the July 4th parade. I can only hope this never happens again. I love driving it, but the anxiety of the distracted idiots on the road takes away alot of the fun. On a good note, I went to Springfield, Illinois for the Route 66 Festival cruise-in on Friday night and had a great time with over 2000 vehicles there. Everyone met at a shopping mall lot and the police blocked intersections for about 5 miles to the downtown area, by the state capital. It took around 2 hours to get all of the vehicles there and there were thousands of spectators along the route. Dan
  5. The insurance paid a little over $5300 for the repairs. I put everything on the rechromed bumper this evening. I should be able to finish spraying the paint in a couple of days. Sand and buff it, and then reassembly. Dan
  6. Thanks. I pulled the axles and spun them in a lathe with a dial indicator to check runout. They are fine. I built a temporary paint booth in the shop. Repairs are coming along. I have all of the parts. I just need to finish the paint and clearcoat on the quarter panel. Dan
  7. Great job! You left out the fact it's an SS454. Very nice. Dan
  8. I can relate to what you're doing on this car. Great job! I did my son's car a few years ago. I painted it black, too. Dan
  9. overdrive

    New member

    Welcome! Great car! Dan
  10. Welcome, my Facebook friend. Dan DPJ Fabricating
  11. overdrive

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    Welcome to the site. You're doing it right, and you'll be glad you did. Dan
  12. Satin is correct. I did mine off the car. I removed the dings and scratches, polished, and then used wax and grease remover. Wet sanded the part to be painted with 600 and then did the masking. Degreased again and then snapped them onto a board that I had screwed 2 of the plastic roof clips to. I fastened the board and trim piece horizontally to a post, with the tape on top, so gravity would help keep the paint from running under the tape edge. Be sure to use very light coats of paint. I switched back and forth from painting, to prepping the next piece. It takes awhile, but it's well worth the effort. Dan
  13. Bump again. I've recently sent one of these to Switzerland, and another to Sweden. That's great that guys that far away appreciate our cars. Dan
  14. Pretty good grille that has one small place broken from a lower mount. It doesn't show when bolted down with the u nut in place. $200 plus actual shipping. Dan
  15. Those came on later cars. None of the original first gens I've had had them. Dan
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