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  1. Welcome! Beautiful SS454! Dan
  2. I read the partial VIN stamp on the block as 10F1667xx. Even with being unable to read the last 2, I believe it's very safe to say that that is the original 454 for that car. The VIN stamp narrows it down to 100 cars. The chance of a previous owner somehow finding and installing a 454 with a partial VIN stamp showing the block was originally from another SS that came from the same assembly plant, and was assembled the same day as this car, would be astronomical. The correct engine assembly date is another good thing. It's either April 1 or April 16. The rough surface and poor stamping by the oil filter is not at all uncommon. Dan
  3. overdrive

    ss registry?

    The info in the build sheet boxes varies by year, and some varies by plant. Where was your car built? Dan
  4. The line sheet is a great addition to the car. My build sheet shows my SS had the engine block heater when new, but it's long gone. I've wondered how it looked and installed. Does your car still have it? Dan
  5. Willie, the Oshawa built cars only had line sheets. Aaron, that's a great find! Congratulations! Dan
  6. Beautiful car and incredible find. Congratulations! Dan
  7. The blue connector is a factory installed part. Both methods to connect power were used. Dan
  8. The blue quick connector is also an indication of the factory installed system. The washer fluid monitor is included in the lighting convenience package. I ordered a new float for mine. The original is now a non-float. Dan
  9. My '70 Van Nuys SS was also assembled the second week of January. Sequence #164181. The first sequence # that left that plant that month was 159234, and the last one was 167285. Scott S., please post a pic of your trim tag. Dan
  10. The hinges can be removed one at a time and the hood can stay in place. I've done that while using a blanket and wooden blocks behind the hinge, and a prop rod at the front. Dan
  11. The washer trick works good, but put a string through them. It's so much easier to find them all after you close the hood and they fall out. I took my springs off and put them back on with the hinges in a vice. I used #9 wire to put loops on an old bumper jack. It worked great and was very safe, but it may not work as easily on the car, just because of the size of the jack. Dan
  12. These are the closet match I've found. Just cut the heads off some 10-32 screws to add the second stud. Dan
  13. I know of 2 Facebook members with '72s that came with the smooth end. Both are high option cars. I don't know of any others at this time. Dan
  14. It's great to read about the history of this car. I'm sure the new owner would like to see this post. As far as the load leveling compressor goes, I've seen two '72s that have the G67 option from the factory (build sheet verified) with what many consider "the wrong tank". I believe that both tanks were used, at least for '72, but I haven't seen an earlier model with the smooth end on the tank. Not before this car. Dan
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