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  1. The rectangular one is the same as they used in Chevelles, and probably others, for 1970. They are hard to find and usually expensive, since they fit Chevelles. I've been told they were also used early in the '71 production run, before they changed them. Dan
  2. Very nice car that could use a little more work. As noted, the door panels need replaced. Also, the dash is painted wrong as far as looking original, the load leveling system doesn't work, the spare wheel is the wrong color, the front seats look stained, and that trunk gap looks pretty wide. Maybe that's just the angle of the photo. The battery topper is the wrong one, but it's good to see that they painted the left tail light bezel correctly. I would expect someone to go the extra mile on the restoration to ask that much money for it, buy it does say or best offer. The window sticker shows the wide belt molding, but the car doesn't have it. There are alot of photos, but none of the headliner. I wonder what they cut the hood insulation from? It looks very out of place. Dan
  3. Thanks you for the text, Rob. Much appreciated! Mr. Bowles, I replied to your email and I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have. Searsman, I can be reached at 573-248-1389 or at dpjfabts3@gmail.com It's not looking good for the trip to Carlisle, so I really doubt I'll be making the 28 hr round trip. I can accept PayPal and credit cards by sending you the invoice of your choice, or I'd be glad to talk to anyone on the phone, 7 days a week. Phone calls are always good. I've still never had anyone ask for a refund. They work great! Dan
  4. These detents plates have been selling very well. I've now sold over 300 of my Chevrolet designs, with a satisfaction guarantee, and no one had asked for a refund. With the shipping cost increases, I had to raise the shipping charge to $8 in the states. Total price is $98, which is still less than many companies sell my competitor's parts for, and my design is an improvement over their design. I now have over a dozen detents for different makes and models, and I'm working on more. Thank you to all of my customers. Dan
  5. They look correct, but there are 2 different length tanks. The longer one is too long. Dan
  6. Excellent job on the restoration. You should be very proud! Dan
  7. Welcome to the site. Nice car! Dan
  8. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/oer-551448?seid=srese1&gclid=CjwKCAiA_omPBhBBEiwAcg7smRLZLU_AyVklUCw5lXxLOWSJ1Zv2M-tQlFXi9aGo5csOJuE55q2yChoCg60QAvD_BwE Dan
  9. The partial VIN shows the car was assembled in St. Louis. An Impala, Caprice, or a Corvette would have been assembled in St. Louis, but Monte Carlos were not. Dan
  10. That block isn't from a Monte Carlo. The S in the partial VIN is for the St. Louis assembly plant. No Montes were assembled in St. Louis, but Corvettes were. There was also a plant there that built Impalas and Caprices. Dan
  11. I think the white one belongs to a Facebook friend, William Pastoor. Dan
  12. PM sent. I've sold 276 of the Chevrolet detents, and about 80 more for Buicks and Oldsmobiles. All were sold with a satisfaction guarantee and I've not had anyone ask for a refund. Dan
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