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  1. Excellent job! Congratulations on the awards! Dan
  2. overdrive

    New Guy Here

    Excellent work! It'll be a great car. Dan
  3. Everything looks excellent! That's going to be a beautiful SS. Dan
  4. Sorry it took so long. I found out today that he sold them to a member here. Dan
  5. The valves have oil in them. That's how the delay works. New valves are still available from the oem, Dayton Air Suspension and Control Products. https://www.heightcontrolvalve.com/ Dan
  6. Ebay has the pins. I can get measurements for you. Were the sail panels also replaced? Dan https://www.ebay.com/itm/123561632007
  7. overdrive

    Found a '70 SS

    Steve, the seller told me he had sold you the other SS. I ended up putting some of my spare parts and some that I make with this car, after cleaning it up and putting good bumpers on it, and I listed it for sale in some Facebook groups one night. I sold it in less than 3 hours to a Monte guy in California. He paid full price by PayPal that night, and he had a shipper pick it up. I didn't make much profit on the car, but I got want I thought it was worth, and I sold some of my parts. He was very happy to get it. Dan
  8. Great work! Those and corrosion on the check valve seats are common issues. Dan
  9. They also fit Chevelles, El Caminos, Camaros, and Impalas. Dan
  10. I'll have some detent plates with me at the Eastern Meet at Carlisle. Dan dpjfabts3@gmail.com
  11. We are bringing a canopy. We plan to be there Thursday afternoon. Dan
  12. Good builder! Welcome to the site. Dan
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