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  1. Beautiful '72! Original paint? Dan
  2. Great job! You guys are getting it done. Dan
  3. Welcome! Looking forward to more photos sometime. It's beautiful! Dan
  4. overdrive

    body tag

    Welcome! If the car came from the factory with air shocks, it was because it had the G67 automatic level control option. If so, it would have had the compressor and tank assembly mounted on the inner fender on the driver's side. The compressor operated with engine vacuum and had a pressure line to a level sensing valve on the frame, above the rear axle. If you don't have the compressor, check to see if there are clips and/or an air line that follows the brake line to the rear, to a control valve. It's more likely that someone just added air shocks with a tee to fill them by the rear bumpe
  5. overdrive


    Not before the CRN. The stamp you show was done at the motor assembly plant. The partial VIN was not done until the motor reached the vehicle assembly plant. That's where the motor was designated for the specific vehicle it would be installed in. The partial VIN was sometimes stamped near the oil filter. Dan
  6. overdrive

    True SS?

    Welcome to the site! As Willie noted, the partial VIN was not always on the pad by the head. It can be next to the oil filter. The partial VIN was used for warranty purposes, so it should definitely be in 1 of those 2 places. Dan
  7. It's done. It should fit great and there is room for adjusting the solenoid, besides the plunger adjustment on the solenoid. The bracket has bare metal in 2 places to ensure good grounding of the solenoid. Dan
  8. I'm following you now. Yes, I got off track with the R. Thanks. Your information matches what I found in my transmission book. It shows CR was the transmission code for the passenger cars with 390 hp. I believe passenger cars is their way of saying the full size cars. My numbers matching transmission for my '70 SS has the CR code and others here have the same. We've not been able to prove any other code was used in a '70 SS454. My book shows CS for a '70 SS454, so we've proven that wrong. My transmission partial VIN matches the same format as the engine partial VIN. 9 cha
  9. That CGR is for the 400 inch, 265 hp small block in 1970.
  10. The T on the trans is for the Tarrytown assembly plant, I think. That transmission stamp looks pretty bad. It looks like it was struck 3 times. There are more digits in front of the T. Can you make them out? Also, check to see if the normal location for that stamp has been altered. The partial VIN on the block should read exactly the same as on the transmission, I'm fairly sure. I'm thinking maybe someone after the factory tried to stamp the trans to match the motor. I'll check my transmission book. The partial VIN on the block should start with a 1 for Chevrolet, then a number for
  11. Willie, the tires and the motor are both great finds! The block should also have another stamped code on it to identify the partial VIN of the car it was in from the factory, and which assembly plant. It'll be next to the one you showed, or on the block, down by the oil filter. Dan
  12. Paul, I made this bracket with your solenoid yesterday. I don't have an original air cleaner to check fit with, but I used my dropped base air cleaner. I would think that if it fits, and it does, the factory one will, but I can't be positive without testing it. I'll finish it up in a day or 2. Dan
  13. I repainted mine. I took out any dings and polished them, then used wax and grease remover to remove the polishing compounds. I then taped over the high edge to sand the wider part with 600 grit. Took the tape off, degreased again, then retaped to have a clean edge after hitting the first tape with the sandpaper. I then screwed some trim clips onto a 2x6 to snap the trim on, with the taped edge up to prevent paint trying to run under the tape. Degreased it again, then used very light coats of satin paint. It covered well. Be careful to remove the tape correctly. Dan
  14. overdrive

    71 decals

    Check with Jim Osborn Reproductions. Da.
  15. Finished your set today. I didn't paint them, as requested. I bead blasted them and then coated them with WD-40 in a zip lock bag. They'll only need to degrease them for powder coat. Dan
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