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  1. Willie, do you have is connector? I thick it was on the tach wire.
  2. Ralph, I found a float back in 2018. This is a post from back then. You could try to send him an email. Good luck A member on Team chevelle "danhalt" was selling them about a yr ago I bought a couple from him ,You can do a search on team chevelle for CD2 washer monitor float replacement and see what it looks like or you can email him at dave.anhart1@gmail.com to see if he still has them. 20.00 + 7.00 shipping
  3. That's a good question. I never noticed that. The car only has one clock
  4. Here's mine Dennis. Have fun!
  5. Glad you fixed the problem, Your Monte looks great. It looks like you need one more big project, move the steering wheel to the other side......LOL
  6. Great looking Monte. I'm near Chicago so maybe we can meet up some time.
  7. Congratulations, and welcome to the club. Any pictures, details?
  8. Looks great, I used polishing compound to get the scratches out of plastic lens. I thought there was a write up hear or maybe on the internet. I saw that toothpaste may work
  9. So sorry to hear this sad news. Condolences to your family
  10. Are they rebuildable? PM me with a price
  11. I have a couple, one rebuilt and one in the process of being rebuilt
  12. Good thought, pictures are the key. I might be looking for a project but would really like to find a 4 speed
  13. There is a good write up on the forum that Dennis (mcfan) did a while back . It gives you step by step instructions. Work slow and take your time and you'll be surprised what you can do. And if you get stuck just ask your questions here.
  14. Yes, a real rip off there. Can you try to do some of the repairs yourself? You can find a lot of help here. I also wish I was closer to help.
  15. Did you convert to R134 freon?? Or still using R12??
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