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  1. That will be a big project. The color is a personal choice. I'm a big one for original colors, but some of the members have done color changes and the look fantastic. It will be great to follow your progress and watch you save another Monte. Good luck with the project.
  2. Nicely done, looks like a lot of work..
  3. Nice to have a spare frame ready and waiting. Great progress.
  4. Very nice looking Monte, love the color. You should be very proud of it. I hate that we have to put these cars away for the winter. See you in the spring....
  5. I'm 20-25 minutes from the parts place if I can help. I could pick them up and ship if that helps. But you mentioned there prices are to high. Let me know
  6. Welcome to the club. Looks like a nice car, love the color. I've asked alot of questions as I try to learn as much about these old cars. The members here always have the answers. Good luck with your progress....
  7. Didn't I see someone else that posted they found a company in Canada that sold parts for our cars???
  8. Yes, driving in I was asked if it was a 70, and heard another guy say to his buddy, that's a Monte Carlo SS. My wife doesn't like the attention, she gets embarrassed, I told her it's the car not us!
  9. Thanks guys, it was a muddy mess but they kept me high and dry. I really got a kick out of watching people pointing to the air ride compressor and trying to figure what it was for. It was fun, can't wait to go to another.
  10. JB Weld is what I used, All the big box stores stock it..good luck
  11. I have never heard that they made a SS with a four speed. If she had the build sheet , I would love to see a copy. Was she interested in selling?
  12. Very nice progress, looking good...
  13. I would love to make both meets next year. We'll have to see how the year goes. Thanks for the kind words
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