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  1. Is this what you are looking for? The parts place has these: https://www.thepartsplaceinc.com/product/1972/1972-chevrolet-monte-carlo-blower-motor-switch-with-a-c-gm-6273383/93074
  2. Welcome, have you tried the DMV? Good luck with your search
  3. Great looking Monte, welcome to the club
  4. Not a problem Willie, I talked to Dan and he may have a way to create a bracket that will work. We aren't sure if they ever had them on the car. I'm going to hang on to the solenoids just incase we every find a car with the correct bracket. We'll see what happens
  5. 1969-72 Tilt Column Illistration.PDF 1969-72 Tilt Column Key.PDF See if these help
  6. Mine does have the connector for the extension at the fire wall. That's what got me thinking it should have had the solenoid. Why don't you make the bracket for Willie and send it to him and I'll pay for it. Then if we come up with a car with the bracket we can go from there. I will hang on to the two solenoids some have them if needed. Like I mentioned before I would like to buy the detent plate. Let me know the damages and I can send you a paypal. Paul
  7. That's not good news. I would think as many members here with SS cars that someone might have a car with a solenoid but like I said maybe the big blocks didn't have one that year. Do you want to just make Willie one and forget mine. Let me know, thanks for everything
  8. I think mine looks the same as yours. It looks like I'm in trouble. Maybe the SS didn't come with the solenoid. I'm starting to think that's the case. Did you get the pictures you were waiting for?
  9. Thanks, maybe it's time to replace mine but I might miss the electrical tape...
  10. Dennis, no problem doing it now. I was just watching a little Cubs baseball. The wire looks brown but it is green. I need to re-wire or clean that up a little. I moved the wires a bit to take a couple pictures. Hope it helps.
  11. So as I posted earlier, my car has a 2 wire sensor. The wire has a a jumper to the second terminal. I don't know what the prior owner did to the car but he told me he replaced the engine harness but the wire to the tcs looks original
  12. Dan, this was a solenoid for a 70 Z28 I saw on line. Not sure how this mounts but the strap caught my eye.
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