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  1. looks like an old illinois licence plate
  2. The menards spring will fit inside the existing spring. Good luck
  3. Menards sells the spring. This is the spring I used.
  4. Looks great, what your next project? Dennis's pos70?
  5. Dennis, that great to hear. Looking forward to all the progress updates.
  6. Check for MCFan (Dennis) for the write up
  7. I have repaired two clocks There is a good write up on the forum. A good cleaning and is should work.
  8. Looks like you're going to fix the pos70. Wouldn't the snowball from hell just be water??? LOL
  9. I'm running with BF Goodrich 225/70/15 tires, close to original tires. I'm going to replace them this winter with Cooper Cobras, same size
  10. Looking nice in its new home. And next to the Mustang too
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