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  1. I added the solenoid. As I posted we haven't found a picture of a 70 ss with the solenoid but this was a guess. As I posted I have an extra solenoid if you need one and I know some that can make the bracket. The patch harness can be bought on line
  2. I had my radio rebuilt by Randy, he did a great job and the turnaround was pretty quick. He also had some of the connectors I needed to repair my factory harnesses that had been cut off
  3. If you have one on the car it would be on the carb. Drivers side. Do you have a big block?? My car didn't have one and we had trouble finding any history of one on a big block but I had a bracket made for mine. I have a extra solenoid if you need one but no bracket
  4. The blue and black wire with the connector is for the idle stop solenoid. There is a small harness that runs from that connector to the solenoid.
  5. 1970mcss

    SS454 Info Page

    My build sheet shows GY2 331 Ratio Axle. The copy of my window sticker does not show it as an option.
  6. Great looking Monte, welcome to the monte madness
  7. 1970mcss

    SS454 Info Page

    My car 70 came with the 3.31 rear gear
  8. Make sure to disconnect the shift indictor cable from the column if you have a column shift.
  9. Dennis (mcfan) has a nice write up on how to remove and repair the clock. I have rebuilt my original clock and an extra one. Good luck
  10. I had multiple leaks on mine. Valve cover gaskets, intake gasket and my power steering pressure line was leaking that I thought was coming from the engine.
  11. Near Defiance Ohio, near the border. I travel in that area years ago for business
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