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  1. Thanks guys, the 72 may be different. The diagram looks different than the one I have but looks like the 402 bracket but the connector and wires on the solenoid looks different. My connector at the firewall is a single black wire with a purple stripe. I guess my hope is that Leo has the correct set up from a 70 BB. I'll let you all know, thanks again.
  2. No rush, I will wait for Leo, hoping he has the bracket included. Thanks
  3. Willie, the pic of the 4 bbl now makes sense. I don't see that page number in my 70 assembly manual but may not need it. The page I have showed the bracket mounting to a head bolt stud or something. If you have the sheet that would be good to take a look at. You've been a great help. PS your engine is looking good. Love all the detail..
  4. I found another diagram UPC M40 Sheet A9 in the manual, says RP0 L78 & L89 but the sheet has cancelled on it. I would still like to see a picture of a car will the original solenoid mounted. Or maybe Leo has a complete setup.
  5. I found the diagram for the small block but didn't see the big block. I'll look again, thanks
  6. Thanks Willie, do you have a picture of the solenoid mounted to the carb? I looked at mine last night and can't figure out how I would mount it. Leo is looking to see if he has the whole setup.
  7. Welcome to the club, great looking car. I'm going to replace my 225 70R15 Goodrich at with 245 R60 next year. What is your carb question?
  8. thanks, I see a diagram for the small block that uses a clamp but not sure on the big block. I have to look at the car tonight also.
  9. Larry, you are correct, I found a replacement harness and solenoid on line. Now I need to see if anyone has a picture of how the solenoid mounts to a big block carb. My parts book only list the clamp for a small block and I'm not sure if they are the same. Any help would be great. Thanks
  10. I was going to say cap but I see you replaced it. I have the same setup so I'm interested to know if Pertronix has any issues with there unit. Keep us posted to what they tell you....good luck
  11. Jared, I didn't know what to ask. I'm glad you found a set. I had just bought them for mine because they were originally on the car but I wasn't going to put them back on right away. I was thinking 75.00 but you found a set and I'll just hang on to them. Thanks Paul
  12. Lorenzo, it looks like a good solid car. The members here have been so helpful for me and will be a bundle of knowledge for you. Enjoy your project...welcome to the fun!!
  13. I will take a look. But then is there another wire that plugs to the connector to the solenoid? Thanks
  14. I do have a set of NOS guards in the original package. The package isn't in the greatest condition. Send me a message if you want with an offer.
  15. The Parts Place may have the correct paint
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