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  1. They look great, you can send them to me to try on my ss
  2. She's a beauty, welcome to the Monte Madness.
  3. I had trouble with them also. I ordered a cowl grill set and they didn't have a way to secure the right grille and told me it was my problem. I told them that the 30 bucks wasn't a big deal to me but that I would tell as many people as I could not to buy from them. Piss your customer service people. Won't buy from them again.
  4. One would think that they would have put the studs in the same spot
  5. I removed the other plug, the harnesses come with the extra plug for a manual transmission. The prior owner left it on
  6. I found a picture of my car, looks like a black seal or boot covers the switch
  7. I agree, I don't remember mine being green, I think the boot that covers the wires might be missing
  8. That is good, it would be nice if you could pop in and come out all better. Hang in there and happy holidays!
  9. I'm not about the color question but I have a quote from a local trim shop here in my area that has a great reputation. They quoted 750 for labor and materials to replace my headliner. Mine has a 3 inch hole in it. Maybe next year's project
  10. Happy Black Monte Friday! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.
  11. 1970mcss

    Newbie here...

    Nice looking Monte, welcome to the club. Any after market radio or amp in the car that might be drawing power?
  12. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family...
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