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  1. Good luck to your grandson's team, nothing better than high school football.
  2. That would be an interesting project. I have my original but never thought about restoring it. Might be another winter project.
  3. Steve did my original air ride compressor tank. They do great work
  4. Are you looking for the equalizer, 1497525. The equalizer attaches the cables together. I have a link to one on ebay. Hope that helps NOS Genuine GM Parking Brake Cable Equalizer 1497525 | eBay
  5. Can I be your grandson, I'd like to drive your 4 speed. I just had my first grand daughter. A true blessing.
  6. I agree Dennis, that's what I did. Find a good core and a good kit. I had a mechanic friend rebuild it
  7. I bought a roll of hose on ebay, although some people price it like the have gold. Like the others say you can get it at automate stores
  8. I agree about the different Burlwood. I bought these from Dynacorn and the Burlwood matches closely. The edge is a little loose so I may try a small brush and some super glue. Where are you getting the replacement Burlwood? Thanks
  9. Looks great Dennis, what do use use to attach the burlwood? Mine new shift plate has the burlwood coming apart
  10. Finding a numbers matching carb shouldn't be that hard. If I remember correctly there is a carb rebuild company that offers numbers correct replacements. I'll see if I can find it online.
  11. Not my car but in my opinion, I agree with Joe, the sheet metal repair would be my choice. If it was a old corvette then I would use fiberglass. Good luck with your project whichever way you go and like Willie said please update us with plenty of pictures.
  12. My father worked at a Chevrolet dealership in the early 70s and I can remember the lighter green mist being what seemed on every car. His 70 Impala demo was mist green.
  13. So sorry for your loss Willie, prayers to your family.
  14. I like the look, I bought a set of the small derby caps also and have them on the car now.
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