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  1. Again, the 70-72 hood hinges manufactured by Ames Pontiac . Heavy construction, cold riveted like factory! Best factory style remanufactured hinges. Springs are separate.
  2. Ok Willie, I will check and let you know when.
  3. Welcome to the club Ernie! Congrats on the 70! Can't wait to see pics!!
  4. Lol. Doesn't NY have child labor laws??? Lololol Serious though, nice job they did and I hear ya about not fitting back there.
  5. Willie, did you take the body off the frame at any point? From your pics it's only slightly off. The doors should be ok at the quarter panels. You may have to loosen the fenders, fender wells, braces and such to get the desired gap you desire. If you like and trust, I could come by and give you a hand.
  6. Willie, Is the center point of the bumper lining up with the center of the grille? If not, I'm sorry, you are not going to want to hear this...... I don't want to tell you.πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜ž The nose/ body is slightly off center. From your pics it doesn't look to be off much. Loosen the rad support mounts and move it slightly?? The back bumper mounts directly to the body. The front mounts to the chassis.
  7. Looks good! Like how you did it. Let is know how it works.
  8. To add to what Mike said, the upper grille mount, aka tie bar is different. It's notched for the turn signals. The radiator support itself differs in that it has 2 holes cut into it for the turn signal socket/ wires to pass through.
  9. Willie, if in pairs, I would say they are original. No guarantee though. Lol My 70 SS has one original, 3 slot fender and one factory replacement with only the front slot. I also know this to be true because I located the original owners son who confirmed this after I asked him what happened to the fender and hood (swapped to a 71) . He then told me how they were replaced after a drunken evening after asking me how I knew they weren't the originals.
  10. Ok. Finally got the engine sorted out. It had the incorrect rocker arms on it and 2 pushrods were gouged out the guide plates from intake bolts being too long. He also decided to install front drilled and slotted rotors with matching brake pads from power stop. It has a Pete Jackson gear drive in it. (not by us) so it sounds like it needs power steering fluid. Lolol for some reason the video will not upload.
  11. Not a chance. They are definitely the original factory installed front fenders on my son's 71. πŸ€”
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