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  1. Sweet! Congratulations!!!! Lots of luck and safe miles!!!!
  2. Great job! Love seeing your progress with her!
  3. MC1of80

    Bad short

    Willie, I don't believe you take off the needle. Just turn it till it's back at the 12 o'clock position. Or there is something with a weak 9v battery. I haven't tried either yet. Not up to that yet. Lolol
  4. Have you tried some of the Chevelle websites? Those guys have been restoring Chevelle's a long time. The Chevelle and Monte Carlo were built on the same assembly lines, side by side. The Chevelle LS5 is the same one in the Monte Carlo. Hope this helps.
  5. Wow! That would be great if thats it! Will be waiting to find out with my fingers crossed for you!
  6. It won't. Like you said, it makes no sense that one plug, moreover one terminal of the distributor doesn't fire. The valve springs and bent valve were if you did have spark to check further. Silly question, did you ohm out the new wire or switch it with another to rule out the wire? Chances are it's good,but nowadays ya never know. Do you have another distributor you can switch out with?
  7. One cylinder not firing at the distributor does not sound right. Especially if the rotor cap and wires are new. I agree with jft69z. Try that first. I feel it's a bent valve, broken valvespring or something with the valvetrain. Good luck!
  8. MC1of80

    Bad short

    Hey Willie. Glad the main issue is gone. Looks great! Google the amp gauge issue. The Chevelle guys have some answers. The gauge in my 71 402 is doing the same thing. Although when running, I can see the amp gauge moving. Just, like yours, is pointing down.
  9. Did some ground up surfing... The 70 and 72 Monte Carlo front bumpers are also on sale. 130.00 and 139.00
  10. Ughhhhhh! I'm sorry. I just went to the site. The 71 front bumper is on clearance for 130.00 I would purchase a bumper made by AMD. Their sheet metal and full quarters for our cars is second to none. I don't see their bumpers being any less quality.
  11. Go to Ground Up. Under clearance items. I saw they have rear bumpers, the quality you describe for 130.00.
  12. The one I have pictured is off the numbers matching carburetor from my car. It was built 8/70 in Baltimore. May be a 70 style?
  13. Hi everyone! Here are a few pics of the updates that I have posted. Quick update... Rear springs and shocks, 4 tires that hold air, belts, alt, master, fuel pump and hose's, fan clutch, carb. Still have hose's and coolant, and exhaust yet to do. Waiting in the wings. Lol
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