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  1. Ever hear of " the part pictured may vary from actual part" or "actual part may be different from picture"? Just saying. That is what The Parts Place has pictured, not me. AND in the pic, it states, " may need to be modified"
  2. I believe the parts place has those listed.
  3. I used the repop of the 70 z/28 style air filter assy on my 70 SS with a holley, 1inch spacer and an RPM air gap intake with no hood issues what so ever.
  4. Welcome Hugh!!! Looks like a great start for you and your daughter!
  5. The 200r4 is the same length as the th350 and uses the same yoke. Your factory driveshaft probably slipped right in. Not sure about the strap vs the u bolts . I have had both on 10bolts. The 12 bolts usually have the straps.
  6. Looking good Glen! Sorry, but I'm with Willie, please keep the white stuff with you! Hopefully getting to 70 Tuesday around here.
  7. I always use the ole reliable, sorry for the word but, ford type f fluid. That's what the trick shift fluid is and cheaper, not much, but it is. Run it in all our th350s and the 400s.
  8. Best case scenario you will need a "combo" u-joint. From the 10 bolt big cap to the 12 bolt small cap. Some find it necessary to cut the 10 bolt driveshaft or replace it. If the car is a 10 bolt but has a th400 in it, the combo joint is all you will need. But most small block equiped Monte Carlos were th350s. Everything else is the same.
  9. How about a contact number or website so others could use him and he could make more coin?
  10. Check the connectors at the bottom of the columns. Compare the wiring colors and locations of each wire. Most likely the wrong turn signal switch in the new column.
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