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  1. Hello again Helen. Depends on how you drive on those curvy roads. The skinnier tire will adversely affect the road manners of your Monte. Do you have the 245's on all 4 tires? In the new members section I believe you said it's a 350 car. Since you are on curvy roads alot I suggest bigger sway bar in the front and boxed lower rear control arms with a rear sway bar. Even the factory F41 arms and sway bars would make a huge difference in the way your Monte would feel. Hope this helps.
  2. On my 71 402 the solinoid mounts to a bracket off of the carbs left front. I will be by the car tomorrow. I will take a pic.
  3. MC1of80

    New Member 1970

    Welcome Helen! Nice 70 you have there. Same color combo as my 71 402 Monte Carlo. As far as tires, you will get all sorts of options. Here in the north east I have found the BFGoodrich radial t/a to be a great all around tire. All except deep snow. What is your carburetion question?
  4. Welcome Lorenzo! Love the back story to your Monte Carlo. Looks like a great car to restore! I like the PO2 hubcaps. Those optional hubcaps required the 15x7 steel rims as opposed to the standard 15x6 steel rims with standard hubcaps.
  5. Hi! The flat side withe the 2 nuts welded to it goes against the fenderwell. The short side goes to the bottom of the battery tray. Make sure you use a short bolt. Otherwise you risk the chance of putting a hole in the battery. I will try to get a pic.
  6. Quick, short reply..... Yank! Pull! Tug!!! Pry!!! Sorry, had to. Make sure the upper trim over the side window is removed from the upper part of the a-pillar trim. The a-pillar trim is probably just stuck after all the years installed.
  7. Boxed control arms and rear sway bar is not standard for a BB 402 car. That is part of the f41 suspension. A 12 bolt rear IS part of being a big block. You could also get them on a small block car, but standard in a big block Monte. Both my 71 402 Monte Carlos, 4 speed and automatic do not have the ring on the driveshaft. I believe both were built in Baltimore.
  8. Hey 70 weSSon. IDK how in depth of a Chevelle guy you are but the Monte Carlo is basically the same. The engine suffix, behind the alternator on the block will tell you what it's from and year can be determined by that. The tach, can be argued about but I believe the big block cars have a 5500 rpm red line. Both of my 71 402 cars have a 5500 tach. The f41 suspension was an option on the Monte Carlo but standard on the SS. One way, that people usually don't change if they clone a big block is the steering shaft to the box. Big block cars have a bolt on the shaft by the box where a small block does not. I believe this is the same on Chevelle's. If the car was built in Flint, forget about finding a build sheet. Anywhere else and you have a good chance. Look in all the same places as you would a Chevelle. The two cars were built together, side by side back in the day. I hope this helps. I'm sure others can add to this to help you. Good luck!
  9. Welcome Bryan! I believe someone posted a roller in your neck of the road just recently. I believe it's in the cars and parts for sale section. Good luck!
  10. Hi. Remove the clip. Push the cable through the frame. May be tight due to rust. Hammer works well after soaking the frame and cable housing with wd40 or the likes.
  11. MC1of80


    I think everything, radiator support, grille, headlight bezels (body color) bolted right on with minimal issues. The hardest part was the front of the hood to the Chevelle style. (slope) Hmmmm. Went back and zoomed in on the pic. Hard to tell, but looks like stock hood withe the spear.
  12. MC1of80

    Website updates

    Thank you everyone, past and present for the hard work you have done and continue to do for the site!
  13. Thanks! Working on it. Lol tried 4 known good, when removed, master cylinders last Saturday. None worked! Lol. Got one off of Amazon, will install this weekend and see what happens.
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