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  1. The issue is that the float bowl adjusting screws/nuts hit the base of the air cleaner assy. If you want to use the factory air cleaner assy, you need to purchase or make an air cleaner spacer. The cowl inducted Chevelle air cleaner has one to lift the assy high enough to seal against the hood. I believe spectre and a few other places sell spacers in a kit of various heights. They are usually plastic.
  2. Sorry to say, It looks like you are correct in saying the flexplate is on backwards. You may want to put a new one on, the center having the bevel, being on backwards, most likely bent the center of the flexplate. Check it with a straight edge.
  3. Jeff! One just popped up on ebay. Under 1970 Monte Carlo nos. 7/29/21
  4. Try bench seat. 70-72 Monte Carlos did not come with a split bench. Just because the backs of the seat fold foward to let people into the rear seat is not considered a split bench seat to the upholstery companys. What they consider a split bench seat are the 60/40 seats. Where they are basically bucket seats that touch eachother. Passenger and driver's side move independently from eachother. Alot of g-bodys and b-bodys had them.
  5. Good question. Lol. What is the last color before you get to bare metal? That would be the factory primer. I would guess the same black that the replacement parts came in.
  6. Like Steve said. All 3 year the hoods interchange. The 71-72 have a bigger hole for the 71 hood emblem to go through. The 72 has a wider hood spear to cover the hole. On a 70, if you are not using the 71 or 72 hood spear you could make a gasket for under the 70 thin hood spear or leave it alone. Without a gasket being made you will see the hole slightly when the 70 hood spear is being used. The trunk lids from the 70-72 Chevelle and skylark can replace the Monte Carlo lid. The only difference is that the Chevelle has an emblem on the right corner that the holes would have to be filled.
  7. I would hold off going any further on the upper parts until you decide if you are going to change the full quarter panels. As shown in the pics I posted, the new panel hose all the way up there.
  8. Same as 502ci. I have no problems slowing down from a 122mph pass with my factory brake system. Not even better pads or shoes. Basic, basic stuff.
  9. I don't know how others feel but the factory brakes work fine on all our Montes. Wether drag racing or just driving, no issues what so ever. Know people going 8s in the 1/4 with factory brakes with no problems.
  10. These are pics of the AMD quarters my brother installed onto my 71 402 4speed. He did both quarters, trunk floor, package shelf and divider, panel between trunk and rear window, tailpanel, floors, bucket seat brackets, 4 speed console hump and fabricated pieces. North East car all it's life. And no, we didn't use the 72 endcaps. Just for mock up. Lol
  11. No jamb on those. Like Mike said, they are just skins. They don't go up to the upper bodyline. About 1/2" short and the wheel well arches are slightly smaller and flat. If using skirts the indent for the seal is not there and the skirt doesn't fit the opening. If installing wheel well moulding you have to "make" it fit the smaller opening. Great for patches though. You are better off buying the AMD full quarter panels. Way less bodywork in the long run and door jamb.
  12. With a bad fuel pump, which we found out at a later date. Nosing over around the 1000ft it ran a best of a 13.20 With a used/new pump the car driving around is a night and day difference better. That being said, I would say it would go 13 flat or in the 12.90s now.
  13. I personally like the gold that is on the car. Like Brew said, today's paints will really make the color pop!
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