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  1. Lead is a dying or dead skill. If you have someone willing to teach you, I say go for it. But today's fillers are much easier to use. With that being said, you are a long way off from doing any lead work. That's the going price for rear aftermarket panels. I would get the AMD full rear quarter panels. That's not an issue, those are easy. You need to open the can of worms. Get the quarter panel off and see how the inner (Hidden) structure is. How much of the trunk needs to be replaced? Supports? Tulip panel? Dog legs? Inner and outer whéelwells? It's the stuff you can't see that sucks. Lol How is the rest of the floors? Supports? Just some food for thought.
  2. 2.5-3k at best With that type of rust. As far as green. Not a horrible color but not as desirable as a red, blue, black. If you plan on rebuilding it, I would paint it what you like and same for the interior. It's a low option, base type, small block Monte. You got into it for a really good price/trade. Make it yours.
  3. Without also. She's beautiful naturally!
  4. Congrats Rob! Have fun!!
  5. Have them on my 70 SS with hooker super comp headers. No issues what so ever. I used stock replacement (pre bent) lines from inline tube. Fit perfectly.
  6. Happy birthday and happy retirement!!!!!
  7. You may want to think the fuel line size over. I know how my 496 loves fuel so I can say the 502 will also. Lolol I used a RobMC 1/2 fuel tank sender that I installed into the tank, then ran cloth 1/2 fuel line up to the pump following the stock line until it went into the frame. Had to remove the stock 3/8 line for the 1/2 to fit. Then the same line from the pump, with a micron filter to the carb. I used the "cloth" line due to it being much easier to bend and install. Like you I like to keep things as KISS as possible. Lol plus I don't like doing things twice. Lol Also, check your line size, I believe all Montes had 3/8 fuel line. Small and big block.
  8. Ahhhh ok. With a roller cam you would use a bronze tip fuel pump rod as not to wear the cam out for the fuel pump. As far as the return line, you could leave it alone, (open), or cap it if you have a vented gas cap. I just left mine open. No fumes or gas smell. And I store the car in a garage. If you went with an electric pump, you could use the line as a return line from the regulator if you get that type of regulator. Supposed to keep the pump running cooler by having a return line.
  9. 502ci is correct with the 3 lines on the factory mechanical pump. He is also correct with checking if your block has the mechanical pump provisions. Although I believe GM has added them to the newer 502 blocks. I have the biggest Holley fuel pump (gph) they make without having to use an external pressure regulator on my 496. Works great. Only has 2 lines, one in and one out. No "special" fuel pump rod.
  10. I have done both and they both have their pros and cons. You haven't mentioned what your swap for the winter is. That could help in making better suggestions.
  11. Do you want an electric fuel pump? Do you need one? When you say 2 port, do you mean one in and one out or 2 out from one? Are you talking about the pump itself or the external regulator? What combo are you planning to run? I have a mechanical fuel pump on my 496 with 1/2 fuel line from the tank to the carb and have plenty of fuel and pressure. And yes there is a difference. Lol I just didn't want a noisy electric pump anymore. They all make noise.. lolol oh well, guess I'm getting old. 🤔
  12. Mirror looks to be like the one I just installed on mine. The one to match the factory chrome remote L/S mirror. I got mine from ausleys Chevelle's for 70-72.
  13. Beautiful Monte and beautiful scenery! Ughhhhh the dreaded long winters nap.
  14. I do the same as 420ponies.
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