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  1. Wait! Took a closer look and it's a 72 SS! With a 4 spéed! Wow!!! Seriously though, It is a true 402 car from the U in the vin. Needs alot of little things, not for 22k though.
  2. I declare shenanigans!!!! Look, a unicorn! There HAS to be a factory 1970 SS454 LS6 4speed convertible Monte Carlo NOW fer shur!! Lololol
  3. Hi Doug. IDK if you are aware or not but the 68-72 gm A-body front suspension is exactly the same as the Monte Carlo. So a Chevelle, el camino, Malibu, gto, LeMans, tempest, skylark, GS, cutlass, 442 etc front end or tubular arms will interchange.
  4. Flippin' cool Aaron! Love it!!!
  5. The difference between the Chevelle and the Monte Carlo inner fenders is that the Chevelles are metal and plastic for the Monte Carlo. Some say a few holes are a little off. My steel inner fenderwells bolted directly into my 70 Monte Carlo and made the front end stiffer.
  6. Mike. That is a brake residual valve. For the Montes, only the 70 had it. If I remember correctly, it slows the brake fluid pressure as to not lock up the rear wheels during braking. Maybe if you swap out the proportioning valve from the 70 style to 71 style, you can remove the 70 valve under the master. I would check the wheel cylinder and master cylinder bore diameters before I swap it out.
  7. They are known as "phantom fits". Not necessarily listed for a specific vehicle but fit. I don't know the part numbers only the vehicles to look for. Sorry.
  8. You can also use a g-body quick ratio box. Monte Carlo SS, grand national, 442, hurst olds. Also certain year jeep grand cherokee. We did this swap on my son's 69 GTO convertible. We had a Monte Carlo SS box "in stock" Just a few other options.
  9. Crummy aftermarket lid. Actually they are very good, for fit and finish. For some reason all the Montes we have had, the trunk lid has a solid thud as compared to the Chevelle's we and friends have had. That being said, MAYBE the Monte Carlo had a little more seam sealer like stuff added to the inside of the trunk lid, between the inner and outer skins. Before or during assembly. That's a big maybe.
  10. Get an old school spark plug anti oil fouler, add it and enjoy the rest of the season.
  11. MC1of80

    454 or 467?

    Andy, good eye. But they are stock production valve covers. They have a spacer between the head and stock valve cover. Lol Nothing on the performer RPM air gap intake? 1/2 fuel line? Headers? Msd ignition? Painted Holley fuel pump? Lolol I guess my wanting it to look stock ish worked. Lololol
  12. Plug is oil fouled. Most likely worn valve guide.
  13. MC1of80

    454 or 467?

    Sneaky valve covers? Lolol what is sneaky about them? They are stock valve covers.
  14. MC1of80

    454 or 467?

    Something like this?
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