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  1. MC1of80

    70 Gas Tank

    The tank itself has no vents or return lines. The gas tank sending unit does. I agree with cny first Gen 71. If the original is usable, by all means use it. My 70 has an aftermarket tank in it. At the time the only tank made for the Monte was the 71-72 tank. It has a vent/return line nipple at both corners of the tank. I used rubber caps to block the vents. Needless to say, every year they have to be changed due to them rotting and leaking. Nothing rubber is made like it used to be.
  2. Ok, my .02. We have "in stock" a steel, dovetail, exposed ramp 22 ft diamond plate (steel) deck. My father purchased it back in 1991 from Stephen L Green in NJ. Stephen was known for building construction trailers. The trailer my father purchased was the first trailer sold to someone not in construction. That being said, we were told by Stephen that this is the same trailer he built to haul backhoes except for the 5 lug axles instead of the 8 lugs. You may be saying, why such a HD trailer? At the time we were racing dad's 77 Grand Prix SJ. Totally gutted it weighed 4048. We h
  3. Glad you got the correct one and it worked out great for you!! Looks good!
  4. Lol which one? My 70 SS -3823 made, 71 402 auto- 8633 or the 71 402 4 speed- 1 of 80? The 4 speed is being restored very slowly, 😭lolol P.S. I know which one you meant. Lol
  5. I stand corrected. Thanks Dan. I said screws because I removed 3 monster screws on each side when I changed mine. The hex ones I installed are larger than the originals due to that reason.
  6. If the only reason for using shorty headers is for the look of headers then do it. If you are looking for more hp then shorty's are not the way to go.
  7. Welcome Chris! Looks like a solid Monte to start with. The small block certainly looks stout! Keep the pics coming!!
  8. X2 to what Rob said. Screws normally. I had to use something a little bigger due to someone installing "big screws" in the old replaced ones and making the holes in the cast end cap bigger than needed. They were used on 70 and early 71s. I feel all first gens should have them.
  9. X2 but anything is possible. Possibly. Lol
  10. The mounting to the frame is also different. One mounts to the top of the frame, between the trunk floor and frame, another style mounts to the side of the frame, and the SS tip style mounts to the top of the frame but has the tailpipe clamp integrated into it.
  11. Those are the ones at Ground Up that came in a kit I purchased with the rear/tailpipe hangers. Ground Up also offers different style tailpipe hangers to suit your needs.
  12. And it has the belt moulding in your blown up pic.
  13. Lol cool. Could it be a Custom? Has the sport mirror and steering wheel that I noticed quickly.
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