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  1. Did you check the reverse light bulbs themselves. Check them first before checking the neutral safety switch. Also look at the wires in the trunk, on both sides of the trunk lock. Make sure they are connected. Someone may have removed the key buzzer module, been inside the column and removed the contacts or they may have broken off. Start inside the trunk also with the wires and make sure the fuel gauge wire is hooked up. Most likely it is the sending unit inside the tank. Burnt out bulbs is a common issue for the gauge cluster. Replace the bulbs. Recommend LED bulbs. Others will most likely recommend the ones that work. I haven't done this upgrade as of yet to my fleet. Lol The printed circuit after 50 or so yrs gets very brittle. Does your car have gauges? Idiot lights? Hey! What year Monte and options do you have. Also, WE like pics!
  2. Hi John. What issues are you having? We have a lot of members who like to help others. Ask away....
  3. Like big Orange WAY better! No disrespect to the overhauling version.
  4. Don't believe it is a custom. No sport mirror and no "custom" steering wheel. It does have the upper belt wide moulding.
  5. I'll be deleting my account… Thank you for your help. 


  6. Hope everyone has a safe trip and a great time!
  7. Kick down cable is obviously broken. That is not the issue for the original problem. Reposition the return spring to where there is NO interference with the throttle linkage. PEOPLE! Install 2 return springs! If and or when one breaks, you will not have a stuck open throttle. A little insurance.
  8. Happy Father's Day!
  9. Thank you Dennis. I have tried that to no avail. 😡
  10. Took a pic of a column shifted tilt column I have "in stock". Pics won't load now on this site, the last few days for me. All good before. 🤔 Well, anyways was going to ask if this is the part you need. Send me a pm with your number and I will text you the pic if you like.
  11. What is wrong with the one you have?
  12. Like Dennis mentioned, the lower bowl is sold for the tilt column if you are converting to a floor shifter or have a floor shifter. If you are looking for a column shift one, none are made.
  13. #16 is the upper collar. It houses the lock cylinder, the Hazzard button and turn signal lever, tilt also if a tilt column. The lower one houses the shifter lever if column shifted or smooth if floor shifted.
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