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  1. Phone call and text sent for the original rechromed ones.
  2. The "by Chevrolet" on the emblem is slightly different but the main difference is what you already stated. The "pin" position is different. The 71 "by Chevrolet" can be replaced with the 71 SS tail panel emblem as a direct replacement where the 71 SS emblem will not directly fit the 70.
  3. No notifications, just bouncing on and off all day. Lol retirement is nice though. Lolol
  4. Lol. Sorry, thought it was a given they were original.
  5. No. They are different.
  6. Lol kinda. No I did not contact Dan and do not intend to. We have 5 other plates, original and new version in our cars and a few friends that have no issue. I feel it is something with the base of the shifter. No way an original style and new style shifter plate from Dan both have the same issue. I have 100% confidence in all of Dan's products and highly recommend them!
  7. Well the rain here in the north east finally stopped. Lol So today's project was to find the Dan Janes ( aka overdrive) slap shifter plates. After looking in the bazillionth spot for the umteenth time they were located!!!! Sweet! Then the delema, which one to use? The original design or the latest version. WELL both designs did not work. 🤔 No way could I have the only original version and only new design that doesn't work. So something was up. I investigated further and found the new staple shifter handle not raising the bar high enough to get the shifter into low gear detent. Hmmm. Compared the old shifter to the new and besides the inferior quality of the new handle compared to the original handle I found the "cross bar" on the new handle taller than the original. Tried modifying the bar to no avail. So I decided to transfer all the original "guts" of the handle into the new handle. Same thing. Then reassembled the original handle with the original parts and STILL not going into low. Slightly filed the original shifter plate from Dan and it kinda works. Was totally done with the shifter at that point, for today. Still not the way it should be. Also painted the radiator top plate for what I thought was the last time and when I checked it after the shifter issue a feather fell into it. Yup, of course. At that point I put everything away and see what damage the feather did, if any, tomorrow.
  8. That's the tie bar Dennis, not the support. But, that is 71/72 specific also. Lol
  9. No. Lol. Well almost. The 72 has 2 holes in the radiator support for the turn signal bulb sockets where the 71 does not. Otherwise, yes, you can use the 72 support on a 71 and a 71, if you drill the holes on a 72. The 70, because of the headlight location will not work with the 71 or 72 front sheetmetal.
  10. Does it have a/c or HD cooling? Then it should have 4 bolts holding the top rad plate on. 3 bolts and smaller radiator opening for a non-a/c non HD cooling car. 70 has the headlights closer to the radiator than the 71 /2 does.
  11. What is the issue, besides the rust, with the one you have Willie? Want to know what year support it is?
  12. The bolt in yolk was used in heavy duty applications. Delivery vans (p30s), some tow trucks, flat beds etc. After unbolted, it should slide out. Sounds to be stuck, hit it a little more. There is an o-ring on the tailshaft that probably hardened like a rock.
  13. Here is an example of Kevin's work and measurements on our 1971 402, numbers matching, factory 4speed Monte Carlo.
  14. Possibly the "lock" portion. The key lock that is.
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