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  1. Yes indeed they do. I used them on another Monte project years ago.
  2. Hey Willie! It was great meeting you! Thanks for taking the trip to our "forgotten island" lol. Had it not been for the rain we would have taken Big Red out for a ride. 😁 Like Keven said, we have to make plans to take a trip to your island. Lol Again, great meeting you!
  3. Welcome Grant! Beautiful Monte Carlo SS!
  4. What Canuck and RealRed70 said and pictured. No bowtie emblem, those are repops. Only the derby caps that say Chevrolet motor division are correct. RealRed70, PM sent.
  5. You're welcome. I believe you should be able to do it that way also.
  6. I would put them in. Keeps the body and chassis from "meeting" when flexing.
  7. Beautiful red 71. No engine/engine compartment pics? I noticed not blacked out behind the lower mouldings, 70 optional steering wheel. Also a no gauge car. Not picking on the car, just saying. Easily changed/fixed things.. depending on the price. 🤔
  8. Looks to be some " backyard engineering" I have seen worse. Lol the bracket you have pictures should bolt directly to the frame. Maybe your binding issue is from the height of the installed set up?
  9. Alot of parts are like that. Just a "phantom" fit.
  10. Looking good! Especially with the slight overhang, I vote for all the tail mouldings. I feel the 72 should have it/them. That's one of the unique parts that make the 72 distinct from the 70 and 71.
  11. On a small block, street/strip header that I use is a full length headman header.
  12. I have a few other choice words for that seller!! 😖🤯😖 Dan, I'm sorry for this development. 😓
  13. Hey Dan! Sweet acquisition! Look forward to seeing your progress!
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