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  1. MC1of80

    quadrajet 7040200

    When your 454 was rebuilt the surface was "decked" and the original vin and engine code were removed. A 512 block, the last 3 in the block part number, would have been used in 1970 for a 454. You can look for the head(s) casting date and part number under the valvecovers. Also the intake casting date if you feel they are original to the car.
  2. MC1of80

    quadrajet 7040200

    Your engine was built Nov 6th 1969 and your Monte assembled 3rd week of November 1969? You are goooood.
  3. Hi. I used these from Ground up. Match the originals. And look good.
  4. The holes in the spring clip are for the red spacer to go through. If the spacer isn't on the holes just right, the horn will blow. Also look at the clearance between the spring clip and the steering wheel retaining nut. Sometimes it may be necessary to file the big hole so it doesn't touch the nut.
  5. Paul, the horn stays on when you tighten the steering wheel nut? Not installing the horn button? How do you have the cup for the horn button, the concave metal spacer and the nylon isolator indexed? (Stacked) Sometimes the issue is there. Must be correct.
  6. MC1of80

    quadrajet 7040200

    When was the engine built? That's the date code you need to be in the 6 month range. The engine then within 6 months of the car being assembled.
  7. Willie, are you talking about these or the 2nd pic?
  8. MC1of80

    quadrajet 7040200

    Here is a pic of the original rebuilt carb on "Barn Find" my 71 402 car. You can see the new choke thermostat mounted to the factory intake. I hope this helps.
  9. If you want, and you feel like taking a ride, you're more than welcome to take the measurements yourself, if you like or make a template from our "Covid 71". I will remove the emblems for ya so you have the exact placement.
  10. Any chance of locating the original holes from inside the trunk? The holes are in that same location as non SS cars. The "by Chevrolet" studs are in the same location as the "SS" studs. This is for 71 SS 454 only. The 70 "by Chevrolet" has a different stud location.
  11. That's your neutral safety switch. Just transfer it over to the new column and adjust. You have an aftermarket shifter, there is no proper way.
  12. Welcome!! Nice looking ride! I bet you can't wait till she arrives! Let the fun begin!! Lol
  13. Hi Bob. The master cylinder is all aluminum. Not painted. Its for a disc/disc braking system. The right front brake line is prebent from inline tube. It's routed in the factory position as is the left. Only bent upwards for the new proportioning valve location.
  14. Both #4 rockers loosened and air coming out exhaust? You have a bent valve, hardened seat falling out (if you have them) guide falling out or some sort of obstruction obviously.
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