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  1. Morris by far. Not cheap but you'll only have to buy them once. I know from experience.
  2. I replaced my switch with a "genuine" gm part and my gauges and my heater lights went out. After pulling out what was left of my hair I discovered what stangeba said. The replacment switch was missing a terminal. When a new problem crops up always look at the last thing that was touched.
  3. thanks to all the connection IS on the back of the a/c compressor.
  4. Found this the other day and I'm not sure where it belongs. I have the round connector doubled back it supposed to run toward the firewall. I wanted to get it into the picture with the plug it starts from.
  5. What all did you do other than the steering box? It would seem I have the same wandering problem at highway speeds.
  6. I'm going LED on my lights. Which relay works best on 72 Monte. All the ones I looked at online say they worked on some cars and not on others.
  7. I know this an old post but summit racing sells pigtails that plug into one of the lamp sockets so there is no cutting of wires and can easily be returned to stock. for us new to the site.
  8. I'm in the Anchorage area. I've had my Monte for a little over a year. it's about 90% complete. just some electric problems. I've taken it to a few car shows this year so maybe you've seen it.
  9. Looks like a good starting point. Keep sending the pics as you progress. By the way you seem to be the only first gen Monte fan other than me in the state that I've heard from.
  10. Just to add to this confusion, ALL my side windows (front and rear) read backwards from the outside. the rear glass reads forward from the outside.
  11. kpcsgasp


  12. just some pics from this year's fair. Had a limited amount of room for cars this year. Apparently farm tractors are more important.
  13. I don't know how much you want to spend bur retro sound makes a great product. this is my install in my 72.
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