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  1. Looking for a tilt column for 72 floor shift automatic. Anyone know a good source?
  2. Good looking rig. Looks like it's worth it.
  3. kpcsgasp


  4. Where does one find the longer hold down rod?
  5. if you have them available I'd appreciate the help. I have seen the Dakota Dash replacement package. Do you know how difficult that is to install. Since the car is mostly # matching (except for the engine block) will it affect the value?
  6. 2 questions where's a good place to gat a tilt coulmun without taking a second mortgage. and second car is about 90% complete but dash needs attention. I had to run a seperate ground wire to get the temp gauge to work. the amp gauge and dash lights are still MIA. the mylar circuit run behind the gauges look every bit of it's 50 years old. How hard is it to swap out? anyone done this before? While I'm thinking of it would it be smart to replace the amp gauge with a volt gauge?
  7. just purchased it in June
  8. 72 monte for your viewing pleasure
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