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  1. I don't have a schematic and was wondering if anyone knew where the lighter ground was terminated at. The center lead reads 12 volts to ground but the negitive lead shows open when I ohm it out. I'd want to tear as little apart as possible to repair this. Any clues?
  2. I installed a Retro Sound unit in my 72. I have the mic in the upper left corner of the windshield and ran the cable up the A pillar. I do have a bit of a noise problem with the window down but in Alaska that's a rare occurrence.
  3. Had mine leather wrapped and stitched to match the body color for my 72
  4. kpcsgasp


  5. First snow usually flies around the 1st-2nd week of Oct. and hangs around until April. not much for a show season. About 75% of this season was rain soaked. I'll probably be looking to relocate to the east coast after next year when I retire (if interest rates cooperate).
  6. Lots of rain outs this year but the good days we're great! Won a couple of shows and had a lot of fun. a couple of parades and it will be time to put Big Orange to bed.
  7. I know my 72 didn't come with one but i'd like to install one. anyone know of one that fits near the battery and tucks into the fender. I don't have much room to instlall one along the edge of the engine bay unless someone has another idea?
  8. Old topic I know but I installed a Borgeson unit in my 72 and the difference is tremendous. On center feel is much improved and the car doesn't wander any more. Before a strong wind would take me for a ride now it holds the road much better. Thanks for the advice.
  9. 2 questions that shouldn't need to be asked: 1: Is this your car? Look at the shirt! 2: what year is this? Read the plate! Yet I was asked those questions dozens of times.
  10. Really good show this weekend. about 150+ cars I was the only Monte (if you don't count Monte Fuego). good variety of displays, music and fun. Note the club plate on display. I was asked about it a few times.
  11. Late start this year but expect to have a good amount of dates this year.
  12. Anyone know where to source replacement nylon nut plates that secure the rear taillight lenses? I guess 52 years was just too much for the originals.
  13. Agreed. we don't use e brakes in Alaska. they tend to freeze to the drum. although she stays indoors during the winter.
  14. Used the Kenwood's that came with them. they sound ok but I might replace them later.
  15. The driver's side gets real close to the e brake. And you need to put some sound insulation behind the speakers. Be careful installing them as the plastic isn't as forgiving as the stock material.
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