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  1. Ya I don’t crack “a” beer anymore so I have to plan them wisely. No beer till I’m done for the day. But usually by then it’s bedtime. I get up at 4:30 every morning. Sux
  2. Dtret

    True SS?

    What ever became of this mission?
  3. Just curious. Did you weld the new nuts in place or just tighten? Probably never have to get to them again so my question is irrelevant. But asking for my own curiosity. If you didn’t weld can you cut size appropriate holes and put in flat body plugs or would that look stupid and be to noticeable?
  4. So I found this ad again and got ahold of the guy. He only had six left but he still had what I needed. 4:45 this morning off to Tennessee I went. I picked up all 6 for 20 bucks each. 523 miles for 1 needed exhaust manifold. God I’m stupid
  5. Ya I got one also. It’s in a box somewhere 😮. But think about the placement of that.if it leaks fuel vapors in the interior of the car. Engineers?
  6. Dtret

    New Guy Here

    Ya but now look at all the drive time you’ll get. They aren’t worth the work when we’re doing them but it sure seems worth it in the end. Just think if you would have paid someone to do it. A lot of people can’t do what you did. That’s a hell of an accomplishment. Relish it.
  7. I did that on my 88 Monte SS bought gm zz4 crate motor from jegs and it was out of warranty before I even got it in the car. 15 years later and it’s only got about 300 miles on it. Ya I need to build another one. Right?
  8. If I’d quit spending money on parts I don’t need yet I might actually get something done. Driving from Cincinnati to south of Knoxville Tn tomorrow morning just to pick up exhaust manifolds 😜🔫KMN
  9. Ya I think I’ll put mine away for winter also. HaHa 😂 mabey I can put some skies on it and ride it down the hill. Back up won’t be no fun though. I’ll probably rethink that
  10. Dtret

    New member

    Welcome to the fun. I don’t think a lot of us have figured out what to do with them either. We just keep working on them🤪💵
  11. Dtret

    New Guy Here

    She goes from short sleeve to sweatshirt and that’s how I even get 2 degrees but I cannot say anything cause she pays the bill
  12. Dtret

    New Guy Here

    Ya but look st the bright side. You get to run the ac a lot less than some of us. My woman has a 2 degree temperature variance between heat and a/c. Get to open the windows probably a total of two days a year
  13. Dtret

    New Guy Here

    I was thinking the same thing. You get it done and now it’s time to park it. 😢😢😭
  14. Dtret

    New Guy Here

    You need one of front “license “ plate with the FGMCC logo. I keep lookingat the pics. DAHM that’s nice. I can only hope mine turns out close to that nice. WOW
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