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  1. That’s pretty cool. I’ve not seen one either. Gonna buy it aren’t you?
  2. I purchased the pedal mount,license plate light and back up lights. Thanks Mike.
  3. Welcome to the group. Keep us informed on your progress. I’m doing a 71SS also.We can compare notes.
  4. I think it should be called a builting. Just saying
  5. If you call a water heater a water heater than why don’t you call a furnace an air heater?
  6. Why is it called a PIN number. Personal identification number number?
  7. And why do you call it a hot water heater. When it’s just heating water.
  8. Why does the atm in the drivethru have brail?
  9. I’d get it fixed. A welder can build it up than grind it down to form the tab and the flat spot for the cover bolt. It may never be perfect but you will get them bolt holes back. But it does kinda look like it was done intentionally
  10. Let me know what you want for all of it. Yes 71. Based on the pictures they look pretty good. Not new obviously
  11. Did you call any welders and see if the can form a new tab? Based on what your saying where it’s broke don’t affect the transmission at all
  12. Ya as a matter of fact. Front turn signal lenses, license plate light and back up light lenses. Yes I know I can find it all repop but would like oe with correct dates. That all for today Thanks Dennis
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