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  1. That’s excellent. Congrats.
  2. My rear defroster works on hi and not on low. Not being an electrical savant, I jumped the resistor and the low works. So I now have 3 defrost switches that don’t work because of bad resistors. My question is what do I use for a resistor. The picture shows the ceramic (?) resistor. I’m looking to buy 3 of them to fix all the switches. Thanks.
  3. Don’t be knocking us chevelle people. You do know that the Monte is the chevelles younger, and much more refined, brother right?? 😆 LOL
  4. So I got one of the first parts I started looking for when I bought the car today. MY VIN TAG. ( I also posted in another post so sorry about duplication). So tomorrow Two rivits popped in ( yes I have the correct ones) dash pad installed and I can get the glass put in. Whoo Hooo.
  5. Guess what I finally got. God I was such a newb when I posted this. It took a year and a half.
  6. Get the car, drive it for awhile and be making a list at the same time. There are a ton of options for getting nice parts, original gm or aftermarket, don’t just buy the first thing you see because you need it. There is a ton experience in this group, ask away we will all try to point you in the best direction.
  7. Definitely unlikely. That would be about as unlikely as you parking your plow truck and grabbing a shovel to do the driveway. lol 😂
  8. That’s what happens when “ day 2” parts are added and all the original parts get pitched. That’s why we have eBay, etc. lol.
  9. Adding to what was already posted you can order the console harness AND the extension harness. It will get you from the wires that go on the column to the shifter but you will still need to put a nss in the shifter. If it has one you’re probably going to have to adapt the wiring. If you order them harnesses I believe they also have wiring for lighting. I think the easiest is exactly what both Tom and Joe said. Nss on the column and the column lock rod.
  10. That’s amazing. I really miss that kind of snow. We got 2 inches here and you’d think the sky was falling. Now I’m not saying I want it. Lol. I can miss it from afar. Joe at least the hot tub showed up before the major snow. They could be delivering it now. Lol.
  11. Welcome. Nice to fulfill a dream. Nice looking car.
  12. It is. I will dig through my paperwork tomorrow after work. There were several different ones out there and I didn’t like the color. It didn’t match the dash. I went through my paperwork tonight. It was purchased through eBay. Third one up from the bottom. My eBay receipt didn’t tell me squat. But that should be the phone number. About 35 bucks
  13. If you like the looks of mine, let me know and I will figure out where I got it. If you don’t like it and you think it looks like dog doo don’t tell nobody. Lol.
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