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  1. This one no doubt. This will be the snowball from hell.
  2. Missed these. They completely stripped the car to build another one. But I did get an extra real nice passenger door, a very fixable 71/72 passenger( I think) fender and a partial fender that they cut apart. O and an extra deck lid.
  3. I will put my new purchase here since I bought it for parts for the pos 70, if I decide to do it. It’s a 71 and was, and is pretty much rust free. Then came “ the accident “. 35 mph crash ( ya I lied when I was in trouble too when I was a kid). Insurance company paid out almost 15,000 and it came with a salvage title. Roof is perfect, that may be already sold, but the back half of the car is very nice. So I got all my patch panels now.
  4. If you’re going by color the a/c is green. This is black. Oil pressure switch? Have to see the inside of the plug.
  5. Just pop it off and take it with you. Any auto parts store should have it. I always called it the air cleaner vent filter or pcv filter in air cleaner. It worked for me. They are only ( well used to be) just a couple bucks.
  6. I don’t have any money, but see if they take a check. I have 4 boxes of them so I’m good. Oops speaking of money, I bought another one yesterday. More to follow. Lol.
  7. Welcoming. Nice looking car. Again you and the family stay safe.
  8. At least they got the color of mine close. Lol.
  9. I’m going 45,500. And I hope I’m wrong.
  10. If you’re going to drive the 72 ( not happening) does that mean you have had the rearend fixed?
  11. These are the pictures Willie was referring to.
  12. Dtret

    EL 72.

    Screen name. He just joined and this was his first post. He might be a little nervous yet be patient he will figure it out.
  13. Dtret

    EL 72.

    Thought this may help explain this
  14. Figured I’d post here what I texted Willie in case I’m wrong. 3992376 was replaced in 7/72 by part number 326564. It works on all 70-72 engines except special high performance. Please correct me if my information is incorrect.
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