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  1. Probably better but I would need to do more investigation. I know what my pos is, I don’t know what the 72 is. Big block? Could be the trifecta???
  2. Black Silverado, black open trailer and light blue w/ white top.
  3. I fully understand. You guys put a ton of time and effort into these meets. FYI, it does NOT go unnoticed or unappreciated. We all thank you. Same goes for that other guy out east. Lol.
  4. Honk as you pass me on 70 about an hour past Columbus. Lol.
  5. The length has to be correct. The strength of the spring depends on the thickness of the actual spring winding.
  6. Good. You made it safe. 👍. I’m still 9 hours out. Lol. Leaving in the morning. I still have a wake up left.
  7. They should have a hanger board in the showroom. Just look for the springs. Remember if it’s not in the computer they don’t have it.
  8. I know. They should still be there though.
  9. That is an awesome view. 👍👍Drive careful.
  10. Most of the parts stores will carry a double spring set, or used to. The spring feel is going to be up to you. The gas pedal will tell you. Some people like a hard pushing pedal, some don’t. I like a easy pushing pedal.
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