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  1. Use some white out to mark it so you can see it with a light when it’s running
  2. Here’s another way to do the trim. Use the left up the sale piece on the right side and the right side on the left side and a little massaging. Wa la
  3. That the piece that goes along the roof, cut off two inches and slide it over and it should sit under the drip rail and not be really noticed — cut the front section by the windshield
  4. Now you know why I asked for pics. Cause I almost bought one of them. Ha
  5. According to posted pics the ones on eBay are wrong. Wording is on bottom instead of top
  6. Thanks guys. Now who’s got one to sell me?That works. Ha ha
  7. Ok so it the same as chevelle. I seen others and I got confused. Now I have to find one. Thanks Rick
  8. If you do the back glass vinyl you will have to add pins to hold the trim down and also the chrome going along side on sale panel will end about two inches short of mating up with the drip molding. Mabey 1 1/2
  9. I’m looking for a nice rear defrost switch and I am seeing like 3 different versions. Can someone pretty please post a picture of a OE CORRECT switch for a 71. Thanks so much Dennis
  10. WOW. Sorry your selling. That’s a beautiful car. They did an awesome job building. That’s going to make someone a very fun car
  11. When you buy a top to put on it,it goes windshield to below back glass. There should be enough left to go to the drip moldings but then you will have to cut all the trim pins off the roof. What are your plans on the back end of the car below the back glass and the sale panels. There is chrome there also
  12. Dtret

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    Their never done. Keep that in mind
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