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  1. Welcome to the group. I’m glad you finally jumped on and posted.
  2. I really didn’t think my post was all that positive. Lol 😂
  3. I’m thinking that the metal went for Chevelle parts just like a lot is the Monte SS cars.
  4. All that work for almost nothing. He wants dates. Turn your hearing aid up, old man.
  5. Dtret

    ss registry?

    I have two SS cars that are not on you list.
  6. My 71 was September 18, 1970 according to the build sheet. California My 70 was April of 70 second week. Flint. So I’m out. You don’t need vins to do this. All the info is on the cowl tag. My crashed body is July, 71 second week. Hmmm. Kansas
  7. I put the proper connectors on the motor and wire also, so it looks factory. Much better than a blue scotch lock.
  8. I got it to work correctly on the bench. If the video loads correctly it shows the correct colors at the end. It took a second to figure out the float. The light does go on and off as the wipers are turned on and off. IMG_4750.MOV
  9. Knock it with the bananas. I do like banana pudding, with the wafer cookies.
  10. I put the pertronix set up in my chevelle 20 plus years ago. It’s still running fine. I also have it in my 71.
  11. While most of us members just use the site for what it is and not really thinking about how it got to where it is. There are a lot of behind the scenes activities going on that we don’t realize. The evolution is awesome and it’s still happening, it has to. You guys all do great things to build the club. A thankless endeavor, possibly. But most of the members that realize what’s going on will undoubtedly thank everyone that makes this happen. I for one thank all for making this club what it is.
  12. Interesting thought. We’ve all seen the assembly line photos of the bodies being dropped on the frames at the factory. Do you think gm used a simulated weight system that produced the final weight of the car when they put final torque specs in place? It would have been unproductive to go back and torque everything on final assembly. I agree the frame should be loaded but it makes me wonder.
  13. Additionally the two holes in between the bolts for the upper bracket are for the license plate light.
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