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  1. Dtret

    class is in

    What are you going to do with the junk block. I’m might need it for my chevelle. I can fix it. ( lol add it to the list). I have some blocks here that might suit your needs.
  2. I got lucky and picked up a mint set off marketplace. I paid 20 plus shipping. I’ll put the in the pos70 box.
  3. Good luck to the team. Drive safely.
  4. Used this. Very handy for repairing plastic.
  5. On the top and bottom of the vent for left and right. The louvers have 6 little plastic girdles they roll on and they are always broken. That’s why the vents flop around.
  6. Thanks Mark. I really want one of them. That banana destroyer. lol.
  7. You need to add the twerking banana.
  8. Stuffed bananas. Karen throws them around the house and laughs when I chase them.
  9. Today’s all day project was to restore the AC vents on the dash. I got one done and started the others which will go a lot faster now that I have a plan. The floppy directional vents are no more. I know that I could have just bought new ones but I wanted to try this first.
  10. I’m sure the wife will appreciate that. lol.
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