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  1. Found this page on FaceBook today (Lost Muscle Cars) and thought I would pass it on. I will be adding (I hope) my wife's first car a Red 1973 Mercury Cougar. It was stolen way back in 1979 from the parking lot where she worked. https://www.facebook.com/lostmusclecars Not related, but...... I had a video chat with a company 10+ years ago, that was working on a new TV show where they would help people find their old car. I couldn't wait to watch this show but it never made it.
  2. I went to an auto parts store and it was difficult to find regular style oil but there were tons of synthetic oil on the shelves. I didn't notice (or look for) the price difference?
  3. Andrew, my 71 350 4BBL also has a trans leak and I think it is from the same spot, left side. I added cruise control to mine about 30 years ago so there are some differences. Hope this helps some.
  4. Cool, I have never seen this alignment machine, thanks!
  5. What Engine Oil do you use in your Monte Carlo, synthetic Oil or Conventional oil?
  6. Aaron, yes it is a funny show, we like it to. So nice I had it recorded so I could pause and get my phone to take a picture.
  7. I have only seen 3 or 4 "Son Of A Critch" TV shows (Show is set in Canada in the 1980's) and today watching one from Christmas, there was a 71 Monte in it. I noticed a different tall hood ornament and wider rally wheels. I think it was a med dark bronze color. The Uncle told his 15 year old nephew he would sell it to him after the kid gave him a $1,000 deposit. SCAM...
  8. Not mine but I found this years ago if it helps.
  9. Nice Monte! Welcome to the club.
  10. This is old (Muscle Car Review 1990) but it may help. (Click link to read) https://1971montecarlo.wordpress.com/2023/08/30/front-end-alignment-information-2/
  11. Welcome Mark! That is a great looking Monte!
  12. Welcome to the club! Great looking Monte.
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