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  1. Went back to Woodward today, walked 6 miles and saw 5 Monte's. What a great day. Forgot to take any pics.......
  2. Got my cruise control working and went to Woodward last night. The place was jammed, but it was not too hot. After driving for some time i looked to my left and there was a green 71 SS 454 in the lane left of me. The traffic was slow so we talked for some time. Very nice car and he had his wife and three children in the back seat. Then a short time later I see my sister, her husband and two other relatives in their red 1967 Pontiac Firebird OHC-6 convertible and we talked some in the slow traffic. Great night till we were turning into our subdivision and my speedometer stopped working. I hope the cable just came loose because the cruise control was working fine all night. Bruce
  3. Sorry, corrected......... sometimes I push the wrong buttons, not my Cruise Control button.......... Bruce
  4. Good idea Rob! I was thinking of using a lawnmower "sponge" air filter and cutting it to fit. Paul, thanks for the name, I will see what they can do or what they have. Bruce
  5. Some pictures of a CC unit like mine. (rebuilt) The filter is under the square thing with holes in it. Bruce
  6. stangeba


    First one I have ever seen! Great looking cars and picture. Bruce
  7. Dale, they all look great. Enjoy the cars and family. Bruce
  8. WOW, just WOW!!!!!!!! This is so great to see and hear. Great pictures! I bet you could write a book about your collection. Where in Michigan are you? I'm in Shelby Township, about 20 Miles North of Detroit. Woodward dream cruise is on. Bruce
  9. I added a used Cruise control to my 71 about 30 years ago. It has served me well with several unexplained issues, where it would not engage. Each time I just took it apart, did really nothing and it would work again for several years. I bought a back up unit over 10 years ago just in case. Well is stopped working again last week so I started testing and found the "engage" button on the T/S lever would not send power properly, it would just flash for a brief second and go out when the button was pushed all the way in. I have a spare button so I tried it out with no luck, BUT the new switch was NOT grounded it was just plugged into the connector under the dash. I took apart the unit under the hood and sanded the two different "points" inside and couldn't find any other problem except this air filter that is falling apart. I removed the air filter, reinstalled everything and got it to work, with a then grounded replacement switch. Then even with the old switch worked! Does anyone know where to get this filter? I may make just one from a lawn mower filter. (I think it's ready to be replaced, don't you?) Thanks, Bruce
  10. Cruised Woodward Saturday PM, not much happening. Drove around Sunday but the speed control no longer was working so I took it apart and now it works. Sanded the two "contact" points and removed the rotten air filter. Anyone know where to get a new speed control air filter? It was falling apart, perhaps the debris caused it to stop working? Bruce
  11. Welcome, great pictures! Keep them coming. Bruce
  12. Welcome! Great looking Monte and great pictures! Bruce
  13. Great day at the Utica, Michigan car show with my brothers and sister. The 1937 Dodge was purchased by our grandfather new in 1937 now has a 25" flathead Chrysler with a T-5 5 speed overdrive. The firebird is a OHC 6 now with a T-5 5 speed overdrive and then there is my 71 Monte. I added the "pole" to make sure the hood didn't close in the wind.
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