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  1. Anyone remember the story where someone was adding gasoline to their friends vehicle each day. The friend started bragging how great his fuel economy was. Then he changed something silly (like a sticker on the window) and then the friend started to remove gasoline from the tank and it freaked the owner out how this sticker could lower his fuel economy. 🤣
  2. We are talking Miles Per Gallon or L / km? 😁
  3. All this milage talk had me wondering what my 71 stock 350 4 BBL has been averaging. I have a spreadsheet with all my vehicles miles and gas station fill up data since 2006. Here is what my Monte has averaged each year with a total average of 16.17 M.P.G. mostly regular 87 unleaded gas. 16.17 YEAR MPG 2006 15.5 2007 16.4 2008 16.1 2009 15.4 2010 16.2 2011 16.5 2012 17.0 2013 16.4 2014 15.7 2015 15.9 2016 16.0 2017 15.6 2018 16.9 2019 16.5 2020 16.4 2021 16.2 2022 16.2
  4. Anyone know if First Gen Monte bushings and the same as 2nd gen Monte's?
  5. When I replace mine again, I will try to go as stock (rubber) as I can. I replaced my entire ft suspension about 32 years ago with urethane bushings. They started to squeak about 6 years later. I would spray them with silicone each year and that helped for a few years but now it's terrible. I don't remember the brand name.
  6. I remember changing the small original hoses at the gas tank. I almost threw away this blue plastic restrictor that was stuck inside of one of the hoses.
  7. I love your engine! Keep the pictures coming, please!
  8. I got in, started the engine and took her for a ride.
  9. Can't believe it's been 51 years already! Good times.......
  10. Looks great! Getting to drive it even just up and down the street helps to get things going. Good luck and take lot's of pictures.
  11. https://www.gmheritagecenter.com/gm-heritage-archive/vehicle-information-kits-old.html Found this via the GM Heritage Center Web Site and thought it could be of help to some. 1971 has 111 pages! Enjoy!
  12. I haven't looked for tires in years. I know Diamondback https://dbtires.com/product/diamond-back-ss/ can put any size WSW (or red / blue) on just about any tire.
  13. I ordered the rally wheels on my 71 (NON SS) and got Goodyear G70x15 small single WSW. Later I replaced them with GR70x15 Uni-Royal small single WSW. Since April 19, 2007 I have had COOPER 225/70R15 small single WSW. I didn't like the large black letters and found that I could purchase them from DiamondBack tire. We talked on the phone and they said they would grind / sand / polish them all off. Still got them 15 years later! $89.00 each plus $60.00 shipping. This picture is of my original spare.
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