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  1. Here is the one that came with my 71. My neighbor worked for Chevrolet at the Warren, Mi Tech Center (in 1985) had a new one made for his Chevelle and got one for me to. The one he got me looks a bit like thin black Scotch-Brite. Still looks good 35 years later. Bruce
  2. I got one many years ago from a member but haven't used it yet. This would be a good gift for our members! 😁 Bruce
  3. This is an article I wrote for my 71 NON-A/C heater core that MAY help you a bit. (Look out for the SNOWBALL.......) Bruce https://1971montecarlo.wordpress.com/2019/04/26/heater-core-replacement-on-a-1971-monte-carlo-no-a-c/
  4. Welcome! Tilt wheel is a great option. Enjoy your Monte. Bruce
  5. I was watching my recording of "MY CLASSIC CAR" Cruisin' the coast (Season 24 Ep9) Mississippi Golf Coast and saw two Monte Carlos!
  6. I just looked at a picture of my 71 and there are no clamps.
  7. Watching a short preview of the next "Better Call Saul" and I saw a first gen Monte! Looked like it was a flat black but was only in the shot for a few seconds.
  8. My 71 NO A/C Monte come with side terminal battery. I remember (I think) 70 was still top mount battery then 71-72 had side mount battery. No overflow on my 71. Bruce
  9. I have had this tie for 20 years. I purchased it from J. C. Penney. I wore it last night for another family wedding. Bruce
  10. WOW! this is fantastic, great workmanship and quality.
  11. This is my brothers so I didn't own it (till after High School) but did get to replace the clutch and drive it for about 2 months my senior year. 1963 Triumph TR-3B In 1973, my brother gave it to me and our younger brother to restore with the mandate he got to purchase it back some day, for cost, when he could afford it. Today it is getting a complete $$$$ restoration by my nephew after his father gave it to him.
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