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  1. I remember a "anti blow out" clip, one on each ft window on my 71. They were plastic or rubber coated clip that I removed years ago because the plastic cracked and fell off. After the plastic was gone it rusted and looked bad. I think they were perhaps 4 or 5 inches forward of the rear 1/4 window. I got some replacements but never installed them. Can't believe I found them in my tool box!! See attached pictures. two different styles / sizes.
  2. The 1971 350, I took the gauges from, had two temp sending units, one right head, one (with two wires) on the left head. Since I removed the TCS stuff in 71 I never took the right sender from the donor car. Bruce
  3. I found this list of tire sizes, that may help? if this link works: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19PQfEAyLZuMborOY05J_nh55ZKav2-AgTDcb-w6e584/edit?usp=sharing
  4. My aftermarket right (passenger side) mirror (that matches my left remote) is knocked out of position every time the door is shut, or you hit a bump. I didn't see a MORRIS remote rt remote mirror, thanks! Bruce
  5. Great question! I flushed out and replaced my fluid back in the late 1980's with what I thought was silicone, the container is labeled DOT-5. Haven't needed to do anything since. I know the old stuff doesn't mix with DOT-5
  6. Not sure about yours but I have yellow and orange wires on my 71 NO A/C heater fan switch. What year is your Monte? Options:? A/C Rear window defog fan Speed control
  7. I don't remember how many but my 71 has these clip / lock things, that needs to be removed first.
  8. I replaced my stock ft seat belts with MORRIS 3 point years ago and I love them. I have a bench seat but added the bucket seat buckles to my order in case I ever do replace my bench seat with buckets. Bruce
  9. Great to see First Gen's in a newspaper, thanks! Bruce
  10. stangeba

    1972 new member

    Welcome to the club! Great pictures and a great looking Monte! Bruce
  11. stangeba

    Looking back

    That is one awesome car!!!!!!!!! I would like a list of your parts please! 😁 I have a few things, like when I thought I should add A/C to my non A/C 71, what a joke, no way I will ever do that but I still have stuff in the basement for over 30 years. Bruce
  12. stangeba

    Looking back

    Packard? I live several miles from the old Packard Proving Grounds in Shelby Township, Michigan. Here is a picture of my 71 at the managers home taken several years ago.
  13. stangeba

    Looking back

    Something to think about. My 1971 Monte Carlo is now 49 years old. So, looking back at a 49 year old Chevrolet today, it would have been built in 1971. In 1971, If I would have looked back to view a 49 year old Chevrolet, it would be from 1922.
  14. Went for a nice drive and put on 52 miles. It's now getting too hot (see the sun!!) so I'm home, writing about it. Here is a picture, I love pictures...
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