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    71 Monte Carlos and old In-Line six cylinder engines.
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  1. So sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
  2. I just received my 20 year grill badge today. Thank you so much! I read through this web site everyday, several times, and really enjoy the posts. Here are two pictures, one from this summer and the other from June 6, 1971. Bruce
  3. You have speed / cruise control!!!!! I love it!!! I added it about 30 years ago to my 71 350 4BBL No A/C.
  4. Back in April 2007, I purchased 4 COOPER 225.70/15 this single WSW tires from DIAMOND BACK CLASSICS in S.C. I didn't like the black huge letters so they ground / polished them off. They also will glue on any size WSW or color you want.
  5. Looks great! I am a stock fan (but I do have radial tires)
  6. On my standard (later TILT wheel) 71 Monte, yea, I forgot about it and broke it when lowering the steering column after lowering it after it was unhooked, several times in prior years. I remember removing the one screw attached to the column then lowering the column. It was not difficult.
  7. Saw this Monte also but didn't see the owner.
  8. At the Woodward Dream Cruise today, the first Monte I found belongs to Richard Gebstadt. This 71 is the best looking 71 Monte I have seen in years! Great talking to you!
  9. I don't use them anymore. What little damage I could make, with out mats is, IMO, Not worth it.
  10. Love car stuff on the walls and I also have some in the basement:
  11. My dad's 1966 Olds 98 had power windows and I remember one of the wires broke on the drivers side door from thousands of times the wire harness was bent opening and closing the door. I did tape it together but it was very tight, no room.
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