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  1. Check your heater core for leaks. Not sure if with A/C is easy or hard but worth checking IMO.
  2. I always think about what has changed. I would look around the area they worked on first. Perhaps they cut a wire or used a torch to heat up a bolt that was stuck and melted something. Good luck!
  3. Thanks, good info! Years ago I had mine rebuild and bushings replaced but not here.
  4. Dan, Good eye! I think you are correct. I took this picture at a car show years ago when I noticed it was different than my 71. I never looked at it closely or saw it again. I try to remember after 50 years, a lot can change and many times it was changed incorrectly by someone.
  5. Congrats, send some pictures!. My friend bought a 71 SS new, after he saw my 71 (non-SS). Nice car!!!! Sadly it got T-Boned years ago.
  6. I like car related stuff! Here is what our basement looks like: My dad worked for a company that sold Sinclair products, later ARCO.
  7. stangeba

    New guy

    Welcome Wilfredo! Bruce
  8. On my 71 (Canada built) Monte the round key should open the trunk and locks and unlocks the glove box and the square key works in the door locks and ignition. Boy, I hope I can open my trunk this spring! I think I will go put the battery charger on right now!
  9. I can't remember the last time I locked my doors! I never bring the round key because I thought that was just for the trunk, not the doors and I have an electric trunk opener. I better go check! I know the last time I tried, the trunk key would't open the trunk. My memory is telling me it NEVER worked....
  10. Good find! My 71 has a green switch in the glove box on the right side. Bruce
  11. My key doesn't work in the trunk either and I don't remember if it ever did. I ordered the electric trunk opener and have been lucky, so far, that it always works. This fall after I backed it into the garage for the winter, I pushed the green button in the glove box to open the trunk and guess what! I will let you all know this spring the outcome................. Bruce
  12. In reading this, my first thought was the battery cable is loose, perhaps the ground (-) cable that may fasten to the ft of the engine or head. Is the battery fastened down or can it flop all over (loose) pulling the cable out? Mtr mount is broken and the engine lifts up again pulling on wires or battery cables?? Good luck!
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