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  1. Perhaps others have used this for years but I just discovered it. Here is one more for fun: https://photos.app.goo.gl/x3vwYMSGkfqkvoML8 Some of the last pics are at the Packard Proving Grounds in Shelby Township, Michigan. The Monte Carlo hall has changed it's name. Enjoy!
  2. I am testing a GOOGLE photo link to see if this is a good way to share pictures. (Click to view) https://photos.app.goo.gl/3nPCg6agg1ESRqc4A
  3. Mine is for a 1971 Monte. Just silver or gray paint on mine but the ball was chromed! (more pictures if it helps)
  4. Sold mine a few years ago to a member. Here is a picture of it "upside down".
  5. Yes! Capri is who I was thinking of. Perhaps she had a contact.
  6. Took a picture of an old (broken) and replacement strap for my 71 from about 11 years ago. If I recall correctly, a female member of the FGMCC from Ohio I think, who had an perfect black 71 SS, sold a bunch of them to the group. I believe it was a bit shorter (I have a 71 350 4BBL No A/C) but did work. Sadly, that perfect 71 SS was destroyed in a garage fire. So sad.
  7. Yes, I should have added a link to show what I was talking about......... sorry... https://www.firstgenmc.com/forums/index.php?/resources/onscreen/ I was going to see about adding this but it's not from a movie. Looks like you need to download it to your device. This is my first .mov I have added to this web site. Friday_News_2012.WMV Woodward 2012
  8. Just visited "Monte Carlos On Screen"for the first time and I was blown away! Now I'm going back again.
  9. Great job! Thank you. I don't remember ever looking at the tag on my Monte, now I want to!
  10. I think that's where I got mine made. Here is the slip the salesman gave me in 71 when I ordered my 71 Monte. I went back the next day and added two other items and my dad talked him into keeping the price the same. I added the sport steering wheel and deluxe safety belts.
  11. Welcome to the group. Great looking Monte!
  12. Great! I thought my engine stamp was 16CUD but it must be 16CJD! Thanks! Bruce 1971 V - Flint, Michigan K - McKinnon Industries T - Tonawanda Engine Plant Assembly Date Month 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 Day 01 - 31 16 Engine Suffix Code CGA - 350 ci 2 barrel with manual trans CGB - 350 ci 2-barrel with Powerglide trans CGC - 350 ci 2-barrel with TH 350 trans CGK - 350 ci 4 barrel with manual trans CGL - 350 ci 4-barrel with TH 350 trans CJD - 350 ci 4-barrel with TH 350 trans CJJ - 350 ci 4 barrel with manual trans CLA - 402 ci 4 barrel with manual trans CLB - 402 ci 4 barrel with TH 400 trans CLL - 402 ci 4 barrel with manual trans CLP - 402 ci 4 barrel with manual trans CPD - 454ci 4 barrel with TH 400 trans
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