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  1. Saw this 72 Monte Carlo while watching Will Trent on TV. Not sure you can view this video... thought I would give it a try.. IMG_2577.MOV
  2. Just a thought, perhaps sending your desired vehicle to this FB page (lostmusclecars) it may help and it's free. https://www.facebook.com/lostmusclecars/
  3. Any members here own one? There was a guy in the North Detroit area who I believe made 2 or 3 prior to his passing. I did see his son, 2 or 3 years ago driving it at the Woodward Dream Cruise. I believe it was light blue. I will keep looking! I have a picture from car show many years ago. It may have been Ohio.
  4. FYI, My 71 350 4BBL (NO A/C) Monte, built in Canada, came with a 4 bolt cover.
  5. I even washed it today and filled the fuel tank and took a very nice drive. Last night we went to the Lakeside Mall car show in Sterling Heights Michigan. Only one Monte Carlo there this time. Still remember driving it home that day, trying the passing gear. WOT and really enjoying it. The bad part was it arrived at the dealership with two dents in the roof and one on the front edge of the hood. They did repair them but I had a trip planned to drive it to Parma Ohio to show it to one of my brothers with me and five family members stuffed into the Monte. Two other, not great, things also happened that day, I got my first ever speeding ticket on South bound I-75 at the very south end of Michigan. The State Trooper also pulled over 4 more cars along with me. Second, my brother was driving it with the family in the car and it started to rain. He turned on the windshield wipers and after one swipe, the drivers side blade went flying off into the street. Luckly, he was able to pick it up and we re-installed it, no problem! So many things to remember about and with this car!!!
  6. It's been 53 years since I drove home my new 71 Monte Carlo!
  7. Welcome Steven! Nice monte!
  8. This is from my 71. I don't know if other years have the same thing or not.
  9. Always happy to try and help!
  10. When my 71 instrument cluster was out I took a picture of it and you can see the ground wire that turns into a skinny piece of metal.
  11. Yep! Info from my 71 if it helps anyone. I remember hearing that replacement headlight switches may be missing one of the terminals. My 71 has 7 as shown. The ground wire shown above is critical! I have another picture I will post if I can ever find it!!
  12. My 71 repo build sheet from Canada:
  13. I could use one also. I believe the one I found was a bit too short. The top one is the correct size. I did take this picture March 2010, but that was a long time ago.
  14. Years ago I replaced all my ft end with Red Polyurethane bushings. I think the squeaking started about 3 years later and still hasn't stopped. I think this is the first time I have heard of polygraphite bushings. THANKS!! I can make mine squeak with one finger pressing on the fender or hood. Keep us up to date on where and how much they cost.
  15. WOW! When I was preparing to order my 71 Monte Carlo the first thing I had to have was a AM/FM Stereo radio! I was considering a Camaro but insurance would be too high for a 17 year old kid and they only had the MONO radio, so I went with the Monte.
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