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    71 Monte Carlos and old In-Line six cylinder engines.
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  1. Morris 3 point on my front seats for almost 12 - 1/2 years now! Love them! I thought I would eventually replace my bench seat with buckets but never did yet, so I ordered both the bench and bucket seat "short" female buckle ends.
  2. That must be it because I have seen many mounted that way. After 50 years, I'm not changing it!
  3. My 71 built in Canada. My spare has always been upside-down in the trunk. (White Wall down) I have seen some up, but my threaded hold down bolt is too short..
  4. stangeba

    72 spare tire

    Roger, No, it is not in very good shape, worn on the inside plus the rubber is cracked at the rim area. Not worth the shipping cost, sorry.
  5. stangeba

    72 spare tire

    Just found one in the basement.
  6. stangeba

    72 spare tire

    Still have my original tire on my spare. G70 x 15 w single thin White Stripe. I probably should see if it has any air in it!
  7. Welcome! Your story may be my grandson's story some day. (I hope)
  8. I run 87 and never add anything to the gas on my all stock 71 350 4 bbl. with 164,000 miles. My garage smells like gasoline on a hot day after I drive and then park it. Gone by the next day. After sitting for a week it takes a lot of cranking to fill the fuel bowl and then it starts fine, but no other issues.
  9. Nice! Thanks for posting.
  10. it's been over 18,000 miles and 14 years already since I got a set of COOPER tires with the thin WSW. I didn't like the huge letters that were on the tires and called to talk to Diamond back where they took a set of Cooper's, ground off all the huge letters and shipped them to me for less than I was going to pay a local store for the same tire (with the huge letters). Last time I looked, Cooper didn't sell these anymore.
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