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  1. This is my brothers so I didn't own it (till after High School) but did get to replace the clutch and drive it for about 2 months my senior year. 1963 Triumph TR-3B In 1973, my brother gave it to me and our younger brother to restore with the mandate he got to purchase it back some day, for cost, when he could afford it. Today it is getting a complete $$$$ restoration by my nephew after his father gave it to him.
  2. Looks nice! One of the best options I ordered for my 71! Funny how each spring I need to wipe it because it gets all sticky. Bruce
  3. After looking at this picture you posted I now remember this style of "3 Point" safety belts. I had forgotten all about them because I never owner a car with them! I don't remember if the "shoulder" belt tightened automatically or if you still needed to adjust then. Cool! I have a 71 and changed it to the MORRIS 3 Point system.
  4. stangeba


    Welcome! Yes, we love pictures!
  5. Busted.................... I was only 17 when the 71 Monte I ordered arrived at the dealership. If I was 18, I could have gotten the vehicle title in my name but since I was 17, it was put into my fathers name for about 4 months. Oh, and I had to give my dad $3735.00 in cash so he could make out a check for the Chevy dealership in Rochester, Michigan since I didn't have a checking account. Yes, I changed the ft anti sway bar to 1-1/8" from a BB Chevelle and added a rear AS Bar. Yes I added a second air inlet snorkel to the air cleaner since I could not afford to order A/C so it had lots of room. I also did a low budget restoration with new fenders, 1/4 panels and used doors in the mid 1980's and I added tinted glass everywhere. There are many other things changed after 162,142 Michigan Miles and 48 years, 7 Months, 29 Days but I'm getting too old to remember them all....... Sure am glade I still have this car, my second one, can't forget the 1956 MURRAY Pedal car (I also still have) used in my I.D. picture. Bruce
  6. I found this years ago when I thought of doing it, never did. The buckets I bought were from a 72 that did NOT have a center counsel, so that is easier to do.
  7. stangeba

    Bitchin' Rides

    I see a Monte during the Woodward Dream Cruise August 2019 on Bitchin' Rides year 6 episode 14. I saw they had a booth this year but didn't see them. Bruce
  8. Bob, You are correct. We love to drive along the shore line going North to Port Huron Michigan near his home. We were there for a party in (WOW) 2003!
  9. Watching "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" with my 3 year old Granddaughter and this caught my eye. Looks like a 72 sort of........
  10. Welcome and Happy New Year!
  11. With my brother and his 37 dodge and sister and her 67 Firebird in downtown Utica, Michigan this summer.
  12. stangeba

    Engine paint

    I remember my 71 engine was a much Redder orange than older Chevy engines. About that time they started to remove the lead form paint and the new color may be a result of that. I worked at E.I. DuPont Automotive finishes in Michigan (in the 80's) and was able to mix my paint and I used the older formula and it was, is way more orange but I like it.
  13. My friend purchased a new 71 SS, after I got my 71 350, and he did NOT have bucket seats.
  14. Looks great! Thanks for the great pictures.
  15. Great looking 71 SS, welcome to the club! My friend had a tan 71 SS, but it was T Boned and totaled in 1977. Bruce
  16. Brian, just over 10 years ago I sent my non working clock from my 71 Monte to http://www.american-classic.com/ They are under new ownership since then. It still works fine but is a tad noisy, no big deal. I have a memory that when it arrived at my house the knob had fallen off. I called the company but they had me deal with a different company (I can't remember their name, but they actually did the work) to ask questions about the damage repair from shipping. $175.00 + shipping. Bruce
  17. Steffen, welcome! I like 71 Monte Carlo's and LOVE the SS 454, wish I had purchased one back in 71! Bruce Stange
  18. stangeba


    This is my original 71 H/L switch. Some replacements don't have the same configuration. FYI
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