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  1. thanks, that’s the one I was considering
  2. Thanks Bob, is it the one sold by Jets that looks like a diaphragm pump and comes as a kit with hose, mounts, switch, wiring...
  3. Thanks guys, I’ll take your advice, the list of todo’s is getting shorter lol
  4. as part on my rebuild on my 71 I put a 383 stroker motor in with a wild cam. manifold vacuum runs 5-6” at ideal, which lead to a hard brake pedal. i put a vacuum canister in and that definitely helped, once i drive it a little, but at start up i still get a hard pedal. a mechanic told me that early camaro’s had a 9/16” booster check valve, that installing it and running a new 9/16” hose from the manifold would help, but after several phone calls to dorman, jegs, summit, napa... no one can source the part, would anyone know a part number or other fix. thanks john
  5. I had planned on going to Carlisle but had to be tested for covid-19, test was negative, I see you had a ss dash, were able to sell it? if not what would you like for it? Joseph
  6. I had a teacher at RIT that said ‘old age and cunning will overcome youth and enthusiasm every time’ I piped in ‘except in a foot race’, that’s when he told us the story of two roosters in a hen house, lol. Don’t hurt his feelings too much. Someone posted on this site that ‘Experience is the teacher that gives the test before the lesson’ and I have the scares to prove it LOL.
  7. Thanks Tom, I know there is a ground from the battery to the body, bat to the engine, body to the frame, but cannot locate engine to the body or the frame, so I have another little project to address before Carlisle, again thanks
  8. is there a ground strap from the engine to the chassis/firewall? if yes where is it located on a small block
  9. yes the 10 bolt works just fine, I got the correct 12 bolt style and the only difference was the gusset/reinforcement plate, I have not installed it yet still using the 10 bolt, MC1of80 is 100% correct! motors in, trans in, rear done, in the shop for x pipe, headers, 2.5” exhaust/mufflers, a couple of little things like acc. hot wire for electric chock, new hood hinge, ... budget, close but no cigar, I kept the original drive train and have an offer for the motor which would bring it back in line
  10. thanks Paul that’s what it is
  11. jets are the same oft power valves are different with larger diagrams and a different port design, jets installed power valve on order
  12. called holley they say yes, other sites say they are different, I’ll let you know what i find
  13. I’m tuning this new carb and it is rich so I will be rejetting it, are holley and qft jets and power valves the same? J
  14. 1971, non ac car, for the time being lol, the bundle goes across the top of the firewall
  15. Progress, ya got to love it. Motor trans and rear are in. 10 bolt to 12 bolt, turbo 350 to 2004R, and 350 2bbl to 383. Cams broke in waiting on oil to do a change and then take her for the first drive. I’m sure there are some surprises waiting for me, but that’s to be expected with sooo many changes. Still on the list; oil/filter change, adjust the TV cable and bracketry (interference with the air breather drop down cover), electric chock final connection, check the lifter lash, SS dash(havent’t assigned a priority to this yet, probably the first thing after the shake down) i
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