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  1. Joe if it’s good for you paypal, can you verify it fits a 3 1/8 carb throat please J
  2. Good morning Joe, It looks like there is a 2 barrel one right up front, am I correct? I’m interested if that is correct I would need both the housing and the top for a 71 350 2barrel. J
  3. Thanks for the reply, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, lol. I bought one and never installed it. This may be the problem.. I hope you have a blessed thanksgiving. J
  4. I recently bought a 71 MC, with 69000 miles a 350 2 barrel,...The car surges at highway speeds, and was missing badly in the mid to upper rpm range. First thing I did was plugs, wires, cap, rotor reset timing and dwell ( found it way off 4* atdc and 12* dwell). I didn’t replace the points because I planned to and did installed the Fast XR-i pointless ignition and a new PS2 coil (coil looked to be stock). Part of the reason for the change was that I wondered if I was losing spark in the mid to upper rpm range causing an intermittent miss. When I examined the plugs #2 cylinder showed signs of oil migration so I pulled the springs on #2 and the valve stems seals were gone, there was very little lateral valve stem movement and about 4% blow by, put new seals on, reassembled. Engine holds 20” of vacuum at idle, and starts and idles fine, drops to about 14” at full throttle and then jumps back up to 20” when throttle plate closes. I have looked for a vacuum leak and found none, any suggestions.
  5. The 15 minute job of converting to pointless ignition is true if the distributor is on the bench, took me just a little longer, let’s says 2-3 hours, I chose the Fast XR-i system over the others available due to ease of installation, some could have required you to shim the distributor which requires removal. If you go to do this install in the car I suggest that you mount the module to the plate then install the plate to the location of the old points, as the advance counter weights are in the way and the small (#6) screw is difficult to align. Attach two wires, reset the timing and idle and your done. Got a new PS2 coil and the fast module off of amazon for $62.09.
  6. Welcome, now that you have a Chevy you’ll no longer have to follow the leader, you can lead, lol.
  7. looks like she has good bones (a great starting place) good luck!
  8. Welcome, it seems we both found a group on knowledgeable, motivated craftsmen. Good luck with your project.
  9. Traveler

    New Guy Here

    Great looking work, it seems there are a few who still take pride in their workmanship, good job!
  10. I had a productive day, I removed the dash pad and replaced all the dash bulbs with led’s, turns out only a few of the bulbs were bad, the holders were corroded. Fixed the radio, speaker ground missing, replaced the right front turn signal bulb, depending on the rain I have more planned for today, #2 valve stem seals, tomorrow or Monday Fast XR-I. Still on the list; get the bench seat to move again, fuel level sending unit, adjust the hood and drivers window, then decide on; upper, lower control arms, front springs, shocks, 1 wire alternator, heads, (after the valve seals succeed or fail) intake, gas tank, radio, Got to have goals in life,lol. J
  11. thanks for the advice and replies, found the drag link(center link) and springs are worn out new ones on order. J
  12. Green was never on my radar, good deals trump color, my 09 Z06 is velocity yellow which was not on my list either 10 years later people still complement me on the car, the MC has drawn multiple positive comments as well
  13. She hasn’t told me her name yet, it’s certainly not b*tch, maybe Lady, this is what she looks like
  14. I was thinking about the $300 set not the $900 set, now a days finding a true craftsman at the shops around me can be tuff, I think I will take you advice rebuild the stock up grade the rear as you suggested thanks J
  15. If you don’t mind my asking what issues do the tubular uppers and lowers create in the front end rebuild? I’m waiting on a valve spring compressor to change the valve stem seals, hopefully it’s not guide’s as well but only cylinder #2 showed any oil issues, 20” and study manifold vacuum hopefully the guides are OK but 69000 miles who knows. J
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