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  1. Very cool set up, thanks for the info john
  2. Good morning all, I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. Im considering converting my heater hose over to AN braided hose. The heater core connections puzzle me, how would I terminate AN to the barb style that is stock? john
  3. great look, and look comfortable as well. I have been looking for seats that incorporate the lap and shoulder belt, I would be interested in what mods the tracks require to mount them
  4. here’s my 2 cents worth, I’m in the middle of this right now, 505hp 383 stroker 2004r from a 87 gn. grenaded it once all ready, TV adjustment issue(experience is the only teacher that gives you the test before the lesson), trying to get the governors straight now, if you go 2004r look for a 2nd gen monte trans the shift points are better but you do lose a little 1st gear ratio, my trans builder thinks I would have been better off starting with a 700r4 (200 parts are getting hard to find and expensive) while 700’s have a great deal of after market support. I didn’t go 4l**e due to the compute
  5. this may be too simplistic a solution but if you have the rotors turned make sure they put a non-directional finish on the rotors, this is just a fancy way of saying while still turning on the lathe ruff them up with a disk sander, and season the pads per manufacturer’s instruction, some require heat cycling others insist you break them in slowly
  6. you might want yo search the forums I have found one where members list their combinations
  7. Stan sure has a near perfect car, I didn’t notice a single fault, mine may never be this clean but it has given me new understanding of what is possible.
  8. Once the guy got the blender for the fusion generator running I just had to post the picture, lol not sure what I did but this is one beautiful national champion MC at Carlisle, only one I saw. It drew a great deal of attention
  9. had my 71 on jack stands all this week, put in a new fuel tank and gas sender, electric pump and fuel line, and a holley sniper stealth, started first time after using the wizard, the planning, routing and parts runs took more time then the install
  10. thanks, that’s the one I was considering
  11. Thanks Bob, is it the one sold by Jets that looks like a diaphragm pump and comes as a kit with hose, mounts, switch, wiring...
  12. Thanks guys, I’ll take your advice, the list of todo’s is getting shorter lol
  13. as part on my rebuild on my 71 I put a 383 stroker motor in with a wild cam. manifold vacuum runs 5-6” at ideal, which lead to a hard brake pedal. i put a vacuum canister in and that definitely helped, once i drive it a little, but at start up i still get a hard pedal. a mechanic told me that early camaro’s had a 9/16” booster check valve, that installing it and running a new 9/16” hose from the manifold would help, but after several phone calls to dorman, jegs, summit, napa... no one can source the part, would anyone know a part number or other fix. thanks john
  14. I had planned on going to Carlisle but had to be tested for covid-19, test was negative, I see you had a ss dash, were able to sell it? if not what would you like for it? Joseph
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