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  1. jets are the same oft power valves are different with larger diagrams and a different port design, jets installed power valve on order
  2. called holley they say yes, other sites say they are different, I’ll let you know what i find
  3. I’m tuning this new carb and it is rich so I will be rejetting it, are holley and qft jets and power valves the same? J
  4. Traveler

    connector id

    1971, non ac car, for the time being lol, the bundle goes across the top of the firewall
  5. Progress, ya got to love it. Motor trans and rear are in. 10 bolt to 12 bolt, turbo 350 to 2004R, and 350 2bbl to 383. Cams broke in waiting on oil to do a change and then take her for the first drive. I’m sure there are some surprises waiting for me, but that’s to be expected with sooo many changes. Still on the list; oil/filter change, adjust the TV cable and bracketry (interference with the air breather drop down cover), electric chock final connection, check the lifter lash, SS dash(havent’t assigned a priority to this yet, probably the first thing after the shake down) inner fender wells, engine bay clean up, new power steering pump old one works fine but just like me old... List is getting shorter, but I seem to find new items as I go LOL
  6. Traveler

    connector id

    Anybody know what his connector is for. It comes from the bulk head fitting has 4 wires two brown one blue one green with a two terminal plug.
  7. Progress ya got to love it, remember when corona was a beer you put fruit in
  8. I replaced the bulbs with led’s and found I needed to pull the dash pad to gain access, the dash pad removal is a 10-15 minute job and 6 screws, 4 over the cluster 2 in the glove box. when young I snaked my arm up from under the dash but my arm doesn’t bend the way any more, lol. This still left a couple a little hard to get at. Paul Bell is correct be careful around the printed circuit sheet when replacing the bulbs, the traces in my case were 48 years old and when I attempted the bulb for the headlight switch the holder moved the copper trace. I was able to get the bulb holder to trap the trace under the contact point when I realized why it wouldn’t light up. I‘ll replace it when I upgrade to a tack instrument cluster in a few weeks. A separate pc board/sheet is available from Sonnie24 on ebay and others as well. If you choose to pull the dash you may need to drop the steering wheel, good luck. J
  9. Welcome, I joined a few months ago and have found it to be a valuable source of knowledge, the people are great and I have found them to be very helpful. Again welcome. J
  10. hoping to prime the engine and fire it up today , progress ya got to love it
  11. Another craftsman who takes pride in his work, looks good
  12. If she turns into a -itch it not on me, lol hope to fire her up this Wednesday, still have power steering pump and lines, carb, fuel pump, prime the engine, complete the trans install(tci kit) reinstall the radiator, shroud, install distributor- still quite a list but it’s getting smaller
  13. I always find a name for my cars, her name is Lady. I once introduced a very beautiful girl friend, who I was serious about, to my family after a day at the beach, boy did I hear about that. Something about hair and make up lol. The Monte is a mess and I will post shots once I clean her up a bit. We all know what happens when you disrespect a lady, LOL J
  14. Good morning all, Has anybody found, or know of a way, to control their electric 2 speed fan by temperature? IE: turn the first speed on at 165*F and the high speed on at 180*F? Temps are unimportant just stated them as examples. J
  15. that was it, all good, back on track
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