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  1. Makes a pretty paperweight though...
  2. Just for grins I went to see what the one that came with my '72 Custom had on it. Never payed attention to it before because it went straight to the basement. This is what it showed:
  3. I like it, that was the best out of the bunch you were looking at, for sure.
  4. Yeah, the video gets compressed too much when texting it, loses most of the video quality.
  5. Finished up the CTS-V this afternoon, traction is going to be a problem, lol. I sealed the driveway with Michelin a few times first, then the owner did the smaller one in the video. Tomorrow I'll put the front fascia back on & call the tuner to make an appointment to get it dialed in. 20210915_191105.mp4
  6. Thanks Rob. I was lucky enough to get rooms reserved at the host hotel, outside of the club block, and the meet was only a couple of months away at that point. I guess it's the luck of the draw and hopefully someone will be lucky enough when they call the hotel, if they have any rooms left. Still, it would be worth it even at full price, to stay with the main group. That experience we had the last couple of years with you guys....I simply can't put a price on that.
  7. Rooms will still be available at the host hotel at regular rates, won't they Rob. Just not part of the club discount block of rooms? I was going to do that a couple of years ago, (until they opened up more rooms due to covid cancellations), because I wanted to stay with you guys.
  8. I've done them in the vehicle before, and I've pulled them off. Easier on the bench, instead of looking at it upside down. Three frame bolts, 2 lines and the rag joint coupler and its out. Ten minutes of work so you don't have to screw around on your back, especially since everything is out in the open right now....I know what I would do.
  9. I've changed the seals in the past too. Not too bad from what I remember. Worth a try.
  10. It's not funny though is it, lol. I should be in my hot tub....
  11. Nah, as soon as that CTS-V leaves the shop, the Camaro will be on the lift. Still plenty to do before that stuff arrives. 4 wheel disc brakes, new rear axles, wiring harness, etc.
  12. My living room should start filling up in the near future, only problem is a lot of the stuff is held up due to these damned delays. Started ordering parts for the 69 Z/28 last week, but the big ticket items like the ARH headers, & the Tremec TKX 5 speed are 6-8 weeks out. Ordered a new carpet/floor mats last week too & waiting for a quote on the Holley EFI & Ignition parts, Aeromotive fuel tank, etc to get that ordered too. Denny's driveshaft is about 6 weeks behind & I can't get that made until I get the trans.... troubles, troubles, lol.
  13. Let's try this. EDIT: I get the same errors, says it can't find file. EDIT #2: I converted it from a .mov file to a .mp4, works for me now. Video.mp4
  14. Sue's just about healed up now, thanks! I sent you a text, email me the original video & I'll give it a shot. It get's compressed and degraded when it is sent as a text.
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