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  1. That's a good plan you have there Willie, you're covered either way. I did contact Rob & have already booked rooms for the 25, 26, & 27th, so I'll be there. Turns out I had vacation scheduled anyways, so it works out good. I'll just cruise down in the daily car and have to find a place to set some lawn chairs when we get in there. My car is too far from being done with the work schedule we have going on right now, too bad it's not like on TV and it all gets done in an hour. Really looking forward to it though, plus putting some faces to the names here, that'll be the highlight. Hard to believe, but I just had to renew my membership, it's been over a year here already!
  2. Nice! Welcome to the club. I'm right around the corner in Niagara Falls (Wheatfield actually), so maybe I'll see you this summer at some of the cruise nights.
  3. Very nice, I like it. Now comes the part I tend to like best, putting it all back together. Good luck & have some fun with it.
  4. Bethlehem Steel in Lackawanna, NY. About 30 miles from me . Lot of good jobs back then when the place was open.
  5. That really is outstanding Rob, I wish my car could be done by then, but the chance of that is slim to never in a million years. That'll be a once in a lifetime chance to see, I may have to take a ride out there in the daily driver to see that. Great Job!
  6. You could always just weld a couple of tabs on the stock crossmember as I did to get 4 mounting bolts to fasten it solid to the frame. You'll have a lot less drama than I did if you're keeping the T-400 trans.
  7. The stock (reproduced) Chevelle ones look a lot straighter than the MC ones, at least in the exhaust pipe area, unless I'm looking at them wrong. Have you seen that in your experience Tom? https://www.opgi.com/chassis-suspension/bushings-mounts/1968-72-transmission-crossmember/crossmember-transmission-1968-72-chevelle-ch28177.html
  8. I got this one from Summit, but it's available from multiple sources. It appears to be out of stock if trying direct from the "Right Stuff' website (getdiscbrakes.com). Haven't installed it yet, but the quality looks good so far, & no bad reviews anywhere. Google the part number & it'll show you a bunch of hits. If you want the one with the Delco-Moraine stamp the other way, order RPB1008. If you don't care about the stamp at all, they offer - RPB1003 https://www.summitracing.com/parts/rsd-rpb1001
  9. As Tom mentioned, the rad bushings aren't included. I have a set that I won't need because I ended up using urethane ones. If you look up near the top of this thread, I added the Summit & OPGI links. You can have them pretty cheap if you decide you need them. They're just going to sit here and collect dust.
  10. I wonder if someone broke it years ago trying to draw the trans up to the block, but the TQ converter wasn't seated correctly. It happened to a customer of mine years ago. He was trying to save a few bucks on the car I was restoring for him. Decided to mate the engine/trans himself while I wasn't there. He ended up paying me to weld up the trans case instead. Man, did he have a long face... Read a review that someone had on Amazon for that bellhousing. Said he needed a 153 tooth flex plate & corresponding starter. Is that what you found as well Paul?
  11. Great, thank you James! Update: Called a bit ago, didn't leave a message, figured I'd call back later today or Monday. I get a return call from Leo a half hour later! Long story short, part is getting shipped Monday. That's a great example of customer service....
  12. jft69z

    stupid me

    Like Tom says, I'll be adding grounds everywhere, but in my case there's going to be a lot of extra stuff, sensitive to grounding like fuel injection ECM, electronic transmission control, digital dash, etc.
  13. jft69z

    stupid me

    That's good to hear, at least it worked for you. As far as the core support ground, no straps that I'm aware of. The small neg. battery lead goes to the fender right there, possibly a path like you're thinking. Maybe Tom has more thoughts on it. The forward wire harness has a couple of spots that ground there if I remember correctly (I'm at work), but that may be for the front lights to work properly. I can check a schematic later if needed.
  14. Probably Mike. My car has AC. Not sure if the non-AC cars use the vacuum actuators for the vents, but the description for the whole part says AC cars..
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