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  1. Here's a picture of the tank/lines from the '72 assembly manual, it may help as well. (there's a .pdf to download if you want too). 72 vapor lines.pdf
  2. Welcome Bill! Do you happen to have the VIN from the old car anywhere? It's a real longshot, but try to 'google' it, maybe it will show up somewhere. I tried a year or so ago to find my old monte, even had a couple of police friends run a search, but it turned up with negative results. Still worth a shot though, good luck.
  3. jft69z

    How You Doin

    Things are getting a bit crazy where I work (very large power plant). A lot of the people are at home now, but our department, Operations, is considered 'essential personnel' and required to report. They've restricted access to the control room to those of us who work up there, and also have medical people on site 24/7 to take our temperature before granting access to the buildings. Also talk of possibly restricting us to stay on site and not leave the power plant. I heard they have sleeping bags, MRE's, and possibly shopping for trailers to put on site if it comes to that. On top of everything else that's going on around us, they're at least trying to ensure the power grid stays online & reliable. Hitting my girlfriends business hard, she has a pet sitting business to let people's pets out during the day, and also sleepovers when they go on vacation. Obviously, that's at a standstill for now. At least she'll be able to stay with our dogs at night then I'm working the night shifts, and if I get locked on site, they'll still have her home as well. Hope everyone stays healthy and comes out of this undamaged.
  4. Looks like one that would have been used in a collision shop environment, for pulling frames back into shape.
  5. Thanks Tom, money well spent
  6. jft69z

    BB Headers

    Paul, I mocked up the plenum box real quick & it looks like no big deal. Not easy, but not impossible either. I have a couple of different swivel sockets that work, so you may have to try something like that. My plugs are the smaller 5/8" variety. Header primary size is 1 7/8". (spark plugs are just broken off stubs I use for block painting). I'm sure it'll suck even more when the front end is all assembled.
  7. Tom's diagram is the bottom view & the other one looks like a top view of the frame.
  8. Tom (MC1of80) posted this pic a while back, might be a good time to use these diagrams and start measuring a few spots to see what's going on. The diagonal measurements are good to see if the frame is square too. If you look down the length of the side rails, does it look straight, or bowed out a bit? I put a 4' straightedge along the side of mine when I rolled the bent bottom parts up, just to make sure it was straight along the sides. Might be worth a look.
  9. That 53" you're seeing is for the body mount holes (26 1/2" x 2) I think. The crossmember bolt holes are a bit outboard from that, at least on my car. My crossmember holes are approx. 53 1/2" apart, definitely not in line with the upper body mount hole that is towards the center of the side frame rail. I'm going to ask something stupid here, and please don't be offended (because I've done this very thing before). Sometimes when I use a metal tape measure, I'll start at the 1" mark, so I don't get involved with the metal hook on the end of the tape. I've occasionally forgot to subtract the 1" from the total measurement, scratch my head a few and then laugh at what I did. Any possibility that may have happened, because it would then put you right in the ballpark.
  10. Why is the dimension that wide would be my question? I'd maybe look at one of the frame dimension diagrams here and start measuring to see if something is tweaked a bit. Also look to see if someone prior bent the side framerails by jacking it up in the wrong spots. They may have rolled that mounting surface out & caused it to be off. Mine was rolled up a bit from that very situation, and I had to bend the mounting hole area back so it was parallel to the ground.
  11. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Thanks Dan! Been a little slow lately, but started a little wiring a few days ago. Adding an oil pressure & knock sensor input to the ECM harness, which means pulling the Holley harness all apart, bought pins for the ECM connector & then landed them in the correct cavity of the plug. Sidetracked now though, converting the shop overhead lights to LED, giant difference. Still have a few more to convert in the main part of the shop (20 fixtures), then about 14 more in the spray booth area. Not sure about the office/parts storage/motorcycle parking area, they may be too bright.
  12. Hey Mark, I just listed that one for comparison purposes, not an endorsement of OPGI's part. It just looked a lot 'flatter' than our original ones that have a very pronounced hump where the exhaust pipes cross under.
  13. It's like that on the entire opposite end of the state here too, Kevin. Couldn't find a roll of TP at Walmart or any of the other large supermarkets to save your a**, lol. I usually go to Save-a-lot (small grocery chain) and they had plenty. They showed 2 hour lines at some grocery stores on the news yesterday here too. No cases of C.V. tested here yet, but they're shutting everything down just the same.
  14. Right off the bat, I see a few odd things, I'm sure you guys will see a lot more, lol. Seat cover material, driver inside door panel has the provision for remote side mirror (but no remote mirror), why are all the HVAC and brake lines painted black under the hood, 454 sticker on valve cover (but that's nothing really, including the oil fill cap and grommet with no line going to it.), hood alignment is really pushed to the driver side, the biggest question mark...the vinyl roof at the trunk area? Looks like it's pretty clean though
  15. Oh yeah, I just saw your cars now, at the very start. That's great! Matt did a great job in the interview too, talking about the club as well.
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