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  1. Newer cars expand on that with a whole slew of different styles for brake, fuel, hydraulic and EVAP lines. Don't forget the 45 degree, and 37 degree AN, banjo, O-ring Boss, metric bubble, and push connect fittings too.
  2. They don't use tapered NPT (National Pipe Thread) fittings for fuel lines. The fuel line itself is 3/8", but the fitting that is coming out of that fuel pump in the picture above is an inverted flare (SAE J512). That flared junction is the sealing surface, unlike a NPT tapered thread which uses that taper to seal. Don't use Teflon tape or thread sealant on an inverted flare fitting either, it's pointless. The thread pitch for a 3/8 inverted flare fitting is: 5/8-18, which is a straight thread pitch. Also, for fuel and brake lines, you're going to want a double flare on the tubing end as well. Scroll down to 'Inverted Flare' in the links below for this conversation, but a lot of good reference info in general. https://www.titanfittings.com/us-thread-chart_a/342.htm https://www.hydraulicsdirect.com/Fitting-Thread-Chart-s/1934.htm Found this chart too:
  3. jft69z

    Temp gauge

    Probably won't work, he says the threaded hole in the cylinder head is smaller than stock (1/2 NPT) I found this info yesterday, but haven't heard back as to what the conversion consisted of. Anyways, the info below may be useful. https://shiftworks.com/products/temperature-sending-unit?variant=17705535471699 This one explains why some sensors wont work and a 33 ohm resistor is needed in series to get accurate readings: https://nastyz28.com/threads/help-with-temp-sensor-70-camaro-new-guy.326091/
  4. jft69z

    Temp gauge

    What type of 'conversion' did you do? Are they factory gauges you installed, or an aftermarket type conversion? What is the thread on your current cylinder heads for the sensor, 3/8 NPT?
  5. Like a STD? (Rob & I talked on the phone yesterday, he knows I'm joking).
  6. I just looked at the TMI website offerings. Nothing there looks even close to a 72 Saddle.
  7. jft69z

    Indy 500

    That's fantastic!
  8. Welcome back Kevin! Let's see some pictures, we love pictures here 🙂.
  9. Surprised they didn't show the fieros.
  10. Ouch, that's awful! So sorry that happened to you Frank.
  11. Are they the original brackets that you had used before?
  12. Uhhhh....ok.... Then again, any car I've sold here right in front of the house (and there's been quite a few over the years, both mine & for other people) are usually gone well within a week, some the same day. The longest was a motorhome for someone, that took almost 2 weeks. Craiglist ad, signs in the window with price & honest, accurate description and done. Are you the same person as earlier in the thread, 'Tire Size'?
  13. You're very welcome Carl, glad to help.
  14. In the '72 Assembly manual, it also shows them if you got the LS3- 402 engine. EDIT:I found better pics from when I took the car apart & removed the current pics. The slotted hole in the reinforcement arm, will go to the front lower control arm mount. 1971 Assembly manual:
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