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  1. I've always added the red Stabil additive to the gas for winter storage on the cars, motorcycles and small engines, but use their blue Marine stuff now. Supposedly good for the metal gas tanks, and for the 10% ethanol in most of our gas. The only non-eth fuel up here is 91 octane, but I use the 93-10% for the higher octane in the faster cars. I asked my tuner at the time he did the ZR1 & CTS-V and he preferred the higher octane vs the non-eth.
  2. jft69z

    a/c compressor oil

    Rosendo, What system do you have, is it complete with all the parts, lines, etc & who is the vendor? What type of compressor also, stock type or smaller Sanden unit?
  3. jft69z

    a/c compressor oil

    I'll take a stab at it.... First, if it's all new, I'd ask the place you got it from for their recommendation, if that's possible. In my case, I got a complete Stage 3 upgrade R134a system from 'Classic Auto Air' with a sanden compressor. They state DO NOT add oil, since the compressor is already loaded with a full system charge. In fact, they want you to flush the rest of the system out if it was existing so as not to have too much oil (and get rid of old/bad oil, etc). As far as refrigerant charge, they said 45 oz nominal, but in a 42-48 oz range. Start out with 42 oz, monitor center vent temp and add an oz at a time until it either stops lowering the vent outlet temperature, or starts rising.
  4. I've used either the GM Fuel Treatment Plus, or what used to be the equivalent from Chevron, their Fuel Treatment Concentrate. The GM stuff was called out in their service bulletins for some drivability problems. Some vehicles had fuel gauge issues and this was supposed to help clean deposits off of them. Also used more as an injector cleaner you could put in your gas tank. Looks like the bottle is smaller and different now with the GM stuff, but it used to be exact, even the bottom of the GM bottle had the Chevron emblem molded on it. Advance Auto has the 20 oz bottle on sale now for $7.99 https://www.amazon.com/Chevron-Techron-Concentrate-System-Cleaner/dp/B00092893E/ref=pd_cp_263_2/141-4796413-7955602?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000CCOL3I&pd_rd_r=b4ef39e5-fa59-4b27-be83-a04c9bc0fa42&pd_rd_w=TsSyd&pd_rd_wg=xKboN&pf_rd_p=0e5324e1-c848-4872-bbd5-5be6baedf80e&pf_rd_r=MN2QZ482B3YM1EBCH26D&refRID=MN2QZ482B3YM1EBCH26D&th=1 Like Tom says below though, for a few months old gas, fresh gas & go would work.
  5. jft69z

    BB Headers

    Oh, I've experienced a hot shop in the summer, don't like it. A few years ago I was welding up a lot of aluminum at the time, got so pissed I called up & had a/c put in the shop, best thing I ever did out there. Even though I was in the hot attic with the installers helping to run the line set, it was worth it in the long run. One of those, "why didn't I do this years ago" things. Good on the fab time for the headers, I may still go that route, was just hoping it wasn't something like 2 months or the like. Did you test fit them at all with the motor that's in the car to get a half assed idea if they fit well?
  6. Yeah Paul, and the whole time I was on hold waiting to talk to a real person, they keep blowing their horn about their wonderful customer service...BS
  7. jft69z

    BB Headers

    It's certainly not that, I just think 'misery loves company' and I isn't exactly happy right now, lol. I have a buddy that lives in Melbourne, FL. It'll be a good excuse to pop in there as well to visit. Let's plan for some time when it's still cold up here, it's a nice 24 degrees right now....does now work for you? BTW, what kind of lead time is ARH telling you guys for the headers? Oh, Paul, 100% agree on the super comps, had to modify the upper part of the tubes years ago (late 1980's) because they didn't fit the Monte frame properly. Still remember taking a hack saw to a $300 (then) set of headers and thinking wth. Think it was a part number 2217. Long before I had a MIG or TIG machine, had to gas weld it with an oxy-acet. torch....good times. Got the pipe needed from dumpster diving at a local muffler shop on a Sunday night, they had a lot of new pipe with bends, they must have screwed up a lot, lol
  8. jft69z

    BB Headers

    Mark, Tell me when, I'll be there!
  9. jft69z

    BB Headers

    Thx, was just curious. My car came with those, looked pretty old. Definitely a problem for the distribution valve. The prior owners simply unbolted it and bent it out of the way, crappy solution. I also have a set of Super Comps from the old Monte I had. Driver side fit real good in that regard, pass side sits a little low though. I ended up cutting a couple of the tubes and tucking them up a bit for better ground clearance with some tube I had laying around, but wasn't the easiest solution. Those ARH headers Mark mentioned at the top are looking pretty good though.
  10. jft69z

    BB Headers

    Which Hookers do you have Mike, the Comp or Super Comp?
  11. I had trouble with Inline on a different order as well, pretty much my last resort unless they're the only place that has what I want. I have a 'Supplement' kit for BB 70-72 Monte if you go the 'restoparts' way. I ordered this and the SB614K bushing kit from OPGI, but the main kit was backordered so long I ended up cancelling that, but already had the add-on kit. Ultimately went with urethane mounts for a different reason. If you (or someone else) need them, I'll let them go pretty cheap. https://www.opgi.com/chassis-suspension/bushings-mounts/body-mount-bushing-supplement/bushing-kit-body-1968-72-gm-a-body-4-bushing-supplement-whardware-sb519k.html https://www.summitracing.com/parts/opg-sb519k/
  12. It's a LOT easier with the front fenders off Mark, lol (stirring the pot). and 12 more bolts....poof, up, up and away goes the body...
  13. Come on in, the water's warm....it'll be fun!!
  14. It just snowballs from there, before you know it, the body will be off the frame, lol.
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