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  1. I keep regular hose clamps of the necessary sizes in the tool box, just in case something happens on the road.
  2. I did get the aftermarket horn contact kit when I put that wheel in my Monte. I know I had to dig into my spare parts bin to get different parts than the kit had, maybe that belleville spring. The one in my Camaro is all GM parts and works (worked, lol) fine. I remember using those parts in the Monte while trying to figure out why the horn always blew with the aftermarket parts, pissed me off, lol. See if that white ring will fit on the bottom of that silver metal cup, between that & the belleville spring. Found this on a NOVA site regarding this wheel (posts 6+9 seem to address that white ring): https://www.stevesnovasite.com/threads/nk4-steering-wheel-horn-assembly.595386/ Once you get the kit it's pretty straight forward to install. It's basically setup like the pictures above, but use the plastic white ring that comes in the kit on the bottom of the horn button cup. When you tighten the screws down, just get them slightly tight. Don't overcrank them or you'll break the little red plastic piece. Also if you get them too tight the cup and flexible flat metal plate won't have enough play in them that they can work.
  3. I'm at work now, but I'll double check when I get home to make sure, I may have been too quick to answer correctly. I have that wheel on 2 of my cars, so maybe my memory is failing me, lol. I will verify for sure, unless someone does it before this evening. Electrically, the parts have to be separated until you press the button to complete the circuit. Otherwise it would always blow. Edit: I found this pic, but it doesn't really do it justice.
  4. Yes, otherwise the horn would always be blowing. Edit: See answer below, I may have been wrong here...
  5. Cleans it up a lot nicer than a bunch of metal hose clamps... (Part of an intercooler system upgrade after heads/cam/injectors, pulleys, etc on a ZR1. Installed those systems on a few ZR1's & CTS-V's in the shop, used those clamps wherever possible/practical).
  6. If you want a clean look, use the Gates Power Grip, heat shrink clamps. Newer cars use them, they seal good. Downside is they are single use clamps. I had them in stock from some work I've done on Corvettes, so I used them when I went thru my Monte. I'll be using them on the Z/28 when that goes back together. This site below has a good chart to determine what size you'll need, however they can be picked up anywhere like NAPA, Amazon, etc. I usually shop for the best price and buy them there. https://www.verociousmotorsports.com/Shop-by-Brand/Gates/Gates-PowerGrip-SB-Hose-Clamps
  7. They updated the total snowfall for my area today, 22-24 inches for the one day storm. Sometimes it was 4-6 inches an hour. That global warming was pretty good to us up to that point though, lol.
  8. Yes it does suck. I laughed at someone yesterday that said thy were buying a truck next time so they could plow. I told her it's fun the first couple of times, you actually hope it snows. But after that, it wears out quickly and just becomes another suck job. 🤮
  9. For the reverse switch, it doesn't really matter what wire (green or pink) goes to either terminal on the switch, it's just passing power thru the switch. But for informational purposes, the pink is the feed & green goes back to the reverse lamps. For the NSS wiring, the factory print shows the two purple wires going to it as being 12 gauge, both for V6 & V8 Chevelles and Monte Carlos so I don't see a problem there either. Same goes for manual trans cars, but the 12 gauge wires pass thru the clutch safety switch instead.
  10. Just found this while looking into something else: https://www.thepartsplaceinc.com/product/1972/1972-chevrolet-monte-carlo-sail-panel-emblem-monte-carlo-ea/4639
  11. I did a bunch of it with the snowblower yesterday too, and some shovel work. Needed the snowblower to get to the truck in the other building, lol.
  12. That would work, easiest solution if you're not going to add the aluminum trim pieces.
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