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  1. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Had a couple of hours to play after I woke up today from work last night. Got the old Monte's 12 bolt blasted today (has the 4.10 gearset). I'll pop off the backing plates and do them in the blast cabinet then I change the seals. Looks like the GMPP transmission & other parts are supposed to be delivered tomorrow at some point too.
  2. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Thanks James. I'm going to spray it with the same stuff I did the floors and the core support, etc from earlier posts. It's 'Hot Rod Black' from Distinctive Image (DI-HRB). Mixes 4:1 with activator & it's a urethane. First I'll spray it with Variprime self-etching primer, and then the HRB can go directly over the self-etch. My paint supplier had it on the shelf and said all of his customers like it a lot. Real happy with it so far in regards to the semi-gloss sheen & durability.
  3. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Sandblasted the rest of the control arms last night after work (dayshift) & spent this morning blasting the frame before starting a string of nightshifts tonight. Probably won't get to paint it until next week. Still need to put the bushings in all the arms & clean up the 12 bolt before paint anyways. Need to cut those brackets they welded on the frame (crooked) for the exhaust too.
  4. Congratulations & good luck! Like most people, you'll probably be so busy, you'll wonder how you ever had time to work. I'm about 2 1/2 years from finding that theory out.
  5. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Ordered the AC from Classic Auto Air today. Got the Stage 3 upgrade kit with the newer Sanden type compressor. Also has the parallel flow evaporator & condenser. Car was an original AC car, but the prior owners removed that too, so I pretty much needed everything. Started out just to clean up a bit but ended up playing with the front control arms for a few minutes. Looks like the original upper ball joints were still in there by looking at the rivets & in surprisingly good shape. Still, going this far, they had to go... Air chisel makes it a 30 second job
  6. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    The slow painful way right now, with wire wheels & coarse abrasive sanding pads on an angle grinder. It's actually going pretty quick since the frame isn't really rusted. Going to follow up with sandblasting in the hard to reach spots. No Rob, I didn't do that to the springs (I've done some stupid things before, but not that stupid, lol). Some prior owner did it to lower the car. The back had BMR 2" lowering springs. Apparently it was much easier to heat the springs to lower it than doing it right & replacing the fronts with matching BMR ones. Probably won't be black for at least a couple of weeks due to the work schedule. In the mean time I'll sandblast all the control arms and pop new bushings & ball joints in the front & rear arms. Need to bring the old 12 bolt with the 4.11 gears up from the basement and clean that up too. Probably pop the axle seals out and replace them too since it's been sitting a long time. Good chance to inspect the axles for wear as well.
  7. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Off work this morning from the night shifts & back tomorrow days for awhile. Had a little time to break the frame down though. There's a picture to show how not to lower your car....with a torch to the front springs. Another with the "rolling chassis".
  8. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    USPS, FedEx & UPS drivers have been busy lately... Christmas in October. Expect the Transmission, tq converter, fuel tank in the near future. Now all I have to do is get the frame cleaned up & painted, new bushings and ball joints installed & arms painted. After that, the bulk of the dirty crap work as far as cleaning is done and the fun can begin.
  9. Here's what I looked at. "Ring, Mounting" item 15 for the 1970, item 12 for the 72.
  10. I'm at work & can't find pics of my '72 parts, but found some part numbers from a parts manual on my laptop. For 1970 it looks like 924535 & 5957684 - left & right. For 71-72, the part numbers are 5961886 & 5961887-left & right.
  11. Congrats, nice score there.
  12. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Thanks James. No kids or college funds to worry about = toys. Always had GM since I was a kid. A couple of used Ford F-250s along the way, but like the GMC 2500 much better. Sadly, they jerked me around a few years back with some warranty work on the CTS-V. Dragged it out for 6 weeks, made it to GM corporate, but all they kept saying is "NO, sorry". Just happened to be in the market for a new daily driver when this was going on. Told them I liked the old GM better than the 'new GM" (after their financial crisis) and apparently they didn't need my money any more. Ended up with the German car and haven't looked back since. Obviously not selling the stuff that I already own, but moving forward on brand new was a different story. Eventually I found a number for the actual person who was screwing me with the warranty and had a good chat with him. He wasn't happy that I called him direct, but approved the repairs (that had GM Service Bulletins already), but by then the damage was done. Countless hours on the phone with customer service, reps (some very rude), supervisors, corporate, etc , and the lies they told to avoid the situation was enough.
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