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  1. The tires on mine are 28" tall in back & 26 1/4" in the front. I'm steering towards a 28" for the front as well to fill it up. There's too big a gap between the top of the tire & the fender opening I think (and the entire wheel opening in general). Problem is the limited availability of sizes/good tires in 17" even now.
  2. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    That would have never happened, lol. Thank you Dennis!
  3. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Thank you Willie, but I stand by all the bad words, lol
  4. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Thanks a lot Steve! It actually drives pretty good, no complaints. Still need to get an alignment, but it steers straight as it is. Plus it was nearly 80 degrees today, windows down. That's all about to change tonight ☚ī¸
  5. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Drove it around a bit today to insurance agent for pictures so they can put it under classic policy. Also stopped at paint store to get a Tan mix for the stainless vinyl top trim. Then drove it to Buffalo to get an actual appraisal for a higher value than insurance would normally allow, should get that value in a few days. In all, put about 55 miles on the car today without any problems. Added up the labor since I picked it up last January, totaled about 1403 hours. Looking back, that's a lot of couch time I'll never get back 😒
  6. You have to get the parts when they're available. Like the old saying, "he who hesitates, is lost". I held off on a couple of things, only to find they weren't available when I needed them. On the flip side, I had ordered a lot of parts early, only to run into the end of the 1 year warranty period almost before they were even installed. Ran into some minor issues, but most, especially Summit was real good about things, especially when you tell them you're doing a frame off restoration. Plus they see you spent a ton of money in the last year, lol.
  7. I was in that same place exactly a year ago Dennis.
  8. jft69z

    New member

    Welcome to the party! As said, pictures are always welcome.
  9. I'll probably tape, then scuff the trim a little to get the paint to bite a little better, hopefully.
  10. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    I tell mine to put a sweater on, lol
  11. Figured as much, but you guys know better. Mine came with no paint at all, so had nothing to go by. Thank you Tom!
  12. Speaking of the top molding, does anyone know if the painted part of the molding is a gloss or semi-gloss paint? Thanks!
  13. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    Thank you! I'm just stubborn. I refuse to put the furnace on the same week the A/C was on. Stretched it out a bit, but when the house got to 65 in the morning, I broke down. We definitely live in the wrong part of the country though.
  14. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    There's still a little time to drive it around and get some tuning done. Had to run the furnace yesterday for the first time though...😞 The goal is to get it to the mini-meet at Carlisle next year.
  15. jft69z

    New Guy Here

    I actually do have one of those FGMCC club plates! Thanks again guys. It's been a long road.
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