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  1. Exactly....it just sucks. They were pouring the salt on.
  2. We got about 4" so far, and they salted the crap out of the roads...not happy.
  3. Speaking of '3000toys', I ended picking one of the black SS cars up a few weeks ago for $89. Thanks for the direction to look Carl! While there, I also found these smaller ones too. Since they nearly match my 72 Mohave Gold, I picked a couple of them up as well. They were backordered, but arrived today. Maybe when I get time, I'll paint them actual Mohave Gold with some base/clear I have in stock.
  4. Is that on your list Dennis?
  5. Crack the gas cap, do you hear air rushing in? Also may try leaving the cap cracked, take it for a spin to see if the problem still exists. Keep in mind you don't want a lot of fuel pouring out the tank, people behind you may not appreciate it a whole lot, lol.
  6. Google the part number that OPGI shows. Sometimes it's available elsewhere, like Summit, Amazon, etc. Price may or may not be better, but one thing is certain, it will arrive a lot faster from anyone else than OPGI. The pony express delivers faster than whatever it is they do on their end.... The same goes for the Parts Place, google the part number, usually it'll show up on ebay under their name. Most of the time it shows 'free shipping', but the price may be a couple dollars more than their regular website. A lot of times it works out better though.
  7. Looks great. They're calling for a bit of snow here wednesday. Hopefully they won't drop salt down.
  8. I'd ask the guys who rebuilt the transmission. If there's any problems, the blame won't be put on you for "using the wrong fluid". Let them tell you, and then there won't be any confusion as far as warranty issues (at least as far as that's concerned).
  9. That sounds like a solid plan, except for the part where you get kicked out, lol. I know that'll never happen, but you've seen it many, many times before, I'm sure. Usually when that happens, the guy is lucky to be able to afford a single room apartment...in the bad part of town, lol.
  10. I tried to park the cars about 300-500 feet away last year when I sprayed all that stuff, depending on how much I had to do. Still feels like sandpaper on all the top surfaces of every vehicle. More work to do..
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