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  1. That's awesome Lorenzo! Welcome to the club, and you'll find a wealth of knowledge from the people here. Mohave Gold, my favorite color (besides black that every one of my other cars is painted). Good luck with the restoration & keep us updated on the progress along the way.
  2. That's good to hear, thanks. I was initially looking for a complete NOS lower kit they had listed ("Inquire for price"). The selling point for me was when he pointed out mixing the few available NOS pieces with aftermarket ones might be iffy. Ended up getting the complete lower, with rocker trim and hardware. Due to some price differences I noticed vs their ebay store, he knocked a bunch off the price. Worked out pretty good,... I think.
  3. I learned something about "The Parts Place" today. If the website says "Inquire about price", it means that it was sold out a long time ago, lol. Was also looking for some NOS trim, ended up with aftermarket too. Hopefully it will look as good as they say.
  4. Yeah, I was simply mentioning the boxed arms in reference to Tom's info on the F41 suspension. The ring issue was also something Tom and a couple of other guys gave me info on when I questioned the driveshaft on my own car. My old Monte from years ago had the ring, but it was a 350 car originally. My new one didn't have it, and I questioned if it was a replacement shaft, but the responses I got were nobody with a BB car has seen one with the ring. Not a definitive answer, but a lot of these guys have very original cars to check parts. The conversation about that is in the "What did you do to your Monte Carlo today" thread.
  5. Noticed from the pics it doesn't have a rear sway bar and boxed lower control arms. Also, the driveshaft seems to have the heavy metal damper ring on it at the front joint. In another conversation, some thought that their 402 cars didn't have that ring on the shaft (my '72/402 doesn't either). Obviously, it could have been changed during its lifetime, but might be worth looking further to make sure it was a big block car to start with. Nice looking car though.
  6. What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I'm at work instead.
  7. Found these, may give you some idea what to look for in regards to carb numbers. Scroll down 3/4 of the page to 10A, it lists carb part numbers, it shows Calif. carb numbers too on 10B: https://www.gmheritagecenter.com/docs/gm-heritage-archive/vehicle-information-kits/Monte-Carlo/1970-Chevrolet-Monte-Carlo.pdf More related stuff: http://www.superchevy.com/how-to/engines-drivetrain/sucs-1033-rochester-carburetor-part-numbers/ https://www.chevellestuff.net/qd/rochester_carbs.htm EDIT: the carb Bob listed above is what shows up in the GM Heritage info for a Monte (I was still looking thru that when Bob posted the number).
  8. jft69z

    7 Years Ago

    Wow, glad you pulled through it! Amazing how life can change in an instant. At least for you it changed for the good again, after the very bad (and very long road).
  9. Bob, Parts arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you! Joe T.
  10. Wonder if it'll pop up somewhere else, ebay, etc. in the future. Like playing a game of whack-a-mole. Tried a quick search, nothing yet though.
  11. I actually did the same when I piped up my Camaro and old Monte, I ran 1/2" SS tubing front to back just to make sure there were no bottlenecks. In reality it was probably overkill, but helped me sleep better at night. Probably going to do the same with this Monte as I still have the 1/2" SS line I took off my old Monte in the attic . You think the old 3/8 fuel feed line will be good enough for a return line? I thought I read somewhere last night they said anything more than a few psi backpressure may cause a problem. They may have said don't use the vent lines as a return, probably because they are even smaller. Sleep deprived right now and can't remember a whole lot, lol
  12. It appears the AN -6 hose is equivalent to a 3/8 hose ID (that we already know), but the fittings are still going to be the bottleneck.
  13. I was at work last night when I replied, couldn't measure anything. The ID of 3/8 tube is .305" assuming a .035 wall thickness (that's what I have here). The 3/8 hose barb x 1/4" NPT fitting has an ID of .279" at the barb. I was thinking the 1/4 NPT part at the time which is roughly .330". Just for grins I measured a couple -6 AN fittings I have here, the ID is .293 on one & .280 on another.
  14. I think the I.D. of the 3/8 metal fuel line on the car now will be smaller than the I.D. of a 1/4" NPT fitting, so no worries there. Tubing and pipe are measured different.
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