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  1. " I never beat that car at all BUT most 20 year old guys back then did so an original owner of a 70 Monte back then would be around 70 years old now but the chances that 70 year old Monte owner didn't have a heavy foot back when they were in their 20's are slim. " I am one 20 years old that did not beat my new 70 Monte.. The 68 Nova I had before the Monte got the living heck drove out of it though. I got 8800 miles on the factory tires. 325 horse/327CI with a 3:73 posi and close ratio 4 speed. I hit a tree going sideways and catching a chain link fence. Got it fixed and sold it so I could get the Monte.
  2. If it had a vinyl top chances are no lead. Mine had a kind of seam sealer on when we redid the paint. The seam sealer was removed and filled with Drua-glass am nd then body filler.
  3. But you know they are there and now so do we LOL LOL
  4. With all the other thing looking so purty you need new dust covers
  5. Here is a direct link to the first generation page http://www.cool-leds.com/Products_And_Models/Chevy/6052-70-72_Chevy_Monte_Carlo/6052-70-72_Monte_Carlo.html
  6. This how I met Dennis last Thanksgiving wekend. Great time spent together.
  7. Bed time will more than likely be around my normal 10PM
  8. I used lacquer thinner on mine and like imr said it dissipates quickly so should not be a problem. What kind of paint is it? If base coat enamel reducer will take it off or the lacquer thinner. Brake cleaner or carb cleaner might even work they also dissipates quickly.
  9. Mike could you send me a photo of the 72 grill. Mine is pitted pretty badly and am starting to look for a replacement
  10. I have had two different canvas garages in the last three years and they all rotted in less than 18 months. Looking to get one of those aluminum/steel carports for a longer lasting temporary garage
  11. Maybe it is the combination of the juices they shot you up with
  12. Got my advanced formula flu shot, had a pneumonia shot a couple of years ago and was told I should get the shingles vaccine by my family doc.
  13. That 3M body is some of the easiest filler I have ever worked with. With careful spreading no sandpaper over 80 grit is used by me or the shop where I first seen the 3M filler
  14. Heart Attack and then got married WOW he is glutten for punishment LOL 😀😀
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