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  1. This was an accident but could not keep myself from posting dang fingers disobeyed me again 😇
  2. Great show only two Monte’s of any kind. A black 70, the owner is on the Facebook page and told him he needs to get on this site and become a member. I need to put my stalking papers back in my trunk again. We removed everything from the trunk late year and have only been to 2 or 3 shows since and with the car not running well along with wet weekends I think we have it straightened out. I need to work on m photo posting to get them in the desired configuration, every time I try to turn the iPad they keep turning sideways again
  3. Yeppers missing it big time. Hope I get the Ole Red straightened out this weekend. Went to a show last weekend and it acted up some but made it home OK just od not want any more on the road breakdowns
  4. GM HEI with a MSD Multi Spark Discharge system that I sent in last fall and had rebuilt. Thought about going to the distributor that inter acts with the Sniper but $770 is a little out of my price range at the present time
  5. Thank you Grant I just ordered two rolls
  6. Still sorting things out. Every time I think I have it working correctly it messes up again. Talked to Holley support and he gave me a list of things to check which I am now heading out to the garage to start looking at. The idle is spot on when I first start the car then it will jump up 700 rpm. Going down the road the engine will stutter and the IAC jumps up to 36 when normal is 2 to 10. Checking the IAC control for carbon buildup, inside of Dist cap for carbon deposits and the voltage is staying in the 14 volt neighborhood
  7. Parts Place is in Des Plains IL and has a plethora of parts for our cars. Usually in stock and cheaper than OPGI with cheaper shipping. Their phone contact information is in our vendors list
  8. Only first Monte Carlo of any sort in attendance out of 115 entrants. The second two photos were inspired by Tony D,s reflection of my car on his green car at an Eastern Meet several years ago. This show is to raise money to help keep the old high school gym in operation that was used in the movie Hoosiers.
  9. I have been one of the last ones in one once or twice. Early to bed early to rise makes a man old and wise or something like that
  10. I had to read that a second time I thought I seen stripper club LOL
  11. Gary welcome. Is that a cloth interior? I ordered a 70 Monte 2 days after they were released in 1969 but it was a SB 400, Forest Green and a Dark green cloth bench seat interior.
  12. I love the roller cam and roller rockers in my 20 over 350. Just a mild upgrade but increased fuel economy and a quieter running power plant
  13. I put an anti sway bar on the rear my 72 three or four years ago and what a difference it made. A friend just upgraded his front anti sway bar and gave me his old 1 1/2" that I have not been able to drive it much because of the weather but it did fell better than the original one.
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