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  1. Leghome

    How You Doin

    I must be doin fantastic. Honey do list is getting shorter I THINK. Kitchen is repainted and now we will check into replacing the laminate in the room with a vinyl laminate I think. Glendia keeps getting on line and finding bad reviews on everything we had picked out and is now looking at sheet vinyl or so I thought. She just read a review last evening that the vinyl laminate is better and more durable than the sheet goods. So the saga goes on. The first is my 2nd assistant. Every time I go to move lately I come close to tripping over her. A 17 yr old Chihuahua and Dottie is her name. Glendia being the main assistant who did the majority of the first coat while I was working yesterday.
  2. Has anyone ever ordered from parts geek.com?
  3. There are rag joints that will work with the stock sterling shaft and the Jeep box
  4. Repops are really soft. When I put the rocker moldings on my 72 I dented them just installing them and I thought I was being careful.
  5. Leghome

    photo help

    I have forgotten how to put a photos in my signature. I have a link but would like the photo to show
  6. Leghome

    How You Doin

    As long as the body shops stay open I will be working Monday, Tuesday and Thursday's from 8 till 3. Thinking about retiring for the third time but I enjoy getting out and talking to my friends in the business plus it keeps me out of Glendia's hair which she is very grateful for.
  7. That is what I did and it is working fine.
  8. If they are the same size it does not matter. If two different sizes then I think there is a problem. When I replaced my rear glass all of the clips were the same size. The front and rear glasses take different clips for the trim.
  9. I replaced mine without removing the fenders without any problems. being plastic they inners flex enough. My only problem came from a couple of the holes not aligning real well. Simple problem to fix.
  10. I got my after market hinges form Leo Konick od Konicks klassiks. Work perfectly and also got new springs because my old ones did not hold up thew hood
  11. Leghome

    Web Site issues

    " I have no clue why but i'm back to normal" But what is normal could not be the norm for normal people
  12. I watched the video of it moving on facebook nice to see it move under its own power
  13. on the chrome piece on the glass between the door and quarter I just used an old bicycle tube and then trimmed off the excess with a razor blade. Been 7 years now and still holding. I had thought about the urethane but the tire tube is a lot easier if they ever have to be removed for anything.
  14. My Tranny was leaking where the shifting shaft exited it. But if you replaced all of the seals what about the pan gasket. I had to put sealer on my pan gasket
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