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  1. I put a dynamat Clone on the floor and firewall of my 72. When I got my ACC carpet I had them put on the mas backing. Between these two the radiance is amazing. Before the radio had to be set on as setting of 22 or more and then sometimes you could not hear it. After we keep the radio setting at 9 to 11 and we can carry on a conversation without shouting. Together these worked a lot better than I thought they would. Also the heat has really been abated.
  2. I understand Tony. Glendia is still unsure if we should go but I am bound and determined to be there and will come without her if necessary. I don't wear a mask when out in the public sector but do take precautions by social distancing and not crowding lines. A lot of the stores out here have one way aisles for us shoppers to keep the interaction down. Sure going to miss you guys and the Blasco's also.
  3. Have you tried hooking it directly to the battery by touching the ground strap to the negative post and the other to the positive post
  4. I almost always put a star washer between the body and strap to insure a good ground.
  5. Whenever I mix a white paint I am amazed at how many different tints are in WHITE paint. Some have a few grams of blue other yellow and even had one last week that had a touch of red in it. They all looked white but when under the spectra graph you can see the hints of the other colors. And black is not black anymore so many of them have pearl or metallic in them.
  6. I never found any for the rear 72 trim and I tried for 6 months. I ended up using four end clips to attach that trim which could be made easily. Thin metal strip with a 10/24 bolt/stud welded in the center. I have done this when I worked in a body shop years ago.
  7. I bought a whole box of rocker molding clips for less than $10. That was a box of 25 or 50 clips.
  8. I got my replacements for Leo Konick, (Konick Klassiks) Springs and hinges and they work better that the bent hinges I had. Been six years and still working great
  9. i have the Monte Pull Behind all loaded except for Sir Blackie of Monte Carlo. We have that big 10 X 17 awning so we will be able too handle several guests under our cover.
  10. Hot Damn this makes me very HAPPYYYYYY so can't wait for this Meet to happen. It will more than likely be the first car show of the year for Glendia and I.
  11. I would recommend a high gloss white for better reflection
  12. Another way to use the lower bolt would be get a star washer and place it between the hinge and fender thus completing the ground without taking to much paint off of the fender so as to not ad a spot where rust could start.
  13. The dynamat kit has a sound deadening material that goes above the headliner. I do not know if the dynamat kit has the clips for the actual headliner
  14. My Dakota Digital system cost me around $1,100 or more my memory does not want to remember prices. It is a great system but it doesn't take someone with some electronic knowledge to do the install but it did help me. My son in-law did most of the tech work and when reading the instructions I felt like I was reading Greek or Russian. It took us a weekend to do but am well satisfied wit the results
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