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  1. We do have a member in Punta Gorda. Real nice guy but my memory (old timers lol) is not recalling his name oh almost had it Dennis ????
  2. What color of truck and Monte is you doin? Duh I don't member
  3. We plan on leaving around 6AM should be to Columbus Round or just after 9. Stopping for breakfast on the road maybe Richmond IN or Dayton
  4. That does look rough but one photo does not tell the whole story unfortunately. I did not see the other photos the first time I went to the link upon further looking that is beyond my scope of expertise as I do not enjoy working on car’s anymore to stiff and to much uncle arther
  5. I have some of those screw extractors for striped Phillips head screws I wonder if they would work on your deck screws. I have used them and they work pretty good but not sure on old rusty svrews
  6. go with am LED no heat to speak of
  7. I never believe what the forcasters say because arpund here they are wrong about 60% of the time We were supposed to have a beautiful weekend according to the weathers guessers on Thrus and yesterday, I t just finished raining so hard I could barely see the house across the road. I was lucky and got the fenced yard unfenced today and yesterday before it started. It is going to make the mowing so much faster and easier. We had our 19 yr old dog put to sleep this past Monday as she alzhimers and was gettin worse daily, I let her outside Monday morning and sje could npt find the dor to get back in. I really DO NOT miss her because of the messes she made.
  8. paint it semi gloss black and it can go anywhere as the black helps hide a lot of our mods where that yellow will stick out like a sore thimb
  9. I do not remember first Generatoon Monte having split seat
  10. Two years ago they used my trailer plate to bill me for the toll
  11. I don't see your doing any tricks
  12. great minds think alike Dennis. I must have beat you by just a couple of seconds LOL
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