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  1. I wish I would have spent an extra day when we were in that area New Years instead of heading home because of the nasty storms that were headed into TN and KY but it was nice to get to sleep in our own bed for the first time in two weeks
  2. Stock setup only modifacction is a rear sway bar
  3. We have a place just outside of Middletown Indiana, Precision Alignment, that has all of the old stuff so he can still align our great cars. I had Bruce align ole red when I put on my tires and wheels drives better than it ever has
  4. I know my 72 was peiced together. 700r4, 290 horse 350 crate motor, 70 dash cluster now replaced with Dakota digital, removed vinyl top and bucket seats and console plus Ferrari red paint
  5. I've owned two f--d's and the first oe a 59 Cheapo 2 door sedan 6 cyl. automatic that we never did get the heater to put out any heat even in the summer and a 1984 Escort wagon That ran great when I test drove it and after buying never ran good again. Only reason for the Escort was my oldest daughter thought it was cute and it was supposed to be her car. Never again at least I hope ot
  6. I avoid OPGI if at all possible I hav ehad problems in the past with stuff being out of stock after I place my order. On somthing like this I would use a manufacturer or reputible dealer
  7. Yes my 70 I ordered new in 1969 was built in Van Nuys Calif. and I picked it up in November and had it titled at that time. So that is a very legitmate time line. My 72 was built the 4th week of April 1972 and titled May 30 1972, Golden Brown with a Light Covert Vinyl top Saddle vinyl interior bench seat.
  8. Any idea on what the cost might be as I am interested
  9. Did these cars not have a muffler and a resonator
  10. We got home for Greenville SC area at around 11:15 and I was sawing logs at 11:45
  11. might be a 20G car but no more than that
  12. I have never had to go under the car to remove my seats but I am not sure about the factory seats as mine was switched over to buckets by one of the previous owners
  13. I have to pull the seat for me to even think about working under the dashboard other wise I wait for Jamey(my son in-law) to come over
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