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  1. Steve I think he might have been asking about the date on the wheels but I have been wrong several times today according to Glendia
  2. When I had my rear trim polished by one of our members who lives in Arizona I think. I did not have it reanodized but used a POR15 clear that I sprayed on. It is not factory but I like the looks of it.
  3. Boy did they repossess it so they could resell
  4. When I redid my 72 in 2013 I bought a new set of locksets for the doors and trunk to match. It may not be correct but that is the way I like it., Square for the ignition and round for the trunk and doors. At least they all work Which is great but I rarely use them because of the Keyless entry system that was available around the time I redid Ole Red.
  5. On my SBC I have a PVC valve on one side and the other to a port under my carb.
  6. If i did not laready have a great 72 I would definitely be looking at this one. I likes it
  7. I used those 8400 clips on my 72 7 years ago and still intact with after market moldings
  8. I forgot about Joe in my previous post Sorry Joe
  9. If you really wanted to, you could even leave the column shifted speedo indicator there and have that work also in conjunction with the floor shift That is what I wanted to do with mine but I forgot about the cable attachment when removing the non tilt column until I seen it snap. A few choice words were spoken at that time that are not repeatable here. Now with my Dakota Digital Dash it does not matter.
  10. Ah the Custom option. I found mine from another member who was building his car the same time I redid mine. They are hard to find. Jared Richey and Leo Konick are two members that would be most likely to have them.
  11. I also have a non tilt column I removed from my 72 to change a tilt. We could meet half way somewhere and I would give it to you. I am about 60 miles west of Greenville Ohio
  12. Ahh I understand I was on dialup for years until Xfinity came thru. But it does not help me because i AM UNDULY POOR AT PRICING ANYTHING.
  13. Ant photos of them? Makes it a lot easier to see what they might be worth
  14. Great Lady you are Steph and a fantastic ecar
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