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  1. Leghome

    Body tag info.

    Because it was invented yet
  2. I talked to RPM transmissions(these guys are really good) today and he recommends the 80. If a 700 and a 200 are not set up correctly they can cause problems.
  3. You will really like the bolsters. I put them in my 72 when I redid my interior. Much more comfortable
  4. I purchased my replacement shocks for Rock Auto. Gabreal's (spelling is wrong) and they are very well built. I had some of the best shocks from NAPA and both rears failed in less than 5 years.
  5. My 72 is the Red one. They sure know how to pick them don't they Steve
  6. Please post a picture of the car so we can determine if we know who it is
  7. Before you pulled the seat did the motor make any noise at all. If not then it could be the motor. With the seat out of the car could you use a coouple of jumper wires to see if the motor makes a click or hums a little?
  8. I got my rear glass in 2013 when we did our 72. It also sits high on the drivers side. Talked to my local glass guy and he said he has seen a lot of the after market rears this do that. He said he was told it happens when they temper it
  9. I guess I have cornfused again
  10. I ordered my 70 in September of 69 with the G70 Tires. Small block 400 with a turbo 350
  11. Didn’t They discontinue those in later 70’s models?
  12. Ion lubed mine and it helped
  13. The guys at NAPA have never seen any of the break like this either. I bought some Gaberial shocks and put them on yesterday. The bottom eyelet is WELDED(you can see a very healthy weld) to the shock body while the NAPA shocks look like they were spot welded.
  14. Covers up the space between the grill and radiator really dresses up the under hood area.
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