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  1. Glendia said she is interested in going on the bus trip.
  2. I changed my rotors and brake pads to Power Stop brand. I had just put all new brakes rotor, pads, calipers and all of the hardware on the rears 3 years ago. NAPA's supposed best and we would clean up the wheels drive 15 minutes to the car show and have to re clean everything. The 72 stops better now than it ever has since I bought it 8 years ago and no brake pad residue on the wheels.. I think the kit was a Z 26 kit because of the performance factor and they were not that much more. It was the middle of the road kit and seems to perform very well. You do have to follow their break-in protocols. They do smell until they are set which the break in takes care of.
  3. I used the AuVeCo 8400 on mine also. Bought a box and then when Leo delivered my new moldings he included some more. Gave the extras tot he shop that painted my car.
  4. Very good looking Monte. The options list looks very close to my 70 I ordered on September 20, 1969. I did not have the vinyl roof and some of the other small items but was a SB 400 and turbo hydramatic, G70 white walls, AC, cloth interior and deluxe seat belts. Forest green with the dark green cloth interior.
  5. The Museum for me my back does not take to go-karts very well
  6. I wonder if that Maroon LeMans had the trans axle with a flexible drive shaft connecting to the engine?
  7. We turned on our 2016 Terrain in April. It was not the Denali version but a really great vehicle. Enjoy your new ride. We leased a 2019 Equinox and I like all the bells and whistles but liked the Terrain a little better.
  8. Dupli color makes three colors but the new colors do not come close to what is correct. When I did my 72 6 years ago the color was very close. I did clear coat mine after splatter coat to protect it. It has held up well
  9. Snapped mine when I changed to a tilt column. Lucky I have the horseshoe shifter.
  10. Went to link you posed Rob and says items are no longer availabe
  11. Well the new carpeting is installed and all pieces are snuggled into place. Rob it did happen cause I have photos to prove it LAMO
  12. I still have a few of those “paper” newsletters one of which has a write about the 72
  13. That I do not know. It might be worth a phone call to check it out. I used Morris because both of my mirrors had failed to stay in place from three different companies
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