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  1. This is exactly what I want to do with my dashboard. Thanks for posting the pics
  2. So I have decided to refurbish my dashboard instead of buying a new one. Does anyone have any paint recommendations for the black plastic? I was going to use a chrome paint pen to detail the chrome trim on the dash, but after looking at it, i need to paint it first. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Since were striving for perfection, I'm not going to upset the bodyshop flow. But I might be able arrange a road trip to the bodyshop if anyone wants to see it in person. Ha ha
  4. Rob, my Monte is only 90 minutes away from Carlisle Fairgrounds at the bodyshop. It currently looks like this. lol
  5. Just made my reservations. See you all there
  6. While your at it, can you check to see if you have speaker brackets for the 2 speaker dash. Thanks
  7. Hey Dennis, while your checking stuff, can you see if you have a pair of front speaker brackets, for the 2 speaker dash also? Thanks
  8. More paint pictures. A few more pieces were painted last week. They also spent some time refurbishing a spare hood for my 69 Buick GS400
  9. Hi Dennis. Pictures to follow on what I have. I believe I'm missing a brace that secures the center of the dashboard, it would vibrate alot driving down the road. I also couldn't find the rear support brace for the AM/FM/8 Track stereo. That radio is really heavy, and the reason my radio shaft cups are broken.
  10. I'd be interested in 1 if it was at Carlisle. Traveling from Fl to Pa is a normal occurance for me. I'm going to bring mine back to Fl next week and go through everything. I have to figure out whats broken and missing. Maybe I can repair it and not replace it. Or I can buy a used one and combine the 2 into a perfect dashboard.
  11. What is the super glue and baking soda trick? Do you mix the 2 together and make a paste?
  12. The dash is in Pa but I’m headed up there next week. I can get a pic then.
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