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  1. Thanks. My body guy says that he is real pleased with the way things are coming together. Nothing on the outside shell is welded yet, Still in the "sheet metal screw phase".
  2. Its much worse today on new cars, easily 20-30 wires going into the door sometimes
  3. Yes, thats for the wiring for the power windows. Im also going to add power door locks.
  4. Not much to report but things have been moving on my Monte. They discovered a little rocker panel rust, all rusty sections were cut out and new metal was welded in. Very small amount of rust was found on the front fenders behind the front wheels. Repaired accordingly. All new body mounts were installed, and used replacement GM door hinges were rebuilt. I ordered 2 doors from Leo, and they arrived a few months ago. My shop sent them out to be blasted and they came back as expected...rust free. But one had a dent in it, not sure if it was covered up by bondo, or if it fell and got dented after blasting. My body shop said they would take care of it. Much easier to fix a dent then work with a rusty door. I'll check on it this week and see if any progress has been made. He lets me keep my enclosed trailer on his property, and I need to pick it up and trade it for a new one. When I was moving to Fl. I pulled my car into the trailer and couldn't get out. Too large (fat), so I guess I need a trailer with a left side escape door. More money. Pictures to follow
  5. I put all new rubber body bushings on my 71. I can't comment on how it feels yet because the car is still at he body shop.
  6. Great pictures. Thanks for posting. Hopefully I can make it next year.
  7. Im in the process of moving to Clearwater. My Monte Carlo is in bodyshop jail up in Pa. Hope it will be done in another 6 months. John
  8. I'll add to the pile. Get er done, Dennis
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