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  1. I believe thats correct, but on my car its between the 6:00-7:00 position.
  2. Brew- Thats the bolt I was looking for. Mine sits horizontal when the wheels are straight. (12:00 position). Yours sits vertical (9:00 position) Thanks Dtret- I'll try to adjust. I thought the shaft had a double flat spot that lines up with the double flat spot on the box. But I could be wrong John
  3. Steve You are right, just moving slower than I hoped to. John
  4. Brew, my horn contact moves, but not that much. I just removed my steering wheel and noticed that I am about 90* off. The line that you have at the 12:00 position is at 9:00 on my car. If anyone can check, can you tell me the location of your intermediate shaft bolts under the hood when your wheels are straight. When my wheels are straight, the bolt that attaches the steering shaft to the steering box is at the 6:00 position, and the bolt attaches the steering shaft to the steering column near the brake booster is at 12:00. Trying to figure out if I have a problem in the steering column or the steering box Thanks John
  5. Dtret, Your car sounds like mine...2 steps forward and 1 step backwards. John
  6. Hi everyone, Its been a while since I posted anything, but was going to give an update on my Monte. If you recall, my flexplate was installed backwards and the starter sounded horrible. Sometimes it wouldn't even engage. I finally broke down and paid a shop to replace my flexplate. Well worth it in my opinion. I didn't really want to lay on my back using 4 jack stands to wrestle the trans out. Had a new flex[late installed and she starts beautifully.... every time. I am really happy how it turned out. While the car was there, I asked if they could finish rebuilding my front suspension and do an alignment. I had installed upper control arms in my driveway due to the bushings being completely gone. I had my shop install new lower control arms, new front springs, new front shocks and do an alignment. Everything went smooth until the alignment. They could not get the steering wheel straight. The tie rods were almost turned all the way in on 1 side and almost all the way out on the other side. They recentered the box (made sure it was the same amount of turns left to right) and evened up the tie rods. They were able to get the front suspension in spec, but the steering wheel was way off (almost 180*) The contact for the horn comes out around the 6 o'clock position, not the 11 o'clock position. They were thinking it was the wrong steering wheel (completely possible since this car was pieced together) but after doing a little research, it seems to me that this steering wheel should work. The hole for the horn contact comes out around the 11 o'clock position on the steering wheel. Is this possible? Can the steering column be clocked wrong? It is a tilt/floor shift column, but the car started life as a bench seat automatic. Is it possible to install the intermediate shaft wrong? I know its a double D joint at the steering box, but what about at the column near the brake booster? Can it be clocked wrong inside the column where it flexes for the tilt feature? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John
  7. I live 40 minutes from Carlisle. Can I commute and join you guys for daily activities?
  8. My wife named it "the Hustle". It's going to be her car. Right now I just call it the money pit, or something worse. Hopefully it will be ready by next spring
  9. Thanks Willie. Im only 45 minutes from Carlisle. I could easily meet someone there.
  10. Brew, Thanks for the link. That is Belden Speed. Im planning on using them for all the rear window rust, what Im having trouble with is finding a hood. Are different manufactures better than others? Or are they all the same and I should just shoot for the lowest price?
  11. Im making arrangements to get some body work on my Monte Carlo over the winter time. It needs a new hood and rust repair around the rear window. I'm going to go with the Belden Speed rear window repair parts, but I have questions on a replacement hood. I found a hood from Jegs made by Golden Star for 913, and Summit has a hood by Restoparts for 693. Can anyone suggest any other places to look? OPGI is out of stock, so is AMD. I also need the filler panel between the truck and rear window. Any suggestions on where to look for that? Or..... does anyone have any good used sheet metal that they want to sell? Thanks
  12. So I'm going to replace my flexplate next week. I have a few questions. What is the torque value of the flexplate to crankshaft bolts? Do you need sealant on the flexplate bolts going into the crankshaft? Thanks in advance John
  13. Great videos and pictures, Jared. Thanks for posting. John
  14. Drivers are the way to go. I'm way too picky if I had a show car
  15. Check in the engine section. Gotta replace the flexplate. lol I also have new front lower control arms and coil springs to install. I've already replaced the front upper control arms
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