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  1. Tom (or is it Jr?) now would be a great time to share a photo of your painted Monte Carlo 🤘🏻
  2. Thanks again Thomas I can definitely work with an Audi code, love the color, yeah the light difference is crazy! Willie that would be great if it’s not too much hassle 👍🏻
  3. Thanks Thomas. When I give this code to my paint supplier, they have no reference to replicate it - the lucite, centari, and dulux codes are not recognised here (Ireland). I wondered if you had a modern code for the metallic paint? It sure looks gorgeous on the paint lid! Paul
  4. Hey I was wondering do you have a code for this color? I’ve been trying to match mulsanne blue but I can’t get the depth of color or the tone right. It’s a bit too turquoise.
  5. got it. There was a lump of black goop (seam sealer?) covering the bolt. I see there are two of them and both height adjustable. The key lock was wedged in there, got it eventually.
  6. How do you remove the bump stop? It’s just spinning, is that an alan key bolt in the centre?
  7. Great tip Mark, I’ll take a look at this, thanks
  8. 100% on the mirrors & lock, but the trim looks like I would have to remove the glass to get to the screws - on the rear glass anyway - I’m just not willing to go that far. I did get the vertical trim off the doors allright. Just have to tackle the hood trim next.
  9. Ok so I have no excuse for not removing them is what you’re saying 😂
  10. Can anyone tell me how to remove the door handles? Getting ready for paint and much as I don’t want to remove them I might regret it later. Also is it possible to open the door when they are off? spear wasn’t easy to remove either
  11. done, cheers for the instructions my little helper
  12. Holy smoke what a beauty, thanks for setting the bar so high! I’ve gone from this: to this: with fibreglass and epoxy primer. Getting rid of all the rust first , then epoxy primer, high-build primer, then paint, insect layer, clear, ask I missing anything?
  13. Genius. I can get those big dust sheets they sell for painting your house. Shame my compressor is only 7 gallons! I guess it will just take a little longer with a little lvlp spray gun. I’m not in a rush. How did your Camaro turn out?
  14. Well I’m defo not taking the doors off, and that’s good news if a body shop can get it painted with the trunk lid on. I think I can get a good coat on the hood edges with the hood open, then close it to finish the job with 2 or 3 coats. Open again for clear and rinse & repeat. My main fear is bugs & spiders falling off the shed roof while the clear is flashing 🕷️
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