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  1. nice to get to this stage. Rebuilt the Quadrajet too with larger primary jets (65) and smaller primary rods (44B), and a new choke pull off mechanism. Pretty much just have to put fluids back in and hope for the best it works again!
  2. Beautiful car. Will you keep it the same color? by the way what’s the blue car behind it in your garage? First gen Camaro?
  3. Isn’t the purpose of it to reduce emissions by restricting vacuum advance until 3rd gear?
  4. Thanks gents. The TCS solenoid because mine is broken, and it just seems tidier and simpler to bypass it. I don’t see any advantage in keeping it except for a restoration. It seems like an afterthought. I figured some of the other emissions stuff might be the same. sorry yeah mines got air con and is auto, 350.
  5. what can I safely delete from the emissions system without messing up the operation of the car? I have removed the TCS solenoid and put the vacuum direct from carb to distributor can I remove the fast idle solenoid? how about the temp sensor on the block? is there anything else?
  6. Can anyone tell me the thread size that goes into the water pump, and the hose end diameter. It’s to fit a stock replacement AC Delco for an sbc 350. A part number even better!
  7. Thank Scott. I don’t think it’s an issue, looks like it’s a lifting point like what’s on the same place on the other side. Just curious.
  8. Can anyone tell me what this bolt hole is for? A missing mount to lift the engine? It’s right beside the bracket that holds the spark plug leads.
  9. Thanks Willie. When I got the radiator re-cored I thought it’s just a few more parts to remove / snowball! We have 90 degrees here today, unusually hot for august, great weather for painting. Nearly ready to start assembling, can’t wait to drive her again
  10. Haha my pops still reads the paper every day. A lot of people still read them here. Handy for painting!
  11. 3.5 acres of newspaper later, I got to use the VHT Chevy orange paint on the block. Very satisfying stage. A few more bits to paint then it’s time to put it all back together
  12. That makes sense, thanks guys. They are rubber but not thick enough to be stiff. Might work when they are stapled though. It would be nice to keep the road out of the engine bay
  13. My old ones are broken, only the staples are left! but the new ones are much larger , they don’t seem to fit. Should I cut them to fit? Here is what I bought OPGI from summit https://www.summitracing.com/parts/OPG-FSK5067
  14. I bought these seals from summit (photo 1) and they don’t seem to match what was on my ‘72 (photo 2). Do they fit like in my photo where I’m holding them in place? (Photo 3). The current ones are smaller and flat but these seem to have to fold over the edge of the inner fender.
  15. Got the engine bay and some of the chassis parts sanded, primed and painted. I used POR-15 for parts I couldn’t remove enough rust from, and zinc 182 primer on bare metal and over some existing paint. Final coat in 30% gloss urethane enamel. Just 1k in a rattle can. Pretty Pleased with the result!
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