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  1. My 71 has been in storage for between 3 and 4 years in a buddy’s warehouse that’s a little over an hour away. The tires on the car were close to 30 years old, and the two front tires had blown out just sitting there. I have been trying to work it into my schedule to get up there and replace the tires so I can bring her home and give her some much needed attention. My buddy text me week before last and sent pictures. He put a set of tires on the car, put a battery in it, and had it detailed! I was up there yesterday on business and drove her. I’m taking my 86 SS Monte up there Saturday and bringing the 71 home. The first project will be reupholstering the seats and new carpet.
  2. Dennis was actually before me, but I don’t really need them for my car. I just thought they would be cool to have. Let Dennis or Roger have them. I sent you a PM as well. On a different subject, My brother in law lives in Huntington. Next time I’m up your way maybe we can meet. Thanks!
  3. After reading the comments I had to go back through the pics to see the license plate. Very cool! Lots of great looking cars too!
  4. Some things are just meant to be! Great story and welcome back!
  5. Thanks! I’m kind of partial to that one myself!
  6. So many nice cars. I wish I had gotten more pictures.
  7. A few pictures from a local cruise in today. Someone said there were about 120 cars. Two First Gens in attendance, mine and a red 72. 82291891-ADF0-436E-A78C-0AE8D3FE07DD.MOV
  8. Sorry to hear this. Praying for his family 🙏🙏
  9. Very nice! I agree with what others have said. Would love to see them in Carlisle!😎
  10. It looks like a great time was had by all. Beautiful cars and beautiful scenery! Thanks for sharing!
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