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  1. My bad. I would leave it on. My 71 has it on the lower section as well, but my buckets came out of a Cutlass so that explains it. I never knew about the differences in trim until I read about it here. I learn so much here!
  2. I remember a conversation about the trim on the bucket seat seat backs, and Montes not having the upper trim?
  3. She’s a beauty! Excellent job! I look forward to seeing it in Carlisle.
  4. What a great concept! I wish we had something like this in my area.
  5. I would be interested if it’s for a 71.
  6. Nothing wrong with that. I like it! 👍
  7. Seems like I read somewhere only big block cars had resonators. I’m sure someone who knows will chime in.
  8. I just got it trying to read this post!
  9. I’ve seen it on Facebook too. I believe Dan is correct.
  10. Good to see another picture Dennis! Haven’t seen too many updates lately.
  11. It would be so cool if the car is still out there and the owner sees this!
  12. That’s fantastic! So glad she’s finally there. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this car. Did you say earlier it came from North Carolina?
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