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  1. It was bid to 23,500, but the reserve was not met.
  2. I noticed in one of the photos the front license plate was visible. It’s a personalized plate that reads “RPO Z20”. I would assume they must include the license plate number on the sticker. Just a guess.
  3. My 70 was built in March of 1970 in Flint, MI. It doesn’t have the chrome under the headlights, but I wish it did. I personally like the look.
  4. I’m sure it seems like it’s moving slow, but you’ve accomplished a lot! I have thoroughly enjoyed following your progress. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Welcome Phillip! I’m about 30 minutes from you in Raleigh. I think we may have communicated on Facebook recently, but I can’t find the post now. We’ll have to meet up at a local cruise in or car show. Here’s one coming up next weekend.
  6. Very impressive! Thanks for putting so much time in this!
  7. Looks like an early model Corvette?
  8. That looks familiar. My dad had a 56 bug in the early 70’s. He owned a Texaco gas station back then, and on a slow Saturday afternoon I would drive it around the parking lot. I’m guessing I was 12 or 13 at the time. Fond memories!
  9. Thanks for all the replies. You guys confirmed what I have been thinking all along. I’m going to pull the wheels, check the backspacing and go from there. 😊
  10. Nice! I really like the factory appearance of the gages.
  11. I’m about to pull the trigger on a set of those myself. I’m trying to decide what size to go with on 8” Rallies. The previous owner put 235/60R15 on the front and 255/60R15 on the rear. I like the way they look, but the front will rub occasionally when turning and going over a small bump. There’s also signs that the driver’s side rear has previously rubbed the wheel well lip at some point. Any suggestions?
  12. I would love to, but it’s not looking like I’ll have any free time. We fly in late Friday night, celebrate my sister in law’s 50th birthday Saturday, spend the day wife my wife’s cousin Sunday, and fly home Monday. Makes me tired just typing it, LOL! If I find a minute I’ll let you know. If not this trip, maybe another time. We come up once or twice a year.
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