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  1. Nice going Dan!!!! She looks great already. Congrats!!!
  2. Welcome, and yes she is a beauty!!!!!!
  3. This is what i have The 4 in the back on left are marked 70 and the rest are all marked 72. It looks to me that the one in front already exploded. lol Time for new set!!!
  4. That's what i have in your 2nd pic, AV3 3 point seat belt. Also i have in box 66 a dash like yours but in box 67 i have code (1282). So yes i should have standard belts. Now i have to find a complete set of standard belts. Thanks for the help Kevin
  5. Hey Kevin, yes that's what i have in the car (or whats left of them, not a complete set) but they are in very bad shape. However half of them say 72 and other half say 70. So i know some were changed at some point. My problem is i want to make sure i am going to buy the correct set for the car. And i don't know how to tell the difference between the ones you show, to the chrome ones, as per the build sheet. Thanks
  6. I am trying to find out what seatbelts go in my 72 with black interior. I have some that state 72 and some state 70. They both have black buckles not chrome. According to my build sheet it states (AV3 3 point seat belt) and in box "65,66,67" it states 1283,and 1282. What does this mean????? I cant find any info on this. Thanks
  7. Nice job Antoine!!!! I never seen that plate in those colors, also didn't think they were that costly. Good Job!!!
  8. Thanks Guys, its going to take a few weeks (not sure when yet) to get her in, but i want to be ahead of the drama of finding all the parts. lol
  9. Had some time today, so i am trying to get everything ready to have her painted. I am also trying to get the interior organized. Ran into a problem with the seat belts. Some say 10K72 and some say 4M70. i am guessing the later are incorrect for my 72 build. lol doesn't matter they are all in bad shape. Have to get some pics to you guys.
  10. Does anyone have pics of there complete set of seat belts for a 72 with buckets and listed as 3 point? They are not chrome, just the black plastic with the blue GM insert. Thanks
  11. I agree, George please write it down!!! Nice going.
  12. And Happy New Year to!!!
  13. Hey Mike, Welcome to the club!!!!
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