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  1. Gerry, Mike lives close to Carlisle. I have bought alot of stuff from him, great guy. I am sure he is going to attend the spring show. PM him to make sure and/or set something up. As of now i will be at that show also, we will see. Maybe i will see you guys there.
  2. Welcome Chris!!!! She looks like a great start!!!!
  3. Welcome Jeff!!! Sounds like a nice car!!! Cant wait to see pics. Steve) a shout out to her and her family 🙂
  4. I know to have my chrome polished it was $2 a foot. But he didn't do our anodizing.
  5. That is GREAT!!!! My parts cars just doubled in value. lol However that car is beautiful!!!!
  6. Yes, same here. No response. However i did get some from the parts place, and they do as Joe said, one side is alittle thicker than the other side. Haven't installed yet, i have some time for that but at least i have something. Thanks Joe
  7. Hey Joe, Let me know how you make out. You should have called me to match both up. I know i have a 72 trim left over somewhere, and i just took off the trim from the 71ss. Call me tomm if you need any thing.
  8. Welcome Jeff!!! God Luck with the grab!!!!
  9. Looks fantastic Dan!!!
  10. willie

    New guy

    Welcome Wilfredo!!!! I am here over 10 years and still learning. I am texting my friend now, he is from Hope Mills are you close to him?
  11. I looked at all my cars today for this dilemma, and i am sad to say i can't figure it out. Every car has a different set of keys. Most have 3 keys, some have 1 with no trunk tumbler. The only one that has 2 keys is my Custom and the square key is for ign and the round is for every thing else. Hope this helps
  12. willie

    I got mad

    lol Too funny!!! I just walk away because i know i am going to have to fix it, or it is going to take away from my Monte money. So i walk away alot. Find myself a few blocks away sometimes. Lol
  13. I agree with Joe. The ign is fine. The round key is stock and the drivers door lock should be reset to fit the round key. 2 keys only.
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