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  1. Happy 4th to everyone!!!! Be safe!!!!
  2. Nice going Jim!!!!! I am so jealous!!!!!!! LOL
  3. willie

    New Guy Here

    Yup always something!!!! LOL I don't remember where I got mine, but I know I didn't have a problem with the push rod. Keep on punching.....
  4. willie

    New Guy Here

    Hey Joe, welcome to the club. lol like me 1 step forward 3-4 back. LOL Still didn't get in to do anything since I am back. lol
  5. Sorry to hear that Jim, that's awful. I also didn't know you had a problem as I always travel with 2 spares. I sorry I missed that.
  6. Yes Tom I think I was the only one with them. lol So the barn find would help the cause. lol
  7. Hey Jeff welcome to the club!!! As Rob said it was an option for the 3 years, but came with the SS"s. Does your Vin have a "W" in it?
  8. willie

    New Guy Here

    Yes Joe, I think we all try and use local people and some times it does work out. My stainless guy was local but my chrome guy was in PA. both guys did a fantastic job and went beyond what was expected, as you know with my headlight bezel. Also had a great time with you and Doug, showing you around all the ins and outs!!! Rob does a great job balancing 1000 things at one time, he keeps us busy all the time. lol Cant wait for next year to see all the progress you and I and the rest of the club members make on our cars.... I also checked for that part you need (I have it) no pics yet as I have to take it down first. TTUS
  9. Hey Tom and Kevin, love the pics of the cars they look great!!! As far as the PO2,s, I am not a big fan of them on our cars at all. They do look better with white or red walls , and not as good with the raised ltrs. I at the show (Carlisle) had the PO2's on with the raised ltrs but didn't like them. The PO2"s were there because that was the way she was born. I do plan on putting caps and rings on latter. The cars look GREAT!!! Missed you guys at the show. See you soon
  10. willie

    New Guy Here

    Hey Joe, Now that I put a face to this post I had to reread the whole post. lol On the other hand your car is going to be gorgeous!!! She is beautiful, and we can see you have spent a ton of time getting her there. Also cant wait till she is done. Again welcome to the madness.
  11. Congrats Capri!!!! All of us old timers (LOL) miss you and your family, and I am sure the newbies would love you also. They are also a great bunch of people. Hope all is well with you guys. See you soon I hope!!!
  12. Nice going Larry!!! LOL That's what I would of taken if I had a chance at them. All good prizes!!!
  13. Congrats to all the winners!!!! Rob you did a fantastic job!!!! Thank You!!! Had a great time, met some great people and hope to see all next year!!!!
  14. Welcome Chuck!!!!! Car looks great!
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