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  1. Ok Joe!!! CK Thank You for running the Gamet on this show, it turned out Great!!!! 👍👍👍 PS. I also want to Thank Frank for the wood steps!!! They worked perfect on the way home.
  2. A Big shout out and Thanks to CK, and Joe for another Great weekend (at Barneys LOL) I Had a fantastic time! Cant wait till the next one!! Glad we got a chance to meet (Dave and Kev-Dog) sorry i wasn't in the pics as someone had to take them, maybe Glen can fix that!! lol Just want to say to ALL my friends that it was a pleasure hanging with you over the week. Glad everyone made it home safe. Also want to shout out to our newbie Ryan, (who they are saying might be a forgotten son of another member, but the hair color doesn't match!). Another Super Thanks to Dennis C. for always being there when things need tweaking!! Thank You for the wonderful time!!! And yes we missed you Dennis T.!!
  3. Tkx for posting Ron, looks like a great day, a lot of cars and great weather!!!!! Your car always looks Fantastic!!!
  4. Hey Ron, the bent arm is no problem as it can be taken off and straightened out. Looks like everything else is there, other than the arm.. But i am sure if you just took this pic, its time to change those fuel hoses and dont forget to save and reinstall that plastic plug in the hose!!!
  5. Great work Dennis!!!! Now i have to check to see what i have and maybe place an order!!! Love the way your sneakers are in the pics!!! If you need me to stop at the dealer to pick of the air line, let me know!!????
  6. Nice job Tom, keep up the great work!!!
  7. Nice to hear you are up and starting to do things Bob!! It also seems like you got her up and running sweet!!! Nice Going!!!
  8. Yes Mark safe travels and see you on Thurs!!! Everyone be careful and have a safe trip!!!
  9. Tom the longer you are in this club you will notice that is what we do here!!! Always looking to help each other!!!
  10. Hey Tom i checked for you today and on both cars the stainless channel runs horizontal into the "C" panel, but not down, as the other 2 filler pieces take care of that.
  11. Nice car Bob!!! But where is yours???
  12. Hey Tom, Yes there is a channel of stainless that holds the new soft seal in it. Runs from the front up then along the roof line. Someone else should put some pics up soon. If not tomm i will get pics to you some how. Also in the last pic you are missing 2 pieces of rubber that goes on that horizontal piece with the 3 notches on it.
  13. Agree Mark, Thoughts and Prayers for the family of the person that was killed, and also for the President and his family! Terrible day in this country! Not getting political, simply sending prayers to families that need to hear about this unnecessary deed!!! God Bless them and their families!!!
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