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  1. Ohh Boyy!!! Not Good Frank, I feel for you!!!!
  2. willie

    Memorial Day

    Yes we all should take a step back and Thank all that served, past and present, Men or Women. Thank You All!!!!!
  3. Ron very nice!!! And well deserved!!! Also a great trophy room to put the new addition!!
  4. Big Thanks to ALL involved to make this meet as Great as it was!!! And a extra big Thanks for Ron doing it while still healing!!! Nice job guys!!!
  5. Larry great pic of Dennis!!!!! He deserves those dancing bananas!!! lol
  6. Fantastic pics guys!!! Almost like being there, almost!!! Wish i was!!!
  7. Yeah Willie, must be a record. Know anyone else with at least 5, maybe even 6 in the same family???? Hmmm 🤔 As correct as you are, and not taking anything away from your family, you are short a couple of A#@es!!! You have lets say 5 Montes (plus others) but only 3 butts. Look at me i have 1 butt but a whole lot of Montes. That family has 5 butts to 5 Montes, thier percentage points are way better. lol I think they are entitled to some of Dennis's Dancing bananas!!! lol
  8. Looking Great everyone!!! Have a Great time!! Love the pic at the hotel with cars all lined up!! Tkx for posting!!!
  9. Aaron nice job, that has to be some kind of record by itself!!!! 5 Montes in one family!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
  10. 9 hours ago, NavyCPO said: Then that fella on my other shoulder kept sayin' NO don't do it! Do it right Dale, funny, he sure looked a lot like JoeT Blahahahaha! Dale i have the same 2 guys talking/screaming to me as i do stuff, But not sure they look like Joe T!!! lol I think we All have them!!! lol
  11. Hey Sammy I will get the info for you but i dont think he is there in June. I will check in the fall for you for sure! However i will have to check later i might have a new set in "stock" if you need them asap. Let me know?
  12. willie

    New Chapter

    Welcome John!!! She is beautiful!!!
  13. willie

    RIP Tina!!!

    RIP Tina, Not only could she rock, but she also had a great set of legs!!! lol
  14. I got them from a guy at Carlisle. Not sure if it was from Spring or Fall. I don't think he is there at the GM show. I know he did not give me a receipt so don't have his name or email. They were costly but the correct size and insert. I think they were about $40. If anyone is going to Carlisle and want to see them they are on my 72 that will be there. As of now i will be going to Fall Carlisle and will get his info for anyone that is interested.
  15. Confirmed i am #9! You two got in early for sure! Not commenting on the other topic yet!!!!
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