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  1. Nice ride Rob. Good Luck with her, i love the color... OOOH and its you Birthday, Happy Birthday!!!!
  2. willie

    Bad short

    Rob and Paul, ok so we are good on the clock, i will keep my eye on the charge of the batt for a few days and see what happens. Tom, i looked on the chevelle site and from what i seen i should just take the needle off and place it back on facing up, does this sound right? Maybe i should just start it up and see what happens, we will see. Thanks guys
  3. willie

    Bad short

    Hey Guys, just want to thank you for all your help!!! I still have some issues, as you guys know after changing all the electric parts to get to this point i am at now. I noticed there was a burn in the circuit board. I ordered one up and installed it. There are 2 problems now, 1) there is still a draw but when i disconnect the clock it goes out, (so i am guessing not a big deal) Batt has been on for two days and still fully charged. 2) the Amp gauge is pointing straight down rather than up. My questions are, does the clock constantly draw from the batt? And what is making the amp gauge point down? Thanks Again for all the help
  4. See, as Toms pic shows its also different than mine. So maybe they had 3 different brackets.
  5. ok Paul give me a min. I will dig it out, again its going to be some what different because mine is a 72 out of the 72 manual.
  6. Paul this is my 72 BB being built, not done yet. With the original bracket If you can see it, there is a connector in the back between the carb and the coil. That is the TCS wires and the unit goes behind the carb. (I dont have this either). Here is a pic of my parts car. It is a 350 car so the mounting bracket is different, for the idle solenoid. Also the TCS is placed in a different spot (left side next to carb). Also check in your manual for UPC 12H sheet 21.5 Thats the pic i went by. If you cant find it let me know and i will get it to you.
  7. No Paul, not on the BB. I do have one on the SB but i am not sure its mounted the same, i will ck later for you. I actually don't have one, i have to order it and got so involved with all the gremlins from the electrical on my car that i forgot to order it. I will try and get you all the pics you need later. I know in the manuals there is a pic of this whole setup. Leo is a great guy to deal with, always has the parts and the time for a question or two.
  8. Hey Paul, this is the only pic i have. I can get more but not by the car now. This a 72 with a new harness with 1 wire. I also have another set of wires for the TCS that mounts behind the carb. I don't have pics of that either right now but i will get them later for you.
  9. willie

    New Member 1970

    Welcome to the club Helen!!! As most said she looks really good.
  10. Welcome Lorenzo!!! Fantastic another custom.
  11. Welcome Bryan!!!!! Sorry no leads here, you are too far away for any thing this around here.
  12. willie


    Welcome!!! I also like it alot.
  13. Dale that is so cool!!!! And the cars are all beautiful too!!!
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