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  1. Nice pics Mark!!! Not happy with the SS either but All really nice cars!! Deciding if i like the stripe or not on the Blue 71. I usually do maybe its just the angle??
  2. Glen fantastic story and the Documentation!! But do you have any pics of her??? I dont see your Mascot today in the Camaro. He would have no room at all in the front seat! However i am really liking the price of the car, and the interest is unbelievable at 3%, (Bring me back please!)
  3. Hey Ron if you are going that far to bring back the air cleaner, alittle info from a very knowledgeable club member named Darren told me the set of letters on your build sheet in box #91 (engine tune label) has to match. All 3 have to read the same 2 letters, build sheet, air cleaner and top of rad (emission) stickers. If its "AU" they are going to be a PIA to find! Mine up here are all AU. Let us know how you make out!
  4. Welcome Mark!! Love the story and the color combo (i have the same) also the keystones!!!! Hopefully see you in Carlisle!!!!
  5. 00 4/72 door 19 11/71 door 39 06/B trim tag 03 n/a 39 1/71 door 66 12/70 door 16 12/A trim tag 05 12/71 door 83 1/B trim tag 04 4/71 door Sorry you guys have to bounce back and forth!
  6. Dennis, when it gets down to the nitty-gritty we may need to bin to fully determine the earliest and latest from each assembly plant Dennis, i dont wear hearing aids but i knew this was coming! Older Yes but us elders have to keep our eyes on you yungins because you shoot yourself in the foot all the time!!! LOL
  7. RIP Gary. Thoughts and Prayers to Family and friends.
  8. I have to add that "L" car is a Cali car The other 2 are "1" cars. I knew i had one but didn't realize i have 2 different cars???????
  9. Was it 5 min already..... Not in order just the way i have them listed 72 Balt 1H57W2B63XX00 72 1H57H2152XX19 What is different about this car???????? 72 Balt 1H57J2B68XX39 71 KC 138571K16XX03 This car was sold 2 years ago. 71 KC 138571K13XX39 71 KC 138571K12XX66 72 1H57H2L53XX16 72 Balt 1H57H2B56XX05 71 138571151XX83 (Might have to recheck this one) 71 KC 138571K18XX04 sorry took so long i cant type very fast
  10. Too much homework for the weekend but i can get the vins in 5 min
  11. Rob thats what my 56-year-old friend calls me! LOL
  12. He’s not wrong, old man. Are you kidding me, I went to Friday's the other day and the bartender (who i know personally) was calling me Grandpa!! I wasnt feeling old until now. Maybe i should go lay down for alittle. LOL
  13. I particularly like that it gives old curmudgeons like Joe T. something to do. Hey Joe, what name is Glen going to use for us older Gents? Or Glen do you want to throw us all in there? LOL
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