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  1. Welcome Hugh!!!! She looks great to start with, and a helper that really wants to help, makes it that much better!!! Love the blue
  2. Andy, looking good. Love both those cars!!!
  3. Looking to put the starter in as there was no starter when i got this project car. Not only did it not have a starter, the wire harness was shot. I fixed and replaced what i needed to, but it leaves me with only 2 wires to the starter. Not counting the battery cable. She is a 71SS with a 454 and 400 tranny. So i would think the positive battery cable and the thick purple wire go together on the large post? The smaller red wire that is wrapped in cloth insulation, goes where? The small post on the inside, or outside? And nothing on the other post? Does anyone know or am i going to have to
  4. She looks great Glen!!! Cant help you guys with the white stuff, nor do i want any part of it!!!!
  5. Just wanted to say a BBBBBIIIIIIIGGGGGG Thank you to Kevin, Tom and Toms son Tom (he is too big to be a little Tom) for there great hospitality. We had a nice couple of days at the swap meet at Englishtown. The weather was not a total 10 but was do able. But the company and the hospitality was top of the line!!! Also for introducing me to their friends, what a fantastic group of guys. You would think they should be Monte guys but there favorites are the other 2 car companies. I personally will not hold that against them though. I cant believe they had so much stuff in that trailer (the
  6. Nice going Rob. Good thing you did all that work on the front end in time for the show!!! Cograts!!!
  7. Aron all i am going to say is that they are beautiful, and you are blessed!!!
  8. There both keepers!!!!! Love the car, she is beautiful!!!
  9. Joe they are flying!!! Looks great!!!!
  10. Bruce is so much faster than me, and his pics are great as always!!!
  11. Hey Wayne, I am not sure if all 3 years are the same, hopefully someone else will chime in that knows for sure. But what i have on my 72 is, tire iron is attached to jack with 2 rubber sleeves. all 3 pieces (jack, hook, tire iron) are put down first in the small metal tab. Then the tire goes on top of that upside down (you might have to move the hook, and rachet part alittle to fit better. Then i put the hold down bolt through the tire, then place the base over that (also upside down). Then the wing nut, and done. Hope that is right because that is what i have done.
  12. Welcome Bob!!! Sharp looking 71!!!!
  13. Great Job Joe!!! I have to remember to look up when i get to see her in person, I know you have water (or something else) in that red bucket just for me. LOL I hope Doug is reading this also. LOL I cant believe how fast it is going up.
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