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  1. I bench bleed a reconditioned master cyl but as i was carrying it to the car it was leaking out of both treaded holes (lines). Is this normal? Is it because the "O" rings need to swell up? I dont want to connect the lines yet because i know i have to chance the brake lines first. Just thought this master leaking was not right. THX
  2. Sorry it took so long, i couldn't find this post. My set is US General 1250lps.
  3. Hey Rob do you happen to have the original pan? I am trying to find one.
  4. Funny. But yes I’ll admit it. But it actually a community closet right now. Plump full of Monte parts. All the other closets are full. Lol. PS I don’t think she’s very happy about it. Kinda like you and the patio. LOL I look at it this way Dennis, I still have my Harem of cars. However no parts are allowed in the house. LOL OK!!
  5. Hey Dennis is that the Chevelle closet? Looks like you have plenty more room to put stuff in.
  6. Lousy name agreed. Cant wait to see what they do with our teams???
  7. Dennis you cant beat free, unless they transport and install it for you.
  8. Joe that looks FANTASTIC!!!!! You need a sign "Joes Museum". LOL Great work!!!
  9. Nice pics guys!!!! Both cars look amazing!!!!!!!
  10. Nice job Dennis!!! Way to go woodman!!!!! Also i love your tea pot. Now you can sit back and have a spot of tea. lol No get wrenching on the car!!!
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