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  1. Looks good Dan!!! I wasn't so lucky, Jack couldn't get what i needed so i had to have them made. Ohh Boy!!!
  2. Welcome Andy!!!! She is beautiful, triple black!! Niiiiiice!!!!!
  3. Welcome Ron!!!! She is beautiful!!!!
  4. Go get her Andy!!!! Good Luck!!!
  5. Welcome!!! Looks like a great car to start with. Good Luck with her
  6. willie

    Hello All

    Welcome Rob!!! As they say 2 are better than 1.
  7. I love that phrase "in stock". Nice going Kevin and Tom.
  8. I can bring Sir Monte and his twin Sir Carlo, Of course they would need a good bath before they take the trip.
  9. willie

    Found one!!!

    Congrats Scott!!!! She looks like a great start.
  10. Started to straighten out my trim molding, and realized real fast i don't have the correct tools. Time to go shopping.
  11. Mike is correct, i changed mine so i could keep the unit original.
  12. Congrats and Good Luck on your retirement!!!
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