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  1. Dennis, is that the Monte garage?????? Where is the Chevelle garage???
  2. Steve got a tat!!! If that's what you wanted, good for you!!!
  3. Welcome Brant!!!! She sure is beautiful!!! Maybe we can see her in Carlisle, close and personal???
  4. Kevin let us know when to we can congratulate you together!! As i put it, another rung on the ladder!!! Come on Friday!!!!!!!
  5. I heard nothing down here. So sad this f#$% up world today. Thoughts and Prayers to both Police Officers, their families and friends. The thug like Mark says BIH!!!!!!
  6. Looking good Ron!!!! LOL Mine still covered, maybe some time this week, ran out of time this weekend!
  7. Ohh and by the way Dennis your acreage looks Great also, maybe all that rain helped!!
  8. Ron, Glen can have Tiger as many times as he wants. Me, i would choose something a little more watchable like Paige S!!!!!!
  9. I am with you Steve, don't want to hurt them! But i am not going to try and avoid and smack my car up!!!!
  10. I see i am the odd ball again!!! The guys were here once to do a mow, clean up and fertilize. They did a good job, although its time to cut again in spots. They told me they wouldn't be back until May first, so i might hit that 1 ft mark also. However there was a new guy on the blower back pack machine, and now i need a new door on my 10 day in my possession trailer. A conversation that eventually went my way as it was a dead end for him! Don't tell Glen!! lol
  11. As much as i want the meet to be tomm Rob, can we roll the 66, 180 degrees???? i need every bit of 99 days!!! LOL I know of Rt 66 but don't remember the show, and like Steve would love to make the trip one day from start to finish!!!
  12. Welcome Curtis!!! Dennis is showing the correct part, and Steve is correct by saying not so hard of a job, just cut the tabs off and a little punching. As long as the bushings don't spin you should be fine
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