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  1. Hey everyone, I need a pic for my 72 of how the wires are routed thru the cab for 1) rear view map light, goes down drivers A pillar into What? 2) wires for the seat belt warning light, I know what one goes where, I need to know how and where it is mounted on the floor of the car? 3) also the main harness to the rear seat mounting panel, I need the routing and mounting to the trunk for the harness and the speaker wires? Thanks for the help in advance,
  2. willie

    Found a '70 SS

    Dan, what a great find!!!! That should keep you busy for about 6 months or so. lol Congrats!!!!
  3. Does anyone know where I should start looking for the seal that mounts on the hood not the seal on the top of the firewall?
  4. Jeff good luck finding NOS, extremely hard to find. I am still looking for some.
  5. Great thanks Ron, I used Gallagers in Sayville, nice guy but the material was to harsh and too much power in the machine. I will give Brian a shout when I am done with this car and ready to start the next. Thanks for letting me know. Willie
  6. willie

    How You Doin

    Hey Everyone, I am retired from one job, but still working for Big Brown. Lately we have been working like crazy with all the returns. Most business's have closed, and all their shipments have to go back where they came from. So it is double the volume. My part time job usually runs to 5 or 6 hrs a day now. The other time I am trying to get the car done for the big meet at Carlisle in June. Constantly running back and forth to the painter with something he needs that I forgot to give him. LOL The wife is home this week because the county shut her office down to 25% workforce. She is far from happy that she cannot see our kids or 2 grandsons. Our oldest daughter is a school teacher who has to teach her students at home online during the week, and home school her son at the same time. Of course all the schools are shut down. Our middle daughter is lucky enough to have a job that her and her husband can work at home, but they are afraid of going out unless it is absolutely necessary. My son is a Police Officer who is first in line of this terrible virus. I pray everyday for all my kids, grandkids, and you guys, and your kids, and grandkids to be safe and never have to deal with this in any form. I know its our job to be protectors of the next generation. but it sucks when we have no control over it. Be careful and stay safe God Bless us All
  7. Welcome Kevin and congrats she sure is beautiful!!!
  8. Happy St Patty's day to all, and a special green beer to Steve's Dad!! Like Rob said have a drink and stay safe!!!
  9. Larry do you have any #'s or pics of those clips? Front and back. Thanks
  10. Hey Ron. being so close to you, you have to give me his name and phone #. I wasn't happy with the guy I used. Of course for the next project. lol
  11. I forgot to say thanks to you guys, so thanks for the help guys.
  12. Yup you guys are all right, Like Kevin said check the harness. The harness goes to both sides, so she has 4 speakers. That's the good news. Bad news is the painter found a dent in the door while polishing her. The door was repainted and the color dose not match. He couldn't get paint today so we have to wait till Mon. 1 step forward 2 steps back. OOOHHHH BOOOYYY.
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