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  1. I think it looks great also!!! I had my top done the same time as the interior, all the same guy.
  2. I wanted to bring this back up, Dennis did you ever find the emission sticker for the air cleaner? If so where did you get it?
  3. Hey Tom its a family thing!!! The more the merrier!!!! Love it
  4. That is NOT stretching the truth at all!!!
  5. Ohh Boy. If Kevin didn't know, things aren't right. Poor Kevin woke up and seen another Monte on the trailer and a sign on the lawn (with that damn bird holing a sign saying black monte, rather than boy, or girl ) Thank Goodness. LOL Tom time for another spot. (east, west, north) i don't remember. lol Nothing but respect for you guys, love it!!!
  6. Me Too!!! Just not as bad!!🌼🌼🌼 (I think these are daisies) lol
  7. Joe the place looks Great!!!!! But you need to get some rest buddy!!!
  8. Nice going guys, she is beautiful!!! Funny thing was, I was saying to myself ( i do talk to myself alot. lol) as Mark said the same. Looks like its missing something, and i know its "in stock". Best of Luck with her.
  9. Welcome to the club Jim!!! What year is your car? The reason i ask is if it is a 72 maybe the 3in trim piece goes across the back and make the difference up. Hopefully some one else with alot more insight then me can jump in.
  10. Steve, What we all said!! Glad it went well, you are in our prayers. ❤️ The last emoji, you have to wait alittle. lol Ohh and Dennis is correct Joe never sleeps. never. I dont know how he does it?
  11. Kevin try looking in the resource section, then suppliers for Leo Konik. He should have one. Good Luck
  12. Tom, Kevin they All look Great!!!! You had a nice day, and you got some of them out twice this year!!!! Yea!!!
  13. X2. I am in for 2 or 3 also. Nice going Paul
  14. It was in my 72 Custom, but not in any of the 71 SS's Dennis i forgot to talk to you about it before.
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