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  1. willie

    tire size

    She looks beautiful Bruce!!! Am i seeing doubles. Nope. You have chrome mirrors.. I have a single sport. Gorgeous!!!
  2. willie

    New Guy Here

    Joe... Much deserved!!!
  3. Looks Great Steve!!! I knew you could do it!!!
  4. willie

    New Guy Here

    Joe, I know other people are thinking it so i will just say it. For someone who hates working on cars you do a fantastic job making them look great and go fast!! Love your work!!! Wish i had half your ability.
  5. Dennis you're going to eat your words when your done with her (pos 70)! Yes i know the list tends to get longer as you mark stuff off it, I use a bigger magic marker. lol
  6. Leave it to the Post to pick that up!!!! But nevertheless funny!!!
  7. Hey Dennis, i feel for you buddy!!! I am on vaca this week and she handed me a list of what she wanted done. I said to myself, this is not happening to meeeee!!! I picked out what i was willing to do and told her that was all i could do. Then i went in by the Monte and put my decals on. I told her tomm was another day! lol However i will be doing the things i said i was going to do, just to cover my butt. I still have a car on the patio, that was one thing the wife wanted done and i told her out of the question! I really have no place to put it. i think i am going to have to part out one of my parts cars to make room to move the other. Also i feel BAD for you about your dancing friends, I will not give you any today, but i have to tell you i am itching to give you many!!! By the way you should be able to get on that Monte soon you only need 3 hours of sleep a day (ask me how i know). Good Luck Dennis!!!
  8. Nice job Mike!!!! Looks good!!!
  9. X2, going to miss you Steve!! Hope all is well!! Hope to see you in Syracuse. 🙁
  10. willie

    New Guy Here

    Nice going Joe!!!! The puzzle is getting smaller for you. I am jealous about the 10-11 days, even though you will bang out a few of them. LOL All kidding aside i am very happy for you!!!
  11. Nice job Chris, 5 weeks to keep her clean!!! lol
  12. Tom is right upon closer scrutiny, there is no tach. But there is a tilt column even though it is possibly from a skylark as the levers show. Good catch Tom!!
  13. Also has tilt, tach, a/c. Nice car
  14. I agree with Tom! Dennis you "D" man!!!
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