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  1. Hey guys, does the number on the sticker tell me if the air cleaner is older, or just different size motor? I have these 2 and i dont know what one to restore? this one with number 6487536 or this one with 6484668? To put this in What do you guys think???
  2. Nice going Rob!!!! and help to carry the trophy home, how great it is. Congrats
  3. Nice going, 1 motor and trans with 4 cars, that sounds backwards to me. lol Welcome Anthony!!!
  4. Hello everyone, just a quick question. Is the air cleaner for the 71, 454 the same as the 72, 454? I am not asking about the decals, just the air cleaner. I don"t see any parts #s on the air cleaners any where. I have a few, they all look the same but some have stickers saying 454, 365 hp so i know that"s a 71. Others that look the same do not have stickers, so i can't tell. Just want to put the correct 72, 454 on the car. Thanks
  5. Welcome back Jim!!! Good to see you here again.
  6. Looks good Pat!!!! Keep it going!!!
  7. lol Jared, its funny i am still looking for that car. lol
  8. Hey Paul, that never happened to me with the tach. But my amp gauge was pointing straight down, and when i finally started her, amp gauge pointed straight up where it belongs. Freaky
  9. Hey guys, Thanks for the input. I most likely will take it off, but i don't want to hurt the dash as it is in great shape and original to the car. I do have another dash but its not in great shape. More homework lol Thanks for the help.
  10. Thanks Tom. I like it, but i should take it off? lol You never know what you are going to find on these cars. lol
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