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  1. Hey everyone, I just became a dues paying member.
  2. I think they are welded, but you can't tell. I'm going to get some red and amber acrylic sheet and bond it to the back side of the trim before attaching to the car. There is no way I would cut an opening. The body and paint is so perfect.
  3. I like the Edelbrock carbs. they perform well for me. They are easy to work on. You can change the jets without taking the carb. apart. But you have to have a pressure regulator as they require a max of 6 psi.
  4. Here's my 1970 Monte Carlo with the wheel well trim. Have all the rest ordered and will put on in the spring.
  5. Thanks, I know it's no problem, was just wondering.
  6. I got my 70 monte carlo without any of the chrome trim. It had rear fender skirts. They were attached with machine screws to the rear fender that had weld nuts. I'm ordering the wheel well trim that has the screws with them. I know the front has holes for the sheet metal screws. Does anyone know if the rear ones are attached to the machine thread holes that the fender skirts were attached to? Or will I have to drill holes for the sheet metal screws? Thanks Wayne
  7. I'll have to wait and see when I get the trim next season. I have a friend that restores cars for a living. He will help me out.
  8. Car is totally rust free. The openings for the side marker lights have been welded in, but you can't even tell. when I put the molding on I will get some plastic reflector material to fill the openings in the trim. Does anybody know where to buy the molding trim for the best price. I found one place $485.00
  9. I think I will get the chrome eventually. The guy who had it before me even had rear fender skirts on it. (sleeper look). there is no studs for mounting the trim back on, but I have a friend who restores cars for a living, and I know he can figure something out. the 350 engine is pushing 420 HP. I need to put a higher rpm stall converter in it next season. I will be joining. Thanks
  10. Here is a pic of my 1970 Monte Carlo. No rust ever anywhere.
  11. This Forum has helped me a lot. I'm going to be a dues paying member as soon as I get some money transfer to my Pay Pal acct.
  12. I am going to be a dues paying member as soon as I get some money in my Pay Pal acct.
  13. I watched a you tube video and I saw how the lock ring is used so I bought it and the front seal and tail shaft seal. I like to be prepared ahead of time on any job I plan on doing.
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