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  1. Wow. Very nice. Keep em coming. But I don’t think them parts are going to fit in my Walmart bag. lol.
  2. I seen it on the red 72 that Aaron posted in the 8th from Mecum. I knew about it before that but that was the first time seeing it in a car. I still don’t think it’s 125 dollars worth of cool.
  3. No I don’t think, so for 71 anyway. But I thought it was a cool idea and better than looking at a bumper jack lift. I think it’s more for the high end cars.
  4. I will check. Thanks. Joe said you were going to call me with a question, hit me up.
  5. Ya don’t know for sure if I want to drop 125 on it. It’s just a cover.
  6. You can take your original pan and knock the dents out with a block of wood. The underside of the car is going to take a beating anyway. If you add more depth to the pan it’s going to be closer to the ground. More beating. I like deeper pans cuz of more fluid capacity
  7. I hope you have better luck getting the car shipped then I have getting a package shipped 150 miles. They lost mine.
  8. If you’re going to take the time to pull the balancer and sleeve, just put a new balancer on it. While you’re at it replace the seal in the timing cover. The extra cost will be worth it. That’s probably the original balancer anyway. Just my opinion. Did you look at the fuel pump mount gasket also? Remember this is just my opinion.
  9. Anyone got one of these that they are wanting to sell?
  10. Looks good. Aw the view from the hot tub in the last pic. December—that sux
  11. I’m not very photogenic. You may want to turn them off for a little bit. I’ll bring the Walmart bags. Who’s in?
  12. I got mine from the parts place. You need a bracket also. Blow up the picture. These were identical to the original that I took off.
  13. I’m in for a meet. Might do a little shopping while I’m there.
  14. So what do we call you, Donkey or Dingo? lol. You must be off work again. At least you can soak in the hot tub to ease the back pain. That work sucks but it’s got to be done and none of us are getting any younger so we figure out better ways to cheat. Building looks awesome. Still nice and clean. Very nice.
  15. I’m not that patient. I’ll pay the 500. I looked into doing it myself and I just said no. Lol. That’s exactly what the guy is charging me.
  16. Very nice car. Welcome to the gang.
  17. Dtret

    Padded dash

    From what we are told. No. But if you find one let us know.
  18. Wow. And I thought mine was bad. Hand shoveled before I got my tractor and plow. I also added a 3 point electric salt spreader to the back.
  19. Is that hitch gm original? Lol. I only will drink that in the light version but yes I’m thirsty.
  20. I wouldn’t wait. These cars don’t seem to stick around long. Call him
  21. All joking aside. Good tools or not, be careful nothing about the job looks safe.
  22. I know. I seen the pictures. Lol.
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