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  1. He’s old. He gets another in an hour.
  2. I’m just saying. Not bullying. Again I say not bullying. You can end up in jail for that now.
  3. Are you actually sending “bills” and expecting payment or are you sending out the checks to pay the bills. There is a difference you know.
  4. Class “a” cdl. Semi and car hauler. Get one with a sleeper and you won’t have to get a hotel. Or teach wife’s/ gf’s to drive them.
  5. Of course you do. Time to work on yours and let the others work on their own. lol. 😂 I’ll be expecting to see the whole fleet at Carlisle next year.
  6. Lol. And I still haven’t found a 72 big block custom yet. Well Monte anyway. If you’re looking for something you’ll never find it and if you do your going to pay to much. I’m always looking for the next, next project.
  7. That listing is already gone. I didn’t buy it. Lol.
  8. Small block car. He wants it. But he has so many projects that he’ll never get to it so I could end up with it anyway. The car is gutted, some parts but not much no engine or transmission. But it does have a partial build sheet to prove it. No rust either.
  9. Funny you mention the 4 speed car. My brother and I are working a deal right now on two cars and one is a 4 speed car.
  10. Just out of curiosity I will go back to the 71 ss restoration. 7500 car, 8000 engine and transmission rebuild, 8000 paint and bodywork. That’s just the big bills. Now what’s a thousand hours of your time worth? Not to mention the thousands of dollars in receipts. Funny thing, I probably still wouldn’t buy that car even though I just proved to myself that I would be ahead if I did. And no I’m not looking. But if I could part the pos70 for a profit or even.,,, hmmm
  11. There’s a lot of truth to that. I don’t think anyone knows what they are worth because they are all over the place. It’s seems to me cars that need a ton of work are really expensive to start. As always said here on the forum, they are worth whatever you’re willing to pay. I will add that one thing I know, I cannot and will not get the pos70 to where that car is right now for less than 30 grand, keep in mind I would be including my labor hours into that figure.
  12. I agree with you guys but , there’s always a but, how much would it cost to get to that point. Complete with no rust repair, minimal bodywork and you can get in it and drive it now. As it sits I would have no problem taking it to a show. Keep in mind I wouldn’t spend that amount of money.
  13. O by the way. You can’t charge me more than you charge him. I crack myself up.
  14. By the way if he’s not interested, I may be. My pos70 has/had a saddle interior and it might need carpet. Pictures please. lol 😂
  15. How about some pictures? Don’t worry I probably know where it is and how much fun it will be to access. But still we need pictures. lol
  16. There’s a 71 ss sitting somewhere in Oregon I heard about. You just a hop, skip and a few thousand jumps. Don’t be so sure of that.
  17. Go to a real auto parts store with a paint department and they should be able to mix a touch up bottle with a brush. Also you can get them to match it in spray can form. Be aware that the correct code color may not match the car perfectly as paint changes color over time but they should have a paint camera ( I forgot what it’s called) that can match your existing paint if it probably won’t be a color code 45. It will be some off the wall color code.
  18. I wouldn’t paint. I’d install mirrors but not for her. lol 😂
  19. I saw on another Monte site he was possibly parting it out.
  20. [censored][censored] and then some. Lol. NO NO NO
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