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  1. If the driver's door won't close, the frame under it is bowed. I'd say it can't be repaired but it'll have some decent parts for somebody restoring another 70.
  2. Mark, I installed that bellhousing many years ago, I cut the transmission myself-almost perfectly straight. The current version of it has some sort of O-ring around the pump bolts to seal them. Be aware you'll need a smaller than stock torque converter and there's no way to mount a torque converter cover.
  3. Paul Bell

    Who’s interested

    I'd think the headlight squirters are the rarest option. 1970 only, I've never seen an example. Does anybody here have them?
  4. I believe most aftermarket crankshafts are internally balanced. Whichever way it is, you'll still need a shop to balance your rotating assembly.
  5. A 1970 car had more options available which would not be detailed in the 1971 assembly manual.
  6. Block is honed, washed again and primed and painted. Next up is checking main bearing clearances and installing cam bearings. Baby steps.
  7. These cars were built with lead. Most restorers leave it in place as it causes no issues. If it needs to be replaced or filled in, there are non-lead products available that do a great job.
  8. Paul Bell

    BB Headers

    I got one because I went to pick up my headers without confirming they were ready and they felt bad I took the trip out there. I'll be going back to have my o2 bungs welded in after I confirm where I want them.
  9. Paul Bell

    BB Headers

    Thanks for the update and info Joe. We all know how to install an o2 sensor, right?
  10. Very nice car. Yes, the washer bottle is incorrect, it should not have the dent in it. The radiator overflow doesn't belong. The seat cloth looks to be incorrect.
  11. Paul Bell

    BB Headers

    We have a member here with these headers, 2 inch primaries I believe, and he has 3/8" raised exhaust ports. I don't know what control arms he has. I also have raised ports but I have aftermarket arms. And I won't be installing the headers or even the engine until springtime.
  12. Paul Bell

    BB Headers

    Perhaps. But they were still short handed and as I already went there to pick them up and left empty handed (my fault), they were rushing to get my order done. They called at 10am to say they were ready. It's about the headers to me, even if the clamps were correct, header companies furnish the narrow band clamps which I wouldn't use anyway.
  13. Paul Bell

    BB Headers

    Joe, no couplings. Just what's here: Warranty card; 2 stickers; 12 pt bolts 2 clamps-that I now notice are for ball couplings AND they're 3" so they're useless to me. I'll be getting my own flat band clamps.
  14. Paul Bell

    BB Headers

    There's some roughness where the bender's collar grabbed the tubing. I'll knock it down with some Scotch Bright. While these headers are exactly as I expected them, they can use a little buffing up. I was originally told the collector was ball and socket design and they would include a coupling, they are not, they are slip-fit, which I kinda preferred. They asked what port shape and size my heads had so for now, I'll assume they match. The collectors have the merge spike in them. As discussed, they do not include gaskets. They do include a pair of clamps for the collectors and header to head bolts-which I'll not use because I stud my headers. After I do some mock-up, I'll return to ARH to have o2 bungs welded in.
  15. OK, I'm gonna go with what Joe said, that the stamper got the letters swapped when he stamped it. The "CR" code would be a 1968 rear with the 3:07 ratio and the casting number. It should measure 61.21 inches.
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