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  1. My tank has wiring for a fuel injection pump and I incorporated the gauge ground into the harness. It goes to a stud on the rear frame next to the main battery to frame ground stud.
  2. The 1971 assembly manual shows it going the the bracket this bracket-but I've always seen them to the body over the rear. I'd say the bracket is a better spot
  3. The ground wire is kinda above the rear end. It terminates under a zip bolt to body.
  4. After you get the unit back, before you install it, install the dipstick tube and drop the pan. The dipstick "full" mark is exactly at the pan rail. Make sure your stick markings match it.
  5. Looks like a hydraulic cam. Bullet is awesome. Let's say you're making 475-525 HP and plenty torque. Have the new shop build the unit to handle 700 HP and you should be well set. Fully rollerized and maybe a 300m input shaft. I'm sure they can build a better torque converter than an off the shelf B&M unit. Have your weight, cam, rear gears, GV ratio and tire size for them to get it right. If you're still using the stock in radiator trans cooler, nix it, they can actually heat the trans fluid. Get a good stacked plate cooler to sit behind the grill.
  6. No transmission should look like that with 4,000 miles, certainly not a TH400. Time for a rebuild-including the torque converter. What engine & power level? Who did the rebuild in 2016 and who's doing it now?
  7. Joe, the bullet mirror website lists the mirrors as fitting Chevelle & Monte Carlos. It can't be the same mirror. A Chevelle mirror (passenger side) would mount like LS5 Darren's, rotated upwards and too close to the body. Do they offer a Monte Carlo specific passenger side bullet mirror? I looked up these mirrors in my 1971 catalog. It does NOT list a Monte Carlo mirror at all-and we know a Chevelle mirror is incorrect. EDIT: Chrome Chevelle mirrors fit Montes just fine. There's no listing for the painted bullet mirrors for either car.
  8. I actually have a bunch of printed catalogs, mostly that cover several years and models but they lack in some areas. I have a prized 1971 Chevelle Nova & Camaro catalog which shows every part. As the parts are no longer available, itโ€™s mostly useful for verifying what came on a vehicle and what was shared between models.
  9. Because I have plenty time to do nothing today, I looked up the nozzles. Just for searching, here's the 1971 GM car parts catalog page. I'd say the Chevelle uses the same nozzle. 454 Chevelles got a domed hood so they were different.
  10. I'm not sure how this steering column thread ended up about rear ends but.... ๐Ÿ™„ Anybody else have a color matched column on their '70 SS?
  11. Leo will have correct original ones for any year. Get what you need and wire brush them until they're shiny than maybe clear coat them so they stay shiny & new looking. https://koniksklassiks.com/
  12. I'm trying to figure out why this is. Chevelles had different specs for the interior of an SS car buy the Monte Carlo did not. Maybe some assembly line workers used a black column on an SS Monte out of habit because they were accustomed to doing it to SS Chevelles.
  13. Does anybody have a 1970 SS car with a color interior (not black) and a color matched steering column?
  14. Welcome Mike! Is your car right hand drive?
  15. It's interesting that both cars shown here have no AC. My brother would call these stripper cars "the poverty model". The radio delete plate was a Chevelle delete plate with a wrap on it. I envision the wrap like shelf liner with a sticky side. It looks to match the dash exactly. Too bad that material can't be bought.
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