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  1. The only option delete code I could find is for the heater which was used through 1968. I think when a car came standard with power steering or power brakes and the buyer specified to delete it, he would receive back in the price of the vehicle what it would cost to install the options on a car that didn't come with them. But I can't find any codes that would pertain to deleting these options. I would assume the dealership placing the order would have to specify to the factory that it wasn't wanted and when the build sheet was put together the correct codes were put in the boxes.
  2. Yes, power steering as well as front disc brakes and an AM radio were standard on these cars. Back in the day, some people saw power steering as an unnecessary luxury and some weren't sold on modern disc brakes. A buyer could delete front disc brakes and get drum brakes, power steering to get a manual gear box and the radio which resulted in a Chevelle radio blank plate covered in burled elm contact paper. This is from a Long Island member's car:
  3. I found this page in the 1970 assembly guide.
  4. Thanks to this discussion about two tone paint jobs, I learned the following: -Two tone paint used unpainted vinyl reveal moldings. -Only Canada builds could have two tone paint with the same color. As the “normal” vinyl reveal moldings (for a vinyl roof) are painted a special paint that didn’t match exterior or exterior paints, these moldings were pre-painted and ready on the assembly line as sets for vinyl top cars. They would also need to have unpainted sets available for the two tone paint cars. The 1971 GM parts catalog shows a single part number for each reveal molding so I would assume they came without paint. I wonder what kind of buyer would order a two tone car with matching top & bottom colors? 🤔 Now, where’s that guy with the low option 402 car with manual steering?
  5. Pretty cool! Across all 1971 Chevy A-body cars, only 1,186 bucket cars had power seats.
  6. That white painted roof looks great over the Ascot Blue. If it's factory original, it would have been special ordered. The spec pack for 1971 shows the antique white top not available with the Ascot lower color. Ahh, the good old days when they'd let you have almost anything to nail the sale.
  7. Not including odd combinations of common options such as bucket seats with column shift, do you have a Monte with a factory installed super rare option? Let's see it! -Radio delete? -Front drum brakes? -Manual steering? -Power trunk release? -Rear shoulder harness? -Power seats? -Power release seat back? -Electro-Tip wipers? -Headlight washer/squirters? -Rear shock lift system without SS package? -Two tone paint (painted roof a different color)?
  8. Wow Joe, really good info, thanks!
  9. Hey folks, I need to replace my carpet, dark blue. Which is correct original style?
  10. Hey Tony, what is your engine RPM at 60 MPH with the GV overdrive engaged?
  11. I don't know if they'll find the car but the owner posted this: "Quick update, some good information came in that the car was spotted northbound on i-280 getting off at exit 11. Toledo PD has been notified"
  12. Posted on Facebook by Kevin Green, not sure if he's a member here. It was stolen Friday between 5am and 8pm from his shop in Northwest Ohio. I'll add more details as he posts them.
  13. This was posted on one of the Facebook Monte groups. I managed to download and save it. It appears to be Wednesday, 11/22 in Daytona Florida. From all the chatter, it sounds like he was doing a rolling burnout. As we all know, a spot of water, a manhole cover, a dip in the road, etc. can cause one rear tire to have better grip and force the car to swerve. No word of injuries, I hope they were minor. Be careful out there friends. SS no more.mp4
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