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  1. Im in the same boat. With the shipping and core charges you might wanna try and find someone local /close to you. I was lucky to find someone locally and mainly does th400 and power slides. https://www.proformanceracingtransmissions.com/. Good Luck !!!
  2. I shimmed it. I didn't do the Half shim, I cut it about a quarter length. You can see it on the starter mount bolt on the right side. Scary how well the cell phones pictures can be 🙂
  3. Thanks guys. I installed the new flywheel. checking the starter clearance. I thought it was supposed to be about the distance of a large paperclip. Is this too much clearance? Thanks again for all your advice.
  4. So I ordered the Same Brand Flexplate that is on the car. Pioneer inc. They appear to be practically the same. Original one "November - 2012 made in USA" New one December 2020 "Made in Mexico. Only difference I really see is 4 Holes drilled on new flywheel bottom to the right of weight. Being external balance anyone know if this is just bolt on or should I contact builder? But its been so long out they have records of it...
  5. Thanks guys, I ordered what appears to be the same flywheel. I will verify once it comes in . Ive had an oil drip for some time. Not horrible but annoying. The engine builder in my opinion did a shoddy job of gaskets, I also asked him to use brass - freeze plugs and they didn't. . The pan was sealed with a silver sealant from the builder. There is oil that drips by the bottom of the rear main seal metal on the pan. I can't confirm if its actually the rear main though. The corners were gooped with that siver stuff. Some was hanging loose. So I cleaned the silver gasket sealer off and there you
  6. It was, and I believe it does. I dropped it off to get done again. I pulled the flexplate and doesn't seem as bad as I thought it was. Teeth seem ok. What do you guys think? If I did replace it Im not sure how I would since its externally balanced. That was done when motor was built. Here are the pictures.
  7. Same , Breather on Passenger side, PCV on Drivers side.
  8. I ended up pulling the trans and dropping it off. There at a 7 to 10 week turnaround time. I knew that before dropping it off. Thinking about pulling the flywheel possible replacement since I had starter issues previously and wore the teeth down a little. She still starts fine but wonder if I should since I am in there. Only thing is its a 454 and flywheel is externally balanced. Can I get a new one and have the balance mirrored onto the new one?
  9. I did check the transmission dipstick . Here is a picture of it
  10. If its as you described and a true SS. My opinion definatly worth the 25 g's, Thats a good deal. True SS hard to find, and cars expensive to restore. Paperwork always a plus 🙂 Good luck and post a lot of pictures when you get her !!!!
  11. Finally talked to the original builder. He said shouldn't be an issue the fluid I used was fine. I forgot to mention that I also have a G/V overdrive witch works really well. But when in O/D and coming to a stop it hits, downshifts a little hard only with the O/D when I have it on. He said adding the O/D is harder on the Convertor? Think Im gonna pull it and have it looked at. At this point not sure if it will be with his shop or another. They are reliable but there is a shop right by them that does racing transmissions. Not that I need a racing trans but maybe that would bt the better o
  12. I remember calling the builder to ask what fluid to use. I do not remember about the Synthetic part or not though. Im gonna call the builder and that other shop on monday to see options.
  13. The B&M converter was the culprit in 2016. It was replaced by a custom convertor they had built by another shop for them and They rebuilt the transmission. I don't think they did it wrong, I just don't think it was built as heavy duty as it should have been, Or I used wrong fluid. I was using the 4 core Radiator cooler along with an external trans cooler mounted in front. I also have the deep Aluminum trans pan. I do not have a trans temp gauge. Fluid type maybe ? I was running "Valvoline DEXRON-V1 Full Synthetic"...
  14. I am not sure of the power level of the engine. The build is listed belowI attached the cam specs. Roller cam and lifters. The rebuild in 2016 was done by a trans shop in area. He actually rebuilt it 20 years prior to that and it lasted. If I have it rebuilt I am looking at different shop, I found one kinda in the area since they actually list th400's. https://www.proformanceracingtransmissions.com/contact. I had the engine rebuilt in 2014 and only upgraded the torque converter stall at the time. The new B&M TORQE CONVERTER I installed is what went out on the trans in 2016, coi
  15. I had to replace starter mid summer. I found two of my torque converter bolts had backed out. So I removed them cleaned them . Then I Loctiited and tourqed them down. That was prior to me hearing that noise.. Its possible the noise I heard was not the Trans, but it sure sounded like what I heard when it blew back in 2016. There are no chunks in the pan. Not to be a broken record But is just so much fine material for only having 4000 miles ...
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