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  1. I've had too many get caught under the gas pedal in various vehicles. None used anymore.
  2. Have the class "a" combo license. Have no place to keep all the montes, trailers and trucks now, let alone a semi and trailer lololol
  3. How does this work? 6 Montes, 3 driver's??? 2 trucks and 2 single car trailers. How? How? Does not compute! Lololol
  4. Me think so too. I have to figure out what location it's at. Lolol. Kidding, I know exactly where she is.
  5. Come to think of it.... I think I have a numbers matching 71 402 4speed Monte somewhere. 🤔 Think I should get back to it, hmmm. 🤔
  6. Double adjustable shocks would be my go to.
  7. Any of the 70-72 GM "A-body" convertibles have the extra firewall bushings as far as a stock rubber bushings go. 442, Cutlass, gto, lemans, skylark, GS, Malibu/Chevelle, SS. As far as for the urethane bushings go, it depends on your plans for the car. The urethane bushings tighten up the frame to body cushion. Making for a harsher ride but better handling. Also older urethane bushings would annoyingly "squeak". Some have said the manufactures have solved that issue. Idk.
  8. I have noticed the site is even faster since today's shutdown of the site. No issues so far. Thank you again Ian.
  9. The 70 Chevelle has rectangular turn signal lenses and housings. The 70 el Camino has round signals and lenses like the 70 Monte. The 70 elcamino and Monte have the same bumper, housings and the lenses can be switched between them for whatever look you like. The 71 Monte Carlo and the 70 Chevelle bumpers and turn signals look similar but as Rob stated, are not interchangable. There were a few used 71 housings on eBay not to long ago.
  10. I have purchased an NOS pump and 2 rebuilt ones from Bob. They are both as he had described. The rebuilt ones are restored to beyond perfection. Actually look better than the NOS one and the NOS one is perfect.
  11. I would absolutely trust this piston. The valve hit the small dome, thicker aluminum there. If it looks as good as you say, I would do rings, bearings, gaskets and have the heads checked, cam, lifters like you said and all pushrods for insurance. I would also file where the valve hit the piston to remove any "high" spots. Make it the same height as the dome. Otherwise you could have hot spots that could cause an issue.
  12. Welcome Dave! She's a beauty!
  13. Now that I figured out how to post pics again, lol, here is my now "in stock" floor shift tilt column. Thanks to Bruce, who I hope the column shift lower bowl worked out for. Installed new tilt and turn signal levers, turn signal switch, key buzzer switch, horn contact, Hazzard knob, and lower back drive grommet. Figured I was in there anyway. Lol
  14. Too much for me! Lolol. I'm lucki I figured out how to finally post them. Lol
  15. Yep, got it! Lol. Now to figure out the sequence, but at least I can post pics! Yay!!!
  16. Hello. All. I think I figured it out. Thank you all for the suggestions and thank you Joe for the offer.
  17. Ok, sorry, no matter what I try, when I try, photos WILL NOT LOAD!!!! No matter what forum subject. So you will just have to "picture it" in your minds eye. Today we finally did a few things. Installed a newly painted, new upper driver's side door hinge, aligned the door and my son assembled the newly painted sport mirror that I purchased from Jarred a little while back. Looks great in it's new, shiny black paint. Again, sorry, I have pics but they don't load still. ☚ī¸đŸ˜ĄđŸ¤Ŧ
  18. There should be an MC in the center on the 72 hood spear. The "sticker" is somewhat produced by the aftermarket but is not like the original. For that you need to purchase an nos 72 hood spear.
  19. That's probably why the emblem is missing from the spear on the hood you just acquired. It's a 70 hood.
  20. 71 and 72 hoods have an extra hole in them for where the 71 hood emblem spring assy goes through the hood. For 72 they eliminated the emblem and made the spear wide to cover the holes. If you take a 70 hood spear and put it onto a 71-72 hood, the spear doesn't fully cover the holes for the hood emblem. Ask me how I know. Lol
  21. The 70s is much thinner and taller.
  22. Front coilover conversion. You can set the car lower or higher by adjusting the spring height. You can set low for a while, then make it higher for a different look or for whatever driving you are doing at the time.
  23. Welcome Wayne! Pics!! Lol Thank you for the heads up on the "Lemon squad". Glad all is well with your new acquisition.
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