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  1. Go to a different parts store then. Obviously they don't know.
  2. 2 of the same size reservoirs are for 4 wheel disc brake cars. Large front and small rear reservoir is a front disc/rear drum brake car, like ours.
  3. Console cars and 4speed cars don't have the shift indicator in the bottom of the speedometer. When converting from a column shift to a floor shift automatic, you can hook back up the shift indicator to the column and use the shifter or the indicator on the speedometer to see what gear you are in. Also instead of looking down at the shifter all you need to do is glance at the speedometer to see what gear you have selected
  4. Welcome Jim! Good luck on your search!
  5. Hook it back up, adjust it and keep using it.
  6. If you want a good ride and not get tire rub you could switch to cargo coils.
  7. You probably know this already, but the 400 has a special head gasket compared to the other small blocks. It has steam holes in it that match the steam holes in the 400 specific heads. If the gasket is not lined up properly or 350 gaskets were installed it would cause a hot/overheating 400. Was very common back in the day and that's why 400s were not liked. Now they can be the base of a killer small block. Ahhhh knowledge! Lolol
  8. Yes it is stock. Ground up, aka ss396, ausleys Chevelle parts and others have the aftermarket matching mirror and one for the passenger side. Remote operated driver's side. I got mine from ground up.
  9. Why the helper bags? The springs shot?
  10. Sounds great! Is it a 70 with 71 rear SS trim/treatment?
  11. Depends on what's comfortable to you. I run 275/60r15 which are 28" tall. I know some super stock guys run a 30" tall slick. I have seen a guy running the BFG sport truck radial (back in the day) that was either 31 or 32" tall back and forth to the track to cut down the gear so as to drive on the highway. They looked stupid though. Worked but not looks wise.
  12. Push the upper rail towards the window. Sometimes you may need to slap it a little to get the locking tabs to disengage. Slide the covers away from the pullstrap. Again, sometimes a tap is needed to expose the screws.
  13. Welcome Beaver! Nice Monte and truck collection you have!
  14. Lolol all good. Had me scratching my head for a moment, then I got a splinter in my finger. Lololol 🤣 check the valve cover bolts and clean the oil off with some brake clean. See whatcha get.
  15. Ummm, what? Oil only flows in the rocker arm area, not through the head in any way. Coolant occupies that area. Do you have a pic? Small block oil sending unit is in the back of the block by the distributor and a big block is just above the oil filter. Could the valve cover be leaking? Oil flows down, not up so the oil from the valve cover could make the plug look like it's leaking oil. Just a thought.
  16. If you don't want to purchase the tool you can use a rag to do the same thing. I have the tool and usually use the rag method anyway. Lol If the ding is in the middle of the door, most likely the "crash bar" will be in the way.
  17. Like Joe stated, check the neutral safety switch setting. Make sure you have power going into the switch and out of the switch in park and/or neutral when the key is turned to the start position. The switch may be bad and was jumped out. That may be the, "I don't know why the wire was cut" statement you made. Just a possibility Willie.
  18. Nice car. That being said, the front bumper is tilted down, looks like it's smiling, 15x8 rally rims, not original, woodgrain missing from center of steering wheel, factory dual exhaust on a 350 2bbl? Doubtful but ok. Incorrect exhaust tips. Chrome air cleaner. No black stripe in lower side mouldings and car was repainted, bottom of rockers not blacked out. Just a quick look. Not an original car. It is originally a 70 Monte Carlo. Lol
  19. Here Willie... I know the 2nd pic says 67 but is the same for our cars and yes, it's a pic of a 6cyl. Lol
  20. High output 2.8. Lol. I have driven those. Still don't agree with you as being fast. Even back then, new. But to each his own.
  21. Willie, do you have a wire from the positive battery terminal to the junction block on the rad support and a wire from that to the car?
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