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  1. As long as you are not changing the ratio just swapping out the posi unit is easy as you know. Just make sure the left shim/s stay on the left and the right shim/s to the right.
  2. There are only 2. Well, 1 now. They go between the spider gear and differential case. The spider gears that the cross shaft go through. Not the side ones that are attached to the axles. Detroit trutrac time!!
  3. Good luck and a speedy recovery also. Not an easy decision for you to make. God bless
  4. Thank you Willie. Unfortunately slow and small progress at the moment. But forward! Lol
  5. Today's garage moment, lolol. Installed oil pump that Kevin tack welded the pick up to. Installed and checked clearances for the windage tray, installed roller cam button, timing chain cover, oil pan studs, one piece oil pan gasket and oil pan. Bottom end done! Lol
  6. That is a 71 standard wheel Dennis. Well, at least the center pad is. Lol
  7. No isolators in the front like Dennis said.
  8. MC1of80

    Tony's 72

    Welcome Tony! We love pics here. Hint hint. Lolol
  9. Nice job Dennis! I have a few body mounts like that on the 71 402 4 speeds frame. I purchased the "washers" that are to be welded in. That's Kevin's job tho. Lolol l can cut the hole but my welding skills stink. Lol
  10. Big Red has cargo coils for an 80s Impala wagon w/275-60s and Barn Find has the moog cc501s w/245-60s
  11. Yes. The Ball pops out of the cable. Transmission cable gets adjusted the same way. You may need to make an extension for the cable to work.
  12. Ahh ok. I see some in the lighting you have. I would run a tape line down the center and block sand each side of the hood. I wouldn't strip it down completely. Use the paint as a guide and see how it comes out. You did and are doing a great job. A little more finesse and you'll have it! When you painted the base, what type of gun did you use and at what pressure? Was the base fully dry before you applied the clear? By no means am I picking on you or your work.
  13. I am a BFG guy. That being said, the price of the BFGs is nuts. I installed these Toyo tires on my truck replacing the BFG all terrain kos. Kevin has these tires installed on his 14 passenger van and his 07 2500 Silverado classic for many years. I used his 2500 for 6months when I was working on my own 2010 Sierra, new crate 6.0, rebuilt 6spd and all supporting parts. I was very impressed with the ride and quietness of the Toyo tires. Went through some deep puddles on the highway and the truck sliced through. Not even a wiggle. Also, I mentioned his tires were installed many years ago. They look like they were installed yesterday. No cracks or separating. My BFGs were less than 3yrs old and replaced due to cracking in the tread and one actually separating. Have to give high recommendation for the Toyos.
  14. There is an NOS 70 cigarette lighter on eBay right now.
  15. Just some FYI.... The exhaust system being sold will fit any GM A-bodys 68-72 with a big block Chevy. 396, 402, 427, 454, 496, 502, 540 etc. Chevelle, lemans, skylark, cutlass and their variant as well as any first gen Monte Carlo 70-72.
  16. Hi Tom! Thank you for those kind words!
  17. That's ok. You get to weld the pickup to the pump. Please and thanks. Lolol.
  18. Spectacular! You did a great job! Time to enjoy her!
  19. Thanks alot Willie! Lolol. Kevin is at work since Friday and won't be home till sometime Sunday evening. 😡 Otherwise there would have been no pics. No room. Lololol serious though.
  20. Today's update.... Working on the 496 for the car. Teaching my son about the Big Block. Lol let him do the work. Weird being the supervisor. Lolol Installed main studs, windage tray, oil pump and pickup, set pickup depth, test fitted oil pan, removed new/old cam and installed hyd roller. Waiting for Kevin to tack the pickup to the pump and then final assy of the bottom end.
  21. Just like DragCat posted they are made by the aftermarket now. The 70 Chevelle also used the same lighter assembly.
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