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  1. Did the factor offer a chrome valve cover option for the SS?
  2. So you were able to get them to fit? What rockers are you running?
  3. Okay I believe that I have two of the hockey sticks. Do I need 4 upper and lower?
  4. Okay great! I was worried that I would have to find that part.. I just have a pile of metal striping from when I bought the car so I don't know what I may need. Thank you sir!
  5. Hey guys is the black strip just below the trunk on an SS just painted? Or is it a garnish piece?
  6. Is there anybody here running short valve covers with roller rockers? And not having any oil leak issues (due to spacers etc.? Please share. Pics would be great too. P.S. I'll be running Scorpion 1.7's
  7. Happy New Year everybody!!! May 2021 be a prosperous year to all!
  8. Cool! So I have a question for you since you have the gas tank. Is the tank set up for a fuel return line? Or is that optional?
  9. When you're doing these installations are you using fuel return lines? I'm going this route myself and was wondering which would be the best. I am also looking at going with the Holley gas tank for our cars as well.
  10. Welcome back! Do you have any pictures to share?
  11. Merry Christmas to all!
  12. Thank you Dennis! I did some poking around found some and ordered them.
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