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  1. I saw the one at parts place and thought that the price was very reasonable. I just wasn't sure if it needed any modification to make it fit.
  2. Yeah I saw the one on ebay. I was going to buy it but it's local pickup only..
  3. Has anybody tried the aftermarket front bumper fillers? If so do they fit well?
  4. Hey guys my air conditioned SS came with a 3 core radiator when I bought it. It does seem to be period correct but I am not sure if it's the original radiator. Did they ever put 3 cores in a big block car with A/C? I'd like to keep it if possible and probably will add an electric fan to supplement. What do you all think?
  5. Hey Joe do these bushing kits include the bushings for the radiator support? Reason being is that's all I need for the moment.
  6. That's good to know Dennis. The few aftermarket parts that I bought didn't workout either. Some had to be modified. Very frustrating! It is pretty amazing how factory parts fit like a glove. You would think one would simply reverse engineer the original and quality check after production. Especially with 3D printing these days.
  7. Hey everybody I have a question. I'm looking at Energy Suspensions body mounts and according to their website the MC kit does not include the hardware (sleeves, washers etc.). However when looking at Ground Ups website they list a MC kit with all of the hardware. When I entered that part number on Energy Suspensions site it comes up as a Chevelle kit. I know that both cars are very similar with the exception of the longer MC frame so I think I'll be good with the Chevelle kit. What do you all think? Has anybody here used the Chevelle kit on their MC?
  8. Could really use a back bumper if you still have it. What other parts do you have?
  9. Great news! Congratulations! Lets see more pics!
  10. I just found this thread. Cool stuff! When you were going around the track I was stomping on the floor wanting to go faster. 🤣 My current build has a Vortec Pro 467. It dyno'd at 605/605.
  11. Man I guess I got mine for a steal. I only paid 2k for mine back in 2014.
  12. Wow. Great job! So nice to see the enhancements to the site. 😎 Thank you!
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