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  1. You may be correct with a 15X8 or 15X10 wheel. lol.I wasn't thinking about that. When I ordered my 15X7 wheels I went with a 3.75" backspacing for my rear wheels with plenty of room for less offset. However my tires are only 255/60/15.
  2. A 3.5" back spacing will give you a deep dish look out back. It may also avoid trimming the quarter panels. Make sure and measure before you buy.
  3. Thanks for the input Willie! I will take a look at In-line.
  4. Has anyone here reused the sleeves that are pressed in? Or are you guys removing them? I'm on the fence about it. I plan on going with Energy Suspension bushings throughout.
  5. Hey guys does anybody know how much HP the stock fuel lines will support? When I get to the motor I'd like to build it to around 600HP or so. Also where is the best place to get factory replacement lines?
  6. Hey guys, Is anybody here using lowered springs with your rally wheels? I am considering lowering my car 1". Please post pictures of your vehicles stance.
  7. Does anybody know how much the frame weighs? I would like to pull everything off and have it media blasted but I'm not sure how to get it up and out of my garage.
  8. Sorry guys I'm a new member. Is there a place on the site that lists the actual members with car pics and contact info? Just curious.
  9. I'm in the middle of restoring my frame and would like to plug my power steering box inlets during the restoration process. Does anyone know what the NPT sizes are?
  10. Yes indeed Carl those are Harbor Freight Daytona wheel dollies. After doing a lot of research I found them to be the best value and they work really well. One of the best features is that they have locking casters.
  11. Well guys it looks like I may have some issues with my frame.. I found two areas that were bent. Passenger side frame rail and rear frame left of center (assuming that the center is supposed to be as shown).
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