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  1. Sorry Dennis.. Hopefully somebody will chime in. I bought one from ground up and it was worthless so I ended up just cleaning my old one up.
  2. Dennis, those dyno numbers are very nice! She's going to be fun to drive! Neck snapping torque through the powerband. 😎
  3. Welcome! Nice car. 😎
  4. So what are you waiting for on the engine? Another dyno test?
  5. WOW! Great news Dennis! Those look awesome.
  6. Cool pics!! I love old pictures. 😎
  7. 1Bad454

    zz top

    Sad to hear.. Great band.
  8. Thank you gentlemen! Yeah I've had a few people tell me that I should change the factory brakes because of the HP that I'll be running for street. As I've stated I'm not racing just cruising and maybe an occasional burnout. Or maybe frequent burnouts. 🤣
  9. Anybody running polyurethane body mounts? I went polyurethane on my suspension but was wondering if it may be too much if I do the body as well.
  10. I'm not racing but I'd like to stop when I need to. So how do the factory power brakes fair? P.S. I did purchase high performance graphite/ceramic pads for the front discs.
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