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  1. 1Bad454

    New member

    Welcome Gilbert! Let see some pics.
  2. That's awesome! Hopefully next year my car will be ready to cruise.
  3. Gentlemen, I used tie straps to hold the springs in place and slightly compress them. Then I used a 28" steel stake as a pry bar to set them in place. I also put a floor jack under the lower ball joints to jack up once in place. I also greased the cup in the lower control arm so I could turn them in the correct position once installed. These pics are after I got them in.
  4. I noticed that inside the frame pocket there seems to be no groove but the lower control arm has a groove..
  5. Hey guys I'm installing my front coil springs and I want make sure that I get the right side up. These springs came on my car and I had them powder coated so I don't know anything about them. They are only 16" tall and my car is an SS so I'm guessing that they are lowered springs. Notice that the bottom coil is flat.
  6. 1Bad454

    MC #1

    Welcome John!! Let see some pics.
  7. Wow.. Sorry to hear about that. I had an issue recently when they didn't completely fill my order. They asked me to send them a picture of all that I had received. As soon as I sent it over they shipped me the rest of the stuff no questions asked.
  8. Here is the Inline Tube part number. INL11097 They have a lot of little goodies for our cars.
  9. FYI Inline Tube has rivet bolts. Pretty cool stuff.
  10. Here is a pick from my 71. You can get them at Inline Tube. https://www.inlinetube.com/
  11. Welcome to the club Kent! Sweet ride!
  12. I bought mine from RPS https://restorationpartssource.com/store/about_rps.htm I will warn you that it took several weeks to receive them. I called three or four times to get them to finally fill the order. I guess their supplier was on back order.
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