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  1. High performance shift kit and 2,800 rpm stall converter installed in the trans, and the 416 BB sitting in its spot now. Got the new starter, new fuel pump, and headers installed. Now I have to get either an 8" or 9" dual diaphragm power brake booster so I can get my left valve cover bolted on.
  2. I have my stock 2.73 gears with a factory posi, but I want to find a type 3 carrier with a good set of 3.31 or 3.55 gears. I'm running taller tires in the rear and with the Big Block I'm installing in my 72, I want to lower the gear ratio.
  3. Ready For The Drag Strip: 2022 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Widebody Concept (msn.com)
  4. Welcome Luke! Very nice looking Monte you have there.
  5. Steve, Do you have a spare air cleaner for sale then?
  6. Congrats on the new to you 71 Monte Glen!!!
  7. Welcome Jarrett from a NE Oregon fellow Monte owner! I got my 72 Monte in July 2017 and it's still not done yet. Working a full time job and then prioritizing friends' and family members vehicles for mechanic tasks has side tracked my Monte for the last 4 years, but now I've taken a stand told my friend's with reoccurring mechanic issues that I can't work on their stuff as much now due to the tendonitis in my left shoulder that showed up after working on their rigs for the last 4 years, and now I need to dedicate my time to my own projects for once. When I bought my 72 Monte it was complete except for the engine and radiator. I'm the 3rd owner of it. The lady that originally ordered it, ordered it Dark Sequoia Green, green interior, black vinyl top, A/C, and tilt column. It came from the Van Nuys CA plant and was shipped to Tigard OR and then it made it to Pilot Rock OR to Maurice Roy Garage where she lived and bought it from. She always parked it in her garage and drove it until around 1999 or 2000 when her son told her she needed to quit driving due to her eyesight. She drove 15 miles from Pilot Rock to Pendleton OR regularly and drove her daughter to cancer treatments for 6 months, so the Monte has low miles on the odometer. She sold it to a local guy and he drove it for about 3 years locally until his son slid into a ditch and dented the right front fender and passenger side of the core support. It sat on concrete blocks in his yard until I bought it in 2017. I had a new custom built 396 SBC stroker engine in it, but that has been removed and getting ready to install a fresh totally rebuilt 415ci BB engine in it. I just need to finish a couple minor body work things on it, and then I can get the etching primer on the bare metal and then some block and sanding, and finally get it painted so I can start driving it.
  8. Unfortunately I don't know if my Monte will be ready in time for this years meet. I'm building a 415 ci BBC engine for it and I'm still waiting on the 290 heads to get done at the machine shop. I just got the new SS Ferrea oversized valves in the mail and dropped them off to the machine shop. New guides, seats, valve job, unshroud the valves, and blend in the bowl is what's being done to the heads. I've had tendonitis in my left shoulder for a month now due to working on friend's rigs way too much for the last 2 years and not working on my Monte Carlo. I have to wear a shoulder/arm brace at the moment, but it is starting to feel a tiny bit better. Tendonitis isn't like muscle where you can exercise it to heal the tissue. Tendons and ligaments don't have any blood supply in them and therefore cannot be healed via exercise. Just time and babying it is the only course of therapy. I just need to finish aligning my front clip to the body and then it can be ready to be sprayed with the etching primer over the bare metal, and then bondo, blocking and sanding, getting it ready for paint and clear coat. All of this is dependent upon my friend that works at a body shop to get it painted before June since I already paid him to help me with getting the body prepped and painted.
  9. I have quite a few models in my collection, cars, 4x4 pickups and Blazers, Baa Baa Black Sheep Corsair and Japanese Zero planes, and semi trucks and trailers. I haven't sat down to work on anything for a couple months as life gets in the way with other projects. I do intend to build this one in the same color that I'm painting my Monte Carlo. I have a cowl induction hood for it to match the hood I bought for my car.
  10. Steve, So which style of spare top pieces do you have?
  11. I picked up a MSD 8394 E Curve distributor from a good friend of mine for $100. On the topic of intake and exhaust valves, which brands of stainless valves are good to run? I know Manley and Ferrea SS valves are good, but there has to be some more brands that folks have used without any issues that don't cost as much. I see Summit Racing has their version of SS valves, but don't know if they are made by someone else and then Summit puts their name on them? I'm having my 290 heads done, but need to order the 2.19 and 1.88 SS valves to go in them.
  12. I'll drive my Monte once it's painted and put back together, probably at least down to the lower 40* temps. I won't drive it at freezing temps just because it would be my luck that some dipstick would lose control and hit my car.
  13. First module built tonight. I will see if I can test it on my Monte Carlo tomorrow after work, even though there's no engine in it right now.
  14. Which MSD distributor - with or without vacuum advance? I have a brand new Speed Demon 750 cfm with electric choke. I called Edelbrock and the tech told me that the Air Gap intake will have issues atomizing fuel in the 20 to 30 degree temps, other than that it should be fine.
  15. Update - I have the supplies now and I will start building them this week.
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