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  1. Made it back home this morning at 2:30 AM after leaving Cody, Wyoming. This is the tach that I bought; https://www.ebay.com/itm/70-71-72-SS-EL-CAMINO-CHEVELLE-MONTE-CARLO-DASH-TACH-TACHOMETER-CONVERSION/254332242149?hash=item3b376208e5:g:n7AAAMXQWuRQ~zSK There are no instructions in the box with it, but there are only 3 wires to hook up - black, green, red. If it's like normal, the black should be ground, red to coil or distributor, and green should be for illumination.
  2. I think the instructions are in the box with the tach. I’m in Rapid City South Dakota on vacation, but I will update when I get back home on the 18th.
  3. Down at my mini high torque starter, I have the purple exciter wire going to the solenoid. There’s a red wire going to the solenoid also. Hanging down is a yellow looking wire and a black wire. Are these two wires something that the previous owner added or were they there from the factory?
  4. Here are some pics of the terminals. 1st pic - the brown wire. Is that for the idle control solenoid on the Quadrajet carb? 2nd pic - Is the connector for the A/C compressor? It has a ground eye on the end. 3rd pic - black wire with a round female pin connector. Is that one for the brake proportioning valve? I have a brown wire with a round style female pin connector on the proportioning valve right now, so where does that one go? 4th pic - Looks like a dark green or blue wire that I think went to the temp sensor on the head?
  5. When I got my 72 MC 2 yrs ago, it was missing the engine and radiator. I’m trying to finish some under-hood wiring before finishing up what little body work is left to do before giving the car body an etching primer coat base on the bare metal. Here the wires I need to know where they go;
  6. I have a brand new never been installed yet Tach for a 72 to replace the clock. I decided to do the swap lights for gauges conversion, so I don't need this tach. I paid $160 for it, but it's available for $125 shipped. Thanks, Doug
  7. Does anybody have a good headlight switch knob for a 72? Mine is just missing the center section. I don't know if it's supposed to have just the white ring or if it supposed to have the light symbol on it?
  8. I have that bracket. I thought there is a small bracket that mounts to the core support that the battery tray bolts to. It would be on the furthermore right side of the battery tray towards the headlight. Can anyone take a picture of their battery tray mounted to the core support and post it?
  9. Can someone tell me the exact names of the parts I need? I can’t seem to locate them online. Thanks!
  10. I seem to be missing a couple parts probably when I moved my Monte Carlo from my friend's shop to mine last September. 1. Driver's side L bracket that mounts the headlight extension to the core support. 2. The little bracket that sits between the battery tray and the core support that's closer to the right side of the tray. Hopefully someone has some spares and can help me out. Thanks, Doug
  11. I have one with a 70 headlight switch. Just pay $7 shipping and it’s yours.
  12. I already bought the tach separately last year, so I bought sonnie’s kit without the tach. I don’t need two tach’s. I will be doing the normal idiot light to gauges conversion when the parts show up.
  13. I can't find a lens without the clock hole, so I just bought the conversion kit from sonnie24 without the tach, and then ordered a new lens from him as well.
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