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  1. That truly sucks! I'm getting my 72 Monte almost ready for it's new paint job and was hoping to make it to my first MC event.
  2. You might download and try using the new Microsoft Chromium Edge. It works like Chrome, but it seems to be a little bit snappier browser.
  3. I found a set of nice Black front buckets and rear bench seat from a fairly local, great guy that has a 70 Monte Carlo.
  4. I bought steel Chevelle inner fenders for my 72. They look a lot better than the OEM plastic ones.
  5. Fastenal does ship, but not right now due to Covid-19, unless it's directly from a business to a business.
  6. I'm very interested in both the front and rear seats. I just need to find out if there's a shipping carrier still running for a shipping quote, unless you know of one still shipping items?
  7. I'm looking for a good set of driver quality good front and rear seats in Black for my 72 Monte Carlo. I'd prefer cloth, but will take vinyl as well. I know shipping will be costly, but an upholsterer quoted me $1,500 to redo mine with new foam and cloth. I'm trying to spend less than that obviously, and carsinc.com wants $517 for each front and rear cloth set not including new foam. Please let me know what you have for sale. Thanks, Doug
  8. Damon, I messaged you on facebook about the radiator fan. How much do you want for the front and back seats? Also, how much for the A/C compressor itself? As long as it's not locked up like mine is.
  9. Larry, Are you supposed to jumper the two outside terminals together, and the inner two terminals together to bypass the factory regulator setup?
  10. Can you get the part # from it and measure the outside diameter of it please? Thanks, Doug
  11. Do you have a stock radiator fan without the clutch on it?
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