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  1. I called Lunati and told the tech that if I buy a cam kit, I didn't want the lifters if they are inferior and made in China. He said they use Morel lifters.
  2. My Hooker Competition ceramic coated headers have 3.5" collectors and the outside diameter of the primaries is 2", so I assume that the internal diameter of the primaries are 1 7/8". I want to make sure that I can use them with the cam I end up buying. Thanks!
  3. I'm ready to buy a cam, but would like to hear from people that has installed the 60202 (10110702 262*) cam and if they are happy with it, or if they wished they had installed the 268* Lunati cam. I'd like to hear from the ones that have installed the 60203 (10110703 268*) cam, to find out how the street manners are of that cam and if they installed a stall converter since it's recommended to run a 2500 rpm stall converter.
  4. Who here is running the Lunati 10110702 262 cam in their big block? Do you like it or do you wish you would've went with the 10110703 268 cam? I just don't think I can swing a roller cam right now, especially since I need to buy a stall converter for the trans, and I'm just going to install new main and rod bearings, new piston rings and throw a hone to the cylinders. The cylinders and pistons look great, but since I have the motor torn down, I might as well freshen it up internally. I'm going to buy some new Comp Cams roller tip rockers and 7/16" pushrods, GM Delphi hydraulic lifter
  5. I plan on driving the car and have fun with it. I want to make sure that it will blow the doors of my friend's 79 Z28 with his 383 stroker engine. I was looking at Lunati's # 10110702 and # 10110703 hyd flat tappet cams, and also Tim's hyd roller cam # 20110548 and also at # 20110547 and # 20110549. I noticed that Lunati has a flat tappet solid lifter cam # 30110501 - Solid Flat Tappet. Good replacement for LS6 motors with very strong mid range and top end torque and HP. Needs 2200-2500 RPM stall converter, headers, 9:1 compression and 3.55 gearing. Good idle.; Advertised Duration (
  6. My friend said I should consider the LS6 450 HP solid lifter camshaft, but I think it's on 450 horse in the 454 engine, and like 375 HP in the 396/402. Anyone else running an aftermarket solid lifter flat tappet cam, and if so, how do you like it compared to a hydraulic lifter flat tappet cam?
  7. Do you think if you went with the 20110549 roller cam with the 112 LSA, that you might have been happier with it?
  8. Lunati Tech chatted with me and he said that the Voodoo Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Cam - Chevrolet Big Block 282/290 # 20110712 on a LSA 112 would be a great cam for our heavy cars. - Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Cam. High performance street cam. Likes upgraded intake, carb and exhaust. Needs 2800 RPM stall converter in most cases. Requires 9.5:1 compression for maximum performance.; Advertised Duration (Int/Exh): 282/290; Duration @ .050 (Int/Exh): 231/239; Gross Valve Lift (Int/Exh): .600/.600; LSA/ICL: 110/106; Valve Lash (Int/Exh): Hyd/Hyd; RPM Range: 2200-5800 I do like the sound of Ti
  9. Tim, Have you had a chance to drive your car with the new roller cam in it? If so, how is the vacuum for your power brakes?
  10. I plan on having my 72 Monte done this fall/winter, so I will be coming to my first ever FGMCC meet this next year.
  11. The Lunati Voodoo cams are as follows; 10110701 Int 256*/Exh 262* @.050 Int 213/Exh 219 Gross lift Int .515/Exh .530 LSA/ICL 112/108 1000-5500 rpm range 10110702 Int 262*/Exh 268* @.050 Int 219/Exh 227 Gross lift Int .530/Exh .542 LSA/ICL 112/108 1400-5800 rpm range 10110703 Int 268*/Exh 276* @.050 Int 227/Exh 233 Gross lift Int .542/Exh .554 LSA/ICL 110/106 1800-6200 rpm range
  12. Unfortunately I cannot afford to spend twice the money on a roller cam when compared to a hydraulic or mechanical flat tappet cam.
  13. I just bought a 70 Chevelle 402 350 HP 2 bolt main complete motor. It has cylinder heads # 3964290 - 69-70 oval port, closed chamber 101cc, and 10.25:1 compression pistons in it. I'm wanting to put a new cam, lifters, valve springs, and roller tip rockers in it. My 72 Monte Carlo currently has a 396 SBC Stroker motor with only cam break-in time and 1/4 of road trip on it. It has a turbo 350 trans, 28" tall rear tires, and a 12 bolt posi with 2.73 gears. I plan on getting either 3.31 or 3.55 gears for it later on. I've got Hooker Competition ceramic 2" primaries long tube headers
  14. Which wires did you wiggle? That sounds like you have an electrical connection problem at the wires that you wiggled.
  15. You might download and try using the new Microsoft Chromium Edge. It works like Chrome, but it seems to be a little bit snappier browser.
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