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  1. When I get one built for my 72 Monte Carlo, I'll let you know what I find out. Doug
  2. I will try to keep the wiper delay units under $100, but it depends upon the cost of the parts and my labor to build each one. 4.5 years ago they were $56.95 shipped. Here is a video of it in a 67-72 Chevy pickup for reference; Wiper delay module
  3. Is anyone here wanting to have the ability to have wiper delay of 3 to 30 seconds, in a module that is plug and play and doesn't require any wiring modifications, and it plugs in between the wiper switch and wiper motor? I'm going to be building them for the 60's to 72 Chevy/GMC Pickups, Blazers, Jimmys, and Burbs, and I thought that fellow Monte owners would like to be able to have wiper delay functionality as well. I'm just getting started on this as I took over the mantle from a friend that used to make them, but he is giving me the green light to build them from now on. It will be hidden under the dash, with only a single 5/16" hole for wherever you decide to mount the wiper delay switch and knob. Members list of interest in wiper delay modules; Leghome 72-CLASSIC_RIDE 71MonteCarloMD bob 71 SPLATT71MC
  4. I have done that already. My passenger side fender to hood gap is wider than the left side gap. I'm going to see if I can adjust it any farther in on the passenger side first.
  5. I replaced all the body to frame mount bushings last year, and my body shop friend and I finally got my front fenders ready to install on the car. I double checked the left and right side rear and front frame to body measurements and they are the same on both sides, so the body is centered on the frame at the rear and front. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to go about aligning the hood gaps to the front fenders. Is there a certain process to aligning the front clip so that the doors to front fender gaps are the same and the fenders to hood gaps come out even on both sides of the hood to the fenders?
  6. Brew - Did you gain any mpg over running a carb, and if so, how much more?
  7. The only negatives I can see with going with EFI is, initial cost, and what would a person do if the EFI ECU on the throttle body dies. Your motor won't run with a dead ECU and you can't just buy it at the auto parts store.
  8. I'm debating getting a Holley Sniper EFI system or just getting a brand new carb to put on my BB 416 ci engine. A 2,500 rpm stall converter is going in the trans, and I will be running the Lunati Voodoo 268/276 cam kit, big long tube headers, dual plane Edelbrock intake, HEI, compression will be around 9.5:1, and the car has 2.73 gears with the factory posi. If I run a 750+ cfm carb, should I run vac secondaries or mechanical due to the stall converter? Anyone on here run a Holley Sniper 800 cfm setup on their big block, and if so have you had any issues with it? What carb are you guys running on your big block with an auto trans, besides a quadrajet carb? Thanks for your input! Doug
  9. He sent me some other pics of it, and it's definitely a 71/72 fender. I told him to edit his post to declare the years it fits, and to post more pics of both sides of it for a faster sale.
  10. Here is the link to it on Summit Racing; https://www.summitracing.com/parts/amd-301-scoop-1 Here's my scoop just sitting on my stock hood.
  11. Steve, I have that same very AMD 301-scoop-1 hood scoop that I'm not going to use now. It's just been sitting on the roof of my Monte Carlo in my shop. If you want I can take some pictures of it and post it for you. It will be cheaper than the $189 and change that Summit Racing is showing for the price of it now.
  12. I just bought a brand new steel Goodmark cowl hood. The hood is 70" in length, and length of the scoop is 42", which leaves 28" of hood in the front. I think it will look really good when my car gets painted soon. I just got the hood transferred to my car this evening. I bought it from Carid and it was $768 plus shipping.
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