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  1. This is a factory A/C car. ***I found out it's the "Green" wire that goes to the temp gauge, so I will get it wired up to the temp sensor
  2. Since the idiot light temperature sensor has two wires from the factory - Green, and Green/White, how do you wire it for a gauge style single spade temp sensor that only needs one wire going to it? Where's the best spot to wire up an electric choke? Thanks!
  3. I looked some more and I might have accidently thrown them away in a box that I didn't look at close enough before tossing it in the garbage.
  4. Dennis, Thank you for the instructions. Your instructions say for 70-71 but is the 72 Monte Carlo wiring the same or different than the previous two years? I'm working on my 72 and want to be sure that the wiring will be wired up correctly. Thanks, Doug
  5. Dennis, Could you please email me the wiring instructions for Sonnie's kit? My email is silveradok5blazer@gmail.com I've called him at his phone number 3 times already and left voicemails, and emailed him twice, and he doesn't seem to want to respond to anything. I seemed to have misplaced his instructions and I'm trying to finish wiring up a few of the wiring after moving them around in the firewall plug. Thanks, Doug
  6. I've looked twice in my shop and haven't found the '70 gauges yet. I'll look some more this afternoon though.
  7. I'll look when I get home from work and see if I still have the 70 gauges that I removed from a parts car.
  8. I was hoping to not have to spend $100+ for a 7 blade fan. If I got to spend that much for a simple fan, I might as well just buy a new aluminum radiator with a single electric fan to connect the fan shroud to.
  9. I have a 19" fan already, and it scrapes my fan shroud. I'm looking for an 18" fan blade # 3947772. I don't want a flex fan because I still want to use the clutch on the fan.
  10. I just took the fan off my Monte and got the part # off it. It is 3999260 which is a fan for a 72 Chevelle big block - 1972 Fan Blade. BB A/C fan. 454 and 402. 3999260 dated F72 or June 1972
  11. What verbiage are you typing to find that 71 MC fan? I can't find it by typing in 71 Monte Carlo cooling fan.
  12. I saw some on eBay, but I will not pay $100 or more for an oem fan blade. That's getting raped prices. If you have any links to normal priced fans, let me know. Thanks!
  13. My 72 had a fan laying in the trunk when I bought it, because there was no engine or radiator in the car. The fan measures around 18 3/4" and I need an 18" fan 7 blade without the clutch so that it won't scrape my fan shroud. Does anyone have one available? Thanks!
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