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  1. What we have to remember is the big $, it looks good to see our cars bring more money but from a sellers perspective of financial only less is more. At 65k...-1k consignment fee, -10% of 65k = 58,500 plus travel, hotel, etc. Missed time in my shop Local auction 5% fee 55k-2750, $52250 in my pocket no travel expenses, no large consignment fee. (50 bucks) With that said this guy who sold it did 0 research and had no desire to track me down to find out a better history of the car and to educate himself on what he was selling at Mecum. Yes I do believe if I had of sold it myself, me being there with the car would have helped it do slightly better. There was a lot of effort in that car like very few Reproduction parts that's a huge selling point for lots of people. Thanks for the kind words everyone, means a lot to have respect in the Monte Carlo Community nationwide!
  2. Very nice. You scored on this one when you sent me these pictures that day Thanks for the kind words
  3. This came off the car I just sold that was low miles, I installed a 4 spoke, Looks like brand new. Asking $350
  4. Text me verify you still have. I forgot to come back a day check the post. 864 940 2146 i
  5. The repro wheels are wrong grain. Hub and buttons are ok repro. If you interested I have all versions right now. I think 1 mint 4 spoke, several 3 spokes in excellent condition and even a near perfect hard plastic version for 71 72. I like the 4 spokes especially in 71 72 and the 3 spoke in 70
  6. Bob, I'll take the upper SS trim sticks if you still have
  7. Rear aftermarket bumpers are like finding a girlfriend at 30, might land a good one but most likely it's crooked 🤣
  8. This is a bittersweet sight. But this is what I do for a living, restoring cars, so my name is on this car forever no matter who owns it, knowing I built a car from the ground up off the frame in my backyard and it's going to Mecum, this is a big deal. I thought about it myself but as well as it done at the local auction, after all the expenses and fees I would have to have gotten significantly more. This guy will too, he's in it for 57,750 before any fees at Mecum plus selling fees. https://www.mecum.com/lots/SC0522-502394/1970-chevrolet-monte-carlo-ss/
  9. The guy I'm re doing A 70 SS for, needs a set of black door panels, see if he will sell them out right. Shipped to 29627 Thanks.
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