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  1. Name: Kenneth Bower > Club Website Screen Name: ?? what needs to go here? > Total # In Your Group: 2 > City & State: Floyd, Virginia > Arrival Date: August 5 > Depart Date: August 8 > Driving Or Trailering: Driving > Year Of Your Monte: 1972 > Registration Class: Street Stock or Modified: Modified > Hotel: Club or Other Fairfield Inn - I will be contacting them
  2. With the Help of Donny Vestal we we're able to get together a tentative activity plan. He will be our Guide for the weekend, as he knows the area and lives there. Wednesday (Activities to be determined based on early arrivals) Thursday 1)Scenic Cruise to South Holston Dam 2)Moonshine Distillery Tour and Tasting (Times TBD) Friday Cruise to Scenic Little Wilbur Dam on Watuaga River Lunch Lowes Cruise In Bristol TN @ 5PM Saturday Day: Bristol All Chevy Show Eve/Night: Downtown Elizabethton Cruise In (Club Banquet and Supper) Tentatively at D
  3. So you bought those from Rick. Glad to hear they are getting fixed. Just wanted to mention I restore these cars as well. But in SC. Seems no one wants to do this and when they take you in it takes 3 years.
  4. Carl Hanson Club Website Screen Name:1972mc Total # In Your Group: 2 City & State: Barboursville VA Arrival Date:8/6 Depart Date: 8/9 Driving Or Trailering:driving but could change to trailer Year Of Your Monte: 1972 Registration Class: Street Stock or Modified Street
  5. "Current circumstances don't let us Operate the track safely " What?
  6. Dick and Joyce Savage 2 Thursday/Sunday 1970 Stock Hotel:other
  7. Yes please message me thanks. Jared1970montecarlo@yahoo.com
  8. No probably helps value
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