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  1. We will be visiting a private car collection on Friday along with a scenic cruise.
  2. Looking for a bracket to correctly fix my throttle cable on my SS 454 using the eldebrock carb. My blue 72 has an aftermarket on the intake but of course ite a small block. Need the one for a 454 here.
  3. This will now be all our own activities and Local Cruise Ins on Friday and Saturday night. The Bristol Chevy Show was canceled. Dragway is still operating for normal races but canceled the chevy show... Weird.
  4. I love it. People all tore up about it haha
  5. 350 car 1972 nothing special except 3500 miles Never titled "new" car
  6. Firestone wide ovals look awesome. Big $$ I have cooper cobras on Everything I own.
  7. I've not truly really happy with any repro REAR bumper. Fronts are excellent! Tri city is best and most cost effective. Mike Boyt has tri city on his car
  8. Prediction. NFL begins playing to empty stadiums due to virus. And at week 4 begins to allow stadiums fill to 35% capacity. The Detroit Lions are undefeated to this point. They are looking good but Lions fans are not ready to brag. Week 8 approaches and it's gonna be a tough game. The lions overcome with a dominating win. Looks like those lions are the real thing. Even the media starts to believe the hype. Due to covid19 concerns the NFL goes back to playing for empty stadiums. Donald Trump is re-elected. The Lions are 12-0. Stafford and Swift are having a record breaking season. Other NFL teams are decimated by injuries and sickness. 300,000 people have died of covid 19 including Joe Buck, Aaron Rodgers, and Bill Belichick's wife. John Madden has a health scare but pulls thru. The Detroit Lions have swept the division and are undefeated by week 17. Home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The NFL is under severe pressure to cancel the season but stubbornly continues. Hillary Clinton is convicted and begins serving a 10 year prison term. The lions are on a playoff bye. 68% of the us population has covid 19. Pearl Harbor is bombed again. Jared Richey installs a 1970 hood spear. The Lions defeat the packers 77 to 3 in the divisional championship and advance to the nfc championship. That week an asteroid hits Mexico and the dust plume blocks out the sun. Plants and animals begin to die. Mask mandated by government. Lions beat 49rs in nfc championship game played live but not televised due to what little communication infrastructure is left is being used exclusively by military. Despite climaxing calls for nfl to disband, plans for super bowl are to continue. NFL works out a deal with CNN for superbowl to be live streamed on their platform. 4th quarter. Lions first superbowl. And they lead the chiefs by 21 with the ball and 4 minutes to go in the game. Chiefs have no timeouts. A large rumble. Volcanic magma erupts from the ground at all corners of the globe. No survivors. The earth is a measly smoldering pile of ash and smoke.
  9. Anyone responsible for the sale of my SS 454 gets $500
  10. * indicates attending with Monte Carlo Me.* Manual Prince.* Donny Vestal * Jim Crockett * Jim Helms * Doug Carrol. * Kelly Turley Randy Czanker Jr* Ron Trevis * Tim and Debra Rogers* As of July 10 2020
  11. so far a good bit of interest I'll get a list together soon. Could end up with 10 or more cars.
  12. Thanks. One has to go. And my newly acquired 59 Impala Flat Top ain't lol
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