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  1. Chassis is almost done already Rock Auto saves a lot of $$$
  2. If you only have $500 in it you are not hurting at all. I've bought a bunch looking like that and paid more just to part them out! Being as you have not overpaid for the car you can definitely afford to spend some money on restoring it. You can pretty much do what you want with it.. it will be worth way more modifying a car like this than keeping it original. We have a 72 350 bench seat car (green on green) put back the way it came in the same condition would probably struggle to bring 12k..I was offered over double that and I didn't even have the car for sale nor do we want to sell it. Now it's ocean blue metallic, buckets, etc etc.
  3. New gas and brake lines front to back. The brake lines are inline tube, gas line is right stuff. Both seem made very well. Hopefully setting the body back within a couple of weeks.
  4. Correct. Passenger side Body off as of last Thursday. I've ordered all new lines. I have an insanely low budget to do this thing. Let's see what happens.
  5. How much? Could you please check on shipping. I'd be interested in both. They could probably be shipped together. Let me see it just to verify size. Thanks
  6. F41 Front FAT Sway Bar (original used) Also found on any 72 custom or car ordered with F41. Standard on SS Big block Fan shroud from 402 or 454 car I've had lots of each but now I need them myself... SMH!
  7. Struck gold on this rear end its a 331 code. 1970 Body is off the frame.already have the interior lined up to be done in a few months. Will be special ordering red door panels. No I try and not waste any time the faster I get it fixed a quicker it can be put on the market
  8. Coming off the frame tomorrow. Then I can transfer everything over
  9. Car is rock solid. Needs the usual rear deck filler.
  10. Frame is trash.. found more issues Using another one. Already cleaned and epoxied with some Eastwood epoxy.. thick stuff but works great on this pitted frame.
  11. Transtar trim black works great also. I also use adhesion promoter by TranStar.
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