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  1. Message me 864 940 2146 They all have dings or some dents. Especially long ones. Don't show well in pictures
  2. Asking $450 Don't be afraid to make me an offer. NOS GM 71 72 864 940 2146
  3. Search Monte Carlo It will be mostly monte parts.
  4. https://www.hansenauctiongroup.com/auctions/detail/bw58169?fbclid=IwAR2mvH6xvMLoc-Sf-0N8PtPW2sEuNK8r-xduBv1GUExT-gFbquFBlggDkPk Anyone close to here?
  5. I'm glad they are high. Keeps the originals more valuable
  6. Streetside sold mine in 6 weeks. Seems to be the way to go and get what these cars are really worth.
  7. I have plenty. All have dings. 250 a set is what I sell them for. 864 940 2146
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