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  1. Richard Leo Savage, 79, of Liberty passed away on Thursday, September 22, 2022. Richard was born on January 1, 1943 and was raised in Southbridge MA. In 1984 he moved his family to NC to live out his remaining years. He was a retired police officer and a retired machinist tool maker. Richard had a passion for working on classic cars and building high performance engines as well as participating in classic car shows. He was well known for his knowledge of Chevrolet engines. He was an avid blood donor to the American Red Cross. He loved his family and especially enjoyed watching his granddaughter play softball. A celebration of Life will be held on October 16, 2022 at the Liberty Car Show in Liberty, NC. Richard is survived by his wife of 54 years, Joyce Ann (Dwinell) Savage; son, Steven Patrick Savage; daughter, Ann Marie Savage; granddaughter, Cheyanne Nicole Cox; sister, Shirley Ann Washburn of Coldwater, MI; brother, Leo C. Savage of Sturgis, MI. He was preceded in death by his parents, Leo E. and Claire M. Savage; and brother, Roger E. Savage.
  2. https://www.piedmontcremationservice.com/obituary/Richard-Savage
  3. Donny vestal caught this when we was all together at my place .
  4. I just got off the phone with Ann his daughter 2 hrs ago of me posting this he had a heart attack driving down the road in his s10 with Joyce. Luckily she got the truck stopped and they avoided further disaster. Rescue squad tried for 45 min but he passed away. 😢 I've known Richard and Joyce since may of 2006. He was a great friend, my engine builder, but a husband and dad. We lost a great man today. I'm in shock.... Please keep this family in your prayers especially Joyce they did everything together. And his daughter.
  5. Unfortunately Rockingham is in April again. That's an option but we have never had a meet that early, April 14-16 The other Two options are both 4th Saturday May or July in Somerset Ky. June won't work because of mini meet in Carlisle. So that's what it's down to. Let me hear it! Or some event I Overlooked.
  6. Yea I like Drag Racing! He's double checking the date. This year was April of 2022 but they wasn gonna move it because it was to early do supposed to be May. Just got off the phone
  7. Check the Eastern Meet forum everyone . Looking to lock in an event soon but want imput between the two. Thanks
  8. I will start a new post soon. Getting more info on the nmca event in Rockingham NC. Big benefit to May to either is not as Hot!
  9. Looking like it's coming down to either a late May Event in Rockingham NC at the NMCA race and show Or Somerset KY 4th weekend of May or July (Can't do June Somerset's event because its the same weekend as Carlisle mini meet) Speak up on your thoughts
  10. I will be speaking with somernites cruise this week and the NMCA guy is checking to see if their is any events in the area and time frame next year. IMO unless bowling green discovers an event that will work, Somerset is looking like the best option and they seem eager to work with us. Also KY has advantages on location for the OH MI IN crowd and even people towards the Midwest and still just 300 miles for me.
  11. That reminded me we had the meet in Charlotte in 2009 at an NMCA event I just reached out to them to see what their schedule is next year, beech bend on ky would make my day lol
  12. I have reached out to Somernites Cruise to get updated info.
  13. So... there will be NO Chevy Show in 2023 at Bristol Dragway, confirmed today by Donny. The Elizabethton show, the car club that puts it on is not willing to block us an area for our 25-35 cars. (Also confirmed by Donny and we both agree, huge deal breaker). Stupid on their part. So I'm putting the 411 out on does anyone know of other events that would be suitable in the Southern VA TN NC area. I've checked with Bowling Green dragstrip (beech bend) but they as of now don't have an event that would meet our criteria of a meet, it's an Amazing facility. Somerset KY like 2014 is an option but it's Still a one day cruise in (I THINK). I'm confident in my ability to come up with other activities along with the Help of Donny but some people actually want to "show" their car.
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