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  1. Depends on the pitting in the grill. This one took maybe 3-4 hours of prep and taping. Base clear argent silver.. done. Black spray paint in the grooves. This is probably the best used 72 grille I've ever had. Very little Pitting it had.
  2. Just bring it out here when you are ready :)
  3. I have one. $50 plus shipping Or you can have the fogger and all for 100 shipped 864 940 2146
  4. no go on the 72. He wasn't happy with any protoype
  5. 331 Its not a high HP engine. Redlines are cool but noy $300 cool
  6. Its *supposed *.to be a brand new 1972... hmm I agree on the pedal.
  7. Going through some grills and cleaning them up. 300-700 each 864 940 2146
  8. If you want an original dash I recommend a contact of mine I can get you in touch with who will sell you a rebuilt original tach and gauge cluster. I also have a contact who could sell you a rebuilt original under dash harness. "Harness tweaker" You can also buy a look alike volt meter to replace the amp that they now produce, (an exact copy print and all) I still recommend an oil pressure gauge. The tach man has an oil pressure conversion for the factory amp gauge if you go that route but he has the patent on some no one else can make it.
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