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  1. Haven't gotten it yet I sure hope it shows up by tomorrow cuz the debut day is Saturday
  2. I just bought a set from another club member. They are yours so I'd prefer an asking price. Thanks
  3. Yea the eBay prices are the best on the lower Molding kit.
  4. Anyone have a set of NOS door edge guards they did not use or laying around? or maybe a set took off a car in the early seventies that are near perfect?
  5. I ordered a reproduction one piece that I needed from the parts place but I still will take a NOS.
  6. Im trying to buy one, and it will be for sale soon.. that could be driven back home. But I'm in Anderson SC
  7. Road trip to SC, I have doors. Unless Jim Still has some
  8. Id take a reproduction to hold me over to find nos
  9. Driver door. I need NOS or excellent exceptional used Finishing up the work on my 35k mile 70. As in no oxidation. 864-940-2146
  10. Anyone have any driver side nos Lower body Moulding?
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