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  1. I've seen some nice paint jobs that they left the lead in place and it will make the paint bubble in a few years. The problem with Lead it is you can have corrosion underneath it that you will never see. Take the extra time to get rid of all the lead and make sure there is no corrosion hiding underneath. Most of the vinyl top cars didn't have solid lead seems, little in each corner.. they had some seam sealer most of the seam and that's even worse to think of leaving it in.
  2. If you give cash as a deposit even with a reciept not sure it would do any good. They could just take the $ and dissapear.
  3. I'll leave out the wheel wells until he does his final alignment.
  4. Hmmm This guy seems like a real tool. I hope Dan can make him pay.
  5. At the front end shop now. Then rearend leak getting fixed. Pick up Vintage Air next week Exhaust pics at the Historic McGlees Garage now Troy's Muffler.
  6. Like I commented somewhere else this was posted when you get to this amount of money the average working person cannot afford a car that expensive. You Get over 30-40k for a car and it's a hard sale. People don't have that just laying around. Lol
  7. Had to be hiding something.. or it would sell higher in a private sale easily.
  8. Yeah. I got in touch. Going to get it, it seems. Smh!!!
  9. No phone number in the ad on hemmings
  10. Yea that's right B speed started making those
  11. Plenty in SC but Shipping is HIGH Fastenal would be reasonable better than ups. Need foam and cover. Have black trim plastic
  12. Looking good. I would graft in an aftermarket lip from the chevelle tail panel. Or you might can buy just the lip
  13. Lol funny there's a 59 impala northwest of Denver i just asked about
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