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  1. Some may know some don't. Since 2016 I've been working for myself. I do paint job/restoration work one at a time. Turn around is usually 2-3 months on paint/ bodywork. Labor rates are currently $50 hourly subject to change. Plus materials cost. Payments for Labor will be made atleast bi weekly. I DO NOT DO ANY INSURANCE WORK!!! I DO NOT have a "real" day Job. I will get your car done in a reasonable amount of time. I'm looking to book up next year. I'm booked until the end of this year. Deposit Required to get on schedule Any Questions please call 864 940 2146
  2. NOS GM no box. No evidence of ever being mounted. Mint condition woodgrain perfect. Asking $250 or make a reasonable offer.
  3. The side vents in my 70SS came out of an original 70 chevelle LS6 (I bought dash and leftover parts from the resto). The vents had no levers either but it was a NO Air car. The AC cars in 70 I've seen all had levers. I vet some Early 71s also got the last ones. As for as the 75k 71 ss that is a lot of $ for any classic car. To put in perspective how much $ that is my 57 belair hardtop, and 59 flat top even with counting what I've spent on them is around $60k! You can throw in my 68 Vista cruiser and you have the 75k.
  4. https://www.streetsideclassics.com/vehicles/5565-atl/1972-chevrolet-monte-carlo
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