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  1. Prepping for a rainy day is a great thing.. and They if you live in the coastal areas a must..But these goobers Running out in a panic to buy everything at one time is the worst thing people can possibly do it just causes more chaos... especially with this situation. This is not a hurricane where power may be out for weeks.. Everyone's panic buying of basic necessities just makes others have to do without. That's where I blame the gloom and doom on the TV.. I couldn't tell you the last time I made a point to watch the news.
  2. Its decent but nos is way stronger.
  3. It runs and drives now. Should go pretty fast at this point. Kevin is off of work so we are going to take it advantage and help each other out over the next few weeks. That will blow this thing ahead of schedule.
  4. So does anyone have a picture of what the car looked like before it was painted by chance? I Remember a 71 350 4 speed for sale at the auto fair in 08-09. Same color,.beige. but needed paint.
  5. Jared Richey


    Yeah if you can wait 6 weeks get the original re done
  6. Yeah.. and then I get the Flu. on the nicest days of the year so far
  7. After a 3" lift. He done so in a way not to effect the ride. Rudy is a gem on front end and alignment work if you in my area.
  8. The car runs and drives under its own power and I have moved it out to my body shop area to work on it. Carlisle or Bust!
  9. I have rears.. let me know Looks like you are covered on fronts 864 940 2146
  10. Be very careful installing inner fenders in these cars..especially the steel ones, there is a weak place in these fenders that will ripple them and will make you really sick after the all the body work is done.
  11. It's at the alignment shop getting a lift. Way to low unless you are running 13s. Scrubbed bad with the Keystone even more with the 15x8 rallys BEFORE
  12. Getting close to firing up. Engine is a low miles 80s 454 with a cam/intake swap. 4 Bolt mains. So have to break it in like a new engine.
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