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  1. Having trouble finding the correct one. I need one with no sump so I don't have to cut up the trunk floor.
  2. Never have needed the inners.. I probably have 30 of them that are good.
  3. I've been looking at a few on summit. Are there any concern with ethanol fuel if I get a foam filled fuel cell?
  4. Bob Lyman just posted in another thread here on the forum they are better than GM.
  5. My 68 Vista Cruiser Parked beside the 68 mobile home. Of course it's been totally redone. As those old trailers has aluminum wiring and we're a fire waiting to happen.
  6. Nice I'm glad someone was able to save it. I even checked on delivery for myself but it was going to be extremely expensive
  7. Went ahead and moved the car into my other garage to get the drivetrain/ wiring installed. Hopefully I can time it just right and knock out the body and paint early part of 2020.
  8. I have a set of those stainless ones on my red car from years back made by Larry. He sold them on eBay for 350 way back then but I bought a set for 175 which was the club member price.
  9. My guess is in a 71 Monte Carlo SS more came with buckets than didn't.. Reason I say that is a lot of these Monte Carlos were loaded with options.
  10. Dang Donnie it's been a rough week or two for you first Jackie hitting a telephone pole now your brother having a heart attack.
  11. I totally forgot to check my post again haha
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