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  1. Is that a chevelle cowl flapper air cleaner?
  2. They actually make a nice patch panel now for the 68 69 cutlass fenders around $100. That's why I hope these come out, atleast we will have some good patch panels made somewhat correct. NOS fenders will skyrocket in price once the replacement comes out. People hold out then are dissatisfied with the aftermarket pieces and Drives original and NOS through the roof. It's happened with several other cars on various parts. Heck even a NOS set of 70 chevelle fenders are $3500+
  3. Good morning Jared, I wanted to let you know that I will be attending the Eastern Meet in August. Names of attendees: Gerry Patterson, 73 (owner) and Egan Patterson, 24 (son). Arriving: Thursday, Aug 5th Departing: Sunday Aug 8th Staying at FGMCC hotel Monte Carlo: 1970, unmodified, original owner, pu
  4. I think Steve wants to know his renewal date
  5. I have one and can bring it to Bristol 125 for 350 4 barrel Text me 8649402146
  6. Whoever wants a nice car better jump on it. Easy resto
  7. If you haven't already found them I have plenty
  8. I have a tentative schedule posted and I will have one printed but it'll be a fly by ear as we go subject to change. Saturday morning we will Caravan out to the show but on Friday I'm not planning on getting to the show until that afternoon mainly to get something set up and see kind of where we need to be. This will be one of the most active activities meets we will have had going on several cruises and not spending all day at the main show everyday. As of now I'm planning on the awards banquet and the park at the end of the Elizabethton town near the old historic Bridge as there is no restaurants big enough in the town to handle everyone and I would not want to miss out on the historic downtown Elizabethton Cruise in
  9. I would definitely use the 71-72 fenders has 70 fenders are harder to come by If your fenders are junk you could take the front section out and put them into the 72 fender if you wanted everything to look correct
  10. Yea. 4 different ones. 454 402 350 4 b 350 2b
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