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  1. Aftermarket rears are like buying cheap lottery tickets some fit great others are bad. Fronts are made well and fit good.
  2. Glad they was able to touch it up. Those colors are hard for blend
  3. Way different now. A small block car that's nice is 25-30k or more sometimes
  4. Interior is something you have to plan ahead. Nothing is usually in stock.
  5. You'll regret not taking any trim off that lays against the paint.
  6. I've personally seen more that were customs than weren't it seems with a 454.
  7. Nice deal on the mats they have gotten expensive
  8. These holy grail post can't help but get my hopes up 😭 I built a what IF Several years ago 70 SS 454 black with red interior. It had some guy on a facebook group, swearing these cars were offered with red interior even give stories that he had seen some. 😳 Like no you didn't haha
  9. I'd like to know what it brought. Wow sold quick
  10. About as nice as you'll find. Early takeoff a totaled car in the mid 1970s. I Freshly detailed it Argent Silver base coat, clear coat. IMO it's nicer than most NOS. I believe it's the nicest 1972 Grille ive ever found. Asking $1500 864 940 2146 I also have 1 more detailed available less $.
  11. I love watching the jet cars but I still get the weebiejeebies after that 2002 commerce incident. It happened right in front of us.
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