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  1. Aftermarket Rear bumpers are like playing spin the bottle.
  2. The ones in the catalogs are totally wrong pattern This one is right
  3. Looks good. Maybe another thing I just thought about is saying which is unique to these cars is no fgmc ever came from the factory with Red Interior or any variation of Red.
  4. I have not bought any in a year or so no issues with those so far I have them on 3 cars.
  5. Dang. Glad you ok hopefully nothing cancer.
  6. I actually watched the end and it shows a lot of details. Wow Dark green buckets.... just makes you wonder
  7. Jace gets to drive around in this drop top while I work on his other car. Lol
  8. Keep an eye on it don't be surprised or worried if it loses some depth once it's out in the sun. I had to hit mine again with 2k and 2500 to take out the Pixelation to bring back the perfect mirror finish, I waited a year so it was fully cured on the 2nd cut. Black just shows it more. Also some compounds make it worse like 3M by trapping solvents. (Petroleum based garbage) I started using CSI a water based formula definitely made a difference but still pixels if it's cut and buffed soon after paint I started sending the Cars home to be finished to come back for cut and buff. I'll cut it with the first grit and let it be, this will allow the Clear to cure. Hard to do if if customer is our of state. I'll just warn them to expect some pixels most people especially on colors not black won't notice it all. I see everything
  9. Seats identical 69-72 Tracks are driver and passenger
  10. How soon did you buff this car after it was painted?
  11. I have probably $2500 worth of Vista Cruiser parts sitting in mine ready for my car.
  12. That was almost 20 years ago. I was there just didn't realize a meeting was taking place. I'll never forget that crash
  13. Until Now you never worried about a Fake SS Monte Carlo but when cars start bringing big $$, fakes will abound. Just around the corner is SS cars popping up everywhere like Chevelles.
  14. Dang that sucks it started to pull back. The Car is painted so welding is impossible without destroying the paint. I'd clean well, treat it to kill rust, epoxy prime and then fiberglass re inforced filler and you will be good.
  15. That grille is mint! Detail it it will look new. No reason to rechrome that thing is nice
  16. He was killed yesterday in a car accident. Be in your thoughts and prayers for his family. I had met him when visiting them several years ago. Nice guy and had recently become a deputy.
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