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  1. Maybe I posted this wrong with 130 views and no reply’s. The pictures are from the year 1986. I thought 36 year old pictures would get a reply.
  2. Could it be that a big tree fell on it. He only said it was a accident. Could be.
  3. That’s why I didn’t go any further. Years ago I thought it would of been cool to have a convex mirror with the writing on it. That mirror came out a few years after our Monte’s. I have on order a 4 1/2” stick on signal lights that I can stick on the bottom of the sport mirror.
  4. Good thought. I will try that. Picture number 2 is the flat glass and goes on the drivers side. That works fine.
  5. Can you guys view these pictures. I’m having trouble with the signal working behind the convex mirror that is the right side. I know the glass is concave but not much light comes through. Had these Dorman replacement mirrors trimmed out at a friends glass shop years ago. I’m wondering if I can sand just where the arrow sits. I hate to be wrong because this glass has “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”
  6. You will never find the correct lenses for the Monte. The chrome bezel and the rubber in the bezel are correct. The three light is sold and does function with only two fiber optics cable. So don’t throw them away. Not many people would even notice if you put them on your Monte that the lenses are wrong. I just emptied a 40’ container loaded with Monte parts in Connecticut. I moved to Port St Lucie, Fl in 2019. Steve Demers from New Hampshire came and loaded up a lot of stuff. Where in Florida are you moving to? Are you bringing all your cars. Carl Hanson
  7. Larry I left you a message about those rubber seals. 
    Check in the restore section.

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    2. Leghome


      sent you a message as soon a s I got it I think ,  Your note said text you so thart is what I did unless I put the wrong number in LOL 

    3. MC-71


      Larry did you receive the money I sent to you last week. Please let me know.


    4. MC-71


      Okay. Great.

  8. Thanks Larry. I will take them. Send them to: Carl Hanson 12944 SW Gingerline Dr Port St Lucie, Fl. 34987 Thanks, I’ll send you back the shipping cost. Thanks Very Much.
  9. These L&R moldings install on the upper rear fender near the windshield. I’m looking for the rubber pieces that attach to them. Any suppliers out there.
  10. I have 2 hoods and 2 trunk lids. Both in very good condition. What are they worth. Also 4 1970 grilles in good condition.
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