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  1. MC-71

    Help Signing In

    I'm needing to reset my password every time I come back to our site. That is also the same on my I phone. Help
  2. Hey Darren. How are the studs attached to the molding? I like the brass material over the stainless steel. I would buy a set. Carl
  3. Anyone have a source for wiper inserts? That is just the rubber.
  4. Is anyone having trouble getting on the site? I keep getting rejected. Says the password is wrong. So I click on forgot password. Type in the same password and it gets med in. What's the fix?
  5. Can I get the L and R part numbers for the upper hockey sticks? Also the correct GM description of them.
  6. Any word yet Jared?
  7. Has anyone bought this bumper bracket 4pc kit. Dixie Restoration has them under #DA10111 and a lot of other vendors have them. I'm trying to find out is will they work for a 1971 Monte? The 71 has a rectangular signal light and the 70 has the round. They advertise they fit 70-72. The 71 needs a deep indention to clear the signal light where the 70 doesn't need but a shallow indention so it will only fit 70 &72. Has anyone bought these. The vendors just don't know the answers. Dixie has a picture that looks correct but they are not sure.
  8. Dennis you are correct. I guess I got too excited about gaining that extra inch. I should of realized that being a Sheet Metal Worker all my life. Must be my age. I'm home in Connecticut now where both Monte's are. I can just measure the height of both. that will tell me where I'm at.
  9. I did a search on line and found this out. Stock tire are G78-15 and the height is 27.68. My TA tires are 245/60R15 and are 26.60 high. So I just picked up a extra 1". The lift I'm looking at states it will just make it> my only problem is you go up and then drop down to lock the lift. If I lose to much I'll be happy just to get one car up. I can always drive the lower car under as far as it will go. Thanks.
  10. Can anyone tell me the stock tire size? I really also need the height of the tire. planning on a 4 post lift. My ceiling height is 9' 7" or maybe 9' 8". I want to put my 87 Monte under my 71 Monte.
  11. I made my Sport Mirrors years ago. Used a set from a Pontiac Ventura. I added to the bottom with Metal filler so they would sit correct on the top of the door. They really looked correct. Last year I was walking into my garage and stepped on the air hose and tripped and was falling forward. My Right side sport mirror saved me from falling right down on my face. I was okay but not the mirror. Now the car was covered and the mirror was hanging on a thread. I was lucky it was only the mirror and not my door. All was well. I'm working on a new set as of now. These came off a 1970 Nova. Same as the Ventura but the attachment is different to mount to the door. This set I made new gaskets out of ABS Black Plastic. The angle is 1/2" to 1/16" and you use the original gasket from the mirror onto the ABS one. Very time consuming but worth it for the Monte. I also have a Convex mirror for the Right side. Just buy a oversize convex replacement mirror and lay out the glass to fit your right side mirror and bring it to a glass shop and ask them to cut it out for you. I tried it myself but found it to be real hard to do. They know how to do it. My next project is to make that right side mirror a "Remote".
  12. Thanks guys for all the reply’s. I have a 72 Monte sitting in my yard and it has the 71 brackets on it. So I’m going to remove them and put 70 brackets on the 72. Thanks for all the help. Carl
  13. Try South Florida Auto Transport. I had a reservation last Dec but my 87 Monte broke down and I had to cancel. They had the best price from Ct. to Vero Beach. And I seemed to get good vibs from the owner. I think the number is 239 970-5730. His name is Bob. Carl
  14. I have been going thru parts and trying to save at least one set of everything correct for my 71 Monte. I just discovered that front bumper brackets for 71 are not the same as a 70 Monte. I have sets I think for the 70. Anybody sure that these will work on a 71. I'm only missing one bracket for a complete set for the 71. It is the larger one that bolts to the bumper. Don't know right now what side is missing. I will post that info tomorrow. Any body have the 1970 part numbers for the brackets. I could only find the 71 part number. They are 3982483 and 3982484. My 1970 Assembly Manual has no info on the 1970 Front Bumper. I can't find anything about bumpers in that manual. Thanks, Carl
  15. Can anyone confirm this info? The Parts Place lists inner fender housinga at 229.00. The part number is BP1056M. Is this for L&R because they don't ask what side if its L or R. Does anyone know if they charge over size shipping because they don't tell you when you check out but only when they ship the item. If the two are 229.00 I think that is a great price. has anyone bought these? Thanks Carl
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