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  1. I have the bolts and installed them, they seemed to tighten fine. I'm just trying to verify they need o-rings, none came off with the bolts. I'm not 100% sure this is where its leaking as I haven't taken it all apart again, just trying to get info before I dig into it again. Found some stock photos of what I'm talking about. Thanks for the replies
  2. I got a rebuilt unit to my door for $50. Installed it today, the reservoir is a different shape, not narrow at the neck, and I was barely able to get the belt on. There were two plastic plugs on the back side, Instructions said to take bolts off original and put on rebuilt, one is a mounting stud. It leaks badly. Buddy said there should be o-rings on those back side bolts? didnt come with any, turned the old in for core charge. Any body with experience with this?
  3. My car has all the parts, but is currently not operational. How do these pumps work? Its got a vacuum line hooked up to it.
  4. Been working 7 days a week,, finally got back to this. Took the pump and bracket off, there is a spacer on one mount, the bottom bolt was ground shorter for some reason?? and the reservoir has a big dent in it, so obviously this has been messed with at some point. Looks like its leaking so Im gonna get a new pump and shim as needed to get it to line up.
  5. Yes my straight edge is on the fwd edge of the pump pulley so in my mind it should line up with the fwd edge of the middle crank pulley (its a triple pulley) , not into the groove. The alternator and a/c belts line up just fine.
  6. As I got my Monte running last spring, I replaced all belts and hoses. Twice it has thrown the power steering belt. Looking at it, it doesn't line up right. I put a straight edge on the pump pulley and it goes to nearly the middle of the crank pulley. Looks like the pump sits in a bracket, can this be shimmed? Any thoughts?
  7. Just got my OPGI catalog, it shows a three spoke steering wheel as a factory option in 70. My standard one is in rough shape. My understanding is all SS had a black steering column, mine has apparently been painted. Want to keep my car factory-ish. Was this wheel available from the factory?
  8. Just curious, on the spec sheet it says 454 Engine with bright accents. What are the bright accents?
  9. Finally got the timing set, did a little tweaking on the quadrajet, and for the first time I'm burning rubber. The radiator has some scale in it, I assume it is the original. Are these copper/brass not aluminum? It looks blue under the paint. Can I clean this out at home or should I take it out and take it to a shop? 70 SS454 Thanks
  10. Spring has sprung here so I'm able to get the car out of the garage. It runs but I dont have it dialed in. Once I get it idled down, (I think the Quadrajet still needs some tweeking) My timing light shows like 30 degrees advanced with the vacuum disconnected. hook the vacuum up and it dies. Ive rotated the distributor back and forth but cant seem to find where its suppose to be at. My timing light fires sporadically so maybe its bad, Any thoughts?
  11. smokinquack

    1970 SS 454

    If there was a dark green club I'd be a member. My 70 454SS I bought last summer is just like yours only more "origanal" condition. I'm just getting it running and am probably almost as excited as you.
  12. I put a new HEI distributor in my 70 SS454. What do I set the timing at? Do I disconnect the vacuum line? I ran the required wire to IGN spade on circuit breaker, What else do I need to know.
  13. Couple more interesting pics. I also put a couple in the SS badge thread.
  14. My drivers side has a couple screws in it like maybe someone "cheated" putting it on? The passenger side was in the car, I havent put it on yet, it had no holes for screws and it had no studs on the back. Just holes in the fender for some kind of clip?
  15. Per request, adding a few more pictures. Installed the new flexplate and got the tranny back in, also installed a new distributor. Need to install the new starter yet and get a battery. Needs new seat covers and carpet otherwise interior is in good shape. Trunk has residue on the floor, I think they came with some kind of liner ? 2nd owner removed the vinyl top in 1972 cause he knew they rust, probably not a bad decision. First owner was a school teacher. I am the 3rd owner. In the middle of a blizzard here in Nebraska, gonna be a while till I can get it out of the garage.
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