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  1. Took the rear seat out out of the 70 and to Williams Custom Tops & Interiors in Langhorne, PA. Build Sheet was removed with no damage and in one piece. Now sitting for a few days in a folder flattening under shop manuals.
  2. TY Seat is in perfect condition. BUT, I called the interior guy who recently put a new vinyl roof on my 72. He said he would remove the hog ties, get it out and replace the hog ties. Taking it up there Friday Morning. Will advise.
  3. Build Sheet found in the back seat of my 70, all there, but wrapped around the seat frame. Any suggestions ?
  4. New Vinyl Top on the 72. Material from Legendary. Installation by Williams Custom Tops and Interiors in Langhorne, PA
  5. Looking to replace the Fuel Tank Sending unit in my 72. Anyway to tell from the Engine Compartment if the car has the 3/8' line with no return, or if it has the 3/8' line with the 1/4" return? It is a Van Nuys Car.
  6. I am thinking of doing the same on my 70. Did you find a column that matches the interior color?
  7. Rob, received my issue in the mail last week.
  8. Aaron, that may be reflective of the timeframe of when the article was done. Rob and Sam may be able to let us know how long ago that was.
  9. Excellent article on the First Gens in the July 2021 Hemmings Classic Car. Rob Peters and Sam Michaels represent the Club and our cars in an excellent, informative way!
  10. Thanks again for the reply. Had her out today for about 30 minutes. All was well. Planning on a longer run tomorrow to see if the results are the same.
  11. Ok, thanks for all your replies. Think I found the issue. The vent tube had slid off under the dash. I slid it back up in place and hope that this was the cause.
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