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    1971 Monte; 1967 Cougar SR7; 1962 Nova
  1. Just a note to thank all of you for the help and support. I don't post much and you have all been an invaluable resource. My first swing at restoration, body work and prep (I did not do the final spray). Thanks everyone...
  2. Roger Jones

    Drip Rail Moldings

    Hey all, Car is out of the paint booth but need a new set of chrome drip rail moldings. Any sources out there for me? Thanks all Rog
  3. Roger Jones

    Restoring my 71....

    Wish me luck folks. Stripping down the love of my life and hoping for the best. Issues around the rear window and under the vinyl top. Flying low and flying slow. Wish me luck... I love my car. Hard to see her like this but we both know it is for the best. Good ole fashioned root canal. Will keep you all posted as I finish her up. Roger Duvall, Wa.
  4. Roger Jones

    Window Felt and Trim Piece

    Bob- Thank you so much for the link. Bought a set 15 minutes later. Very much appreciated. I did not want to give up my wide trim on those windows. Thanks Roger
  5. Hey all, Any idea where I can go to find replacement felt for my drivers side front window exterior. My Monte has the 1" wide chrome trim piece that is attached to the felt and sits on top of the door along the window. Soffseal has a replacement piece but the chrome is only a thin bead 1/4" wide. I would have hoped you could buy replacement felt that would attach to the chrome window trim. Any Ideas? Thanks Roger
  6. Roger Jones

    Door Glass

    Drivers side front. Thanks Roger
  7. Roger Jones

    Door Glass

    Hey Gang, My drivers side glass shattered on me last week. Can anyone advise me where to secure a new piece for my 1971 Monte. Can be OEM or used. I have checked Ebay... none available. Would really appreciate the help. Thanks Roger
  8. Paul Looks perfect. Thanks for the advice. Rog
  9. Thanks Paul... my Monte is identical to yours... Rog
  10. Hey all, Will a 1972 hood emblem/spear fit on a 1971 hood with the old spear removed? Whateveryaknow;letmeknow... Thanks Rog
  11. Roger Jones

    2" Cowl Induction Hood

    Thank you gentlemen... I appreciate the advice. Now at least I know I can stop looking. Will go with the 2" as Paul has... perfect look. Will post some pictures and visit often. Thanks again Roger
  12. Roger Jones

    2" Cowl Induction Hood

    Hey all, Looking for a hood with a 2" cowl induction for my 71 Monte. Would prefer a metal version but bolt on fiberglass would work well also. Any advice or direction would be much appreciated. Thanks Roger