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  • 2002 Meet

  • Commerce, GA

    May 31 - June 2, 2002

  • The 3rd Annual First Generation Monte Carlo Club Meet

    Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA

    We had a great time at the 3rd Annual FGMCC Meet!  Over 20 members were in attendance in the hot, hot sun of Commerce, GA at the Super Chevy Show.  On Friday, when I arrived, the first members that I met were Duane and Sandy Foster along with Rob and Patsy Peters.  The Super Chevy show area was just about empty at this time.  This was not the case on Saturday, as the show filled up and more members started piling in.

    Lets get right into the hard luck stories!  A blowout on Marcos Marti’s 1972 Monte Carlo, coincidentally in Anderson, SC the hometown of the FGMCC, put Marcos back a few hours on the trip to GA. Luckily he made it to an open tire store.  Marcos wasn’t able to stay long, but we’re glad he was able to make it with a smiling face despite the problem.  On Friday night when I, Kevin Wiles and my wife, Jennifer, were about to go home for the night, we found that both sets of keys were locked in our 1995 Monte Carlo.  A crowd of members surrounded the car trying to figure out what to do.  The Conkright family suggested calling AAA.  James Conkright went to get a pen and paper to take notes from AAA and in the process locked his keys in the trunk of his 71 Monte!! While James was removing his rear seat we were told by the operator that it would take 2 hours to dispatch a locksmith.  Forget that.  After trying a slim jim for a while, a clothes hanger was used and member Craig B. was able to hit the lock button with it.  Success!

    Tragedy struck on Saturday.  We never expected this.  Jet car driver Jerry Gannon died on Saturday after his jet car got sideways and struck the wall, bursting into flames.  His life may have been saved if it weren’t for the foaming truck’s hose falling off the speeding emergency vehicle which was on its way down the track, with the hose whipping back and forth down the track, then as it approached the crash site, the hose wrapped around the ambulance tire, and snapped.  Our prayers are with Mr. Gannon’s family and all those affected.

    Club Award Winners

    Longdistdriverrobwebtn.jpgMembers Choice Award and Longest Distance Driven went to Rob Peters of Pittsburgh, PA.  Rob’s 1970 Monte Carlo only has about 36,000 original miles!  It is blue with blue interior, and it is heavily optioned with rare options such as headlight indicators on the front fenders, windshield washer indicators, and much more.  Congratulations, Rob.  It is quite an accomplishment when your fellow Monte Carlo owners call yours the best.

    Conkrightwebtn.jpgPresidents Choice and Best Original was presented to James Conkright of Kentucky.  This is the 2nd year that we have offered this award and that James has won this award both times.  This Lime Green 1971 Monte Carlo was his grandmothers, and 15 year old James decided to keep it all original with the restoration.  Very impressive.

    Bestmodifiedicemanwebtn.jpgBest Modified and Longest Distance Trailer went to JR Kulikowski of Lititz, PA.  This Silver 1970 SS454 is extremely well done all over.  It could have easily taken each and every club award we offer, but we try our best to spread the awards throughout the members.  A special feature on this car is that is has a real functional cowl induction hood cut from a 70 Chevelle, with workmanship so good that I’ll bet many Super Chevy spectators thought it was original.

    Bestpaintianwebtn.jpgBest Paint went to Ian Novinger’s 1971 Monte Carlo, which was a beautiful Classic Copper with no vinyl top.  The paint was very lusterous and the body looked very straight.  Ian said he was looking forward to showing the painter that award!  Ian also received a Super Chevy Award for 1st place in the '71 and up Street Class. Way to go Ian!

    Craigbwebtn.jpgBest Interior went to Craig Baughman.  This was a 70 which had the Jade Green Interior and power features.  This interior was very nice all over, under, and in between.  Great job, Craig!

    Bestengineduanewebtn.jpgBest Engine was presented to Duane Foster of Georgia.  This bright red 70 with custom tan tweed interior had a nicely dressed up 454, clean as can be.   This car is visually stunning.  Duane received a Super Chevy award for runner-up in the Modified class as well.

    Bestunfinishedmannixwebtn.jpgBest Unfinished was given to John Mannix.  This 1972 is Silver with a White Vinyl top.  It won’t take very much to get this one into show caliber material. John loves driving his Monte Carlo to work daily! We like that. Way to go John!


    Event Photos
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    A group shot of members and Montes

    FGMCC02110tn.jpg FGMCC02111tn.jpg











    Dr. Monte performs a radiatorectimy

    Rob Peters displays his talent... Blowing up a rubber glove around his head. Very nice.

    Stella "The Chrome Queen" detailing the engine compartment... By standing in it!

    Super Chevy Award
    Runner-up, Modified
    Duane Foster
    1970 Monte

    Super Chevy Award
    1st place, '71 and up Street Class
    Ian Novinger
    1971 Monte

    Member Photos
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    Andreas Kwetkus
    Duane Foster

    Duane Foster

    Kevin and Jennifer Wiles

    JR Kulikowski

    John Mannix

    Michael Hermann

    Rob Peters

    Marcos Marti

    Ian Novinger

    Craig and Patti Baughman

    Roy Perkins

    Stella Cooper and Kevin

    Dianne Roepple
    Brenda Simmons
    Mike Bittner
    Charles and Celeste Gantt
    James Conkright
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