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  1. Yeah, I think there's only a hand full of Monte Carlos in New Zealand. There are hundreds of Chevelle's, Camaro's, Mustangs etc here. If you google 'Beach Hop Whangamata' you can see the types of vehicles we have here.
  2. $2.20 for 91 octane & $2.40 for 95 octane. I've only changed a few things so far. Fitted new air filter, fuel pump, plugs/leads (think you guys call plug wires) HEI, Alloy intake, removed 2 barrel and fitted 4 barrel 600. 18"front & 20" rear alloys. Recovered front seats from material to vinyl. Got backs to do also. Next on list is headers and twin exhaust, currently has the two manifolds into one pipe.
  3. 1970 MC, 350ci, TH350. Bench seat front, column shift. Not much done to it. Sorry haven't got many pics on my phone. Would love to replace the factory clock with a Tacho. But getting stuff from the States to NZ is expensive, plus our dollar only gets 60 somethings cents when converting.
  4. Hi all, Greg from New Zealand. First Monte Carlo I've owned. Look forward to being part of the group. Cheers
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