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  1. My intent was to try and get the engine back to the original car. I found the block in Roswell New Mexico. That is all I know.
  2. Engine block from 1971 SS Monte Carlo 166032. Block has been line bored. I purchased to use in a Corvette restoration. Going in a different direction with the Corvette. I thought I would try and get the engine back to a Monte Carlo where it truly belongs. Thanks In Advance Brett
  3. I have the engine for 166032 it is standard bore. Some one used a ridge reamer on it to get the pistons out but it should make a nice engine. Fresh line n bore. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma $1000.00
  4. Hi Guys, New here just wanted to introduce myself. I currently do not own a Monte, My uncle bought one new in 1970. lots of fond memories. A friend owned one in high school. More fond memories. I am currently into Corvettes. I do have some parts for first gen Monte Carlo, I will be listing them hopefully some one can use them. Brett
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