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  1. The felts I got from OPGI have a wide chrome trim. the felts that were on my car originaly have a narrow chrome trim. Do they make a reproduction set with the narrow trim?
  2. So I recently got a set of window felts from OPGI, and there is a problem. The chrome is different then my originals, and I have to drill holes to make them fit. I looked on the Cars inc site and found a set of O.E.M. style felts. Do I have to drill holes for the original style felts or will they line up with the old holes?
  3. A friend of mine recently bought a 68 Buick Skylark that he is going to part out, He said I could have the posi rear end from it. I was curious if it will fit my 72 Monte. bolth rear ends look the same as bolth cars are GM A bodies.
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