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  1. Lol I hear that, honestly
  2. Awesome, love the pictures!!! I appreciate all info!! This car is a great driver, I know the intake isn’t the best for what Iam looking for, but I have to say it has done a great job this far. I know the rear gears are an issue, and it’s something that needs to be addressed for sure, I think I’ll start with rebuilding that, and then go further, you never know, maybe this will keep me away from go ls!!!
  3. The total lack of power in this car just bothers me, I know there is so much more it can give, and tons of fun to be had, just trying to do exactly what you said and get the most out of what I’ve done so far!!!
  4. Awesome!! I just want more power out of this thing, spent a lot of time building the engine/trans and it just doesn’t feel like a big block power car!!
  5. Thank you everyone for the reply’s and knowledge! I am going to look into changing these gears, hopefully in the next few weeks!! again thank you!!
  6. Thanks everyone for the reply’s and information! Yes my plan is to one day ls swap the car, that is one day haha. Yes I do highway cruise for meets etc, but even now I never really go over 100kms (roughly 60mph) so with the info you guys have given, sounds like the 3.73’s would be a gear that could really handle anything! so now my next question, I know there was I believe 3 different 12 bolts made, how would I go about ordering the right ring and pinion, and how would I know if the carrier I have would accept a 3.73 ring? Thank you everyone!
  7. Sorry yes I meant would the 3.31s be a good fit for future ls swap, but I think I’ll look into the 3.73s appriciate the info, thank you
  8. Mc1of80, would you say to at least start will changing the gearing before anything else? In the future Iam thinking of possibly going LS/4l80 (or possible 6spd) but that is far down the road, 3.31’s would still hold that?
  9. Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve been on, I’ve been looking through a lot of treads in regards to converter size vs set up, but haven’t exactly come across my answer, so my question is what size stall SHOULD a set up like mine have. spec’s : 396 (0.30 over) 750cfm Holley double pumper edlebrok single plain, TH400 I believe right now has 2000-2200 stall, 12 bolt rear with 273 posi. Cam in the engine is comp cams xtreme energy duration 268/274 lift 553/568. Background info, when I drive the car it’s great, but when I get on it doesn’t feel like a big block, also from a dead stop, if you get all over it, it just bogs down, so times stalls, or I have to let off, ease into it and then mash it. I wondering if I don’t have enough stall, any ideas?
  10. Awesome, thanks everyone or the info!!! I've got some work ahead of me this spring!
  11. And would you know by chance if it will just slip off once the shaft is removed and the bolts are removed? Thanks
  12. Hey guys, so after driving the car for the summer, obviously I have found some things. Couple of leaks on my transmission (th400) all I can handle myself seeing as how I cant get ahold of my rebuilder. One thing I just want to make sure of before I try, is the tail shaft housing is leaking, other than pulling the driveshaft and the bolts holding it to the back of the trans, will it just slide off? Also does anyone know what seals it? Is it a gasket? Rubber o-ring? Thanks everyone
  13. Thanks guys!!! Lol yea it's only the beginning Steve
  14. Thanks for the wheel info Steve, and yea the pipes are crazy down there lol. MCfan, thank you for all the info, and the pictures! Love the setup! I did end up going with the pair I stated in the last post, I got the set from my machine shop who did all my engine work, he told me to try them out, see how I like them, if they aren't a good fit for me, he'd take them back and get me a 1 3/4 primary set, so I guess I'll see how it all fits in the spring! The torque loss iam not crazy worried about, this solution was the "in my budget" solution, my wife an I just had our first baby, her being off on maternity leave, I cant believe i was even allowed to make a purchase right now lol. Thank you for all the info, I'll post some pictures when I get them! Thanks again guys
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