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  1. oh and i have engine in with trans and everything. 5.3 ls with th400 so no the car is not on jack stands its on its own weight. 350lb springs
  2. I just finished all new suspension parts on my 71 monte and now i have just one problem. rotors touch the lca. ive got speedway upper and lower control arms, tall proforged balljoints, and viking coilovers. everything else is stock, rotors spindle with timken bearings and i cut out the shield for clearance. i have no alignment shims in it yet, i unscrewed the bolt all the way out to have as much negative camber as possible in hopes that would help but i can just barely slip a paper between them and it still looks like it has a bit of positive camber. any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Just purchased these speedway control arms for front upper and lower. in the description it says you cant use stock length shocks so i wanted to know what some of yall that have these are running? i had planned to use viking coilovers but dont know if those would fit either so just want a shock i can use for now.
  4. Finally got my engine up n running just one minor thing stopping me, powersteering hoses. I wad going to try and just make some out of some hose i used for my fuel lines but it’s working pressure is too low. so if anyone knows of some hoses i can get from the auto parts store that will fit the stock truck pump and then onto my jeep Cherokee steering box. i know both use the same metric o ring fittings and all that i just want a hose that’s gonna fit nicely.
  5. doesnt have to be brand new just something that fits and plays cassettes
  6. Hey guys. In my daily driver all i listen to is cassettes and so i have a pretty nice cassette collection. so i just wanted to know what cassette player would fit in the dash without having to cut anything else. i tried to look around here but most of those forums are from 2016 and some of the cassette players they mention and link arent for sale anymore
  7. got the old engine out and the new engine ready to go in just need to modify the flexplate to take the older converter and gotta find some bell housing bolts. in the pic the engine still has the truck pan but i just changed it today
  8. thanks for the info. i’ll look into all these parts and websites. if i can find a reworked harness that wont break the bank i might go with that. or ive got a friend that works with these harnesses i’ll ask him how much he’ll charge me for one
  9. Alright so I’m planning a 5.3 ls swap on my 71 monte. I just want a run through of pretty much all it would take to get this thing installed and running as cheaply as possible. I’ll be using my th400. As of right now i’ve found two good candidates for around 400 bucks. Made sure they were both dbc and have less than 200k miles on em. i want to know cheapest oil pan, motor mount adapter plates, can i make the plates? headers/stock exhaust? and then getting it to fire up and move hope i can get some good info on this thanks everyone
  10. i cleaned them up i’m pretty sure one is cream and the other is green lol. the car was originally green so i’m assuming the green ones are the original but i don’t really care what color they are ,right now. so where are the little retractor things supposed to go? and the green ones are alot smaller than the cream ones so yeah idk. i think i’ve got an idea on how the lap ones go since it’s just the retractor thing and the smaller cream buckles. i’ll send a pic of the size difference.
  11. here are some other ones i found in the trunk
  12. this is what i have i might have some more in some containers somewhere but this is what i could gather
  13. So when i got my monte it just had a bunch of seat belts in the trunk and now that i want to put them in i have no idea how they’re supposed to go. it’s a 71 with bench seat. it already has the ones that go on the roof installed so i just need to know how the ones for the front and back seat are supposed to go. i have different colored seat belts and different sizes too so i’m pretty sure they were taken out of other cars (i think the bench too). if you need pics of what i’ve got just lmk.
  14. anyone know what this is?? was kinda just slapped onto the car and i’m missing a horn relay unless it’s hidden somewhere but maybe this is it the person who had the car before me made a mess in the engine wiring
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