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  1. Thanks, it's a 12 ultra. Have an 91 (ish) custom Softail as well. That's actually why the Monte sat for several years. Got sidetracked with motorcycles. The SS could be done with the $ I've spent on these things.
  2. That'll teach you for offering friendly advise. They fit nice. Takes a little work to get them through the frame up front but otherwise not bad at all.
  3. I got the fuel lines today and installed them. It looks like I may have bought the last one they had in stock!
  4. That would make sense. It's not the first time I've seen old G.M. stuff with funky numbers. Thanks for the research everyone.
  5. Pulled the cover and it appears to be a 3.07 ratio. 14 pinion teeth and 43 ring teeth.
  6. I haven't pulled the wheels off to measure yet. But the casting # is. 3917124N.
  7. I have it written down at home. I'll get it in the morning. My vision is fixing to get blurry.
  8. I wasn't having luck finding anything online, that's why I posted here. Thought maybe I was a moron and wasn't looking it up right.
  9. Don't have a close up picture of the cover but I will attach a pic that you can zoom in to it. Looks like an ordinary 12 to me. All I will say is I put this rear end in after the previous one wore the trailing arm bolt holes to a nice oval shape. It wasn't the factory unit either. But my dad owned a salvage yard so this was already pulled out. I walked over to a selection of 12 bolts and picked one that was maybe a dozen years ago. Thanks for the replies.
  10. I know this isn't the correct rear end for my car, but can anyone identify it? It's a 12 bolt. Here's the tube stamp. Thanks
  11. Well now that I see they are %25 off I guess now is the best time. Id just like you guys to know Im throwing you all under the bus when I tell the wife im ordering more parts. Thanks
  12. I have bought from inline tube a few times, and they are the cheapest I have found for the fuel lines. I just think $65 a piece for the supply and the return, before shipping, is steep for steel lines. Dont really want to bend my own but damn. Havent made up my mind yet.
  13. Thought I would show a few pics of what I've been doing. New bushings and bolts for A- frames. New front springs and replaced all ball joints. New brake lines. Now pulling the rear end to check the control arm bushings and get it painted. Not the original 3:31 with shock protectors but it will have to be good enough for now. Will need to get new fuel lines too, but I might have to bend them myself. Damn things are expensive for what they are. Just doing what I can when funds allow. Have a good one everyone.
  14. Now it's a constant question of how far do I go. Just how nice can my bank account handle? Not wanting a show car but then again I'm not going to be this far into it again. First world problems right.
  15. I bet that's what it is. An old school weld on set of ladder bar mounts. Maybe removed with the original rear end as it isn't the factory unit. I bet there is a story there. Thanks
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