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  1. I'm using.023 wire and was hoping to at least weld 1 inch stitches at a time. But often times it doesn't want to strike an arc. Just pops and slobbers on itself. Then a little more voltage and it's too hot. I did some practice on scrap yesterday and maybe will have better luck.
  2. I've heard good things about the glue but never been around it. The panel is 90 percent welded in but my little Miller mig and I are not on good terms right now.
  3. Just thought I'd stop in to say, BUTT WELDING SHEET METAL ABSOLUTELY SUCKS..... That is all.
  4. Getting the firewall ready for the patch panel today. Ended up buying the bigger panel. The body mount was in worse shape than I thought, so I ordered one.
  5. I have friends that can help me get the sheet metal on the car, but the final body work and paint will have to go to someone with more skills than myself.
  6. Gotta have a bottle of motivation in the shop at all times.
  7. After the floor install, took it off the rotisserie. Then promptly cut it up and made a cart to set the body on. Cut the bracing out. Now going to start measuring to cut out the toe panel on the drivers side. Bought a patch panel for it. At least it looks more like a car with a floor in it. I'm trying to keep plugging away.
  8. I have finally got the floor pan in place and will be looking at a full trunk pan next. Does anyone have recommendations. I'm seeing a dynacorn and goodmark option. Anyone know which is the better option?
  9. It's in. Had a little trimming to do on the brackets below the quarter windows. Otherwise went in pretty good. I'm liking the AMD stuff so far. Still have some welding to do.
  10. Hell I see them now. They are so small I thought they were just a gap between spot welds. How they thought that would not plug up in a month or less is amazing. There can't be a 16th of an inch gap.
  11. I just didn't believe that they routed it all the way back to the rear wheel well. That seems way too easy to plug up with crap. I'm also thinking about coating the inside of the rockers with chassis saver while I'm here..
  12. As I am cutting the floor out of my 71 I got to looking at the front cowl area. Was wondering where did they drain water that comes off the windshield down into the cowl. I'm not seeing any drain holes. Am I blind?
  13. Making some progress. Did gm pay per spot weld?
  14. Getting closer. Measuring for console and bucket seat mounts. The rear seat brackets, bucket seat brackets, and console bracket will need to be put on the new pan
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