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  1. Trying to find a set. Where can I get them. Tried opgi, ss396, and few other places. All say they are on back order.
  2. Where can I get a set?
  3. Making an a/c harness a non a/c harness. I know my plugs won't work. I plan on using insulated female quick disconnect's. So, I need to know what wires go where on switch, resistor, and do I use a relay?
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    One of my fav. Groups went to the eliminator tour in Dallas,tx. Was awesome. R.i.p. Dusty
  5. Yes I have the non a/c control panel.for some reason it won't let me download the schematics. Will you send them to my email. samstevens1969@hotmail.com.
  6. I actually converted the box. Removed all vacuum hook ups and installed manual cables. The harness I have is for a a/c car. Which the blower switch is different. What I need to know is how to modify the harness, do I still use a relay. I did cut and mount the resistor in the heater box, and yes it is inside of the car.
  7. Well Brew since I deleted everything a/c. The non a/c fan switch is different than the standard one. I have the same wiring diagram. But with the delete I think alot less wires are needed. And I'm not sure if I need the relay
  8. Did an a/c delete now I'm trying to figure out how to do the wiring for the blower motor. I switched over to a manual control for the flaps.
  9. Thanks hopefully I can get some helpful info to get her going
  10. I have removed my a/c and installed a delete plate that allows for my blower motor. I have gutted the heater box under dash and installed manual cables to the flaps.I also have the correct non a/c control panel for the dash. I'm now starting on the wiring harness. I do have a diagram but it is for a vehicle with a/c. I need to know how to wire the blower switch, relay, ect... Any and all advice is appreciated.
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    New to group. Trying to bring my monte back
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