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  1. rsorg

    29 years ago now

    guys the plainfield il. tornado touched down at 335 p, m, today , i remember like it was yesterday,i don't ever want to go through that again, glad to be alive
  2. there is a cruise night every tuesday, able to go tonight ,there were 2 other montes there recently.
  3. jared are you happy with the part from the parts place for your lower trim ,i also will wait for a nos drivers side in front of the rear wheel thanks .roger
  4. guys ,not sure what i used a while ago but i know that i used the correct spackle paint for my trunk area ,now i have to do the latch ,i know there are 2 or more colors out there does anybody know what the correct paint to use. it has been quite a while since i did the trunk area, thanks roger
  5. rsorg

    squeaking sound

    guys, when my cars runs in the drive way there is a squeaking sound ,and when the car is off and you shut the door you can hear the same sound very annoying ,after about 15 plus years of dealing with this i found out it was the shifting device on the trans where the rod goes on for the column shifter where the spring is at i have lubricated it and all noise is gone.
  6. hello, looking for the chrome trim piece that goes in front of the d.s. rear wheel with the black stripe abuot 12 inches long in nos condition thanks
  7. great, thank you all that is exactly what i was looking for it looks like yours was painted the body color then splatter paint on top of that ,thanks roger
  8. guys, thanks for the info can anybody send me some pictures of the trunk mounted part that is fastened to the inside of the trunk ,that is the part i am inquiring about thanks roger
  9. welcome to the club, i will have owned my 72 custom for 40 years on 6/15/2020 ,i also was a member of the nmcoa in 1984 still have the dash plaque
  10. guys could somebody send me a picture of the mount that is on the trunk itself not the part that is mounted ,latch, that is on the deck lid thanks roger
  11. guys my mirror is in excellent condition but is just slightly foggy, but i am a very picky person ,thanks
  12. hi, looking for a lighted rear view mirror in excellent condition mine is a little foggy,would like to see photos of ,thanks
  13. guys, my latch is grey primer color from when the car was painted , should i just get a color of steel and paint over it, thanks
  14. for the past 10 plus years i had a noise that sounds like a bird chirping whiie the car was running but not moving ,could not figure it out until today my coluom shift linkage had a squek that i will either lubricate or adjust anyone else have this issue
  15. guys, what would the inside trunk latch be the color of the car ,not sure also the latch color of the part that is on the rear deck lid inside thanks
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