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  1. hi, looking for 2 front seat belt retractor covers in dark saddle, mine are original, and would like to get a good clean set thanks ,roger
  2. there was a 70 or 71 ss with the antique plate that said rare ss , is thats a club member, at the morris il. car show this past weekend ,my friend took a picture of your car. roger
  3. hi joe, do you have any dark saddle front seat belt retractor covers that are next to the doors thanks ,roger
  4. hi, i need to replace my rack and pinion on my lexus rx 350 , i see there are rebuilt and new racks to choose from ,along with optional filter ,has anyone used a new or rebuilt rack and where did you get it from, the prices are all over the board ,from different auto parts stores? thank you roger
  5. the moran ac club is having there car show sunday the 20th from 1 to 4 p.m. at the corner of nicholson and ingalls in joliet
  6. welcome ,to the club I also have a 72 custom , 454 , great group of people ,Roger
  7. rsorg

    2021 gmc canyon

    thanks for responding, have you had any issues with your truck they seem to hold there value pretty good,rogert
  8. rsorg

    2021 gmc canyon

    hi, i am looking to buy a 2021 gmc canyon denali ,v6 4x4 does anyone own one, and what are your thoughts ,thanks
  9. hi, my mirror has a little fog on the bottom of the mirror ,can just the mirror be replaced or does the whole mirror need to be replaced ,thanks
  10. hi, i also have a 454 stock, and used to use 20w 50, now use straight 30 w I was told the 50 breaks down first then 40 then 30 and so on ,i don't drive very much but will change oil often.
  11. hi, looking for 2 excellent condition dark saddle front seat belt retractor covers ,thanks rogerl
  12. hi, looking for some very nice front seat belt overs for my 72 ,refer in great condition mine are original and a little ,worn out ,in dark saddle thanks,roger
  13. the paint over spray is old ,i try the mineral spirits first then lacquer ,thanks
  14. guys ,is there a delicate way to remove over spray on the tub of my fan shroud while it is connected to the radiator, thanks
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