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  1. the paint over spray is old ,i try the mineral spirits first then lacquer ,thanks
  2. guys ,is there a delicate way to remove over spray on the tub of my fan shroud while it is connected to the radiator, thanks
  3. hi, does anybody know what the color of the ashtray insert is ,thanks
  4. hi, june 10th 1980, i bought my 72 monte carlo custom , from my next door neighbor and original owner,during my sophomore year in high school.
  5. hi, thanks for the response , i have dual exhaust and pipe that go from the motor and the mufflers,other # 65054-00 294 0, complete exhaust setup ,thanks roger
  6. guys ,i am watching bewitched ,now and the show ,has a 69 corvette convertible , 69 camaro, 69 or 68 ss chenille, this show has other very rear vehicles ,ss , convertibles etc,
  7. guys , i am not a bike rider but could someone please tell me what these are and the value , they were in my sons garage when he bought his house, they are in mint condition and appear to be dual exhaust , thanks
  8. ok thanks is it hard to replace this part ,roger
  9. guys thanks for the info, i guess i should have been a little better in my explanation , i took my car for a ride the other day and when i shut my door a small chunk of white porclian came out from under the dash , i believe it is part the switch, that knob goes thru, thanks roger
  10. guys ,the pull knob for my headlights need to be replaced is there a step by step on how to replace this part in an owners manual ,thanks
  11. guys thanks for the interest ,i have it sold
  12. hi, how did you know you were having issues with your gas getting to hot, i have an all stock 454 and don't think i have had any issues thanks ,roger
  13. guys i have a gm quadrajet carburetor heat shield, for sale,that bought new but never used ,part number #10147945
  14. jeff, nice find i also have a 72 454 custom ,the option also included additional headliner insulation to add to the above items, roger
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