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  1. carl, i don't remember what i paid for the 4 nos centers, they came in there nos boxes ,i bought them around 15 years ago and never taken them out of there boxes,i don't know if i am going to use them yet or not,the ones i have when i bought my car are in excellent condition ,and original,I removed them to put on rally wheels about 30+years ago and am now going back with my original hubcaps,for the time being, i see on eBay 4used ones are around 180 just for the centers,not to sure what the value of these 4 nos would be,roger
  2. hi ,has anyone in the club restored the 72 heavy crossflag hubcaps ,and how hard was it , it could be a nice winter project for me, i see the back side has bolts keeping the hubcap together ,thanks
  3. hi, i have 4 nos pt.no.3963403 center pieces for my cross flag hubcaps ,does anyone know where i can get the cap nuts for the backside of these there are 4 per wheel or a picture of the nut would be great thanks, roger
  4. yes even if the fender needed a little work ,that is a good price ,the parts place in 2008 wanted 2500 for both in nos for a 72 ouch.
  5. hi,what was the price again for all 4, with shipping to plainfield il. 60586 thanks roger,.s. they are 15 inch?
  6. glen, nice pictures i had to work last saturday but would probably have gone palos is not far for me, roger
  7. hi, are these still available and are they 14 or 15 inch, thanks
  8. hi , i would also be interested in them ,if they are not sold yet thanks roger
  9. hi, i had riggs brothers in downers grove do my seat covers, they added new foam and installed the head liner etc ,i put the carpet in over the fatmax sound deadener which helped allot with the factory big block and factory exhaust, really quieted down the interior noise down, and i added extra jute between the rear seat and the trunk ,i
  10. nice how did you get the white letter tires so white with the bfg
  11. rsorg

    72 spare tire

    bruce thanks, i decided go with a new bfg ta to match what is on the car now, my car had original steel rims with the cross flags hubcaps but have rallies on it now,roger
  12. that is my exact interior dark saddle ,i bought mine from acc , i have the color matching seat belt holders ,dark saddle, roger
  13. rsorg

    72 spare tire

    bruce would you be interested in sellng that tire , i was thinking of going with what i have now ,bf g radial ta because if one of my tires goes bad i can have an exact replacement , Discount tire has them for 150 plus,roger
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