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  1. And Andreas has a bad @[you said a naughty!] Monte
  2. great question awesome answers. Gonna give me something to do in the garage when I want to hide from the kids
  3. I should find mine and post them up. Had that same problem when I removed my vinyl top
  4. Arsin


    new 520's? Yeah jump on that! You could always take it to a shopw that sells wires and have them pull them off and sell the tires. I'm not a fan of the 520's but ALOT of OG cats are. i bought some Hankook 175-70-14's for mine, but I have yet to roll it. You goin bad or juice?
  5. Arsin


    Tru rays are NICE, but I've found they can be pretty pricey. Thats why I decided to go with the 72 cross lace spokes. But if you get your hands on a set, don't let go of them You should post up pics nayways, alot of us are still in the restore stage, gotta start some where homie Okay found them. Glad to see your bringing her back to life! Alot of good shops in your area. YOu roll with a car club or solo?
  6. Arsin


    My homie Big Tony brought up a good point. If we wanna do away with this stigma attached to lowriders we should start attending more hot rod/muscle car shows and not: Dress like gangstas, not bump rap music as we arrive to the show, and introduce our selves and let our actions speak for themselves. Originally Posted By: bulldogge Those are some nice rims. I plan on lowriding my 70 in the summertime and swicthing out to my ralleys during the off season. I just picked up some original skirts from a guy here in so Cal. though I may have paid a little too much($240.00 posted on ad then $40 more for mount brackets)I got them just cause I didnt want to go chasing around for more. I've owned 3 diffrent lowriders a 1972 custom which I didnt know what I had and a 1972 cutlass supreme and a 1983 monte . i don't know about to much, thats about how much I've seen them going for. Gonna pick me up some skirts and swap out the rear end from one with a g-body so the wires'll tuck. If you want I think you could run standards in the back without having to swap out rear ends. Not really gonna see much of them with the skirts on. I saw a guy on Lay It Low do that, didn't look bad. You got any pics of your ride? What you got planned for it? I'm assuming your from Fresno (bull dog country lol). Some good shops around that way.
  7. Arsin


    Yep, from a raffle on Lay It Low (.com). A nation wide raffle, and I won We had just buried my cousin, so my family was (is) still heart broken over it. When we won, it was like a sign, so I renamed the car using her nick name which is Hell Fire (we didn't plan that lol). I'm going to get a flame thrower kit from either SPAL or Auto Loc, which we enable me to shoot flames without having to run the engine rich like you orignally had to do. Originally Posted By: Mo's70MCs What size brother what size? Originally Posted By: Mikstudie Originally Posted By: Mo's70MCs What size brother what size? Thanx 14's. 13's don't look right on first gens imo. Gonna wrap in them in a set of Hankook 175/7014's. It's a little smaller than the stock ralley's, so it lowers it just enough that I won't need lowering springs. The guy building them is located right off Whittier. What I wouldn't do to be able to cruise the blvd back in the 60's 70's. Rod,they say size doesn't matter. Have you been talking to my lady Arsin,nice wheels,they look like they belong on one of those damm Lowrider cars. J/K Bro. Look good,UH Green and Gold would look good.. Thanx, I chose the 72 cross laced rims because they remind me of a set of the old school Tru spokes, which are VERY pricey these days, even in bad condition. Originally Posted By: Monte7071 Nice looking wheels Arsin congrats on winning them. Mike here is a green and gold wire for you lol. I'm going to do something similiar to the 100 spoke wires I got now. I love how people will paint thier spokes the same color as the car, really gives it that custom look.
  8. Arsin


    I really wish the lowrider guys could stick around long enough to see how supportive this site is. I agree with the comments about bikers, I know several bikers and none are affiliated with any illegal activities. We shot our selves in the foot in the 80's and 90's when we were so egar to have our cars get nation wide recognition that we didn't consider the repercussions of putting our cars in rap videos. When you look at Dre and Snoop videos, most of those are cars from LA car clubs, that well respected in the community. I'm trying to get all the clubs together at the begining of next years car season so we can put on a "stop the violence" show and shine and hopefully control the media converage a better than as it has. Unlike gangs, we work together to support our shows since we no longer recieve sponsorship from magazines like Lowrder Magaine and so forth. K, enough preaching, now for some bragging Here's what they are going to resemble with custom cold and chrome engraving on the hub with chrome knock offs with gold ships. But that previous pic is by the same guy building mine. Enjoy. Ride In Peace
  9. Arsin


    I hope so. Unforunatly there was shooting here at a CONCERT with LA rappers (nothing against LA) but they wanted lowriders there because it was called a LA RAZA event. People NOT lowriders shot up the event and they media began calling it a "LOWRIDER CAR SHOW". Since then our shows have been cancelled. For those that don't understand where I'm coming from, this is the exact reason I get defensive when negative comments are made about lowriding. Now anyone with a lowrider is being harassed by law enforcement because it has become a high profile case. All I got to say is, RIDE IN PEACE. For the love of this, for those that loved this that we have lost, this site alone has had its share of loses, lets get over this hot rod/muscle car/lowrider/donk barrier and just embrace the love of cruising. On a positinve note, as soon as I get the custom rims I won in the raffle from ENVIOUS TOUCH from Whitter, CA I'll post up the pics. 72 cross laced spokes with custom engraving and gold plating and 2 tone chrome/gold plating on the hub.
  10. Arsin


    yeah just got alot going on. Haven't done anything to the Monte since the quarter panel. Still waiting for the rims I won in the raffle I know that alot of the guys get used to a particular site lay out and have a hard time adjusting. Was trying to get them to vist the other forums on here.
  11. Arsin


    Oh okay. I've been busy with personal things so I haven't been on the site for a little bit. Never heard of a thread getting pulled unless one of the rules had been broken so I was a bit shocked. Didn't mean to come off like I was pointing fingers, I was just wondering what happened to all the old posts. I sent him an pm letting him know that what had happened so he doesn't get the wrong idea. Thanx for the heads up
  12. Arsin


    What happened to the posts in the lowrider forum? Got word from a member that he don't wanna visit the site no more cause all his posts are MIA?
  13. Yep. PM me your address and I'll send it to you.
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