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  1. Yeah I was in it about 9y ago, at Slamaogy car show when they where there for show coverage. So may have been an old one.
  2. Alize LowRod

    Alize-LowRod 1971 (Pink)

    Stephanie's 1971 Monte Carlo Show it for breast cancer awareness 🎀 FaceBook.com/AlizeLowRoder www.AlizeLowRod.weebly.com
  3. 5 of my favorite pics my kids took this weekend for my mini shoot they did all thier selves for a Mother's Day gift for me. They all knew I wanted to some day do a rockabilly look pin up shoot with my Monte. So did it for me. And since I lost a lot of weight the last 2y I acutely am happy on how I looked with it. 💗 (Shoot was done in our side back yard with lots of trees.)
  4. Started a poto album on here. 😁 Alize LowRod
  5. My 1971 Monte, was featured in a music video down town Indianapolis, on the circle about 2 months ago. They just released it on YouTube last night. Link: They had my car, myself (I look like a dork) and my kids. They asked to use it when they saw us cruising the circle. And asked us to be in the video a little. Something fun....
  6. Been a bit, but here are some resent pics of my Monte kids as well as a me with Alize... 🥰
  7. A few pics from the walk... There was min 800 pics taken with it this weekend. First is one with 2 of my 4 kids. Second is myself 2 of my kids, my Family dr who just beat breast cancer last year and her neice. Last one is my daughter, myself, my friends mother in law who is a survivor and my friend.
  8. I would like to know your air ride set up as well. I have Firestone's rapid response set up. Think I'm only maybe 1 out of 10 cars/trucks out there that has it since it was a trial thing about 13-14y ago. (I was working for Firestone at the time so they used my car as a trial car) My kids with mine over this weekend at the breast cancer walk we where invited to for photo ops. (Just before the walk started)
  9. I try to give back as much as we can. Had a lot of people getting pics today and our local news, chan 13 did a quick interview with me as part of a live feed on the FB. We are at the tail end. And I kinda lost it, since seeing all the survivors and fighters so happy with seeing my car as well as still torn up about my friend getting her brest cancer back kinda carpet up on me... Link to the live feed: FaceBook video / Live Feed
  10. My Monte I show for breast cancer awareness... I call her Alize-LowRod. Alize-LowRod
  11. Also doing Strides Against Breast Cancer. I also have a walk team for this one for my friend who has found out she has breast cancer for the 2nd time. Alize's Pink Warriors -- Oct. 19 2019
  12. Been a bit... But back... Have been stupid busy. Doing this this weekend with my monte... Kolman Brest Cancer Walk - Indianapolis IN
  13. Sorry I have been MIA for so long... Have been working non stop and trying to keep up with the kids and their stuff with school.  I vowed to force myself to take time out of the crazy and do more with the Monte and shows etc. in 2019, so plan to do so...  😘

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