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  1. Mikstudie

    Website updates

    Thanks guys, greatly appreciated...
  2. Rob I would love to make it, so many people I would like to meet. we'll see...
  3. Mikstudie

    squeaking sound

    Sounds good or should I say doesn't sound bad anymore.....
  4. This year, new radiator, alternator, front calipers and hoses.........
  5. Im looking for a source for front calipers and hoses. Nothing special just standard stuff. OEM part numbers if anybody has those. Need both calipers, both hoses, and the correct banjo bolts, ( getting the correct banjo bolts seems to be the tricky part) Thanks in advance..
  6. Mikstudie

    pinion seal

    Anyone know replacement part # are all or most 12 bolt pinion seals the same?? Im thinking its a 12 bolt from the 60's or 70's. I come up with a #714675 timkin and 44895 spicer. Any help would be appreciated...
  7. Been using them for years, price is right. Quick phone call just tell them what you want to insure it for. They have a cut off (25K) I think then require a appraisal.
  8. 1972, Monte 383 Stroker Rock Crusher 4 speed, Hurst shifter, 12 bolt rear end. conversion. Drive Train courtesy of a 1969 SS Chevelle 396 Dark Green interior, original exterior color Forest Green..
  9. Im at work and want to order a radiator for my Monte. does anyone know the the outside diameter off the upper and lower inlet and outlet. this is the one im looking at top of page # sum-384041 https://www.summitracing.com/search?SortBy=BestKeywordMatch&SortOrder=Ascending&keyword=sum-384041
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