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  1. Awesome read that I read., Why does a light switch have on and off on it, if its on you know its on, if its off you cant see to read it anyway...
  2. Mikstudie


    On that note, Why didn't the skeleton go to the dance? Wait for it..... He had no(body) to go with.....
  3. Ditto on this. Coopers look great JMO...
  4. Never saw this one before
  5. Looks pretty bad for 4k miles. Are you sure it was really rebuilt. Looks like it needs a rebuild now..
  6. Welcome back Ert...
  7. That was great.. Watched the whole thing....
  8. Hey Ratt, didn't you say you hung the pic in the bedroom? Everyone see it in the bedroom, You are the man......LOL....
  9. What's the companies name. Thanks for the heads up...
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