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  1. And your point is???? 😄 Just Kidding, dont tell your better half I posted this...😀
  2. Paint job is about 38 years of a lot heavier driving than it gets now, its not as bad as the terrible video makes it look. But I'm not complaining 38 years is good....
  3. Damm 1980s paint job. All the clear coat on the upper surfaces is starting to flake.
  4. Looking to get her painted in the spring, finally getting back to some form of normal after a couple busy/garbage years. VID_20201129_130035.mp4
  5. Rob, took the pics a few days ago before we got snow. Only got about a inch or so...
  6. Looks great Aaron...Good idea, get a third Monte...
  7. Welcome, that is a great story. Awesome color.....🙄
  8. Nice, may cut the top off mine.....ðŸĪŠ
  9. Took mine out Sunday, probable the last until spring. 70 degrees in Michigan Sunday. Great last ride....
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