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  1. The Lions stay undefeated due to the world ending. All is good in Lions Town....
  2. Awesome Tony, if its green its mean...
  3. All is good and so is my entire family. Out of work as of April 1st, all hourly employees are laid off. Myself and other service advisers (Salaried employees) are still on the payroll, ,meaning the company is steeping up and still paying us our last year earnings divided by 52. This way our health ins. is still intact and 401k deductions continue and we dont have to file unemployment status. Getting a ton done around the house and some updates to the Monte.
  4. It works, I'm on day five and Trich wont even talk to me, . She keeps telling me to go out in the garage and work on your car, what a girl. lol...
  5. That is so cool, great story
  6. I always have a supply of basics, canned goods and ammunition. Just in case. Thanks for the pics....
  7. Looks good. I have a hunting cabin in South Branch, you should stop by sometime
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