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  1. love the color combo...... but cant help but notice that this as of late is Not the only 71 monte that also like mine has a full set of 1970 knobs on radio , lighter, headlight switch..... nice car. Darren
  2. Hi Members, here are Gideons Car pictures that would not load for us. Great start Gideon and welcome to the group…! Darren
  3. selling my 1970 am fm 8 track stereo, was removed from a 70 a long time ago and should work after a tune up as they say. yea they are selling on ebay from anywhere from 600 to 2300... and this is the rarest year 1970. $1000usd and its for sale. shipping to the usa will be up there as these weigh a fair bit.
  4. It would appear to be Gobi Beige...... with a color change of Forest Green coming..... hahahahaha Darren
  5. Jeff here is a different type of cut and paste... lol
  6. Sad to hear of this news....... Had met terry and his wife at the Western Meets and spoke to him quite a few times there and he was a nice guy.... recently Terry had been working on a 4spd car and had emailed lots of times asking 4spd questions and about Canadian built cars... always a pleasure sharing info and chatting with Terry....... Any one any time it seems can be called home........... Sad to hear of your Passing Terry..... Darren
  7. Pictures and Progress look awesome Larry....!!
  8. Yes no extra info on site, but seeing that buildsheet is a must.... haha the Fake ss454 4spd they have as well for sale looks just as nice as this and we all know a 454 4spd is super duper rare lol...... Mecum seems to sell a lot of recreation vehicles and one off's and knock off's as of late so buyer beware for sure. Darren
  9. Kevin, The Air Tank looks too short as if its out of a 69 Caddy..... Also where are the SS exhaust extention tips to start with, would like to see a buildsheet too. going to website and looking more... will be back Darren
  10. speaking from experience, to build mine it was over $40,000. you cant build one for that price let alone the years of enjoyment how do you put a price on that... by the time you buy a 1970 chevelle convertible and swap over the rear quarters and door skins, then put the body on a monte frame after swapping over the frame gussetts and the list goes way on past that....... the interior door panels made custom for a ragtop and the same for back seat covers etc.... that man hours and labour bill adds up and still no body and paintwork yet... Darren
  11. LS5

    New guy here

    Welcome Tom to the Monte Madness...... !
  12. Hi Denis...... Sent you a PM on the Positraction / limited slip... Darren
  13. Hi Glen, all 1970 SS came with 256 Limited slip positraction. in 1971 it was changed to 3:31 gears and also limited slip positraction oh and yes your car was Ordered by a Customer rather than stock that sat on the lot waiting to be bought with the options it happens to have rather than checked off by the purchaser. although you could add options later but would be Dealer Installed and not show up on the Born Build Sheet Darren
  14. also noticed that the Copper monte has 72 chevelle bucket seats and also chevelle door panels too.. Darren
  15. thats a lot of money for just 2 clips..... jmo Darren
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