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  1. sent an email to John on them ....... Thanks Dave Darren
  2. Hi John, how much were you asking for them ? Thanks Darren
  3. Ert, I wish you luck with the sale of your Monte......... but hope you continue to visit here on the site.... Darren
  4. On my Factory 15x8 rally wheel with a 4" backspace I tried a 275/60/15 and it will chew thw crap out of the TA's and the white letters... now that I have 15x8's with a 5-1/4 BS they fit perfect no rub on inside near frame and nothing on Rear quarters with No trimming at all... Darren
  5. For me That is NOT a 3000 mile brake peddle rubber.. That's a speedo cable thats been undone to 40,000 miles and put back on.... Darren
  6. Hi guys, I am looking for Front only green seat belts for a 71 monte. They would be for a buckets and console car, consisting of 2 shoulder belts and receiver buckle belt ( large head buckle). And the Small head belt and small headed retractor belts for both sides. Thats it as I have the bolts and do have the retractor covers already. My monte is missing all front belts but rears are there and are Deluxe belts.... If you have standard belts I would still be interested. thanks Darren
  7. Sold to Dan Janes... thank you very much Darren
  8. These were a spare set from my 1971ss that was parted out. there are in Real nice shape with Zero dings or dents and no rust. Also very straight and Not twisted, with a real nice polish they would go on any daily driver or western meet or eastern meet car... they will need new rubbers that are listed on Ebay as I was going to buy some... they are getting hard to find in this shape, I will ship these in a cardboard tube so they dont get kinked or bent but wont be held responsible for Canada Post or USPS handling hahaha... $200 the set thanks Darren
  9. Ok, so here we have a Break finally. Posts have come up and gone by with members asking if there are any numbers or casting numbers for the Passenger side REAL sport mirror and not the camaro knock offs. well I have a Pair of sport mirrors off a custom and had them glass beaded before they go on the 72... here are pics with numbers inside the mirror head and two sets of numbers on the Stem which seemed to be asked the most about.... in one set of numbers inside the stem has 1 number stamped upside down and its a 2 Darren
  10. I think Vaughn and I looked at that one about 4 years ago and it was the same price back then and a real SS and Really nice as well Darren
  11. Hi Don, is there a specific reason you would be after boxing in the frame ? The convertibles and el camino's have boxed in frames for two obvious reasons with one being a convertable folding top and loss of body strength from a roof line thats not solid. and the el camino for it being in a truck catagory and adding weight in the rear... are you resto moding the Monte or ? Darren
  12. LS5

    level valve

    Hey Sendo, have you tried places that sell Air Shocks and fittings or small Plumbing and fitting parts ? I dont know if Inline Tube their website might have any specialty fittings. Those parts are more common in airline and small fixture fittings if you have either of those stores down there.....? Darren
  13. If is isnt broke dont fix it........ lol make it the top 4 western meet monte turn outs and then 5 and so on...every second year seems to work Darren
  14. The fittings I picked up at Lowes in the Plumbing department. they had lots of fittings in small clear and white bags with various parts and angle fittings too. Darren
  15. LS5

    1971 ss 4speed

    you knew I would post this Jared hahaha El Monte does live haha....... I also love the stories of my monte carlo came factory with a 327 and or an inline 6..... I have heard them all too including I saw one with a factory cowl induction hood to and a factory hood tach too..... LOL Darren
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