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  1. Yeah that Block has been restamped, that is not the correct Font in letters and correct spacing that we used at GM. Bad enough to tell its a restamp but could be someones attempt at restamping an original block that happened to have been decked before they asked for the machining to be tilted on the end run so the factory stamp remains.... Darren
  2. Hi Jared, yes I did buy it. waiting for a Transport guy to deliver it to me here, should be another week as he is doing a run out of town for now. Darren
  3. Not Monte related but had to share something I thought was funny and cute and how kids think and say the right things... i have mentioned this before and as most know my health has flat lined a lot over the past with Kidney and Pancrease issues. but my kids always used to say Dad is like superman he can do anything, and work was always saying Slow down you are Not superman anymore. Now I am off work for good and sure know there is no Cape there anymore... haha then my 11 year old Daughter is out with my 25 year old daughter shopping for christmas stuff and the younger one spots this for sale at a used furniture place and says to my eldest.. hey I bet if we got this for Dad he can jump in it and he will be all back to normal.... Dam I thought that was good...... just sharing a weekend laugh... Darren
  4. Donny, my thoughts are going out to your Brother. I hope he is on the mend quick darren
  5. Well not too sure why I did hahaha I blame my Meds...... but I got the guys to sell me just the 71ss hahaha oh well now what to do with it..hmmmm darren
  6. So this has come up from time to time.... where can we buy Factory Delco speakers for the stereo dash cars... aftermarket all have huge magnets that are either too large or too tall and hit the headlight switch or cluster.. well here we go, start the madness of flying out the door to the Wreckers.... these speaker are Identical except for the 45 degree brackets to hold in place which are easy to make. They even have the same factory Plug and ARE AC Delco speakers..!!!! They are from a 1990 to 1993 Chevy Silverado like the ss454 trucks or chevy Sport or 350ss trucks... they are the exact same size..... hope that helps the stereo dash guys like me....
  7. Hi Mike, Retained the original heads and have heard you can use a roller cam but would need the Tall valve covers added after and would take away from the stock look. The box area was clean and left in Factory white but it had a rubber gm matt on the box floor and a matt on the tailgate so when it was down the rubber liner continued over the tailgate as well for protection. it was a custom matt as it fitted around the wheel wells and the contour of the tailgate and around the inner handle. Darren... PS, would love to build an El Monte myself and also have a 70 parts car with a front clip to be able to do so..... I have had one of each year and also as you know I had a convertible monte so an El Monte would be the best final one haha..
  8. Mike, I would stick with numbers matching all the way. that will be your best investment on return whether its a flip or keeper. It seems more and more people are moving towards oem and numbers matching. I did that with my 1970 396 elky and got lots of comments or stood back and listened to them.... Oh Man he kept it all original or glad to see its done right and so on... JMO Darren
  9. hahahaha Mostly True........ I know some of our members who find canadian built 4 spd cars and it doesnt matter what color it is they will buy it.. hahaha its a disease we have... no names mentioned you know who you guys are lol thanks for info Darren
  10. yep typed too fast haha 71 not 70 Darren
  11. Yes I have seen quite a few 1970 350 4 spd cars pop up for sale........ but not so many 400 4spds..... so I challenge the Monte gods that say the 1 of 80 1970 350 4spds is the rarest car........... whats the number on the 400 4spds which is a 1970 only engine........ anyone....? Darren
  12. Hi Fellas, yeah I have tried RPM and Classic Performance up here and they are out of stock and are waiting to gather enough parts to order a big shipment but could be 6 weeks before that happens and then the wait time is xmas at that point haha. I tried The Parts place inc and a couple of other locations and like most I am trying to save some $$$$ as OPG is the cheapest at $45 each and then $69 for the same part at The Parts place which sells you the separate mounting clip seperate instead of included hahaha if its not one thing its the other on gouging on money..... some want 79 and even 99 each switch and they are all the same as the $45 ones at OPG. shipping ranges from $80 and up............. wont even go there with Ebay and their wonderful Global shipping..... NOT....!!!! Thanks Thomas I may ask for some help eventually...... going to try one other place in British Columbia Canada first.... Thanks Darren
  13. so here is my rant of the day....... I go to buy 2 1970 power doorlock switches from OPG for the 1970 Monte carlo and the app wont let me buy them at first because it says 1970 Monte carlo is the wrong application...?? So I change to 1970 Chevelle and of course it works...... Then I go to check out as they are $45 each x2........ The check out takes my address from Canada and says shipping is $129 via Fedex and gives me NO other shipping choices....... $129 for 2 1970 power doorlock switches......??? that are the size of an american silver dollar to stick in a bubble envelope and stick in usps ground to Canada for $10..... $129USD......... what kind of Monkey Crap Smoking Earwig 1 legged Chicken Lover are you if you think its $129 to ship two switches up to me and only offer Fedex..... for the love of God I hate shipping costs and living in Canada sometimes when ordering parts hahaha Thats my beef....... Bubblewrap envelope $8 then stick switches wrapped in newspaper in envelope and drop into USPS mail box with regular licked stamps for $4 and can take two weeks or three to get to me with a happy $12 shipped customer............ Good Grief Charlie Brown........... Darren
  14. I see on Hemings there is a fella selling his 1 of 123 produced that year only, 1970 400 small block 4 speed cars. He has a Build sheet that shows 400 small block and a M20 transmission. of course its triple green hahaha what says the rarity on that to command $39,000usd ? How many members have SB 400 4spd cars I wonder........ lol another one for Doug to start tracking...... Darren
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