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  1. I had a complete alignment done and the proper front coil springs installed. She drives beautifully!
  2. The Moog #5536's brought my front end up where it should be
  3. Thanks Bob. So the Monte one is slightly different than the Chevelle one?
  4. Hi Bob, I have all the pieces for the heat stove in like NOS condition. I would really appreciate installation/mounting pics and pointers if you have the time. Feel free to email me at ldemings@durhamregion.com Thanks, Larry
  5. Glad it went well Steve....take it easy and do as Doc says
  6. Just thought I'd post this here in case anyone is looking...these numbers are based on the 1971 Monte 1) Small Block without A/C....#5372 2) Small Block with A/C...#6330 3) Big Block without A/C...#6330 4) Big Block with A/C...#5536 https://www.moogparts.com/find-my-part/find-my-part-results.html?type[value]=2&type[label]=Light Duty&year[value]=1971&year[label]=1971&make[value]=47&make[label]=Chevrolet&model[value]=470&model[label]=Monte Carlo
  7. She certainly is a beauty Bob....and worth every dollar in my opinion. Good luck with the sale. Cheers, Larry
  8. Thank you so much for the kind words Dennis
  9. Two of us did mine. We hooked a heavy chain on the end of the spring. One guy (me) guided the spring and my buddy was at the end of the chain pulling with all he had. The spring hooks should be pointing up at the front by the way.
  10. Yes....those are the ones available through Year One as well.
  11. Hello all, just a heads up when replacing hood springs. The one's from Goodmark don't measure up and didn't keep my hood up. I ordered a second set from Year One and they are part 81N. They are noticeably heavier duty and hold my hood up perfectly. https://www.yearone.com/Product/SearchTarget/8401
  12. Hey Robert...that's looking awesome! I just realized now you are in Oshawa?
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