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  1. I just want to make sure everyone here knows of this place.... www.beldenspeed.com
  2. Sweet! Congratulations Rob! 😎
  3. Lol....I’ve kept my eyes open for classics over here. Ive seen a few but nothing from North America yet. I snapped this pic in downtown Belfast though.
  4. LostnFound


    Mandatory evacuation issued for the coast of South Carolina...Dorian is a bad one. 😞
  5. Hey, thanks Darren. It was an awesome 55th birthday yesterday for sure. Rhoda and I are on vacation with friends in Belfast Ireland. We renewed our wedding vows yesterday at Dunluce Castle and it was a beautiful surprise from Rhoda. Driving on the other side of the roads and car here. I didn’t bring the Monte. Lol
  6. Sweet! That colour looks great too!
  7. LostnFound


    I hope all our Family and Friends in Florida and the Carolinas weather the storm safe and sound ❤️
  8. I think I remember seeing that car on kijiji. She’s a beauty for sure! Nice find Darren. I hope you are doing well. Cheers Larry
  9. Hi Darren, I didn’t know you sold the SS. Congrats on the new purchase though. She’s a beauty! Where in Ontario was she?
  10. Thanks guys...that one was taken by my buddy GTO George. He has a beautiful blue 67 hardtop and this awesome 69 convertible.
  11. At Oshawa Autofest.
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