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  1. Hi Paul, the big blocks definitely came with idle stop solenoids. I can’t remember the part number right now but they are available. I know they are listed on ebay sometimes.
  2. Hi Rob, I hope all is well and thanks for the message. I have no idea at this time about the 2020 meet but will keep it in mind. It would be exciting being the 50th but due to the distance I would most likely fly down. Cheers Larry
  3. I’ve just been enjoying a local show or cruise night here and there this summer. The season started late this year so it is going by quickly here in Ontario.
  4. LostnFound


    I thought this was a post about wax. Lol
  5. Hi Bruce, my paint is now 34 years old and is single stage. It is still holding up well but has some chips here and there. I’m still buffing it and she still shines up like a new penny.
  6. I prefer them without vinyl but it is simply a matter of personal preference based on your taste.
  7. It was Google Map's fault! LOL
  8. LostnFound

    Meet Maxine

    Sweet! So glad you hooked up. I'll bet you are enjoying the honeymoon!
  9. I had mine powder coated satin black.
  10. So sad for you that this happened Mike but so thankful you were not injured.
  11. Thanks for posting this and for bringing it to our attention Aaron.
  12. Hi Rob. Rhoda always puts the top down and never puts the windows up as she looks at it the same as you do. She has a hat and a scarf in the car at all times and is a natural for a convertible. Usually, she just puts the top down and her hair up. As she puts it, "I'm no Girlie Girl"! She is loving this car and is taking great care of it too....but she does drive it like she stole it. LOL
  13. Happy Wife.....Happy Life. I just did Rhoda's a couple of week's ago too. LOL
  14. Rhoda always wanted a convertible and she is having a blast with this one.
  15. Ert, so sorry about the loss of your Dad. I lost my Dad just over a year ago and miss Him and my Mom every day. Our condolences to you and your Family. Larry and Rhoda
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