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  1. Looking good Carl. You must be excited for her arrival at your new place.
  2. Carpet install began last night and will continue tonight. An awl works well for locating holes and a straight soldering iron is perfect for making holes. It melts a nice round hole and cauterizes the edge so it won't frey etc. It is also fast and easy.
  3. I reached out to AMD. Their response was that the demand for them wouldn't be large enough blah, blah, blah. LOL
  4. Yes....was just told recently of this little trick. It supposedly cauterizes the edge of the hole so you get a nice round hole that won't frey. It is the straight soldering iron you use and not the soldering gun type.
  5. Finished cutting and buffing tonight. Then we installed the panel and insulation behind the rear seat and installed the rear seat back. Next will be installation of ACC carpet with mass backing. We have an awl and soldering iron ready for the install of the carpet.
  6. The replacements are part #9796696
  7. Hello everyone.....This is about as rare as parts get and even more rare than NOS fenders. This NOS rear tail panel has a little surface rust from storage but is in great condition and will clean up nicely. It still has the sticker on it with part number. Price is $1200 USD plus actual shipping/insurance cost from Ontario Canada. I hope everyone is staying well and safe. You can message me here or contact me through email at ldemings@durhamregion.com or call 289-688-5041. Thanks Larry
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