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  1. They make them for the 70 (bought a complete set lenses and housings), but not for the 71
  2. Haha! Looks like a show car compared to Roadkill's NasCarlo!
  3. Import fees for my Monte were approx. $1,200 US when I drove back to Canada from South US Oh! and there was also $100 extra charge because car has AC.
  4. What a great pic to have!!
  5. You could also have the dreaded "re-man" (rebuilt) compressor! I replaced 2 rebuilt factory compressors before settling with an aftermarket new one; Doesn't quite look the same, but man, does it work! As I said before, AC needs to FUNCTION properly! FORM is only for when you lift the hood! Hope you're able to work it out with the great advice here! Jeff 70 SS454
  6. I can fix it! My father is a TV Repairman and has a wicked set of tools!
  7. I've got a bucket of these upper tail light bezels! What do you do with yours? Jeff 70 SS454
  8. For 7 years now, I have only just used glass cleaner on the tires of my cars. It's alcohol based and leaves no residue or attract dust the way these tire dressings do. There's no danger of harming your tires, they can take it (currently on my 4th season ) It's called Invisible Glass and is the best I've used in many years! The foaming glass cleaner leaves the tires clean with a perfectly even matted finish, unlike those GREASY, shiny tires you sometimes see (afterall, any dressing/ coating you put on needs to be removed.) It also saves you from having to also clean that guck off your rims! Jeff 70 SS (No greasy shoes!)
  9. Found this gorgeous 70 on Kijiji, Ontario Canada Advertised in Canadian dollars, which equals $21,000 USD or best offer 1970 monte carlo 27,500 obo | Classic Cars | London | Kijiji
  10. Sorry guys, but I actually BELIEVE the mileage. Although I agree the hood latch and a few other parts are rusty (why?) it also appears this vehicle sat in a somewhat damp area for a while: if you look, the undercarriage shows a few areas of this. I myself bought a locally purchased, one owner 72 Monte with just over 8,000 original miles, and many aspects of this car resemble mine. One thing for sure...you cannot fake that interior. It is original in all fit and appearances and there is no wear on the seats, belts, dash, guages, etc. A car with 104,000 miles would show a ton of wear especially the driver's seat. If someone were trying to fake this, we all know the cost to replace these parts to look as "new" would cost twice what the car realized in auction. in my opinion, It is not a rebuild, as this interior alone would easily have cost over $6k to reproduce. Nope...I don't believe it's fake at all! Someone got a great deal and bought an almost brand new 71 Monte!
  11. I will indeed let you know. I do remember from my original investigation it may need a booster (mounted under passenger seat). Stay "tuned" 🤪
  12. I ordered mine last August and it just came in today. just waiting to clear customs! Supply chain delays are really messing with us! It's factory looking, but has bluetooth, etc. I also went for the "roll over" option; moves the dial just like the old radio did! I paid $698 US Dollars, (which is like $1,000 Canadian Dollars!) I still feel it is very well worth it and can't wait to install it! 1970 Chevelle SS AM FM Bluetooth® Radio – Vintage Auto Radio www.VintageAutoRadio.com Salem, Wisconsin Steve Webber 262-885-1581 888-514-3811
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