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  1. Well, we know he has great taste license plates... And in cars!
  2. Very cool post and idea! I'm hoping someone benefits and shakes hands with the History of their car! Jeff 1970 SS454 (ends in 3035)
  3. I have a set of the parking lights (front lenses and back mounting pieces). Great condition. If you are interested, please let me know and I can send some pics, etc. Thanks, Jeff SS454 Black
  4. I googled his name and came up with this write up in Chevy Hardcore. Very cool article! https://www.chevyhardcore.com/news/home-built-hero-monte-carlo-2/ Jeff 1970 BLACK Rare SS
  5. Sorry, these pics are 30 years old. Are you looking for the woodgrain dash trim? Jeff 1970 Rare SS
  6. Another RARE SS Monte! Found this white Monte SS with the same tag as my SS Monte. Is the owner here in the forum? It's nice to see a Monte take the "Rare SS" tag away from being bolted to another Camaro Chevelle, Impala, Nova etc. In black and white (and ALL colors in between) Monte Carlos Rule! Jeff 1970 Rare SS Black
  7. I also Found this place online for Window Sticker (Reproductions for US sold vehicles only) - Triple A Enterprises https://window-sticker.com/product/1970-monte-carlo/ Will probably get myself a copy. Jeff 1970 SS454
  8. How much did your Monte cost the original owner? My 1970 SS, loaded with all options cost $5,441. By comparison, my 1970 SS from Texas (not loaded, bench seat, tilt and ac) was $4,762 *Sorry for crappy pic. It's cool to see this original history of our cars! Show your Bill of Sale or window stickers if you've got em'! Jeff 1970 RARE SS454
  9. Thanks guys! I'm just the photographer. 👍Kudos to Ravi at Head Turnerz Restoration . The paint looks 10 feet deep!
  10. "One Knight"...last summer. I'm always at the ready for a cool pic of the Monte, so I pulled over to take some shots of neon reflecting on the car's new paintjob; looks like a Black mirror! Neon Knight!
  11. You could try gluing or glassing in some small nuts to accept these screws.
  12. I love reading this forum! So much to learn! Thanks!
  13. I can't tell you how many wheel well lips were curled under and hammered flat, just to fit thos N50 Mickey Thompson tires!
  14. Rare SS

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    I just passed my "One Month Member" status!!! Congratulations guys! Jeff
  15. Unfortunately back then, SS meant something else. Am glad to be in the here and now!
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