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  1. My local club MSRA host a super secret fun run at BIR (brainerd international raceway) every year.I'm heading down for my first time in the monte. while i haven't finished my new motor i figure lets have some fun with the ol 350 in the meantime. As the tittle states. Just for fun, place your bets on what ill run. Keep in mind this is my first time at the track, which will slow me down for sure. Im just focused on not pissing off the locals and not red lighting. Car has a 350/350 combo that is slighty worked over but getting tired as well. 2:73 posi out back should make for some easy starts. I'm also open to any words of wisdom from you pros out there. Thanks as always
  2. hey guys im looking to get a tranny (dont get cute with that ) i built a nice lq4 and im just about ready to stab it in there but i want to hook up a manual trans while im at it. T56 is nice because its computer controlled but a nice tko should handle 500 lb ft of torque no problem. im just not sure which to go with and where to source parts from, getting tired of refreshing craigslist every 10 minutes. hoping that those of you running a stick could provide some input on what you like, what you're running and if you would do anything different if you had the chance to do it over again. once i get it all going im sure the open diff with 2:73's will be on its way out quick. thanks as always.
  3. might be worth it to give these guys a call. i personally dont have them but if budget is a concern then 550 for everything seems like a pretty good deal. not sure what Eaton style means but the place gets good reviews. Then you just need a housing, unfortunately its car part season and being budget minded you have to just wait for the right deal sometimes, but they do pop up. theres one on my local craigslist right now for $550 https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/pts/d/saint-paul-complete-64-chevy-posi/6917778441.html Then you just have to have the money on hand and be the first person to respond to the ad. https://www.quickperformance.com/GM-12-Bolt-Car-Posi-Gears-Bearing-Kit-Package_p_20371.html. or just accept the snowball is rolling, breakout the credit card and call speedway
  4. Glen i didnt even think to add a choke thats a great idea. As far as the fuel issue im putting in a tanks inc tank in the near future anyways maybe ill just straight feed it then. thanks
  5. why i haven't just ran a new harness by now i don't know. I put in a set of Dakota digital gauges which i love, but my speedo and fuel are having issues. My speedo is ran independently with the electronic sensor but it jumps around as it goes up like a dry cable would. I think i remember hearing if you run it too close to other wires you can get a interference issue or some sort of signal to noise ratio. to be honest this is the first step I've taken. not sure what i should do next aside from run it a different route. as for the fuel gauge its stuck on full. right off the bat i went and re did my ground for my sending unit but to no avail. i'm pretty sure our tanks should read 96 ohms when full and mines reading 192 ohms, which still sounds like a grounding issue. my fuel isn't independent its bridge tapped into the original harness right where it would meet the old cluster. as always any ideas are greatly appreciated, this place is gold for info.
  6. sorry for the lack of update. I love the lights! i knew this was something i did. I got everything fixed and i could of saved myself a bit of time and frustration if i stepped back from it and approached it logically. I did put a electronic flasher on right away for cheap insurance, plus i just like the loud audible click it makes when signals are on. Basically after cutting out all my heat shrink and pretty soldered connections i went through and put a test light on it, jumped the left to the right, the right to left, really anything i could think of to narrow down why that 40+ year wiring wasn't working. After a frustrating night i went back through this forum and realized i put the circuit board in with the big new gasket on top and then cranked down the lens assembly. That was my no no. i went out and backed the screws off and what do you know everything works! As a more permanent solution i cut slits in the middle of the big gasket for the four tabs of the board so its sandwiched in there. re-soldered everything pretty again and i am one happy camper. Moral of the story, do not ground out your lights. these things are awesome! my 5 yr old will be the first to tell you how cool the strobe looks through a cloud of smoke. thanks again
  7. So i installed these today and they look awesome. i like the strobe when you first turn on the lights and hit the brakes. I am however, having a problem. I realize its probably going to be a lot of trial and error. Here's how it goes, everything works...except when the lights are on i have no blinkers in the new led's. Up front works either way, rears work when the lights are off but as soon as i hit the lights i lose the rear blinkers. i will say i did not use the pig tail socket adapters instead i soldered and used heat shrink to directly connect the harness. kinda wishing i did now seeing as how I'm having problems. could i have wired it wrong? i know read the l.e.d. flasher is not necessary but I'm wondering if i should take extra precautions. I have dakota digital gauges but the blinkers are just piggy backed to the indicators i cant imagine that could be a issue. as always any and all help would be appreciated, even if its telling me to move this thread somewhere else. thanks Brandon
  8. if youre looking for some http://www.alangrovecomponents.com/index.htm is an awesome place. they have brackets to work with any kind of configuration, best quality ive found so far. really cool guys to work with on the phone
  9. looks great! i was wondering how you get one of those. i better talk to somebody
  10. awesome! love seeing these cars showcased. some really clean montes there. Matt i like your headlights.
  11. To the side it is! Thanks everyone I knew I could count on this place
  12. mymontesa70

    Fgmcc tote

    I got a Fgmcc branded tote bag in the mail a couple days ago. It's really cool and one of the reasons I love this club. Just kinda curious why I received this in the first place?
  13. just saw this now. bummed i missed the boat on this. great buy!
  14. bought a set of turndowns for my electric cutouts and im not really sure where to face them. should i have them turn down to the ground or out to the side? i feel like most tailpipe turndowns do exactly that and turn down. I just wonder if it will reverb back up through the car vs turning them out the sides it might project the sound out more? ive never really thought about it till i went to bolt them up the other day. maybe im over thinking it. anyways, thought and opinions are greatly appreciated as always.
  15. tony i just realised we follow each other on ig 1stgenmontecarlo put a pic of you up recently. digging those wheels, that is one clean machine. to the o.p. i rarely post but you can find me @mymontesa70. i mostly just go on to find inspiration from other builds. the cool thing about that @1stgenmontecarlo is everytime they post a picture all the monte owners go and follow one another, meaning after some time when you open your feed its pretty much all montes
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