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Windows XP

70 Iron

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Hi Mike,

Its been bad since I brought it home,like a lemon car,Even the ethernet connection on the tower was loose ,not the cable but the connection that went into the main board and when I took the cable off to check it the hole board fell inside . Took it back and he never installed the screw that held the bracket in place to support the [you said a naughty!]'y. I'll likely have to buy the new 8.1 .Thats all they have .

I really like your Monte,I beleive I looked at it at Carlisle a few yrs ago if this is the one.I remember it being out in the grass. It was really sweet.



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I have the windows 8 on one laptop and 8.1 on another and have to say I really like them. Like most people I had a bit of confusion getting used to them but now I am comfortable with the way the new version operates and it really is fast. My only beef is my new favorite app, dogfight, has stopped working on my 8.1 machine. Still trying to sort it out but all in all 8 is really nice.

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