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  1. I think it was but not sure . The guy that sold it turned me onto the guy because he new that he only wanted the drive train . it wasn't cheep because he knew what he had in parts. The worst part was it was originally 5 miles from my house . then the guy that bought it was in lower Conn and I had to drive 2 1/2 hours each way to go get it back
  2. Not sure what I am doing just yet but I will keep everyone informed . it is a shame that the Chevelle gets to live and the monte has to be sent out to the pasture to live out a slow death . I will be digging into it this week .
  3. I just saved the rest of a real 1970 SS 454 car . I got there to late a Chevelle guy bought it to take the correct 1970 drive train out .(454 , turbo 400 12 bolt Posi are gone ) The car has a lot of great parts but the body and frame are JUNK ROTTED to the core . What do you guys think is this a great parts car or should it be saved . remember it is rotted to the door handels nothing left to the body , floors , trunk or frame and the drive train is missing . The car was a black cherry with black vinal top and saddle bucket seat interior . what it has going for it . All the air ride parts are there complete . Bucket seats , console complete and shifter , floor shift tilt steering column , rear defrost , power windows and power door locks great dash and pad non tack and gauge , rear defrost . I did not look for the build sheet but I know there is one some ware Baltimore car .I am sure there are a few more parts AC disk brakes . Any input would be great . I can only leave the car ware it is for a few weeks and it will have to find a new home or come apart .
  4. NOS Z20

    am / fm , radio

    I am interested in it if it is still for sale . Please let me know ether way . Thanks Steve
  5. I have parted out several 70-72 montes over the years . please look at my craigs list add in Boston Ma for pictures of some of the stuff I have for sale . I am working 2 jobs so my computer time is limited . please respond using the craigs list add and mention you are from FGMCC . [
  6. Not sure how to list it here but lots of good looking parts New Hampshire CL under 70 Monte Carlo .
  7. Guys like I said I am extremely busy so please bare with me . I have all your lists for parts you are looking for . I just have to find time to get to the garage and look for them . I will try to get down there later this week and get back to everyone . Thanks for being patient. Steve
  8. Yellow fenders Sold both consoles Sold Tilt wheel Sold 12 Bolts Sold
  9. Not sure how to post a link to the craigs list ad but I have a ton of monte related stuff for sale cleaning out the garage for much needed space . You can see some pictures under CL ad in New Hampshire . If you are in the north east it is worth the trip . The garage is 60 X 60 and is full .let me know you are from FGMCC and I will give you a 10% discount . I will get back to people as I can . I am working two jobs right now and don't have a lot of spare time to get down the garage as much as I would like . If someone could post the link that would be great . Everyone have a great day and thanks for looking . Steve .
  10. NOS Z20

    Manifold heat stove

    Ed the two that are pictured are the 1969 early 1970 style . the correct one is a two piece design with the sleave is 1 piece and another piece that sits in a rectangle pocket and goes over to the round that will hook up to the flex that goes up to the air cleaner . also there is a plastic 90 degree elbow that comes off the bottom of the air cleaner . After 1972 into 1973 it changed again to the type that you have and there is a hard metal front pipe that goes up to the bottom of the air cleaner . this type looks better because you can paint it but there is nothing like the original style for being correct. Steve
  11. I have used both soft seal (I mean hard seal ) and metro . Metro was far better I think they had 2 styles one I think was regular which was good but I think they had a presidental set that was a few more dollars and had a longer warentee and was a little softer . I will be putting a set of metro on in a month or so I will let you know how they fit . thanks Steve
  12. NOS Z20

    Rare SS Build Sheet No F-41

    Just my input on this . I have had several SS cars over the years . POSI was an option and NOT standard . the cars that got a posi had the boxed arms and sway bar and the ones that didn't have a posi had no need for the boxed arms and sway bar . I have copys of several cars If you need them for your data base . keep up the good work . thanks Steve
  13. NOS Z20

    SS454 Air cleaner CORRECT on eBay

    Hi everyone yes the air cleaner is mine (now troys) it is the correct one I think some one at one time wanted everyone to think he had more horse power than he had 425 HP instead of the 360 HP thanks for the input dan hope everyone is well and I will be intouch .Steve