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  1. The IA and XB are the side tanks for the radiator they should be molded into the sides of the radiator as they would all be different 2 core - 3 core - 4 core - automatic or 4 speed would all have different sides that is what that tag is for. The BR on the tag is for the build code on the build sheet . This would only be for the original Harrison Radiators not replacement ones. Good luck Steve
  2. I would like to get 2 but if available 4. Thanks Steve
  3. I am leaving for Carlisle. If any one is in need of monte parts and is going to Carlisle I will be in spaces H-46 through H51 . I will be bring a lot of very good used 70 - 72 Monte , Chevelle , Elcamino parts . hope to see you there . Thanks Steve . PS if you need to reach me my cell # is (603) 490-0767 .
  4. I have an original 1970 Monte SS with California emissions . The only cars in 1969 , 1970 , 1971 that came with smog pumps were the high horse power cars ( LT1 LS6 L78 L88 L98 )and so on. The low HP and the rest never had smog pumps until 1972 . 1970 and 1971 only had the charcoal canister and evap recovery (which is a different gas tank and the extra vapor recovery with a non vented gas cap . hope this sheds light on the subject
  5. These are some of the parts I will be brining that I found in the garage . All these are NOS . 1970 grill mint ,right hand quarter in the box , 1972 3 piece rear trim , 2 sets of wheel opening moldings , 8 out of 10 of the lower trim , rocker trim , sill plates , weather striping , plastic inner fenders , and I am sure a few more items that I will find when I am loading up again all are nos never used , I also have 3 mint dashes painted and ready to mount in (no clusters just housings). Good used parts include . bucket seats , bench seats , consoles , rally wheels 15X6 15X7 and 15X8 , tilt wheel steering column and floor shift columns , several different air cleaners also dual snorkel , original muncie shifter fender extensions and rear quarter extensions , some great wood grain inserts for the dash , and what ever else I can fit in the trailer . please come by and let me know you are in the club . Hope to see some great Monte's there . PS if you need a specific part that you need please call before Wed night and I will load it in the trailer (603) 490-0767 . I have a very large selection . Thanks Steve
  6. If anyone is going to the GM Carlisle meet next week and looking for parts to finish the project or a part that you cant find you never know I might have it . I have been parting cars for years and saved everything I could. I will have a trailer full of Monte and Chevelle parts . I will be in spaces B68 through B73 Lots of hard to find items and NOS. If you are looking for anything please give me a call as I will be loading the trailer this weekend . Best way to reach me is call My # is (603) 490-0767 . I am not home much and working doubles so my computer time is limited . best time to call is 3PM till 10PM . Thanks Steve
  7. Yes Interested please get in touch if still available Thanks Steve (603) 490-0767 .
  8. James thanks for coming by . That was not my car (wish it was ) . That's Dave C on the boards monte and yes it is very nice .
  9. Thanks to everyone that came to Carlisle and bought parts . I had a great time and appreciate everyone who helped me out. If anyone needs anything in the parts department let me know . Thanks Steve
  10. Don't forget to look at my Craig's list adds for more pictures . Thanks Steve and phone # is (603) 490-0767
  11. I just returned from spring Carlisle crazy few days not knowing what was going on but over all it was a good time . I will be loading up parts for the Chevrolet show on Wednesday. If anyone needs me to bring any part for them please call me with a list and I will dig it out and put it in the trailer . I have a ton of chevy parts mostly Monte Carlo just a few pictures . I have a large garage full of stuff . Thanks Steve
  12. Carl this is Steve Demers . Can you give me a call when you have a minute . (603) 490-0767 . Thanks
  13. I just received my space #s from Carlisle for the spring Carlisle show I will be there Wednesday June 17th in the afternoon till Sat the 20th in the afternoon the spaces are IC 42-43-44 . for the Chevrolet show . I will be there on Thursday the 25th in the afternoon till Sat the 27th in the afternoon . The spaces are A 61-62-63-64 . I was told that I will be close to the monte area ? we will see what there idea of close is . Thanks Steve
  14. I just found a 1972 BB 4 CORE support with the extra tab . Very rare part . will also work on a 1971 but would have the holes for the directional lights in the support . please let me know what you need early so I can pack it for the trip . I will hold any part as long as you let me know you are coming . It will be a first come first serve setup . Thanks for your time . Steve
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