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  1. What is the conversion factor for 1/8 mile time to quarter time. If a car does the eighth mile in 9 seconds, what would its quarter mile time be? Thanks, Ed
  2. ejw71

    Re; 72 SS

    My view is to let them rant on. I would advise someone as to the true nature of the car only if I was asked. Of course, this asumes that I know the true nature of the car. Some of you might remember me (favorably or unfavorably) as Sgt Ed of the SS454 Police. Yea, been away work'n on old GMs. Ed
  3. ejw71

    Tube Frame

    What firm(s), if any, makes a tube frame for the FGs? Thanks,Ed
  4. This is a different leak problem than the one I explained in another post. The car is on level ground and I can see auto trans oil dripping to the ground. This leak will reduce trans oil by about three quarts in about 1-2 weeks. I traced the leak to where the filler tube enters the case. I'm certain the filler tube has an "O" ring on it. The trans cooling lines and the exhaust pipe prevent me from seeing actually where the oil is coming from. Maybe the "O" ring has gone bad, doubtful as trans was rebuilt two yrs ago. Suspect the case is cracked where the filler tube retaining bolt enters case.
  5. Thought I was going mad thinking that nothing happened to the car and the b...h starts to leak right when I have other things to fix. Finally decided that the oil draining down reaches areas where it can leak out. Suspect it leaks out at the filler tube case junction. Ok what's the next problem. Motto: If you have one car you'll have X problems. If you have N cars you'll have NX problems. Yep, that simple. Of course, this is independent of the brand. Thanks for the help. Ed
  6. I think I remember weighting a 71 Monte steel hood, 200lbs, in 1995. Key word in last sentence is think. Ed
  7. We are all aware of the a/c hose that crosses the motor to attach to the a/c compressor on the left side. What I want to do is to elimate this. What Chevy, if any, (Chevelle, etc) had the a/c compressor on the right side of the motor, thereby not having the unsightly a/c hose across the motor? Thanks, Ed
  8. I found them at Chevrolet Restoration World M305500 24.50 pair. Ed
  9. Where can I purchase the rubber inserts for the front bumper guards? Thanks, Ed
  10. Trans on my '71 is leaking oil at a pretty fast rate. It'll leak from 3-4 quarts when parked for at least a week. The leak is coming from the right side above the oil pan very near the TV cable connection. I'm unable to see the source because header pipe and trans fluid lines are in the way. I rebuilt the trans a few yrs ago. I doubt I failed to install a "O" ring on the TV cable insert. ALL ideas welcomed. Thanks, Ed
  11. My '71 sat up in an unheated garage over the winter. Auto trans fluid leaked out. I was unable to find the source of the leak. This happened twice. I cleaned up the first leak but another appeared in about two weeks. This same problem happen to my '79 El Camino. It also has a 350 auto trans. And believe it or not it happened to my '63 Corvette. Which has a two speed powerglide. Yep, it all sounds weird. But it happened to all three cars in the same fashion. Thanks for any assistance in helping me determine the cause. None of the trans were over filled with A/T fluid. Ed
  12. Thanks Andrea, Do you know how much the top was chopped? Car looks great. I'm also thinking about having an all black treatment. Thanks, Ed
  13. Have been away from FGCCC website for awhile. Have now returned. I think a photo of a Monte with a chopped top appeared here awhile back. I'm going to have the top chopped, 2", on my '71. Might someone have a photo of a first gen Monte with a top chopped? Thanks, ejw71
  14. Thanks, Monte70car. Wanted to have anothers opinion to back my belief. Ed
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